150+ Photos of Modern Interiors in Gray color. The advantages that gives gray design


If you think that the gray interior is boring, the photo says the opposite. This color is a fashion trend for modern life.


  • The color that gives peace and historical luxury
  • Gray wallpapers - is it boring or stylish?
  • How to make a monochrome gray-white interior beautiful?
  • How do curtains change the look of your home?
  • Sofas
  • Kitchen doors, what color is fashionable?
  • Bedrooms
  • Living room
  • Gray blue
  • Gray white - bright nobility
  • What can give the interior linoleum?
  • What needs to be considered?
  • Tile
  • The color that gives peace and historical luxury

    You should not think that the gray color brings melancholy and makes the interior faceless. Experts consider different shades of gray to be a wonderful background for interior items and furniture. It is not annoying, not distracting, applicable for various styles. Subtle combination of materials texture:

    • wallpaper;
    • decorative plaster;
    • tiles;
    • color whitewash;
    • furniture upholstery;
    • textiles different shades of saturation.

    Gray color in the interior

    Gray color has a large range of colors:

    • Carbonic.
    • Anthracite.
    • Nacre.
    • Metal: tin, steel.
    • Wet asphalt and stone.

    The list can be continued. But the main thing is that this color gives variety and ample opportunities for creating unique interiors in various styles.

    Fashion trend for modern life

    Different shades in conjunction with:

    • brown;
    • blue;
    • green;
    • red;
    • purple;
    • pink and others.

    Used to create historical interiors of classical, neoclassical styles. How? It is enough to add a small amount of gray to the paint; it acquires historical charm with a touch of age-old beauty.

    Gray color has a large range of colors.

    These shades of different saturation well complement the wooden parts of furniture, interior, decoration materials, imitating it, wicker rattan furniture, flooring, tile. Brown color gives softness, plasticity and balances the severity of the main color.that Furniture does not have to be only wooden. Well combines natural material and metal parts:

    • legs;
    • racks of lamps;
    • drawer handles.

    Shades of this color are suitable for interior items

    This color is in harmony with:

    • birch;
    • alder;
    • spruce;
    • beech;
    • exotic: dusii, sweets, goncala.

    Wooden frames of mirrors, paintings, doors, tables, sofa details dilute the monochrome interior. The same effect gives the green color of living and artificial plants - flowers, trees, palm trees. They give the rooms a sophisticated charm.

    Brown color gives softness, plasticity and balances the severity of the primary color.

    Fans of high-tech will appreciate this color, as it is in good harmony with nickel-plated parts, lighting fixtures, flight of stairs in houses. But, not to do without iconic details: lights, glass furniture. Otherwise, housing becomes state-owned, strict.

    Hi-tech style

    Loft style attracts with its originality. It combines industrial brutality, dynamics. In this style, natural stone or brickwork is in harmony with smooth plastered gray walls.

    Metal parts, graphite or silver lamps help to create good lighting and define functional areas.

    Want to diversify the world around us? Use of pebbles will help. The perimeter of the room is decorated with sea pebbles, shock-proof glass or transparent durable plastic is placed on top. The interior is transformed and corresponds to the fashionable environmental trend.

    Loft style attracts with its originality

    Tapestries, fur covers add softness, plasticity, volume to the laconic design of a monochrome interior.

    In small rooms you should not use a lot of such elements. One tapestry on the wall in the frame, two decorative pillows or a cape on the sofa in combination with satin pillows is enough.

    Modern design directions use plastic, nickel-plated metal, fancy glass, and color gamut. For items made from these materials, strict gray walls are becoming a stylish frame.. They do not distract attention, but give focus on interior items.

    Exquisite modern easy to implement in small spaces

    Gray helps to create historical interiors. It is enough to add a small amount of this color to:

    • blue;
    • brown;
    • green;
    • red.

    The room acquires historical charm. In combination with aged metal, stylistic lamps, even small rooms are transformed and acquire century-old refinement.

    Exquisite modern is easy to implement in small spaces.

    To this end, monochrome walls are complemented by:

    • Tiffany lamps;
    • stained glass windows;
    • glass door details.

    Pretentious furniture, plastic lines in the form of a scourge come to the fore. Thanks to the main background, it is easier to create fragments of this style in small rooms.

    Helps to create historical interiors

    Gray is not only the color of dust with asphalt. For the design of rooms in eco styles, the combination of colors of wet stone, greenery and different shades of wood, which give absolutely fantastic effect.

    Austerity combined with living greens. A tree is a feeling of stability. As a result, the interiors are not only beautiful. They provide a wonderful transition from the modern rhythm of life to the necessary peace.

    Do not use pastoral paintings in the Oriental or Japanese style, and in the rooms decorated in the neoclassical style, modern areas of painting: cubism, abstraction. Otherwise there is a dissonance, it is difficult to maintain the main line of design.

    Eco style

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    Gray wallpapers - is it boring or stylish?

    What is gray color? This is the border between white and black. Such concepts are completely opposite. Designers and decorators play on it: they connect the uncombinable: various finishing materials and furniture in style. On a gray background, even laconic sofas with bright upholstery or a slide with a dark color become art objects.

    The border between white and black

    A room decorated in this color becomes interesting if you use design tricks.

    It is necessary to choose the right complement to the "capricious" color.

    • Do not decorate all walls in one color, it casts boredom. Apply one of the three options described below.
    • If you want the same wallpaper, choose a different texture.
    • Plain walls become a good background for bright details.
    • Choose beautiful furniture (which attracts attention with color, shape).
    Apply the law of the colorist, the right lighting, decoration depending on the size of the room and the room will turn into a masterpiece.

    The room becomes interesting if you use design tricks

    Interesting wall decoration:

    • One wall is decorated with a large print wallpaper. Choose a pattern in the same color and different shades.
    • Similar to the first option, but drawing a different color. He becomes an art object. Do not decorate the entire wall, make a frame of moldings or stucco. You can create a man-made picture.
    • Three walls - smooth wallpaper and one option with a large texture. In this case, diversity is guaranteed, and textural options become an additional decoration of the room.

    Do not decorate all walls in one color, it casts boredom.

    BoardDo not combine diametrically different styles: kitsch and empire, hi-tech and baroque. Otherwise, the room will turn into a "hodgepodge."

    Gray is indispensable in the offices. Business atmosphere will be provided. If you combine gray with brown, the room becomes a solemn look. Choose smoky, steel shades that provide a sense of maturity.

    Business atmosphere will be provided

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    How to make a monochrome gray-white interior beautiful?

    Do not be afraid of calm colors. The great Leonardo da Vinci stated: "White, this is the first of the main ones." But few dare to choose a pure white interior. A large number creates a cold atmosphere, internal tension and the memory of hospital wards.

    For lovers of undisturbed peace, the gray-white decoration of the rooms with fragmented patches of bright details becomes a good option. What could it be? Dark wooden furniture, picture frames, vibrant green flowers, bright lighting or curtains.

    "White is the first of the primary colors" by Leonardo da Vinci

    This basis of the interior becomes a "clean canvas" for other items. He charges energy and gives purity of thought. The combination of two basic shades can be complemented with any others and it looks harmonious.

    The use of materials of various textures:

    • decorative painted gray walls and furniture with glossy doors;
    • white walls and gray furniture upholstery, gray with white carpet, anthracite facades and furniture worktops;
    • One of the walls is decorated with white, and it becomes the background for paintings, floor vases, upholstered furniture, and decorative shelves. The remaining three are gray.

    The combination of two basic shades can be complemented with any other colors and it looks harmonious.

    This interior is the easiest to transform and change. You can arrange seasonal decor: in winter add warm colors: red, orange, yellow pillows; in the spring - green vases, bedspreads for sofas and chairs; in the summer - to provide a cool blue or blue; in the autumn - pink or lilac tones.

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    How do curtains change the look of your home?

    Textile transforms the room, emphasizes the chosen style, balances the severity of the concise design, protects the room from the environment. What do designers offer? Natural materials and their imitation:

    • linen;
    • cotton;
    • silk;
    • taffeta;
    • velvet.

    Gives you the opportunity to play different textures

    Consider the location of a particular room. For the north side, choose light shades, the south needs good sun protection, therefore saturated colors are quite appropriate. It does not distract from other interior items and becomes a complement, rather than an accent detail.

    This year's fashion trend is natural tones.

    It gives you the opportunity to play in different textures. Thin curtains choose with the texture of flax, cotton fabrics. Curtain satin or silk with soft folds smooths sharp corners. If you do not arrange the room in the neoclassical style, forget about the pelmets. They lost their positions.

    Textiles transform the room, emphasizes the chosen style.

    Want to provide variety? Make a three-layer curtains of different shades of saturation. You can close the windows with light or dark canvases, thereby changing the appearance of the housing.

    Use for draping grabs. They provide soft, uniform folds. It is desirable that the curtains and other textiles in harmony with each other. This allows you to create your own comfortable atmosphere.

    Beautiful combination

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    Furniture needs a trendy, functional. Gray gives elegance and sophistication. Great look, not black, but graphite leather upholstery. We will consider two options: gray upholstery of sofas in the interiors of other colors and colored furniture in gray rooms. Both options can be.

    For lovers of experiments in the living room set two sofas: one gray, and the second white, black or brown. Variety and exclusivity guaranteed.

    Elegance and refinement

    This approach can be used for kitchen sofas in rooms with free planning. The upholstered furniture in the living area is large and gray, and the kitchen is brightly upholstered. This approach balances the monochrome interior, but does not irritate the riot of colors.

    White, black, blue sofas with gray cushions, armrests decorate the interior and create a refined atmosphere. This technique looks better bright monophonic models.

    Furniture needs a trendy, functional

    BoardPlay with the upholstery texture: gray background with a dark gray pattern; plain seats and backrests with colored armrests can completely change the look of the environment. Return to menu return to menu

    Kitchen doors, what color is fashionable?

    Gray is often used in the design of the kitchen and hallway. Why I offer this color. Brown, in various interpretations, has already become boring. Manufacturers invent:

    • unusual inserts with stones;
    • sandblast drawings;
    • stained glass windows;
    • bindings of various shapes.

    A simple version of the doors to the kitchen

    If you want to quickly update the interior, but do not repair the whole apartment or house. Try to set the doors to gray. The effect will be amazing. The color range is extensive:

    • pearl;
    • light gray;
    • smoky;
    • ashen;
    • graphite.

    What is their advantage:

    • The doors refresh the room and make it cozy.
    • No visible contamination.
    • Doors, flooring these shades are the perfect backdrop for green, cherry or black.
    • Beige-gray options provide a warm, intimate atmosphere.
    • Door leaf with a bluish tint gives a refreshing chill, emphasizes cleanliness.

    Gray is often used in the design of the kitchen and hallway.

    Doors become the boundary between the two rooms. Choose models in the same style, otherwise discomfort is guaranteed. For the nursery, bedroom, bathroom preferred model with a deaf cloth. In living rooms, kitchens door panels with textured, colored glass look good.

    In which interiors are they applicable? Smooth linen with laconic moldings for modern homes and apartments. Imitation of aged light wood emphasizes country style and Provence. Silver palette, fancy curved panels, decorative overlays complement the classic styles. Glass bindings for eco styles, Japanese and minimalism.

    Doors refresh the room and make it cozy

    What to avoid?

    • Do not put a smooth door in a neoclassical style room. Otherwise, the interior loses its value and looks cheap.
    • For a small room graphite, anthracite tones are not acceptable. They visually steal space.
    • Eclectic and Empire are not combined with gray doors.

    Dark brown walls and the same door evoke negative emotions. But the interior with pastel walls is getting bigger, and luxury accessories and furniture acquire charm. The graphite door sets off the furniture of different shades of white: melted milk, ivory. Steel also supports elegant blue and cyan.

    Model in a silver palette

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    In the rest rooms gives an atmosphere of peace. It becomes a good background for other objects and your life in general. Not distracting, but allows you to focus on yourself, your loved ones. It is combined with pink, yellow. Gives positive energy.

    Natural shade and fashion items

    Well complements colors for ecological styles:

    • green;
    • brown;
    • Orange;
    • blue.

    Thus, an oasis of peace is created, even in a smoky and noisy city. In long rooms, paint short walls a tone darker than long ones and you will see that the room has changed and visually acquired other parameters.

    Natural shade and fashionable items, interior elements give a harmonious blend of nature and modernity. This technique ensures relaxation and a sense of harmony.

    In the rest rooms gives an atmosphere of peace

    BoardGray is important for children with hyperactivity. They need tranquility and a setting that will balance the excess of emotions. However, additional bright details must be added to the nursery: bedspreads, tables, toy boxes, curtains.

    It will be interesting to you:

    Beige in the Interior: 220 + Combination Photos (in the living room, bedroom, kitchen)

    We design the interior in black: Curtains / Wallpaper / Ceiling (185 + Photo). Bright accent of your design

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    Living room

    So that the interior does not seem monochrome, it is enough to dilute with contrasting objects or bright accents:

    • floor lamps;
    • sconce;
    • lamps;
    • vintage curtains.

    In the interior of the living room

    Gray and red is an unusual combination. But it is well suited for rooms facing north and north-west. Usually these rooms lack enough light. Red plays the role of bright color spots and provides warmth. It is associated with classic Empire style interiors.

    BoardIf you have a large room, choose upholstered furniture of this color, plus gray walls and the room acquires a palace charm.On a noteExperiment: paint all the walls in light gray and apply a stencilled graphite or silver pattern. You do not have to pick up the desired pattern of wallpaper, spend time pasting. With a minimum investment effect is stunning.

    Gray and red - an unusual combination

    For living rooms, the color nuances help to avoid the riot of colors and give peace, which is necessary for relaxation. The owners have a large range for the choice of decor:

    • paintings;
    • VAZ;
    • lighting fixtures;
    • floor coverings.

    It is easier to choose textiles and change it according to your wishes.

    Japanese style lovers will love the combination of gray walls, flooring and furniture, decoration materials, and wooden doors. It is appropriate and furniture anthracite color concise form. In such interiors, all the details serve to help people listen to themselves, their feelings and enjoy the world around them.

    Helps to avoid the riot of colors and gives peace

    Light shades of gray are needed for decorating small rooms. The same can be said about:

    • fur capes;
    • carpets;
    • decorative cushions.

    You want to quickly change the interior, replace textiles, play with texture. There used to be an atlas, take a tapestry, replace the fur with flax. The world around us will immediately sparkle with new nuances.

    An introduction to the interior of warm colors: yellow, orange give peace and a sense of sunny mood. Use this technique in autumn and winter to prevent a depressive mood and not lose the feeling of joy.

    Light shades are needed for decorating small rooms.

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    Gray blue

    Gray remarkably gets along with blue, similar to it blue and turquoise. In the bedrooms and living rooms pearl shade of decoration and blue furniture, textiles provide a classic chic. Such colors and shades intertwine, complement each other.

    For high-tech style, where chrome-plated metal is used, furniture fronts with a neon shade, glass worktops are an acceptable choice. You do not need to think about bright details. The room is calm, pleasant and not boring.

    Gray gets along great with blue

    The classic combination of blue + gray is rooted in baroque palace interiors. This trend does not go out of fashion, since everything created in the past remains with us at the genetic level and includes the necessary strings of the soul. As a result, there is no explosion of colors, but there is a nobility of lines and restrained fashionableness. Turquoise upholstery, throw pillows set the necessary accents and adds cheerful notes.

    Calm, pleasant and not boring room

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    Gray white - bright nobility

    Do not like the explosion of color spots, which offer lovers of pop art style, kitsch. But tired of the beige palette - the trend of recent years? Pay attention to the tandem: white and gray.

    White color dilutes the basic gray tone, provides a visual increase in the room. Fragmented use of graphite or anthracite shades will help to diversify the interior. It may be:

    • frieze ceramic tiles;
    • door trim;
    • window sills;
    • bar counter.

    Tandem: white and gray

    This mix fits the Scandinavian style. And this is not surprising: residents of the northern regions with snow carry natural shades into the design of housing. They are needed for those who care about the comfort of housing, inner peace. Remember the snowy plains, which they give peace of virgin purity. Such sensations give gray-white interiors.

    In rooms facing north, use soft white shades:

    • creamy;
    • baked milk;
    • cream.

    They guarantee a gentle transition, do not make the room cold. The winning option: anthracite floor, neutral gray walls and snow-white furniture.

    White color dilutes the basic gray tone and provides a visual increase in the room.

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    What can give the interior linoleum?

    Wooden floors, tiles do not go out of fashion. But linoleum for the floor remains popular. The main advantage is the price, a variety of patterns, versatility, the ability to quickly replace the floor covering. Let's talk about color and pattern.

    The advantage of this linoleum is the price

    Enough to go to the hardware stores or online sites to understand linoleum imitates:

    • a rock;
    • marble;
    • tree;
    • parquet;
    • abstract drawing.

    Fits well with other materials:

    • tiles;
    • floorboard;
    • laminate flooring.

    It is enough to get transitive thresholds, the problem of connection is solved.

    This material helps not to make large financial investments, quickly change the interior. Small clarifications. For the hallway you need linoleum with good wear resistance. Residential rooms important foam or felt base. Otherwise, comfort is difficult to achieve.

    Linoleum for the floor is still popular

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    What needs to be considered?

    What floors are we used to see in the interiors? Most will say: brown in different color and texture interpretations. That is why I suggest using gray color. Do not be afraid to experiment. Updated housing colors can change life drastically.

    For decorating the floor, designers suggest using different materials. Let's see why they should be different. In living rooms, bedrooms, offices, children - you need warmth. Kitchens, hygiene rooms, hallways are often washed. Based on this, look in the collection of building materials, take what is best offered in gray: linoleum, tile.

    A good, non-marking choice for the floor

    Let's consider which gray materials are applicable in the interior:

    • Wood is a wonderful stylish option.
    • Ceramic tiles are presented in a wide variety.
    • Linoleum is a budget opportunity to experiment.
    • Self-leveling floors are an expensive option, but the effect will be amazing.

    Sustained, somewhat strict, while the elegant gray color for any material does not lose its properties. Gives peace, sophistication, exclusivity and is not annoying, unlike collections with bright complex color drawings.

    The tile is best suited for the kitchen or hallway

    An interesting effect is given by a wooden board with a gray texture in different collections; it has a name: Oak Ice White, Grabo, Rustic Oil, Cardamono, etc. They complement the styles: Scandinavian, colonial, Provence.

    Let's talk about the practical side. This flooring is easier to operate. Less noticeable water stains, abrasions, scratches, dust. This makes life easier for homeowners.

    This foundation of the floor complements other subjects well:

    • furniture;
    • decorative things;
    • textile.

    The original appearance of the housing is guaranteed.

    Gives peace and sophistication, exclusivity and does not irritate

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    The light gray tile adds a cosiness, emphasizes cleanliness. A winning option are gray walls, bright tiles. Large print designs in a trend, well dilute monochrome calmness of the main color.

    In small rooms, play with texture size.

    Choose a large tile for the floor with a rough surface, and glossy for the walls. The tile pattern should be the same or in the same style. Floors make a bit darker than walls. Some collections offer such options. As a result, the combination of gray surfaces, white plumbing fixtures, lamps, mirrors make the room large and elegant.

    A light gray tile adds comfort and clarity.

    They ate to buy tiles of the same color, a console toilet, a sink without a leg, the room loses clear boundaries, which becomes advantageous in small hygiene rooms. This color masks stains, small debris, dust. The hostess does not have to walk around with a rag all day long, as it happens if black or white is chosen for the tile.

    Use natural materials with these shades. You will be surprised how life, family relationships are beginning to change. After all, it is not a secret that what surrounds us - creates our inner “I”, helps to move forward or “die from boredom”, create masterpieces or regret lost opportunities. Choose what you like, you will see a completely new tomorrow.

    Floors make a bit darker than walls.

    The basic rule is the harmonious introduction of color additions in various shades of gray. And now let's summarize.

    Gray color has advantages: it gives peace of mind, becomes the base tone for decorative objects and furniture.

    It goes well with various colors. To provide diversity, decorate the walls of individual rooms with different shades.

    Shades of gray in a large number make melancholy. To create a historic interior skills are needed. Only in this case, the addition of gray pigment in the paint will give bourgeois luxury, the walls will not look dirty. Gray in the nursery must be supplemented with a large number of different colored pieces of furniture, interior.

    The basic rule is the harmonious introduction of color additions in various shades of gray.