Modern design Hallway in the apartment and in a private house with their own hands. 175+ Photo Ideas with window, ladder and other Design Options


Thinking how to design a hallway in a house without the hands of others? Tips from experienced designers to help you with the repair.

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  • Why it is necessary to make out correctly a hall?
  • We develop design
  • Small entrance hall
  • Narrow
  • What is the difference of design in the apartment?
  • Entrance hall in a private house with a staircase
  • Repair and Finishing Tips
  • Walls
  • Floor
  • Choosing an interior style
  • Country in a wooden house
  • Modern for modern
  • Scandinavian style for originals
  • Design Tips
  • Why it is necessary to make out correctly a hall?
  • We develop design
  • Small entrance hall
  • Narrow
  • What is the difference of design in the apartment?
  • Entrance hall in a private house with a staircase
  • Repair and Finishing Tips
  • Choosing an interior style
  • Design Tips
  • Why it is necessary to make out correctly a hall?

    The first thing that a person sees in a strange house is the entrance hall, and for many people only the first impression of the whole apartment and the owners is formed through this room. What your entrance hall will look like will be the reason for how your guest is tuned. Therefore, designers pay special attention to this particular part of the apartment, trying to think through the interior down to the smallest detail.

    Hallway in bright colors

    Here are a few highlights that you will need to pay attention to when designing the area next to the entrance door.


    1Compactness - often the area near the threshold has small dimensions in comparison with the rest of the rooms in the apartment. Therefore, at first it is necessary to learn to place the necessary household items in a small area. Also, the goal will be to develop a design that will help create a visual illusion that this area is much wider.2Thoughtfulness - coming home after a long walk or a hard working day, we want to feel only comfort and convenience. Therefore, your hallway, as the first place where you get right after the threshold, should not cause any discomfort, and the furniture should be functional and comfortable. In addition, you will need to think about places for storing shoes, outerwear, for shoes, for positioning a mirror, so that it is convenient to assemble at the exit.3Quality - if you make a very competent and comfortable, but unreliable interior, you will suffer for the rest of your life. Therefore, it is also necessary to think about the specific materials from which you will begin to select individual elements such as the floor, cabinet, wallpaper. They must be moisture resistant, easy to clean, and, as you understand, dirt in this area will be enough.4beauty - Any room in the house should remain pleasant to the eye. If the owners make the hallway themselves, you will have to think about developing a competent, stylish design, without losing all the previous characteristics. It is necessary not only to think about an interesting interior, but, if possible, make sure that it fits adequately with the style of the rest of the apartment.

    Think over all the elements of the interior

    Do not be afraid to experiment

    Are you still not afraid to do the repair of the hallway without the help of a designer? Of course, in the Internet age it is not as difficult as before, because on the forums now you can find answers to everything, but we advise you to immediately prepare for the difficulties associated with the repair. The most important advice will be to hire a knowledgeable interior designer, who with great diligence will issue the corridor start zone so that you will not have any problems.

    Small, beautiful entrance hall

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    We develop design

    To make repairs that will last more than a dozen years, it is necessary from the very beginning to approach this case with a cool head. We'll have to act on a pre-designed design project that you will develop yourself. Everything in it should be thought out to the smallest detail, described in the drawing.

    In brown and white

    When organizing work before repairs, you should do the following:

    • Measure the desired territory, make a drawing according to the measurements.
    • Create a design project directly based on your wishes and possibilities.
    • Make a plan for dismantling existing items.
    • Consider the installation plan.
    • Make an approximate layout of finishing materials, purchase them.
    • Take into account the communications located in the zone: alarm, intercom, lighting, electric meter.
    • Think over the arrangement of furniture, the location of lighting.
    • Repair the hallway according to the plan.

    The perfect combination of colors

    Obviously, when finishing the room you have to take into account every little thing, starting with the size of the door opening, ending with the humidity in the apartment. Only such an approach will allow to get a quality result, skillfully hide all the shortcomings of the room.

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    Small entrance hall

    Let's start the analysis with the option when in your house there is a hall of very small size. In this case, you can not do without a wall of several elements: it will fill the entire height, fitting all the necessary on their shelves, and especially lucky if it is angular. What is important, it solves the problem with the mirror, and also helps to achieve a visual expansion of the space due to it.

    Compact version

    BoardWhen installing furniture in a small room, it is better to adhere to the strategy of choosing square furniture, because there is not enough room for overall furniture.

    If you do not need a lot of space for clothes, replace the closet with a dresser, and you can also put a separate mirror with hangers for outerwear. You should not overlook the shelves for accessories like hats and scarves and separate bedside tables for shoes with a soft seat mat.

    For convenience, you can use a circular hanger.

    BoardYou can put one more mirror on one of the doors between the room, the corridor, in order to use the area as efficiently as possible. And also a circular hanger will become a convenient part of the decor, which will help to place much more clothes on yourself, leaving space for umbrellas. Return to menu ↑ return to menu


    Narrow does not mean small, therefore some other design techniques should be involved here, which can increase the width even if it is illusory. Here we must try to visually make a square the hallway itself, using various effects from the contrast of colors, furniture arrangement. For example, the floor and ceiling need to be done in one color, you can see how appropriate the created effect of "wall separation" will be.

    Narrow - does not mean small

    Another popular option for expanding a room is the choice of striped colors on the floor.

    It is important that the pattern is necessarily transverse, otherwise the effect will be the opposite.

    Think through every detail.

    Also be sure to use the mirror, but do not hang mirrors opposite each other, so as not to get the unpleasant irritating effect of the "corridor".

    Narrow corridor completely finished in white

    You should think about the walls: try to concentrate on light cold shades like silver, beige, blue and pale green, to make the room more light and weightless.

    Bright coral, yellow and indigo are best used as certain accents that harmoniously complement the interior. By the way, the airiness will also add smooth lines - make the arch instead of the usual doorways in each room.

    Carpet - an element harmoniously complementing the interior

    Dilute lighting

    Do not forget about the lighting, because it will allow to dilute the existing cramp with light spots. It is necessary to put diode lamps on the ceiling and near or above the shelves, and give up any chandeliers in favor of the built-in lights. Leave separate light sources above the heads of other rooms in the apartment, it is better to even embed a few small ones in the walls in order to achieve the desired atmosphere.

    Carpet - an element harmoniously complementing the interior

    Choosing lamps, pay special attention to the diodes of white shades, because they support the very atmosphere of airiness, which we achieve with the help of pastel walls. Also try to maintain smoothness in the lines of furniture and prefer open shelves closed - so they do not take the attention. When choosing paintings and photographs as decorations, give preference to horizontal ones. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu

    What is the difference of design in the apartment?

    If you live in a big city, then you should be familiar with which path you have to travel not only along the street, but also along the house itself from the door of the entrance to the apartment. Only the threshold of the house becomes a reliable protection from the outside world, so it is there that all the city’s dirt accumulates from the shoes. You need to think about how to equip the threshold of the house so that you can not only keep all the street dirt there, but also quickly clean this surface.

    Option for apartment

    If you have enough space, try to distinguish the hallway into several zones:

    • for shoe and shoe storage;
    • for the clothes that the owners use this season,
    • for the rest of the clothes;
    • for fees to the street.

    In the last zone it is appropriate to place a dresser for cosmetics and accessories for hair. The entrance hall in the apartment is always close to the living rooms or the kitchen, so you need to try to remove all potentially dirty areas away and closer to the front door.

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    Entrance hall in a private house with a staircase

    Private houses are really very different from city apartments, especially the size of such rooms. Large areas create a huge scope for your imagination in terms of design, which gives incredible pleasure in the repair. Another important difference is the presence of a window that provides natural light, but this is not the case everywhere.

    Hallway in the living room - not the most convenient option

    The problem can be called a greater amount of dirt, because here we do not go all the way from the entrance to the front door, and, therefore, the dirt will accumulate on the threshold. That is why you will have to install really roomy furniture for storing shoes and leave a significant area for shoes.

    BoardEven if you decorate a rich space, it is better to use light colors and pastel shades anyway, but to play on contrasts with the help of furniture.

    Separately, we would like to note the presence of a staircase in the corridor: you can use it as an extremely convenient place for storage and additional room decor. As an option, it is worth making the storage area right inside the steps, necessarily covering them with a special moisture-resistant coating.

    Bohemian option with a staircase separated from the rest of the house

    Individual measurements

    It should be obvious that many private houses are built according to their individual planning, so it’s impossible to follow someone else’s project or some of their advice. Also, there is a need to order furniture according to their individual dimensions, for which additional funds will have to be spent. But in this case, the furniture will look harmonious.

    Minimalistic style with comfortable cupboards under the stairs

    Do not forget that the front door goes straight out into the street, which creates a problem in the form of a significant amplitude of temperatures in the house and outside the door.

    That is why it is better to abandon the installation of the door of metal and wood in favor of just metal, possibly thicker. It looks quite stylish and elegant, in addition, metal inserts can be added to the interior trim to complete the design harmoniously.

    Wall-mounted storage area for clothes and shoes

    BoardIf you want to "refresh" the atmosphere of the hallway in your home, place a few pots with live plants, good, the space allows it. At the same time, do not forget about natural light - neither plants nor people can live without it. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    Repair and Finishing Tips

    When you have already decided for yourself in which direction you need to work, the time will come to choose finishing materials, and it is better to do this for all surfaces at once. Of course, it is necessary to take into account not only color and texture, but practicality and reliability of materials. The need for a competent approach is obvious: the hall is visited daily and possibly by a large number of people, so it is important to solve such issues in advance.

    Choose materials correctly

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    With the advent of new technologies for the walls, no one has used paint or ordinary plaster for a long time. Now most often in the course there are wallpaper, decorative plaster or a completely different material like wooden bricks. Different options have their advantages and disadvantages, so it is worth at least a little light each:


    Textile wallpaper

    It does not fit in this case because of its low wear resistance. Besides the fact that such wallpapers are quickly wiped, they also absorb dust and dirt, which later is extremely difficult to clean.


    Vinyl wallpapers

    This option is resistant to mechanical damage is much higher, in addition to the sale there is a very rich selection of colors for them. This will allow you to choose a light color and an interesting pattern to taste. Also, this wallpaper is much easier to clean than vinyl, so they are not afraid of dirt.

    Use high-quality wallpaper that will last you longer


    Cork wallpaper

    Eco-friendly type of wallpaper, which is also easy to maintain and not demanding to care. A significant pleasant advantage for residents of high-rise buildings will be a texture that helps to slightly isolate the room from unnecessary sounds. But get ready for the fact that cork wallpapers in the markets are worth a significant amount of money, and they also do not have much of a variety of colors.

    Eco-friendly wallpaper type


    Bamboo wallpaper

    This wallpaper will help you to try different ideas of the colors of the walls in the house. They absorb paint quite well and can be glued along the entire length of the wall for painting. An unusual idea for a city apartment would be the idea of ​​sticking such wallpaper in the original color.

    Such wallpapers absorb paint well.


    Liquid wallpaper

    If your blast is not too smooth walls, then it is worth picking up a liquid wallpaper. They are best applied on complex surfaces, leveling them, and sometimes becoming the canvas for interesting convex drawings. In addition, liquid wallpaper can be restored even with their own hands.


    Decorative plaster

    Approximately the same option as liquid wallpaper, but used mainly to create volumetric patterns or imitate some material. Most often, it is also additionally coated with lacquer or mother of pearl to look elegant and feel secure. Although the plaster is deprived of bright and rich colors, it is precisely rich in shades, and its constitution makes it possible to imitate the texture of different materials.

    Decorative plaster


    Wall mural

    Not the most commonly used type of wallpaper for apartments, which also has the right to exist due to the simplicity of decoration and efficiency. Of course, it’s worth choosing not a photograph, but some abstract design, in order not to draw attention to yourself, but to become a background for cabinets, bollards and hangers. This option is well suited for narrow corridors and small hallways, because it does not have any convex parts.

    Ease of Finishing and Efficiency


    Separate panels

    It all depends on what material you select. Most of the time, people decorate walls with wooden thin bricks, but many people like the brickwork itself, although it is suitable only for large rooms. This option is undoubtedly stylish, but not suitable for many.

    Stylish option, but not suitable for many

    If you have enough money and space, try a combined finish. It not only makes it possible to create a unique and special design, but also helps to use different materials in places where they are needed. It will not be a secret that the best location for the separation line is horizontal, and the lower part must be made darker.

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    When it comes to floors in the house, the main criterion is the strength and reliability of the coating. But in the course are a variety of options, as is the case with wall decoration, so you need to disassemble them.

    Porcelain tile

    The most resistant to mechanical impact material used to cover the floor, not afraid of either moisture or dirt, and having a rich choice of textures. Best for hallways are suitable rough models, especially imitating stone, although in a small corridor it is better to put a smooth and wide. By the way, stone tiles look especially harmonious with wood and live plants.

    Mechanically resistant flooring material


    The choice of wealthy people, bringing to the house a warm and cozy smell of wooden boards. The most popular material for parquet is oak, because it is not only a real classic, but also practical. This type of coverage is also customarily carpeted, but it should be done away from the threshold.

    Parquet - the choice of wealthy people


    More frequent guest of modern houses, popular due to its low cost and proximity with parquet in terms of characteristics. Do not skimp on the laminate model, so as not to miscalculate with poor quality and fragile material. By the way, really high-quality floor will not yield to parquet.

    Frequent guest of modern homes


    An extremely controversial option for hallways due to the perceptible absorption of dirt and dust, but it is this carpet that may be suitable. Carpet allows you to warm your floors, which is especially important for private homes, and not worry about any damage. The only thing you have to think about is caring for the coating, but it is easy to make it regularly with a vacuum cleaner, brush and detergent.

    Carpet allows you to warm your floors

    BoardIf you do not want to suffer especially with carpet, leave untouched about a square meter from the threshold, laying the rest of the floor. Also try to choose the most dense model with a thin nap to make it easier to clean.

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    Choosing an interior style

    Not everyone chooses a particular style for the hallway, leaving it fairly neutral compared to the rest of the house. However, there are several styles that will successfully fit into the very idea of ​​the corridor as a room and even help it stylistically to exist separately from the apartment. We will examine in more detail each.

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    Country in a wooden house

    Why in a wooden house? Country - a purely natural style, consisting of environmentally friendly materials and mainly wood, as well as authentic and extraordinary. Best of all, it will look just in a private wooden house or in the country, organically fitting into the atmosphere of the building's surroundings and emphasizing the charm of such buildings.

    Country style

    This type is considered pleasant and harmonious, because it uses mainly natural materials: stone, clay, wood and everything that can boast of a rough texture. Often, wood is left on the walls, but sometimes the upper half is pasted over with the color contrasting with the lower part with textile wallpaper. By the way, a wooden house also allows you to save on finishing the ceiling - beams look very organic and warm.

    This type is considered pleasant and harmonious.

    Furniture is also worth taking in contrast, and therefore it is best to focus on dark colors.

    A good option would be the choice of intentionally aged or truly vintage dressers and cabinets, and antiques can complement this atmosphere.

    Elements should not obey any special rules of placement, it is enough to arrange them and periodically move, if the choice of location was wrong.

    Furniture worth taking on the contrast

    Natural should be not only materials, but also colors:

    • strawberry;
    • orange;
    • olive;
    • peach.

    And other shades will be able to organically decorate the hall in country style best. These tones should be accent spots on woven carpets, textile patchwork curtains, elegant ceramics and accessories. The residual stroke will be hand-made and aged objects to decorate the room.

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    Modern for modern

    Here, too, you can find some love for everything natural, because the main materials of this style are stone and wood, but metal and glass are also used here in special quantities. Modern is a very stylish phenomenon that uses geometric sharp lines, but does not like sharp corners. It is also worth noting that in modernity the whole interior adheres to minimalism, but at the same time it does not use symmetry.

    Art Nouveau

    Glass in this style is an excellent decoration, so modern will really like those who have a hall with a window. Appreciate how organically and gracefully the stained-glass windows look in the window opening in the modern style!

    Stained-glass windows with floristics or other abstract patterns on the doors between the rooms and the walls of the cabinets, as well as lamps made of French glass will look unusual and beautiful.

    Mirrors in this style - a great decoration

    The furniture should take the main focus on itself, therefore it is important to choose simple but sophisticated models.. Perhaps it will be small cabinets without too much decoration, but on figured legs, or minimalist cabinets with carved handles. The simpler the object, the easier the space, and additional elements in the form of wavy patterns and forged pens will help to make the interior noble and expensive.

    Simple but sophisticated furniture

    If we talk about the floor, here it is appropriate to choose nothing more than tiles, and it should be bright pastel colors. For the modern, by the way, quite expensive and sophisticated colors are relevant:

    • beige;
    • burgundy;
    • the black;
    • chocolate;
    • pale emerald.

    It remains to add that modern is a style for large areas, therefore it will not work for small hallways.

    Violet one of the Art Nouveau colors

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    Scandinavian style for originals

    This style is increasingly gaining popularity in modern urban apartments, because it looks really cozy and practical, as befits a homely atmosphere. It uses a lot of elements that literally help to warm the room:

    • warm carpets;
    • wooden furniture;
    • durable and roomy cabinets.

    The motto of the Scandinavian style is comfort and coziness.

    Scandinavian style

    That is why all the furniture that is located in the hallway should be as concise and comfortable as possible, and not occupying a large space. Needless to say that in the Scandinavian style it is better to take strong and strong shelves with hooks than massive bollards with dressers? If you want an obvious example, evaluate the furniture of the Swedish-Dutch company Ikea.

    The style is increasingly gaining popularity in modern urban apartments.

    The main colors for the background here will not just be light, but practically white, because neither the floor, nor the walls, nor the ceiling should distract a person from his thoughts. To remove scarcity and add home comfort, you only need to add cute and unpretentious patterns, authentic patterns and soft fabrics in pleasant shades of a warm gamut.

    It is important that it is in this style that reasonableness should be in every detail, why it is best suited for small rooms.

    The main color for the background is white.

    Scandinavians love to use the space given to them rationally, without being sprayed on too much, but their houses do not look ascetic. Although the furniture is arranged wisely and without much frills, around the walls, shelves and countertops adorn the individual household items of the owners, which add to the atmosphere notes of liveliness and homely warmth. It is precisely this kind of contrast between the practical approach and the special love for your home that bribes many, which is why such beautiful hallways appear.

    Use space rationally

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