85+ Photos of tools for drying clothes on the balcony do it yourself: Hanger, Lianas, Ropes. Which option to choose?


A laundry dryer on the balcony is a minor thing at first glance, but it is difficult to do without it.


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    In most apartments there is no possibility to dry the washed things in the rooms, so you have to use the balcony. In the summer, this method is generally advantageous, because under the sun the clothes of any density dry up almost instantly. In winter it is more difficult, a prerequisite for drying things is to have a glazed balcony, because otherwise they will only turn into ice.

    But even in the glassed-in balcony, it is important to organize a clothes dryer in such a way that there is free access to the window, because you have to open it regularly to ventilate the room. Otherwise, mold and dampness are inevitable.

    Comfortable clothes dryer to the balcony

    In the cold season, you still have to dry out the laundry in the apartment, no matter how good the dryer is on the balcony. An excellent option to not do this is the battery. In some apartments, they are specially held on the balcony in order to facilitate the drying process.

    When buying an apartment, the balcony is not paid as much attention as all the other rooms. In fact, this room is indispensable, so if you see mold on the walls, an unpleasant smell and dampness, immediately think about where the laundry will be dried. If there are no options to organize a dryer in the room, it will create many problems.

    Option for outdoor use

    BoardYou should never delay the repair of the balcony, if you use this room for drying clothes. If you find the first signs of dampness, mold and other unpleasant phenomena, you need to immediately eliminate them. Otherwise, after some time it will be impossible to use the dryer on the balcony. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu

    Pros and cons of the dryer

    Drying on the balcony - it is rather a necessary measure, not a whim. If there are no other options, then you have to occupy this room. Nevertheless, this process does have some positive aspects, for a long time it has been practiced for a long time in many developed countries:

    • space is saved in the apartment;
    • linen is ventilated, a pleasant smell of freshness appears;
    • to block access to wet things for children is easy - you can simply close the door;
    • It is also easy to hide the laundry - you can just shut the window onto the balcony.

    Saves space in the apartment

    Especially well these advantages are noticeable in those apartments, the balcony windows of which do not look onto the road, but towards the forest or other nature. No rinse will not give things as much freshness and aroma as such a natural smell.

    BoardIf the balcony windows overlook the highway and other dusty places, it is best to dry your laundry at night and early in the morning.

    The clothes dryer on the balcony also has disadvantages. However, they are not so catastrophic as to abandon this process, it is important to simply know all the nuances and learn to adapt to them. Among the shortcomings of the balcony clothes dryer can be identified such factors:

    Dependence on the weather. If it rains and the window on the balcony is open or in summer, it is completely absent, most likely, the washing will have to be repeated again. To avoid such situations, it is better to dry things when someone is at home and check the weather forecast in advance.

    Lingerie must be hung out very carefully.

    The smell of smoke. Some use the balcony as a platform for smoking, so if neighbors smoke from the bottom, and the balcony windows are open, the smell of smoke will surely be absorbed into clothing. And if you smoke from above, then ash can also fly into the window. To prevent such situations, it is better to use the dryer with the windows closed, and to ventilate the room before and after. Danger. It may sound strange, but you can still hear about cases when people fell out of the balcony window, hanging clothes, especially if they did it over the balcony. In this regard, it is important to observe safety measures, taking care also of small children.

    Portable option

    On a noteIn some countries, drying things outside the balcony (on the street side) is strictly prohibited by law. The authorities believe that this spoils the general view of the city and creates an unfavorable impression on tourists. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu


    Many, and especially women, are worried that a dryer on the balcony can ruin the reputation in the eyes of guests and create a bad impression of comfort in an apartment. If this moment worries you, you can apply a few simple rules and tips. They will help organize the drying of things in such a way as not to spoil the overall appearance of the apartment.

    Do not spoil the look of the balcony

    As already mentioned, the practice of drying things on the street side of a balcony has long been outdated, and this behavior is considered a sign of bad taste. Few people want his clothes, and especially his underwear, to be viewed by strangers, while some, without hesitation, hang him out for everyone to see. Even if there is no opportunity to dry everything at once, you need to adapt to your circumstances, and wash them in a smaller volume, but more often.

    In order to hide wet things from the eyes of guests, you need to take care of the presence of a curtain that would close the window between the room and the balcony.. It is desirable that it was dense and not translucent. Some housewives find the original solution to this problem - they put a large woven flower on the windowsill, which completely covers the entire glass, so no one would guess that this is not just a houseplant, but also an important part of the interior.

    Saving space on the balcony

    It happens that there is no possibility to close the curtain: if the guests arrived during the day, daylight must be present in the room. In this case, a simple rule will be useful, which should always be followed when hanging clothes: intimate things, underwear should be placed in the center, and all the rest should be on the sides. Then sweaters, T-shirts and other large clothes will be a kind of barrier that protects intimate clothes from prying eyes.

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    The easiest way to organize a dryer on the balcony is to stretch the ropes. At first glance, it seems that there is nothing difficult in this. But those who have ever had to spend time on polishing clothes due to the fact that it was found on the floor with broken ropes, know that this is not so.

    The easiest way

    To begin with, it is important to choose a suitable material - it should be light, but at the same time durable, so as not to wear out quickly. Also, he should not stretch like a rubber band and get dirty, because if the rope turns black, it is unlikely that any hostess will want to hang clean linen on him. The most suitable materials that are easy to find are:

    • metal cable wrapped in PVC;
    • jute;
    • polypropylene.

    Metal cable

    There are also standard materials that are inexpensive, but can serve excellently for a while. Yet their endurance is not so long, over time they begin to sag lower and lower, and they also quickly get dirty, so that after that you have to immediately look for a replacement. These include:

    • standard twisted rope, which is most in demand among residents of our country;
    • plastic, which attracts the attention of a variety of available colors.

    To fix the rope on the wall, you have to make special designs with your own hands, as it is usually not sold in the kit, but separately. To do this, you need two slats, their length depends on how many rows will be located. They are mounted opposite each other, for reliability it is better to use strong nails or special twisted hooks.

    Good choice of clothes dryer

    BoardThe easiest way is to first firmly tie the edge of the rope to the extreme nail, then stretch it in different directions, winding around each nail on the slats. On the last nail, as on the first, a strong knot is made. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu


    Stylish look liana for linen, which do not spoil the overall look of the balcony. Moreover, in terms of strength and durability, such a dryer is several times better than simple ropes attached to slats. It belongs to the category of ceiling fixtures for drying things.

    Liana for linen

    Liana is a frame equipped with cords and which is attached to the mechanism on rollers. One of the advantages of this model is that the length of each rope can be easily adjusted. Thanks to a special retainer, the rods can be easily fixed at the desired level.

    Many people point out another advantage of the vine - it can be folded and in this position it absolutely does not take place and does not attract attention.. The latest models are made so subtly that looking at them in assembled form, it is generally difficult to understand what it is.

    Long creeper

    Installing creepers

    It starts with the preparation of fasteners, they can be wooden beams and any other of durable material. After that, you need to mark the place using a tape measure and a pencil. To install the panels with rollers you will need to drill in the previously installed mount and drive a cork into it, and fasten the panel on top.

    After that, 1.5 m from the floor is measured and a bracket is fastened, the ropes are alternately pulled through panels with rollers. In this case, the short one is directed in the direction of attachment, and the long one - clings to the roller in front of itself and goes down along the fixed bracket. As a result, all the ropes become the same length, stretched straight.

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    Ceiling dryer

    Ceiling dryers are more practical in application than wall ones, because they occupy a minimum of space, while the functionality is very practical. Even ordinary clotheslines attached to slats are also in this category. Such a demand is absolutely justified, because the ceiling systems have a number of advantages:

    • both the floor and the walls of the balcony remain free, so that you can move freely and arrange the necessary furniture;
    • do not attract attention when there is nothing on them;
    • high costs are not required, and some of them can be done by purchasing only the necessary material.

    The most practical to use

    One of the popular models of ceiling dryers are retractable systems, which are called "dryer-harmonicas". The principle of the mechanism is that the model is attached to the ceiling, and in order to hang laundry on it, you first need to lower it to the desired level.

    There are different variants of the trigger system for retractable dryers, the most popular of which is the mechanism that works when pulling the rope. It is enough to pull it down, as the structure immediately drops, immediately after it is released, it stops. The designs themselves can be completely different sizes and contain any number of ropes.

    Often in the retractable ceiling dryers instead of ropes available thin pipes made of plastic or other material.

    The disadvantage is the fragility

    The only drawback of such a ceiling model is its fragility.. Most retractable dryers are designed for a weight of no more than 5 kg, but even so, they often fail prematurely. Therefore, these ceiling models are suitable for small families who dry things in a small volume.

    BoardSome housewives successfully combine several types of ceiling dryers. For example, you can use a retractable dryer, and Liana, which in its essence also has a retractable mechanism. But you can combine them only if you have a large balcony, which is used only for drying clothes. Return to menu ↑ return to menu


    The floor clothes dryer can be used not only for balconies, but also in any rooms, however, many place it in the rooms, there is simply no room. These models are used mainly in cases where, for whatever reason, it is not possible to attach the ceiling. In some apartments, the walls and ceilings on the balconies are so unreliable that you should not paint, so you have to do without using them.

    It is applied not only on balconies

    Outdoor dryers have their advantages, the main ones include:

    1Mobility. If suddenly you need to move the dryer from place to place or even temporarily to another room, you can do it without any problems. Usually they are not heavy, they can also be folded to make it easier to lift. 2Variety of dimensions. Outdoor dryers are completely different sizes, so that the desired option will be selected for a family of any composition. Also, such models are often used as a supplement to the ceiling, some are attached to the ceiling retractable, and placed on the bottom floor.

    For different types of things

    3Ability not to use. If you have attached a ceiling dryer, it is unlikely that you can easily remove it at the first need. However, floor-mounted dryers are more practical - they can be easily folded and removed, especially since they usually take up little space when folded. 4Easy to mount. Unlike other models, these do not need to be screwed or fastened in any other way with the help of tools. All that needs to be done is to simply press on the mechanism as it opens right there. Return to the menu

    Types of floor

    The most popular is the classic look, the mechanism of which resembles the principle of folding ironing board. The support is a crossed pipe, whose shape resembles the letter "X". Clothing is hung on the pipe, which can be any number.

    Stylish dryer option

    When choosing a classic floor dryer, special attention should be paid to the strength of the tubes. Some cheap models are not designed to withstand a weight of more than 5 kg and it is better not to buy such ones, because even if someone accidentally leans on it, it will immediately break. It is worth considering whether it is really necessary to save when buying, and in a month to go to the store again.

    For families with small children

    In families where there are small children, and, therefore, a large amount of clothes is being washed, multi-tiered floor dryers will be practical. They are structures, often floor to ceiling, on which pipes are placed. Outwardly, they look like they were as if several classic models were set on each other.

    Among the range of floor dryers often come across Chinese models, known for their fragility. To avoid their purchase, you must carefully study the manufacturer's instructions on your own, not trusting the sellers. Return to menu Return to menu


    Hangers for drying clothes on the balcony - the only way to dry and store clothes in a natural position. This is especially practical in the case of drying men's suits and other large things that it is better not to bend when wet. Everyone at least had to spend time trying to smooth out the folds that appeared as a result of drying things in the wrong way.

    Conveniently dry men's suits

    Hangers for drying can be used as an auxiliary structure, that is, you can use a floor dryer and one at the same time, or combine it with any other models. Another advantage of this method of drying things - you can use the means available in the house for it. The easiest way to build a dryer with hangers in this way:

    • We are looking for a pipe that needs length, it should reach from one wall to another, while there should be a place for fastening. An excellent option would be a holder for hangers from the closet. You can use the one that is no longer used in the closet, but you can buy it separately, usually the holders are sold as separate parts in many furniture stores.
    • Attach a pipe or holder to the walls. Some of them are attached directly to the ceiling, simply screw the holders with screws. Using such structures, it is easier to choose the length, because it does not have to be from wall to wall, it can occupy half or any desired part of the ceiling.
    • We select the right amount of hangers and dry clothes. Some use the same for this, which hung clothes in the closet, but this is undesirable. It is better that the hangers are separate for storing clothes in the closet and separately for drying.

    It is possible to fix a hanger - sometimes this is not enough

    BoardIn furniture stores, in departments with ready-made clothes dryers, special hangers made of moisture-resistant material are sold. Their use is convenient and practical, because they can serve for a long time.

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    Wall Dryer

    Настенные сушилки могут применяться в разных случаях: если нет возможности использовать потолочную, если полоток на балконе слишком высокий, так что достать до веревки не просто, и по другим причинам. This category consists of various models differing in a design, method of fastening and other parameters.

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    When folded, these dryers are very compact, so there are no problems with their storage. Inertial models consist of two parts.:

    • Body Equipped with a drum with springs, which tightens the cord, and if necessary, hides it inside. This ensures a good stretch, so that the cord does not sag, and even with time the clothes still dry at the right level, and does not interfere with walking.
    • Mount. For it can be used either hooks attached on the other side, or a strap. Fastening is present on the wall all the time, and the case is put on it when it is necessary to dry clothes.

    Inertial option is good for a balcony with high ceiling

    The cost of inertial clothes dryers is different, but cheaper models are less practical - over time, the cords on them still begin to sag, so the stretch becomes not the same as it was originally. On more expensive models, this problem does not arise, because the drum of the case is equipped with a stretch function, so that as soon as the cords begin to sag, you can immediately use it.

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    These wall-mounted dryers are even more compact than inertia. If you need to immediately after the end of the drying there is no trace of the ropes and cords, this option will be suitable for you. When it is in a closed form, then a small bar can be seen on the wall, the size of which is no more than 10 cm wide, and its length can be different, depending on the model you choose.

    Differ in even bigger compactness, than inertial

    When the cantilever wall-mounted dryer unfolds, tubes arranged in rows are pulled out. On them, you can either just throw clothes, or fasten it with clothespins. As inertial, such models are not designed for drying large quantities of linen, it is usually recommended to hang no more than 5 kg.

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    Sliding Dryer

    If you need a wall-mounted clothes dryer on the balcony, but you are not satisfied with the permissible weight, sliding dryers would be an excellent option in this case. Standard models are able to withstand a weight of no more than 10 kg, but if necessary, you can find even more durable models.

    Sliding dryer is a construction of metal pipes, which explains its strength. When the system is folded, it takes up very little space, since the pipes themselves are thin. In order to use the dryer, you need to open it - just take the extreme pipe and pull over.

    Wooden version

    As a result, the design, which when folded seemed to be one solid metal pipe, turns into a multi-tiered dryer, on which you can put a lot of things. Given that the sliding dryer is designed for more weight than the inertial and cantilever, you need to pay due attention to the mount. To do this, both dowels and screws can be used, but the main thing is to ensure a strong fixation.

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    A couple of decades ago, no one had heard of electric dryers, but today they can be purchased in many stores. These designs are a bar with rays emanating from its center. Rays usually have a different size, large ones are used for drying larger things, and small ones are used for smaller ones.

    At the bottom of the electric dryer is a device that delivers hot air. The cost of such models is higher than the rest, the main factor influencing it is the material. Usually electric dryers are:

    • Aluminum - the cheapest option, but it is not enough for a long time, as this substance is rapidly oxidized, and rust stains on clothes;
    • stainless steel - the option is more expensive, but at the same time more accurate;
    • Steel - the most durable and reliable models, the only drawback of which is the high cost.

    For those who are always in a hurry

    BoardThe most popular are electric dryers made of stainless steel, because they are more expensive than aluminum and have good strength. However, when purchasing it is necessary to carefully study the instructions, as unscrupulous manufacturers may add an admixture of aluminum, so that after a while the construction will begin to oxidize and become useless. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    General installation rules

    • Think about what is the appropriate weight for you. Remember that if all the time to load the structure to the maximum, hanging the maximum allowable weight, then its service life is significantly reduced. It is better to take a model with a margin of weight, if you usually dry several kilograms of laundry, then dryers with a permissible five-kilogram weight will be enough.
    • Think carefully about the location of the dryer, as some models are mobile and easy to move, while others are simply impossible. Draw a plan on the wall or ceiling and think over all the little things: try to open the window, whether it will interfere with the construction and whether there will be a passage.

    Installation is pretty simple.

    • If in the near future it is planned to repair the balcony, then with the installation of a clothes dryer it is worthwhile to wait, since some structures cannot be attached again after removal. If the apartment, including the balcony, is made in a certain style, then you will have to pay attention to the design of the dryer so that it does not spoil the overall appearance.
    • If you have children, be sure to consider the safety of the dryer. For example, if you place the wall model too low, the child can get to it. As a result, it will break, but what is more dangerous, it can get hurt.
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    Do-it-yourself dryer

    If you do not see the point of spending money on acquiring what you can do on your own, try making a dryer on the balcony with your own hands. At the same time, if you have never dealt with such work, it is better not to risk it. The easiest way to make a construction independently consists of several stages:

    • Attach two strips of wood or metal on opposite walls.
    • We fasten the ring-screws on them, how many ropes are needed, as many pairs of screws are required.
    • We make small holes for screws, the diameter of which should be a little smaller than it is.
    • We install screws, while it is important to ensure that they are fastened firmly.
    • If there are empty gaps in the screw-in places, they should be sealed with a conventional putty or other means to give strength to the structure.
    • We stretch the rope, threading it into the prepared ring-screws, fasten it with strong knots.

    Easy do it yourself

    It is better not to save on a hank with a rope, it should be strong enough and durable so that in a short time you do not have to buy a new one. When you need to take into account the "middle ground" - it should not sag, but too much tension will lead to the fact that it just breaks.

    BoardMaking the dryer with your own hands, you can take into account all the nuances of your own balcony, free space, the quality of the walls and ceiling, and other features. If there is no time to bother, then from ready-made options you can find ready-made models by considering different options.

    Thus, the use of dryers on the balcony has certain disadvantages: dependence on the weather, the possibility of pollution by dust, and the risk of absorption of cigarette smoke. At the same time, the advantages of structures overshadows all the disadvantages: you can choose a mobile model, with any convenient mount - on the wall, ceiling, floor. In this case, you can decide for yourself how much and how much space the dryer will occupy, as well as choose any design and even color.