Tile on the floor in the corridor (245+ Photos) - How to choose and put? Modern and beautiful options


In the corridors and hallways the floors are subjected to the most massive loads, in comparison with other rooms. Therefore, in their decoration should be used wear-resistant coatings. Tiles on the floor in the corridor - reliable and incredibly durable coating.


What are the requirements for corridor flooring?

Reliable and incredibly durable coating

Corridor floor tiles should not only well complement the overall look of the room, but also meet a number of requirements.:

  • Wear resistance. An important criterion for any flooring, not just tile. The floor in the hallway is often subject to heel movements, dragging objects, including heavy ones. From the 5 strength categories in the corridor, at least 3 classes should be chosen.
  • Mechanical damage. The floors in the corridors more often than others are exposed to street dirt, aggressive substances and cleaning agents.
  • Water resistant Ceramics for the floor in the corridor, having a low degree of porosity and high density, practically does not absorb and does not pass water. For hallways, this figure should be no more than 3% in high-rise apartments and not higher than 6% in a private household. Otherwise, the material will very soon lose its presentation.
  • Friction coefficient For floor tiles in the corridor, it should be at least 0.75 and no less. Only with such indicators tile will not be sliding. Gloss for the corridor and the hallway is not suitable.
  • Hardness. Evaluating this indicator according to the Mohs scale, 6 or 7 points will be considered optimal.
  • Appearance. Hue and color is also an important selection criterion. For example, a light floor in the corridor will produce traces of contamination immediately after they are applied. On too dark, dust and scratches will be clearly visible, even the smallest ones.

Floors subject to the most massive loads.

It is best to buy a cold palette tile for a corridor, especially if it is still in addition and small.

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Advantages and disadvantages - what more?

Performance characteristics make tile the undoubted leader in terms of:

  • Strength. Tile designed for floors, can withstand heavy loads and mechanical stress.
  • Endurance The material is resistant to detergents and other aggressive materials.
  • Hygienic. It does not form mold or fungus.
  • Moisture resistance. This indicator is very high. Floor tile is not afraid of moisture, water, even in moments of flooding.
  • Durability. Properly laid, high-quality material will last an average of 50 years without loss of presentation.
  • Ornamental. The world of floor tiles is wide. This means that the choice of color and texture is very large, which allows you to create different floor design in the hallways.
  • Hygienic. Materials are made from natural components, and therefore do not pose a risk to human health.
  • Fire resistance. The tile does not burn, does not melt, does not spread fire.
  • Appearance. Floors tiled will always look beautiful, and the interior of the corridor - complete.
  • Easy to repair. If one of the plates is damaged, it can be simply, quickly and easily replaced with a whole.

Wear resistant material


  • Tile - the material is cold and hard enough. Barefoot uncomfortable walking on it. Correct the situation can device warm floors. If space permits, you can tile one part of the room, the other - with some other covering.
  • Slip The high slip coefficient has a glossy tile. Therefore, it is better to buy matte for the corridor. It is slightly rough on the front side, therefore, the slip coefficient is smaller.
  • Tiles with grooves and bumps quickly get dirty and collect dust, especially at the front door. Therefore, here it is better to put a dark, the main area can be made light.
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Types of floor tiles in hallways

The range of floor tiles is available in several versions. Each position is endowed with its own operational characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. As well as design capabilities.

Tile - the material is cold and hard enough

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The most common, and not only for corridors. It can be found in the kitchen, bathrooms, halls and so on. It is made from clay by firing. This gives it strength, reliability and durability. With very strong mechanical effects, it can still be broken.