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The combination of Wallpaper in the bedroom: 240+ Photos of beautiful combinations of interiors


With the revival of wallpaper popularity, many designers create new ideas and projects that turn a bedroom into an exceptional place. This is a quick way to change, improve the decor, create an elegant interior. Get acquainted with fashionable design ideas for the bedroom, from bold strips, prints, elegant floral patterns to author's multifaceted projects.

From routine to author projects

The way you design your bedroom determines how you sleep. Pattern and design with unusual surfaces and soothing colors create a relaxing atmosphere for this resting place. The colors used are not limited to cool or neutral shades.

Not limited to cold shades

The boudoir also introduced more intense and warm colors. Wallpapers should match your own look at style, but still look at a few ideas for the design of this room.

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A closer look at a calm place

People with a healthy rhythm of sleep and wakefulness spend at least one third, and sometimes almost half a day in their bedrooms. This is a significant amount of time, so the design of this particular room is so significant - increasingly playing an important role.

Previously, the approach was different, since this room was mainly viewed as a functional area. A bit of color, perhaps a small texture was quite enough, and the patterned texture was used mainly for a public area, such as a living room or a dining room.

Choose a wallpaper under the overall style

Today’s bedroom is a design oasis, we put a lot of creative effort into this part of the house. Books, magazines and the World Wide Web give a lot of inspiration. Using all sorts of murals and modern material, you can achieve any style of interior design, for example:

  • Country Look (Country Look);
  • Shabby & Boho Chic (Shabby Chic & Boho);
  • New Romantic (New Romance);
  • Modern Baroque (Modern Baroque);
  • Mid-Century (Mid-Century Style);
  • Loft Style (Loft Style).

We achieve any design with the help of drawings on the canvas

In our bedrooms we close our eyes and go to the embrace of Morpheus. And we read books there, watch TV, leave the world for a few hours. But sometimes it is difficult to shut down: insomnia seems to have become a mass phenomenon.

Therefore, our boudoirs should become another world, a space where we can relax, gently fall asleep, where the stress with the tension of our daily rhythm is replaced by positive thoughts.

Relax after a hard day

Therefore, furniture, textiles continue the concept, especially in terms of color: too much contrast is harmful. The furniture should be functional, perhaps a bit scarce. The same applies to decorative elements. It helps to relax, sleep, your mind, which will be harder to abstract if chaos is around, and the environment causes claustrophobia.

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The material of the canvas must be chosen carefully.

Wallpapers usually do not suffer from severe condensation or (with the exception of children's rooms) potential damage. Therefore, they can have any surface material of your choice. Here are some examples.

Wallpaper should be such that the household liked

  • natural;
  • textile;
  • metal;
  • non-woven;
  • vinyl;
  • acrylic;
  • leather;
  • fiberglass;
  • textile;
  • metal;
  • liquid.

Strength and endurance of each selected type in the first place

Wallpaper for wet cleaning consists of synthetic fibers and have different strength characteristics - with moderate, high moisture resistance, moderate and high scratch resistance. You can find this information in the description, but the most durable and wear-resistant glass fiber wallpaper. Their only drawback is the scarce patterned row; here they are inferior to vinyl, which are also moisture resistant.

Bright color for warmth and comfort

All nonwovens are durable and retain their shape, so they can be used in wet areas. They are removed without soaking, to easily change the wall decor. With these types of glue is applied to the wall, which saves time and effort.

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Colors, patterns and motifs

Colors for mood

For the bedrooms there are no specific colors or patterns. Just avoid too bright or “too loud” design. By sticking to this simple rule you will not go wrong when you want to choose. There are, however, specific color combinations that are more suitable. The following color combinations are especially popular for boudoir:

Popular color combinations that look beautiful

  • black red;
  • black and brown;
  • black, white, silver;
  • beige, gold, olive green, delicate shades of brown;
  • white, golden, brown, beige;
  • dark wooden shades, turquoise, aquamarine, gold ocher, bronze;
  • white, blue, light gray;
  • combining light natural shades such as sand, cream, pearl white;
  • earthy tones combined with green;
  • white, pastel colors.

Better to avoid too bright design.

Avoid bright, catchy, or neon colors. They stimulate too much, they can prevent you from finding rest (sleep). Too dark or cold color of the atmosphere can also damage the well-being.

Calm color for well-being

Contrasts are suitable if there is a solid picture. For a cozy bedroom, provide harmonious patterns, effects, materials.

As for the patterns, there is an endless selection of topics:

Create a whole picture with interesting patterns

  • baroque;
  • flower;
  • romantic
  • geometric;
  • nostalgic;
  • striped;
  • glamorous wall decor.

Harmonious patterns for relaxation

Metallic, 3D designs, fiberglass, velvet flocking, natural materials such as bamboo or straw, imitation wood or stone are just a few examples of how with a designer decor you can turn a bedroom into a realm of dreams.

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How to make a designer decor?

The use of designer wallpapers in the bedrooms on an accented wall still underlines the interior of the bedroom. Often this is a wall by the bed, decorated with an unusual pattern, which makes it the central focus of the room.

Striped wallpaper visually expands the room

Base your choice on your own style preferences, such as baroque or geometric, abstract or nostalgic style. Interesting solutions made of wood, stone or fine leather are also very suitable for accented walls. Romantic, nostalgic motifs will always be popular in boudoirs.

We choose on the basis of our own preferences.

But with a beautiful pattern or design, they are used not only for the walls: how about decorating the front of the dresser or wardrobe with them? Another popular option is to make the headboard of a particle board or plasterboard and apply a beautiful paper pattern on it.

Furniture in consonance with wallpaper

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How to decorate the walls with a large pattern?

Covering the walls in the bedroom with a large pattern requires a bit of refinement to create a holistic overall picture. Do it right:

  1. The structure should be consistent and well defined.
  2. Choose sleeping with subtle patterns, floral motifs, baroque and geometric patterns.
  3. Consider the height and layout of the room. Wide, large-scale or three-dimensional drawings make the room smaller; horizontal stripes have a similar effect. The best option is subtle or small patterns and motifs that lengthen the room.
  4. Wallpaper of natural material made of bamboo, cork or herbs can be used on all four walls. They create a very warm, cozy and natural atmosphere.
  5. Metal wall decor fascinates with its fantastic brilliance and dazzling effects, use it not only for the style of Hi Tech.
  6. Textile with stripes and shiny threads provide sophistication and glamor.

Large pattern for a dazzling effect.

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Rooms for children, teenagers and multipurpose bedrooms

Children's rooms are a multifunctional area in which you need to create visual blocks between the sleeping, play and study areas. Teenagers, however, tend to go for a visually unified look and often prefer to use their loved ones on all walls. Choose a wall with a pattern or motif that stimulates the imagination and promote learning.

Wallpaper that stimulates the imagination

In small apartments, the living and sleeping areas may be located in the same large room. This requires tricky visual demarcation lines to create a pleasant atmosphere. Partitions or shelves are good ways to create different areas, as well as wallpaper with a large pattern - pay attention to the wallpaper.

Nice view with imitation

A separate bedroom can be divided according to specific requirements, such as a reading area, a small desk or office, or a dressing room / dressing table. Decorative wall pattern, creating visual boundaries, allows for such a separation and still allows you to maintain a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

Vision training pattern

Those who are familiar with the latest trends in interior design will know that freestanding bathtubs or showers in the bedroom is a craze. I believe that this is due to lack of space. In these cases, it is important to ensure that the wallpaper for the bedroom is washable and moisture-proof, as condensation and steam will be present.

Pay attention to moisture-proof wallpaper.

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  • Combine classic English patterns with color blocks to create Art Nouveau;
  • Summer yellow shades can work wonders in the room - and with your mood too. Choose a soft sunny color with a delicate floral pattern that will inform the charm of the bedroom. Add contrast in the form of gray rugs to complete the look;
  • Imagine that you climbed into a log cabin with a roaring open fire, cozy fur capes and pillows. You can easily achieve this feeling at home with some clever jewelry. Choose wallpaper with the effect of natural material, themed accessories from the forest and a variety of animal motifs - foxes, deer and owls will make the room lively. This is a bold look, but the finished room will be warm and attractive;
  • black and gray are not always gloomy. When mixed with beautiful pastels, these spectacular shades become soft and soothing, creating a modern-style bedroom. Use a bright design on the wall with a bed and black and white illustrations;
  • Do not use wallpaper only for walls. Worktops, headboards or wardrobe doors are easily covered with them - use paper from previous projects or any samples you may have saved;
  • Stripes are a great way to scale a room. Use horizontal to make a small room wider or use vertical to make the ceilings look taller;
  • Use wallpaper only on one wall or in a niche area for a significant effect. Mix them with white walls and pale floors and add just one accent color, such as fuchsia, to add a visual effect;
  • High-quality metal finish is a great way to add Waw to a small room. Just stick to the delicate palette of coffee, cream and gold to create a luxurious look;
  • Red and white are a classic combination that stands the test of time. Try to create a French country house style.

The tone of your bedroom decor is important to the quality of the holiday you are looking for. Surrounding yourself with images that bring peace of mind, you can relax and unwind after a long, busy day.

Classic cell combination

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