How to make a wardrobe room from the pantry with your own hands? 135+ Photo Projects for organizing space


It’s great when you have your own dressing room, or at least a comfortable dressing room. I still have just a corner bedroom with an uncomfortable niche that I would like to adapt to a homemade wardrobe. But faced with a large selection of frame furniture on the one hand, and inspiring DIY projects on the other, I began to doubt what to spend my energy on to realize what I already had in my head. And what about you? If you intend to make a wardrobe in the minimum budget, using only blanks from Leroy Merlin (Amazon, Ikea, the list can go on), then you are here.

Dressing room from the pantry in Khrushchev

The presence of a pantry in the apartment is an invaluable treasure for those people who always lack space. Make the pantry a cozy place to change clothes in several ways. For example, in the Khrushchev pantry can be replaced by a cabinet.

Dressing room in Khrushchev

To do this, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Remove the door.
  • Delete sections.
  • Measure the resulting niche.
  • Find the desired cabinet model, or select a wardrobe.
  • Install.
BoardIf the door will open inwards or move on rollers, then this design will save more space, try to make the door a mirror.

The dressing room will be no less attractive if it is done according to another plan. To create a new functional space from the storage room, it is necessary to make a drawing and update the design of the internal surfaces of the walls. It is worth repairing the ceiling. You can make the wardrobe lit and wiring inside.

Comfortable and functional corner

If you plan to add light to the cabinet, find an electrical unit that can provide a power source and plan a cable route. If you do not know how to do this, call a licensed electrician to help you connect and install the light. Buy a large mirror that is mounted on the door. Now you need to think of different compartments.

More space should be allocated for long things, we must not forget about the bar for hangers. In addition, you need to pick up a special stand for shoes, the upper shelves on which the caps will be stored. When everything is done by hand, the design can be changed according to personal preferences.

The wardrobe should take into account women's comfort, providing for boxes for small items. For example, they can store brushes, threads, needles, and other devices.

Intelligently allocate space

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How to make a wardrobe from wooden slats?

Need more space in the closet? If you have sufficient footprint and some basic joinery skills, you can build a wardrobe in the bedroom, guest room, study, or hallway that looks like it was there all the time.

The first step is to build a cabinet frame and attach it to the surrounding walls. Next will be finishing the doorway and installing the door (s) to your taste. Finally, the boom will be installed or you will customize the interior with rods, racks, drawers and any other accessories you want.

Functional, small space

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Cabinet wall construction planning

Plan to build a 2-by-4-meter cabinet frame using 2/4 inch slats, making a depth of at least 70 cm. You can build a frame in one of two ways: build walls on the floor and then lift them into place or build them in place.

It is much easier to put all the elements together on the floor if the room has a large free working area.But using this method, you will have to make a small modification in the height of the walls of the cabinet, because it is impossible to lift a wall 2 m high into a space 2 m high. So, build a wall 1 cm shorter than the height of the ceiling, and then install gaskets or thin blocks between the top panel and the ceiling.

In bright colors

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Beginning of work

First mark the position of the top bar (in the "top plate") and the bottom (sole plate). On the ceiling, mark both ends of the center line of the new cabinet wall. Measure 1 3/4 inches (half the width of the top 2 on 4) on both sides of each label. Fix the parallel lines between the respective marks with the chalk to show the position of the top bar.

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Main structural elements

Then, hang a plumb line from each end of the lines and mark these points on the floor. Fix these lines with chalk to connect the points of the floor, indicating the position of the sole. If the cabinet has a side wall, lay out the top and bottom bars as well.

BoardUse the frame rectangle to make sure that it is perfectly perpendicular to the front wall. Cut the lower and upper strips to the desired length.

Ideal for a family of 3 people

Mark the top bar and the sole for pin placement using the square and pencil.

Lay each edge of the top plank on the edge to its sole, so that it is edged at both ends. Starting from the end that will be attached to the existing wall, measure 1 1/2 inches, and then draw lines on both slats as in the picture. Starting from this end, measure and draw lines in 15 1/4 and 16 3/4 inches. Further, starting with these signs, move 16 inches each time until you reach the far end of both slats.

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Dressing room do it yourself from the pantry

A wardrobe, regardless of whether it is built-in or classic, must have a functionally designed arrangement of shelves, drawers, clothes hangers, etc. The drawers must be placed in the lower zone, up to 120 cm from the floor, in order to see what of them. A wardrobe can be short and long, depending on the length of things. It is enough to install shirts, trousers, jackets, blouses in a closet 90-100 cm high, or create two floors with hangers - one above the other.

This option can be done by hand

The long part of the closet includes coats and dresses that require about 150 cm. Shelves can be placed in any part and at any height in the closet.

Small-sized storage room easily turns into a multifunctional wardrobe and will be an excellent option in terms of small apartments that do not have enough space for comfort. It can store clothing, household items, various little things and everything else that creates visual interference. Now all this will be hidden from the eyes in a convenient pantry, transformed under a cupboard with a lot of shelves and niches that will be large enough for any needs.

Make your own dressing room with minimal effort. To do this, look at the technology of making furniture. Here we will focus on the frame structure, which is equipped with mounts.

Multifunctional wardrobe

Special systems consist of many elements:

  • pipe products;
  • brackets;
  • shelves;
  • a door.

You can order this design in the furniture salon, after specifying the required size. Then it will only collect pipes. Thus, not only wardrobes, but also exhibition stands, racks for office space and much more are assembled.

The advantage of the frame design is the ability to change the position of the shelves at any time. Return to the menu ↑

Wardrobe options

Dressing can be done with drywall. This option involves the implementation of drawings at all stages of work. Before assembling and arranging elements, it is necessary to accurately calculate the size of all parts and place the data on the drawing diagram.

Create a design - help professionals

Necessary steps
  • apply the layout on the wall;
  • make frames from wooden beams;
  • to arrange a closet, you need to start with beams, which will be located horizontally next to the ceiling. They will serve as a guiding element;
  • then make vertical beams. Their distance from each other is determined based on the size of the sheets of drywall. It should be no more than 70 cm;
  • with the help of transverse beams shelves will be mounted;
  • sheathe drywall frame;
  • it is very convenient to finish both sides, not forgetting about thermal insulation. Hide the wire inside to provide high-quality lighting;
  • at the final stage it is necessary to trim the drywall from the outer and inner side, fix the shelves.

Compact version

In small storerooms, shelving can be made by yourself. Make a design with adhesive film, varnish, paint, or sheathe veneer. Return to menu

How to install a wardrobe system?

Cabinets come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common, is that they are not big enough. Regardless of whether the cupboard is small or large, we inevitably manage to fill every available centimeter. As a result, the place we will still be small.

The best solution to the problem is seen in the following steps:

  • minimization of good accumulated by us (good luck!);
  • setting the storage organizer to better use every available cubic centimeter;
  • use of a wardrobe system to improve storage.

Cabinets come in all shapes and sizes.

Wardrobe systems allow you to maximize the use of space and ensure the availability of things. That, in turn, greatly simplifies our lives.

They are of several types:

  • modular;
  • professional;
  • suspended.

Modular systems can be installed by wardrobe specialists, or you can follow your own route and install your own complete sets of ready-to-assemble melamine or wooden panels.

Professionally installed systems can be extremely efficient, effective and expensive. Build systems are more accessible, and most of them are relatively easy to assemble and install if you have several basic DIY skills.

Kansas system

Hanging wardrobe systems are also relatively easy to install and can be a great solution for some types of organizations. The best solution is often a combination of several types of system wardrobes that allow even non-standard or inconvenient space to be used.

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Develop a plan for your closet. When choosing the best types of organization, focus on what you want to keep in it.Using a tape measure, check the length of dresses, coats, shirts, blouses and trousers in limbo. Then find out how much space you need for shoes, hanging rods, shelves for clothes, to reach a state where they are not overcrowded.

BoardPlan to place items that you frequently use on open shelves. Top shelves are great for bulky products, sweaters, hats and the like.

Make a draft drawing on graphic paper, including main dimensions. It will be as a guide for working out your needs. To do this, you need to know the size of the storage systems that you can use.

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The organizers

Simple wardrobe organizer is designed to maintain order in the wardrobe, the size of 1.5-2.5 meters.

The easiest and least expensive way out is to buy a lattice modular system, which includes kits for different sizes. You can also purchase individual components.

Standard shelves are not suitable for storing small items of clothing, such as socks or underwear, and here small mesh baskets come in handy for you.

Such systems are easy to install, inexpensive and durable. Shelves made of steel plate, covered with vinyl or chrome, can withstand heavy objects and are quite durable, due to the resistance to the expansion and shrinkage inherent in wooden shelves, as well as sagging or deformation that may occur in plastic models.

Lattice modular system

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Hanging wardrobe systems: how to do it yourself?

In a simple hanging organization, shelves are attached to the wall through hooks, and diagonal metal supports are attached to each end of the shelf to provide increased support.

Start by cleaning.If there are items left in the wardrobe, pull them out with a nail puller or similar tool. Before any installation, you need to seal the holes with putty and paint, as this stage will be significantly difficult if you start it after installing the shelves.

Suspension system

Often it is the sets that save your time and money. If you buy a kit, make sure that it has everything you need, and it comes with all the necessary details. If you are confident in your measurements, drill holes for shelves and brackets to simply hang the purchased set on the wall. Otherwise, you will have to cut the parts with a hacksaw.

There are two main types of hanging racks:

  • some use a horizontal hanging track with vertical mounting with equal intervals between standard shelves that can be adjusted;
  • the other type is an unregulated suspension system using brackets or brackets.
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Installing wardrobe racks

With a simple hanging system, shelves are attached to the wall through hooks, and diagonal metal supports are attached to each shelf to provide increased support.

Room furniture option

Before installation, draw on the wall where you intend to place the structure. It is normal to attach the shelves to drywall, but keep in mind that it is important to attach the shelves to the pins if they are subjected to heavy loads. Change the size of the shelves, as necessary, using nippers or a hacksaw. Attach the rubber plugs to the trimmed ends.

Drill holes along the attachment lines using a level.

  • Place the level on the wall where you want to attach your first shelf. Draw a line along the level to mark this position.
  • Using a drill, make a hole for the anchor hook that will attach the shelf to the wall. The rack manufacturer must indicate the size of this hole.
  • Place the anchor hook in the hole. Tighten it tightly. Duplicate this step to insert another hook on the opposite end of the shelf. (Please note that you do not need to use anchor hooks if you drill directly with screws into the wall).
  • Secure the shelf so that it sits on two anchor hooks.

Such constructions are mounted on hooks to the wall.

  • At the front edge of one end of the shelf, secure the diagonal support piece with a bracket. Make sure that the shelf is level, and then drill a hole for the anchor hook, which is indicated at the base of the diagonal support.
  • Install an anchor hook into this hole and fasten a screw to fix the support to the wall. Repeat this process for the opposite end of the shelf. (Again, anchor hooks will not be needed if you drill directly).
  • Repeat these instructions to install the remaining shelves.

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Installation of guide racks

For the wall cabinet, also start with a drawing on the wall where you want the upper track of the racking system to be. Plan to attach the top shelf at an accessible height and the track above it, horizontally, about 15 cm above.

Top shelf should be at an affordable level.

  • Use a level and a pencil to draw a line 15 cm above where you want the top shelf. Using a fastener, mark the location of each wall mount.
  • On each wall, trim the hanging (horizontal) path to match the width of the storage area in the cabinet. Take a helper who will keep the track in a fixed state while you insert the screws into each accessible opening. Make sure the track is securely installed.
  • Place the standard shelf (long vertical track to which you attach the shelves) in position on the track. It is best to leave a distance of no more than 10 cm between the end of the shelf and the first holder (the same rule applies to the last holder) and, if possible, install the holders above the mounting point. Make sure that the holder is mounted vertically, and then insert the screw through its center and into the pin (use elongated anchor hooks if you cannot attach to the pin, but keep in mind that they will withstand less weight).
  • Arrange additional holders at a distance of 40 to 80 cm from each other by simply sliding them along the track. If necessary, cut them in length using bolt cutters or a hacksaw and cover the trimmed ends with rubber end caps.

Install the brackets in the racks.

  • To support the shelves, slide the brackets into the slots on the racks according to your plan. First cut and install the longest shelves.Then measure and trim the shorter shelves as needed. Secure the shelves to the brackets.
  • Install the unit with a basket or shelf for shoes. Devices with extendable basket have different heights and widths. Reinstall it and attach two or more clips to the back. Be sure to place the clips where you can screw them into the pins.

The shoe rack can simply be a standard shelf turned upside down with brackets that are angled down for easy access to the shoe.

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Corner wardrobe

Every home has items that are rarely used or not used at all. For example, corners or niches. If you use them wisely, you can increase the ergonomics of the home.

Corner option

In a small room, a corner cabinet would be a good choice. It can be made with a rectangular rack with sliding doors. You will only have to fill it with shelves. Thus, it is possible to use any space in a very small apartment.

Ideas for using a small wardrobe:

  • ironing area;
  • rooms with a large number of mirrors;
  • workplace with multiple integrated sites;
  • convenient organizer for socks, ties, belts, jewelry.

This part of the apartment will appeal to all family members, not only to choose an outfit and stroke him there, but also to retire for a while. It is enough to place a comfortable chair and a lamp in the dressing room.

Spacious wardrobe

When the dressing room is too small in size, during the repair, you can make its full or partial modification (to make it U-shaped or linear). Return to the menu

How to deal with the doors?

Installing doors to the pantry room doorway does not always provide for all our desires, as it is limited to corners and small footage. Therefore, the most convenient option here - sliding doors - is not often suitable. I would dwell on the version of stylish textile doors - hang an opening with curtains in the color of the walls or in contrast. Such an exit fits any decor, softens the space and will fulfill the main role assigned - to close the room from the views and allow it to comfortably go inside.

Custom door mechanism

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Think less: capsule wardrobe for decor

I liked the idea of ​​cleaning my closet and selecting a limited set of favorite combinations in clothes for everyday wear, and I decided to translate the concept into my decor.

If you are not familiar with this concept, then capsular wardrobe is a limited set of clothes that you use for a certain period of time. Instead of choosing clothes from the whole range of products you own, you can limit yourself to 10 shirts, 2 skirts and 5 pairs of pants for 3 months. The basic idea is that by limiting the number of items you have, you will have more money, more time, and a more solid style.

Prepare your wardrobe in advance

You will want to have a certain number of things, divided into several major categories.

A wardrobe may look like this:

  • 9 pairs of shoes;
  • 9 elements for the bottom;
  • 15 elements for the top;
  • 2 dresses;
  • 2 jackets.

The number of items and their distribution depends on you, but I would suggest to come up with a number that will force you to significantly reduce the number of items you use in your home. If you like a minimalist look, you can limit yourself to 10 points, but if you prefer a wider selection, choose up to 30 points. A good rule to start with is reducing all your items by 50%.

Consider dividing the year into four sections and refreshing your wardrobe in the winter (January-March), in the spring (April-June), in the summer (July-September) and in the fall (October-December).

Capsule decor will also hone your style. You have to choose objects that fit well together, which means sampling the patterns, colors, and shapes of your things in ways that you may have previously overlooked.

Restriction in choosing helps you see new connections between elements, and can also teach you more in style. You may notice that you are attracted to colder tones, or that in the summer months you prefer red and pink tones. Finally, capsular decor disciplines and is a handy tool if you want to save money.

Having a wardrobe with backup items, you can update your wardrobe every time you feel that you are a little outdated. When you don’t see things for a few months, they may seem like fresh ideas to you and that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to refresh your style. first in the notebook in full detail. Over time, you will realize that you do not need it as much as you previously thought.

Thoughtful layout of lockers

In general, even if you decide that capsule lifestyle is not for you, a three-month proximity to the concept can help you pay more attention to your style, decorative habits and bank balance.