Handicrafts made from beads are the basis for beginners with schemes (trees, flowers, pictures). Beauty lessons do it yourself (190+ Photos)


In this article, examples of decor will be considered, where beaded crafts are the subject of decoration. After all, the manual manufacture of various decorations from handy materials is considered one of the most ancient types of applied art. In it, the masters express their preferences, skills, soul, talent. And given the fact that any living room requires any decorative accessories, such a decor can be a highlight in the decor of the room.

Content of this article:

  • Reason for popularity
  • Crafts for beginners
  • Schemes for crafts
  • Interior decor
  • Examples of the use of finished jewelry
  • Embroidery on fabric
  • Filament curtains of beads or beads
  • Crafts Bead Trees
  • Beaded paintings
  • Volumetric crafts, toys and souvenirs
  • Flowers and schemes for their weaving
  • Ideas crafts from beads for very young craftsmen
  • Making Christmas decorations
  • VIDEO: We weave beautiful bead crafts with our own hands
  • Conclusion
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 190 photos)
  • Reason for popularity
  • Crafts for beginners
  • Examples of the use of finished jewelry
  • Making Christmas decorations
  • Conclusion
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 190 photos)
  • Reason for popularity

    Products made from bead material are made easily. Anyone can learn this work quickly, for free. To do this, there are lots of master classes, charts, descriptions with step-by-step guidance. If a craftswoman has such traits as perseverance, attentiveness, and patience, then she can achieve success very simply.

    Very beautiful crafts with their own hands

    In addition, jewelry made from it, are expensive, provided that they are made skillfully, with taste. Many techniques have been created, weaving techniques, so there is something to choose from. Varieties of bead material, there is a huge amount:

    • glossy;
    • matte;
    • galvanic;
    • glass;
    • pearl;
    • pearl;
    • rainbow.

    Incredibly beautiful things that will please everyone

    The color scheme is so huge that in any craft you can easily reflect even very slight shades against the background of large figures or paintings.

    Even an inexperienced master, by alternating beads or beads, can create patterned items. First unpretentious, then more complex.

    Under the power of even an inexperienced person

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    Crafts for beginners

    The unchanged and important advantage of this material is the variety of colors, and this is an unlimited opportunity to implement any author's ideas into reality. For example, they can not only sheathe favorite items. From them you can create a chic jewelry, weave all kinds of decorative figures.

    It is not necessary to use a traditional needle with thread, cord or wire. They can be safely laid on glue, clay, wax. The result looks no less attractive, and sometimes even better.

    We sheathe favorite items

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    Schemes for crafts

    Experienced needlewomen can do without schemes. The scheme is a guide to action, described not by words, but by arrows, the number of beads. They are very necessary for beginners, because besides the stringing sequence, they are also indicated:

    • material color;
    • number in pieces;
    • bead size;
    • number of stringing;
    • the number of revolutions;
    • direction of turnover.

    Scheme for making a necklace

    Work on the schemes, not everyone can master immediately, especially if you have never worked with the material in question before. In this case, the master class can help. There are many of them - from the simplest to the most complex (exclusive).

    Step by step we study the basics of weaving

    If there is no patience, no desire to do the work independently, then the crafts can be bought ready-made. However, one that is made with one's own hands will always be the most expensive, beloved.

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    Interior decor

    After the repair is completed, the furniture is set up, the room requires decoration, even if it is insignificant. This is not only the arrangement of beautiful vases, hanging books and other accessories. This task also includes the use of very small figures, for example, Feng Shui, or just for beauty.

    Blue butterfly brooch

    They can be used anywhere, as you like, as long as they complement the interior, fully performing their decorative functions.

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    Examples of the use of finished jewelry

    Depending on the type of decor, beads can be used as a finishing material, or be included in the design of figurines, figurines, and other handicrafts.

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    Embroidery on fabric

    She mainly makes tablecloths (festive) napkins, sofa throw pillows, capes. It requires not only the ability to work with the material, but also embroider. Such jewelry always looks amazing and original.

    Feng Shui Painting "Wealth and Prosperity"

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    Filament curtains of beads or beads

    This ornament is made not only simply, but also very quickly. This task can be handled not only by a novice master, even a child. They can be hung anywhere:

    • in the hall;
    • doorway of any room;
    • on the walls.

    Bead curtains do it yourself

    With their help, you can make zoning without creating large bulky structures. For their manufacture will require only the finishing material itself, fishing line a little time, patience. The interior with your creation will look beautiful, stylish - even exclusive.

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    Crafts Bead Trees

    This decoration requires some skill, time. Sometimes not just hours, but days are spent on it, sometimes not alone. But the result is worth it. There are such creations that they can hardly be distinguished from the real ones. The tree woven from these small beads is not only a good decoration item, but also a very unusual gift made with love.

    Woven tree of small beads

    Such beauty can be made independently. Only need to weave it very carefully and for a long time. In addition to the time, attentiveness and perseverance, the use of additional materials will be required:

    • wire jewelry or floristic different thickness;
    • alabaster with glue for a trunk, branches;
    • bead material or glass beads (of different shades and size);
    • Nippers, round pliers.

    A little care and perseverance

    Beaded trees of different designs are woven according to the same pattern. However, there are more complex forms of weaving, which novice master can not always master the first time.

    Of the most commonly used trees are:

    • sakura;
    • love tree;
    • money;
    • tree of happiness.

    One of the most used options

    For their manufacture need skill, experience, skill. Which are acquired over time. Therefore, it is not necessary to hope that the beginning masters, everything will work out smoothly, almost flawlessly from the first time. Even if he carefully performed all the operations step by step.

    A bit of autumn in the room decor

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    Beaded paintings

    Embroidering pictures with bead material, even according to the finished scheme, is a laborious, laborious, long process. They are still considered very expensive. Both in terms of gift and in terms of decor. Such work requires a special concentration of attention, patience, perseverance, not to mention the time spent on work.

    Big picture do it yourself

    Despite all these difficulties, embroidery helps calm the nervous system, distracts from unnecessary thoughts, helps to generate attention, observation. Beginners should learn craftsmanship on the canvas, with traced color patterns.

    Carefully executed work - decoration, fired out with his own hands in a single performance.

    The main thing is to observe the direction of the beads.

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    Volumetric crafts, toys and souvenirs

    These include, donated or made personally symbolic trinkets. These include:

    • toys;
    • key rings;
    • figurines;
    • flowers;
    • candlesticks;
    • vases.

    Little Christmas trees for the New Year

    Bulky crafts made of beads, glass beads, bead material - a decorative element that is rapidly gaining its fans. And not only among adults, but also among young people, even among children. Return to the menu

    Flowers and schemes for their weaving

    They are made quickly using different weaving techniques. They may have different shapes, sizes and colors. Fit well into the overall picture of the interior.

    Technique weaving volumetric crafts in the form of a lilac flower

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    Ideas crafts from beads for very young craftsmen

    Despite the fact that there is a lot of weaving techniques, there are some very simple ones. They can even be mastered by a child. For example, flat or parallel weaving. Here is a diagram of the simplest weaving pendant charm for a mobile phone. Any girl can make her own hands without any effort. Give mom or girlfriend, as a souvenir-gift. Or attach, anywhere on your desktop.

    Schematic diagram of the charms for the phone

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    Making Christmas decorations

    Closer to the onset of the New Year, the craving for craftsmanship is increasing. And not only in children, but also in adult skilled workers. This holiday is a storehouse for inspiration. Ideas themselves are born in the head of each person. And for those who often work with beads - especially. They do not require a lot of materials. It will be useful remnants of beads with beads from previous works. Handicrafts for New Year's decor are easy, simple, quick.

    Christmas decorations do it yourself

    You can make New Year's beads from small beads, multi-colored beads:

    • Christmas trees;
    • angels;
    • snowflakes;
    • balls on the Christmas tree;
    • crowns;
    • wreaths.

    Weave beauty for the New Year

    And other New Year's merchandise. Snowflake patterns are incredible. Nobody can list all. To make them easier, simple with the help of a connecting element - wire, thread or fishing line, glue, beads, as shown in the picture below.

    Master class of making the most simple design of snowflakes

    To make such a snowflake, you will need several types of beads. She looks richer and more attractive

    The scheme of making the second version of the snowflakes on the Christmas tree

    You can make such an angel from the remnants of silver, golden beaded material and white beads.

    Christmas angel on the Christmas tree

    A Christmas tree made by a child will be for him the most festive, elegant. All you need is a piece of wire, a small amount of beads.

    Christmas tree spiral on the Christmas tree

    More experienced craftswomen will be easy to do with their own hands just such a Christmas decoration.

    Phased Christmas Tree Action

    Christmas balls on a stand for earrings

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    VIDEO: We weave beautiful bead crafts with our own hands