Scandinavian bathrooms: Simplicity, Convenience and Comfort (200+ Photos). Create a comfort zone for yourself


Bathrooms in the northern peoples have a special aesthetics. Perhaps this is due to the harsh climate, but the culture of the Scandinavian peoples' saunas improved the art of warm and hospitable space. It will be a bathroom in which you want to stay, where you can relax after a long and busy day. Find out which is better to choose furniture. How can you beautifully finish? And what colors will be harmoniously combined with the overall style?

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  • The differences between Scandi style bathrooms and Oriental styles
  • Colors and furniture
  • Small bathroom
  • The power of accessories
  • Completely white
  • Finish
  • White color and wood, but not only
  • Daylight
  • VIDEO: The most popular style for the bathroom - the main concepts
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 200 photos)
  • The differences between Scandi style bathrooms and Oriental styles
  • Colors and furniture
  • Small bathroom
  • Finish
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 200 photos)
  • The differences between Scandi style bathrooms and Oriental styles

    The main principles of Scandinavian interior design are:

    • simplicity;
    • minimalism;
    • functionality.

    The simplicity and brevity of the Scandinavian style

    Along with white and pastel colors, as well as contrasting black in some cases - this is what Scandi-style bathrooms describe. They create a calm, energetic, airy and light feeling - these are the distinctive features of every bathroom in Scandinavia.

    The Scandinavian bathroom is a mirror of a calm, refreshing and modern interior, it looks completely clean, neat and cozy. If you are a fan of a relaxing and at the same time bold and expressive environment, then you should consider choosing a Scandinavian theme as the main theme for your bathroom. It corresponds to the minimalist design, complemented by bold decorative elements, and ergonomics has an elegant and peculiar manifestation.

    Easy, calm, energetic

    Of course, the words "minimalist", "understated", "neutral" and "soothing" are also suitable for Oriental-style baths and these two styles complement each other.But the more earthy colors you use to the detriment of neutral ones, the more you move eastward towards the spa style. While the eastern bathrooms have subdued lighting, the Scandinavian bathroom is trying to turn on as much light as possible and make the most of all natural light sources.

    A distinctive feature of Oriental bathrooms is the use of bamboo materials, even the exterior finish of Japanese baths is often performed in a recessed style. Architecturally, Japanese bathrooms are not as open as their Scandi counterparts, divided into separate bathing, shower and dressing areas.

    Needs big light sources

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    Colors and furniture

    The Scandinavian style sees beauty in simple things and resembles the northern nature - rather serious, but breathtaking. Stick to traditional Scandi colors:

    • the black;
    • Ivory;
    • Gray;
    • cream;
    • beige;
    • white.

    It’s better to stick to the same color range.

    Mix them in proportions that you like. Surfaces such as stone and wood are also great for achieving a relaxed-looking home spa.You can give your Scandinavian bathroom any touches you like:

    • minimalistic;
    • country music;
    • retro;
    • art deco etc.

    Do not be afraid to experiment - you will have a beautiful design in this style.

    The color rule also applies to towels, for example, tastefully rolled white spa-style towel on the open shelves perfectly reflects the style.

    You can include natural stone elements, but leave the shelves in light wood or white, and add a natural fiber bath mat.

    Metallic touches in copper or pink-gold shades will add warmth, but should serve as an accent, rather than dominate the warm and neutral style scheme. The same applies to wrought iron - unobtrusive touches in the form of bath or pool stands add a touch of charm without redefining the quintessence of neutral elegance.

    Metal items are welcome.

    If you stopped at choosing this clean, mostly white look for your bathroom, and are worried that it looks too sterile, you can revive the interior with green houseplants, if you do not have other accents. Plants have natural soothing properties and will also be among the most inexpensive but effective accents.

    What plants work well in the bathroom:

    • Lily - Keep away from window sills or direct sunlight, but do not leave the plant in a shady area without light.
    • Aloe vera - any place is suitable for this hardy plant! The beautiful thing about aloe is that, as a succulent, you can fill your pot with pebbles scattered over the soil and turn it into a full-fledged functional accent.
    • Anthurium - As long as your plant receives medium light and you keep the soil moist, it will have a beautiful blooming look with very bright pink or red flowers.
    • Begonia - year-round flowers that grow in humid, tropical conditions and can tolerate indirect sunlight well.

    Plants do have soothing properties.

    BoardKeep your bathroom functional, with clean lines, do not overload it with empty decor. For example, a trash can made under ivory can combine a piece of furniture and decor.

    Metal, copper, forged and pink gold accents are quite appropriate in ascetic scandium, but should be used sparingly.

    Minimum decorations, minimum decor

    There should be very few decorations, as practical Scandinavians always love every thing to be useful. Stone and earth accents, holders or fittings work well with Scandi aesthetics, provided they do not suppress the overall neutral northern balance.

    Tips for creating a stylish Scandinavian bathroom:

    • Use pendant and custom lighting, candles and mini chandeliers in addition to any natural lighting. Remove fluorescent lights.
    • If budget allows, add succulent flowers, such as hydrangeas or orchids, and not ordinary plants. Orchids with their beautiful cascading leaves will do well here.
    • Mimic your home spa by adding items such as towels, carpets, light wood, or veneer - or even a fully textured wall with a mirror. Leave the rest of the walls simple and smooth.
    • If you are going to apply the modern style of Scandi, you can add a warm industrial style in the form of a brick wall. Red and gray shades create a tempting trick, for this reason it should be only one. Be sure to seal the bricks and provide adequate ventilation. Do not use too much cement so as not to deviate from Scandinavian to industrial design.
    • Add a miniature mini-waterfall, if the budget allows, choose neutral or light colors for it.
    • A recessed bath is also appropriate here, if the budget allows, again.
    • Use a monochrome scheme. A black bath with gray walls will work beautifully, but be careful with the space to keep it not too modern, but towards the atmosphere and lightness.

    Lamps according to the concept of style

    The combination of comfort and functionality with delicate colors allows you to intelligently organize even a small bathroom. Such an interior will contribute to the relaxation that is expected from such interiors.

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    Small bathroom

    Choose the best combination of white, delicate beige, gray and brown, as well as blue and green palette for your small bath.Do not make a drawback in the tree - preferably in bright shades, which have the comfort and warmth.

    Lots of light and lots of colors - your bathroom will come to life

    Exotic varieties of wood will look best, although you can use other types of it, if they are well protected from moisture and are not exposed to direct contact with water or the effects of condensation. On the other hand, water is not a harmful factor for such exotic types of wood, such as teak.

    Another idea of ​​organizing a small Scandinavian-style bathroom is the use of wood imitation ceramic tiles.. The result is ideal because it combines the advantages of tile, which are in the extreme practicality of this finishing material, in combination with the beauty and warmth of wood.

    Woodgrain tiles - an alternative solution

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    The power of accessories

    Bright walls, white ceramics for sanitary ware (for example, a bathtub, a washbasin and a toilet) and wooden-colored elements create the impression of spaciousness, to which scandium is taken very carefully. However, these tinted harmonious interiors need to be enlivened with colors such as blue, green or pink in pastel colors. Blue or dark gray shades can also be helpful.

    White ceramics always increase space.

    The earthy colors characteristic of the Scandinavian style are complemented by colorful accessories in an unusual way. For example, veneer the walls with matte tiles - smooth and structural, - with mosaics and decorative inserts. To create a consistent style, you also need to choose accessories..

    BoardUse wicker baskets, wooden crates or containers. Linen or cotton towels perfectly complement the interior. Ceramic or wooden decoration is also suitable, but remember that the simpler the shape, the better, since the Scandinavian style is the embodiment of minimalism.

    Use wicker baskets for design

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    Completely white

    If the room has a minimum of natural light, you can go for a totally white look. Scandinavians are masters of simplicity, so follow their example, and you will have a space that looks light, elegant and airy.

    White on white may look great, but you need to make sure that your room is not too sterile. This is where the design, texture and small details come into play. Pay special attention to the unusual shape of the ceramic tile, use the dark color of the cement mortar and laying the floor tile at an angle to give a non-traditional and visually exciting effect.

    Add contrast with the tile

    If you are still concerned that your room seems to be too sterile, add a little contrast using pale gray floor tiles.

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    This style of bathroom is all about keeping things minimal. The room has many clean lines and simple shapes. You will also notice that there is a decent sense of space with sufficient space for air flow; for this purpose, a dressing table with the effect of soaring in the air or on thin legs is chosen. This makes the room feel pretty light, as opposed to heavy “floor” furniture.

    A room in the style of Scandi always contains a bright white background with warm varieties of wood and the bathroom is no different. So think about where you can insert a polished wood, adding white stone to it to create a pleasant sense of balance.

    All in the style of minimalism

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    White color and wood, but not only

    Of course, your Scandinavian-style bathroom should be white and wooden. But it is also important to bring some colors to the finish.

    For example, black pottery picks up the modern trend and makes the area with the dressing table clean and uncluttered. To make it as simple as possible, supplement it with several stainless steel taps.

    BoardIt also works well glossy gray. Glossy finish reflects the light and makes the whole space more open.

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    The main bathroom must have sufficient access to natural light from windows or skylights to remain true to Scandinavian design. In two-story homes, attic bathrooms are great for this style, where natural light is preferred to artificial. If sufficient natural light can not be achieved, imitate the feeling of natural light is well able to built-in lighting, with which you can light up the whole room.

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