What are the Blinds on the windows (200+ Photos): Various design options for your home




Despite its ancient origin, blinds on plastic windows remain relevant. This is due to their versatility, practicality and durability. They differ from simple curtains in their ability to adjust the light entering the room.

Modern designs of blinds consist of plates, which are moved by electronic or mechanical control, that is, using electric drives or chains, laces. Control mechanism attached to the horizontal bar. And the movement of the lamellae is carried out by a system of cords stretched through rings placed in the plates.

Beautiful, functional window design method

The system serves as a full or partial replacement of the premises from the arrival of light. Blinds have many advantages over simple curtains:

  • Comfort Using electronic control, you can adjust daylight by pressing one key.
  • Practicality. Systems are easy to maintain.
  • Style. A variety of options for any interior.
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Material selection

According to the material of the lamella production, the following types of systems are distinguished:

  • Wooden, including bamboo species.
  • Fabric
  • Aluminum.
  • Plastic.

Full or partial replacement of the premises from the arrival of light

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They are suitable for decorating living rooms, as they create a comfortable atmosphere, they can consist of a solid canvas or individual strips, differ in the variants of patterns, colors and textures. Usually made of fabric roll and vertical blinds. Transparent or dense materials of different texture can be used.

These are natural (cotton, linen, silk) and artificial linen (polyester, jacquard). Manufacturers produce a wide variety of fabrics, including monochrome, combined varieties, with printed patterns or photo printing. The density of the material will affect the light transmission ability and the lifespan of the blinds. Their main advantages include:

  • extensive interior solutions;
  • treatment of fabrics with antibacterial, dirt and dust repellents;
  • high wear resistance and protection against burnout.

Fabric option

Among the shortcomings there is a need for proper care, the possibility of burnout in the sun and the deformation of the canvas. In fire-hazardous premises, use fiberglass. Return to menu ↑


It is an expensive and rare variety, made from pine, bamboo, corkwood and Canadian linden wood. These are eco-friendly and durable products, resistant to temperature changes, durable and suitable for any design. However, the wood is not painted, so the color range is limited to beige-brown shades. This material is not resistant to increased moisture, so it is wiped with a dry cloth. Wooden curtains are more expensive than textile, plastic and aluminum analogues.

Popular bamboo products, which may have a cassette or roll construction. Bamboo strips are light, have a beautiful texture, different tinting colors, which allows you to choose a particular option in accordance with the interior of the room and furniture. Initially, the canvas is treated with smoke and a transparent matte varnish.

Wooden option

Aluminum is considered an inexpensive and popular material for blinds. It provides extensive facilities for decorating the premises. Aluminum strips can be painted with different shades, have a matte or smooth surface. Even if the straps with holes. TO The advantages of metal include high reflectivity, ease of cleaning, lowering the temperature in the room. But the slats are thin, bend and are not suitable for frequently opened windows.

Aluminum is an inexpensive and popular material.

At a special place are plastic blinds. Plastic is a durable, durable and inexpensive material that can be given any shape and texture, painted in different colors.

The material can withstand heat, wet cleaning, deformation. But if the product is of poor quality raw materials, it can quickly lose its shape and burn out in the sun.

Plastic is a durable, durable and inexpensive material.

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With an image

A great way to give the room individuality are the blinds with a pattern that is applied using photo printing technology. Such window design will provide not only protection from the sun's rays, adjusting the intensity of light, but will also focus attention. Thanks to innovative technologies, drawing or photo can be worn on any surface. Over time, the image will not lose clarity, saturation, resistant to wet cleaning and fading.

Option with a picture

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Design differences

If desired, you can choose a combination of lamellae from several materials.

By design distinguish:

  • Pleated;
  • cassette;
  • roll;
  • vertical;
  • horizontal sun protection systems.

For plastic windows, it is better to choose cassette or roller shutter systems that are attached to the sash. This provides a visual increase in room volume and protection from sunlight. Also, the window sill is released, which is considered convenient in limited areas (in the kitchen, balcony, bathroom, etc.). The choice between such systems is associated with the design, the objectives and the degree of contamination of the room.

Also take into account the number of floors, as exhaust fumes and dust do not rise to a height of 5-7 floors. To calculate the density of the material, it is also necessary to take into account the location of neighboring houses in order to hide the room from outside views. Horizontal cassettes are considered to be more resistant to dirt, temperature changes and high humidity, they are easily cleaned of dirt, resistant to fading into the sun and durable.

BoardChoosing the appropriate curtains, you need to think over their design, web parameters and material. Return to the menu


Such curtains belong to classical types where the main constructive elements are horizontally placed slats. The elements attached to the eaves are joined together, moved by means of laces, stretched through the holes on the edges of the plates.

Fix horizontal blinds can be to the inside of the sash, ceiling or walls. You can install them to the plastic window without drilling using special brackets. Interframe placement is considered popular, where blinds are fastened between window sashes on the eaves.

Horizontal - refer to the classic version.

Horizontal designs are made of different raw materials and shades.

Such curtains are suitable for small rooms, because with their help you can visually expand the space. Return to the menu


In such models, the lamellae are placed vertically, the lower region is connected by a chain. They look elegant, provide a visual increase in the height of the room and are more resistant to dust. Lamellas can be made of plastic, aluminum, wood or fabric treated with a dust-repellent compound. From modern models stand out rope systems.

The structure is fastened over the opening, in the ceiling or upper slope. On plastic windows, this design is rarely used because of the very close placement of the elements to the glass.

By changing the angle of the plates you can gradually change the intensity of light. The width of the slats can be 8-9.5 cm, they can close the upper part of the window frame or go to the bottom of the window sill. The lower part may have a horizontal cut, semicircular or wavy shape. Plates are monophonic, combined with textured embossing, image.

Look elegant, the visual increase in height

BoardWeighting is used for weighting vertical fabric constructions. In aluminum, wood and plastic systems this is not needed.

A novelty is multifurture options that combine attractiveness with functionality. They can be made from textiles or plastic.

Other versions of vertical blinds are arched systems where the length of the slat can reach the floor or top of the window.

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Other name of rolled blinds - rolshtor. They are made from artificial and natural materials. From the density and texture of products will depend on their durability, strength and transparency. Depending on the lighting requirements of the room, anyone can order blinds with a dense, translucent or transparent canvas.

The first version of the laminated material is blackout, not transmitting light. The second type can transmit a moderate amount of sunlight, trapping warm air. And transparent blinds promote soft dispersion of room lighting.

All types of fabrics are subjected to special treatment with antibacterial, anti-dust and anti-static compounds.

Roller blinds - blinds

Such blinds have a simple control mechanism, where with the elevation the movement of the blade along the guides and its twisting into the roller is carried out. Blinds can be fixed at the same level.

Two types of constructions are provided for plastic windows:

  • Mini-blinds, where the system is placed on the window sash on specialized brackets.
  • Cassette. From different raw materials, they consist of a cassette for folding the leaf fixed on the casement. They are attached to the window without drilling on the adhesive tape.

These types are suitable for oblique and straight windows, allow you to open the sash completely.

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Day Night

Consist of horizontal stripes alternating by translucent ability. They allow you to adjust the level of illumination of the room by offsetting the adjacent parts of the system.

One of the types of rolshtor are Roman blinds, which are represented by different options. In such designs, the cloth is going into an accordion. It can be made of cloth, straw or bamboo.

Allow you to adjust the light level of the room

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Pleated Curtains

Pleated - This is the original design of curtains, made of cloth fabric, assembled in the form of "accordion". For the first time, blinds appeared at the end of the 20th century in Germany. In appearance, they are similar to horizontal views, but individual strips are replaced with a fabric cloth that folds into small folds. Fastening of blinds is made to the eaves, adjustment is carried out mechanically or remotely. Such curtains have many advantages:

  • Compactness.
  • Elegance.
  • Resistance to fading.
  • Easy to care and wash.
  • Compatibility with any interior and window shapes (arched, triangular, rounded and ordinary rectangular).

Pleated - this is the original design of curtains

The difference in pleats is:

  • practicality;
  • design severity;
  • functionality;
  • elegant design and ease of use.

Another advantage of such systems is high reflectivity. They can be used separately for sun protection or in combination with standard curtains and curtains..

Fastening is performed on the glass or frame by means of brackets or double-sided tape. Sometimes montage is used in the pier. In curtains for sloping windows, the difference lies in the cables running along the edges of the canvas and excluding its sagging. Along with the rest of the sun protection systems, the pleats look neater, when assembled, they are no more than 5 cm thick.

Polyester cloth, attached to a small aluminum profile that is almost invisible on the window. The fabric is treated with an antistatic composition that protects the surface from the accumulation of dirt and dust. On the outer side there is a pearlescent or metallized layer that protects the inner space from overheating. This is a suitable choice for large premises in factories or in offices with a mass gathering of people.

Practicality, rigor of construction, functionality

BoardFor rooms with a TV or monitor, you can purchase specialized anti-glare pleats.

Such systems also have a day-night construction with three uniform profiles, between which two layers of material are placed (the first is used at night or in bad light in overcast weather, and the second provides a complete darkening of the room from prying eyes and sunlight).

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With the image

The image is usually applied on roll and vertical types. But today photo printing can decorate horizontal blinds from different materials. Constructions of solid web, when folded, lose some of the latent image.

On the curtains, consisting of plates, the image will look holistic only in the closed form. When changing the position of the lamellae the picture is blurred, but the aesthetics and originality of the product is not reduced.

In the interior of the nursery

Hue saturation is related to the density of the material used. So, when applying the pattern for translucent curtains, the pattern will look blurry, but from the illumination of the lanterns or the sun's rays, it is highlighted, it becomes extraordinary. The print on dense canvases looks clearer and more colorful.

Blinds with the image are intended for registration of cafe, salons, apartments, offices and other rooms. For them, you need to choose a pattern so that it is combined with the interior of the room..

Blinds with cartoon, space or fairy-tale characters will be suitable for a child's room. In the living room and bedroom will be relevant designs with landscapes, a starry sky or photos of the night city. In the kitchen, you can choose a photo with fruits, vegetables and flowers. In the office, you can choose a city panorama, company logo or nature.

Unusual design of the kitchen window

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Blinds and tulle in one window

This window decoration has many advantages:

  • Giving the interior functionality and rigor.
  • Creating a unique and aesthetic design.
  • Adjusting the sunlight with a cozy window decoration and original decor.

When combining blinds with tulles, you can use a single style (strive to combine them in hue, color, ornament and harmony among themselves). This combination allows you to experiment with the adjustment of the incoming light. Roller blinds have high blackout criteria.

BoardIf you want to create uniform lighting in your room, then the best solution would be vertical canvases. They will fit in the design of the hall, where usually the largest windows are installed. They can be combined with curtains placed on top. Beautiful tulle will make the interior soft and cozy, creating a relaxed atmosphere for guests.

Combining thick shutters to the middle of a window covered with airy tulle is popular. Along the edges, the design can be combined with contrasting or shades of silk curtains.

For the kitchen or office, you can choose roller blinds with short transparent curtains, and in the living room will look good wooden curtains.

Usually in the design of the windows used veil, organza or mesh, which are made with the addition of cotton, viscose, polyester or silk, have a patterned, mesh or smooth texture. Natural options are safe and environmentally friendly, but they are more expensive and less practical to use. In the interior, curtains are often decorated with frills or embroidery, which gives the appearance of wealth.

Competently combining different options of fabric folds and waves of air tulle with strict blinds, you can get unusual solutions. Return to menu

On the balcony and loggia

It is worth noting that for aluminum frames in the balcony glazing the constructions fixed to the casement will not work. There are several reasons for this:

  • shutters hardly attached to metal;
  • features of the valves will complicate the normal opening and closing;
  • due to the fact that the balconies are often ventilated, the blinds will be exposed to intense and severe pollution.

In the interior of the loggia

You should not put on the balcony vertical systems that will hide a small space, difficult to install because of a few doors. It is better to choose blinds, cassette and horizontal models. This will save usable space and conveniently manage the doors on the balcony.

To make the curtains look harmonious and beautiful, they need to be carried out in compliance with the basic rules:

  • For aluminum frames, sliding systems can not pick up blinds, fixed to the sash.
  • Vertical types are suitable for sliding windows, as when they are installed on the swing structures will be difficult to open.
  • Not appropriate in a small area will be a curtain to the floor. It is better to purchase horizontal models and install them in the window opening.
  • To equip a corner of rest, it is better to prefer fabric options of light colors.
  • For a chalet, country or ethno-style, bamboo or wood varieties are recommended. Plastic curtains will be appropriate in minimalism.

Comfortable design for a balcony

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Kitchen designs

Of the entire range, the kitchen should choose only some options for blinds. You should first familiarize yourself with their advantages and disadvantages.

Popular systems with horizontal slats, which are compact, convenient to use, easily adjust the illumination and protect from the sun, are presented in different shades and widths of slats. They are suitable for small or compact kitchens. But dirt and dust quickly penetrate the lamella, and penetrating strips of light tire the eyes.

Horizontal slats - compact, easy to use.

Several types of blinds can be used in the kitchen:

  • With fastening inside the opening. The constructions cover the window as much as possible, but it is difficult to open it completely and use the window sill.
  • Mounted in the glass between a pair of glasses. They do not occupy space, are protected from third-party impacts.
  • With installation on a window shutter. Fixation is carried out on the frame, which facilitates the opening of the sash and the operation of the window sill.

Vertical products are characterized by moisture resistance, can be rotated at an optimal angle, combine well with different curtains and curtains, fasten at any height, are covered with a special composition from dust, moisture and burnout. Vertical blinds are suitable for small and spacious kitchens, visually increasing the height of low ceilings and giving the room coziness. They are regulated like horizontal types with the help of ropes. Of the minuses it should be noted the inaccessibility of the window sill, the complexity of cleaning and the danger of breakage of the slats when the window is open or draft.

Vertical product

Roller blinds are made of solid fabric, look aesthetically pleasing, suitable for rooms in the eastern or minimalist style. In open form, the web is wound up with a roll, which is placed in a box located in the upper opening area. There are open models without a box. They also have disadvantages associated with the difficulty of cleaning up grease and soot, the fragility of plastic parts. To clean the curtains will require dry cleaning, which is not very convenient. In addition to darkening, shutters protect from noise, breaks and weathering.

Pleated assembled are similar to an accordion, from materials with special fillers, which increase rigidity and protection from humidity, high temperatures, dust. They are laid out vertically, have a different width, which can be suitable even for kitchen windows with non-standard sizes.

Roman blinds in the kitchen

Roman blinds fold up vertically into decorative folds, suitable for rooms decorated in retro or classic, adding special pomp to the design.

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Choosing a curtain shade for the kitchen

Often, white monochromatic blinds are chosen for the kitchen, and some people use original color combinations. Bamboo and metal became the replacement of the uniform plastic. Metal plates blinds, covered with lilac, yellow, light green shades, create a relaxed atmosphere. Light combinations of white with orange ornaments increase the appetite, are used in a dark interior.

For such a room are suitable bamboo curtains, for which it is easy to care. You can choose its shades depending on the interior (walnut, copper, yellow or beige). For small areas, light shades are well suited, bright exotic colors in curtains are excluded.

Shade blinds should be selected in accordance with the direction of the world where the window goes. So, for the southern shades of mint, heather and azure are chosen. And for the north - warm colors (brick, peach or orange).

Light shades are well suited for small areas.

You can opt for multi-texture systems, where several shades are combined: gray with beige, white with aquamarine, lemon with lime. For prestige, plastic or fabric blinds of violet, garnet or dark crimson colors can be used.

With the help of modern technology on the canvas or slats can be applied images (images of animals, flowers, ornaments, nature). Also included in this category are photo blinds, where any image is applied to the slats by means of lamination.

Products from olive, light green, as well as combinations of tulles with bamboo models of honey, dark brown and nut shades are considered to be relevant for roller blinds. For modern styles and strict lines, striped two-tone products with a combination of black, blue, gray or silver are well chosen.

There are many design solutions for light-protective elements. Development of some projects is carried out individually for the situation.

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Tips for choosing suitable light curtains

After getting acquainted with the main varieties and descriptions of blinds, you need to determine the following nuances:

  • Window type and fastener method. It is better to fasten the blinds or cassette systems on the sash to the plastic windows. The best method of fixing is the method without drilling, using double-sided tape or brackets. On the loggia or balcony, you can install roll, cassette or horizontal structures. This will save usable space and ensure comfortable operation.
  • Type of management. Provide easy access to the sash for manual control. With a high placement of frames, it is better to choose electronic control.
  • Appearance. Color of blinds is selected in accordance with the decor of the room. Do not forget about the difference in the window design of offices, kitchen and residential premises.
  • Price. It is necessary to determine in advance the allocated budget for the purchase of curtains.