Kitchen Chandeliers in a Modern Style of Interior (255+ Photos). Which one to choose?


Chandeliers in the kitchen should perform two basic functions, without which the room will lose its functionality. What kind? Read to find out. It seems incredible, but the chandeliers in the kitchen can transform the space beyond recognition! See for yourself.

Kitchen lighting helps to lay the foundations for comfortable cooking. If you want to freshen up the kitchen without spending a lot of money on it, update the luminaire, making it the focal point of the room - it will improve the overall design and solve the problem with comfortable lighting.

Chandeliers are not only for dining rooms. Since the kitchen is central to the house, it serves not only for cooking and storing food, but also the main place for eating and spending time with your family. In such an environment, a well-chosen chandelier will not only make a statement about the design, but will provide a good amount of light when necessary.


  • What you need to consider before buying a chandelier?
  • Which chandelier to choose?
  • Lighting ideas
  • Suspended chandelier
  • Black Candelabra
  • 16 interesting projects of chandeliers that you can do yourself
  • What you need to consider before buying a chandelier?

    Consider the height of your ceiling. The chandelier will most likely be the focus on the kitchen. If you have low ceilings, you can install something shorter and wider. If you have high ceilings, then there is an opportunity for narrower, long chandeliers.

    Kitchen lights help lay the foundations for comfortable cooking

    The choice will depend on the aesthetics of your home and the amount of space in which they will work. Correctly measure your kitchen to determine the size of a suitable chandelier, its height, width, depth and weight (to make sure the ceiling can support it) to find the most suitable option.

    Then refine the options for shades, colors and functions that will be combined with the decor of the kitchen. Consider lighting a chandelier to see how bright it will be.. If the chandelier is not bright enough, you can consider another option or supplement your kitchen with additional lighting in the form of wall sconces or local built-in lighting on the cabinets.

    Choose a chandelier strictly under the style of the whole kitchen.

    In large kitchens, where there is a tabletop in the middle of the kitchen (for example, a kitchen island), you need to think about the design of the chandelier above this area. Moving away from the traditional kitchen chandeliers and lamps, which are mostly wide and round, look at non-standard solutions in the form of paths that will fit the contour of this island. Or, consider hanging a set of mini-lamp hangers instead of a larger luminaire.

    You will reach the same luminous flux and be surprised at how mini-pendants play with visual perception. Finally, when there is enough space available on the ceiling, think of a ceiling fan to help circulate the stifling air in the kitchen and act as an alternative source of light.

    Do not be afraid to move away from traditional kitchen chandeliers and lamps.

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    Where should the chandelier be located?

    Choosing the location of the chandelier does not necessarily stop mounting in the middle of the ceiling. If you are not sure of this position, change it using an extension cord and an electrician.

    The choice of location for the placement of lighting in space is very important, since this decision will depend on the success or failure of the decor. Think about where in the room you need more light and where less.

    It is important to choose the right place for lighting.

    If you want to light the table, think about the location of the chandelier above it. If the length of the table allows, install several chandeliers above the table, separated by at least 60 cm between them.

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    Which chandelier to choose?

    In the kitchen, where the lighting is considered more functional than decorative, the chandelier is a great option to help define the style of this area. Modern kitchen chandeliers are a good way to draw attention to the aesthetics of room design.

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    Traditional style

    Traditional home décor can mean different things to different people, depending on the feeling they want in a room or house. For example, traditional decor may be formal or informal. In general, traditional home décor is used to give the room a comfortable, “homely” feeling.. This is a look at the room for warm meetings, which is not without elegance and convenient improvements.

    This design is well suited for warm family meetings.

    This style usually includes rich woody tones such as:

    • cherry;
    • maple;
    • the Red tree.

    It also boasts architectural details such as arches, pillars with fitted wardrobes and elegant furnishings, such as arched pieces of furniture, tables with curved legs.

    So, the lamp should complement your design.. Traditional kitchens look great with chandeliers located above the table for food, over the island, in the center of the room, or with any combination of them.

    Some people use lighting not purely in the traditional, but in a transitional style, which brings some modern elements to the traditional look, as well as industrial notes: this design is also called “urban”. Both will give your traditional style an updated look without getting too far from the image you love.

    Traditional kitchens look great with chandeliers placed over the table for meals.

    Below are a few examples of traditional-style kitchens with an unusual lighting design for your inspiration.

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    In modern style

    Modernist style chandelier has the ability to add a sense of luxury. Well chosen for a kitchen dining table or island, it will be a great way to add extra shine and impress guests. Unlike strictly functional forms of lighting, chandeliers are designed to express the true character of the room.

    But in addition to decorative individuality, modern chandeliers provide a wide lighting functionality that can be customized and optionally directed to a dedicated area. In combination with other lamps, furniture and kitchenware, you will enjoy creating a well-designed and decorated room.

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    Provence style

    The magic of Provence lies in the simplicity of life. In this idyllic countryside you can feel the antique style, perfectly preserved and rooted for centuries. Bringing a little Provencal lighting into the house, you will find that your space instantly captures the spirit of the famous French village.

    The chandeliers that imitate hand-made candlesticks are best suited here. The model with three electric candles has a compact size for modest-sized kitchens and dining rooms. Provence style chandeliers haveThis is another graceful central stem, from which curved "branches" depart with different shapes of tips and lamps. The color is pastel, warm, with a slight "yellowness of time." The stores have many models with bright polished brass.

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    In the classic kitchen

    A classic chandelier is defined by twisted brushes, shimmering crystals and charming antique elements. These models are inspired by the Victorian heritage, more like works of art than functional lamps, but not inferior to the latter in practicality.

    It also includes the Venetian and Murano glass chandeliers, which correspond to different trends, but always retain their romantic and elegant characteristics that distinguish them.

    A new trend is to integrate these luxurious images into our traditional environment.

    Thanks to conservative colors, wood elements, various pretty curlicues, classical chandeliers are suitable for almost any kitchen.
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    Lighting ideas

    Proper lighting can provide multiple levels of brightness, make smaller kitchens larger and significantly change her mood and feel. It is important to comply with the scheme that will provide tasks for sufficient lighting, as well as create a cozy atmosphere.

    When designing the space, kitchen lighting is sometimes the last consideration, but in order for the kitchen to look and function well, the space must be properly lit. Experts unanimously believe that the best time to make a decision about a new lighting scheme is at the planning stage when you are compiling kitchen drawings. If you leave the coverage at a later date, it may cause limited capacity.

    A good lighting system in the kitchen needs at least two elements: bright, quiet lighting of the task area for safe cooking and cooking, as well as atmospheric lighting to create a mood, highlight architectural features and make the room more interesting. It is necessary to consider the following levels:

    • local lighting. Light on the cabinets, located directly above the stove, sink and cutting board, will provide a bright, focused workplace. Make sure that you place the lamps as close as possible to the front edge of the cabinet, otherwise you will only illuminate the back of the work surface;
    • general lighting. For a more comfortable environment, consider lighting that is separately regulated, preferably if the equipment creates different intensities when the switch is clicked;
    • wall lights and spiders will add subtle background lighting to achieve the right atmosphere in recreational areas;
    • accent lighting. Accent lighting directs the eye to interesting places in the room. Lamps embedded in the footboard of a kitchen island, or a path with lights, give a soft glow across the floor, which makes an impression of a “floating” object. And the installation of LED lamps under the edge of the island table top creates a very attractive environment, especially if there are bar stools there.

    Browse through our gallery of windows displaying kitchen lighting ideas.

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    Suspended chandelier

    Pendant chandeliers are pendant lamps that hang from the ceiling using a chain with a gear or on a pendant to provide illumination of large space and decorative appeal. Traditionally, such lamps have several tiers of bulbs and often end in beautiful crystal prisms and figures to refract light. Hang it over the dining area to zone the space above the table:

    • if you like the idea of ​​classic crystal chandeliers, you can find a height-adjustable version to light your food and your interlocutors;
    • refined bronze and brass models provide a modern look;
    • models with decorative elements can look classic and vintage.

    Although chandeliers bring with them a certain sense of luxury and traditionalism, today's styles have a breadth of form and decoration and can hold almost any decor scheme. For example, these retro-inspired balls and geometric details in the style of the mid-century. Modern chandeliers are usually one-level structure, often made in the industrial, Asian style, the so-called "galleries" of hanging chandeliers, hanging from the ceiling in groups, are popular.

    Murano glass pendant chandeliers are popular, which, thanks to their harmonious shapes, are important for decorating both small and large spaces and increasing their value.Unlike lighting close to the ceiling, pendant lighting can create more significant visual effects.

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    Tiffany Chandeliers

    The famous hanging chandeliers in classic style with stained-glass windows "Tiffany" create an exclusive look of the interior. Their warm glow plays with rich shades of green, pink and brown, and looks like a work of art, embodying the history of the late 19th and early 20th century. The design idea took inspiration from the charm of natural meadows and their horizontal lines. Therefore, most of the designs have echoes of this aesthetics, revealing the beauty of the surrounding world.

    They present design motifs that include plants, insects, or basic geometry, which reflect the unique architecture of the houses of that era. Regardless of the design of the stained glass, they all offer a muffled glow and instantly make the room feel friendly and cozy.

    Over the table

    Tables are usually the most obvious place for this chandelier, but Tiffany lighting can also look great in a central place of the kitchen. Since this style of lighting is so popular, Tiffany began to produce a suspended form that is suitable for kitchen islands and peninsulas.In addition, there is modern lighting in Tiffany style, reflecting his mood, but in a renewed and modern style.

    Tiffany will look great in the center of the kitchen

    The kitchen, properly decorated with this style, means wooden furniture of a noble shade, motifs inspired by nature on carpets and textiles, many accessories in flea market style.

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    Jacqueline Chandelier

    At the visual level, Jacqueline provides high comfort and will suit all lovers of beauty. This lamp will fill the space with shimmer, thanks to the jewelry glass bead and antique finish with brass.

    Its design consists of individual strands of decorative beads that cascade neatly down to a central accent. The translucent surface (and the beads themselves) makes it easy to filter out light in a dynamic, flickering mode, providing an atmosphere as well as illumination of the surrounding space.

    Each lamp, including pendants, chandeliers, floor lamps and outdoor lighting, includes natural materials and a unique hand-made finish, creating a unique look and atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression. Return to the menu

    Spider Lamps

    "Spiders" is an industrial style that came to us from the west, where people are addicted to projects that are done with their own hands, invented characteristic pendant models, which got their name from the mounting method: when the wire with a light bulb at the end is intercepted in the middle and fixed on the wall in the form of a chandelier, so that the finished product from a bundle of such wires really resembles the figure of a spider.

    These models are easy to make yourself, but beware of high voltage - before starting any work with electricity you should disconnect the entire apartment from the electricity supply, otherwise this idea will become life-threatening.

    This project is suitable for kitchens in the industrial and Loft style, as well as in any space that is tuned to the creative and contains creative motifs.

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    Adjustment height

    A widespread rule among interior designers, dictated by the needs of proportion and harmony, is suspended chandeliers at least a quarter the distance between the ceiling and the floor. This means that, for example, in a room with a height of 4 meters, the chandelier should not be suspended less than a meter from the ceiling. Of course, there may be exceptions to this rule, according to your taste and creativity. But one of the tips they give is not to hang the hanging chandelier low in the passageways so that it does not become an obstacle, as people will bend over, even if the object is 20 cm taller than their height.

    BoardIf the chandelier hangs above the table, it should be kept at a distance of at least 90 cm from the top of the table.

    When you need to choose where to place the chandelier and at what height, you should ask the other person to help you, in order to best adjust the distance and have a different point of view.

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    Black Candelabra

    Nothing makes a bolder statement than a black chandelier. Regal, self-confident and infinitely stylish, black is the color that raises the whole design in one stroke.Here are some tips for decorating black chandeliers:

    • simple, broad forms look spectacular in ebony tone;
    • since dark lights attract attention, it is better to make a mistake in choosing the scale down, since the object will still receive a great visual impact;
    • Black blends well with almost any color, but in order to make the product look organic, it is better to complement it with at least one or two other elements of black.

    Black is the color that raises the whole design in one stroke.

    You'll love how a dark chandelier can transform your space, just choose an image that will complement your style.

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    16 interesting projects of chandeliers that you can do yourself

    Plastics and other wastes are a big problem for the environment, as not everyone is concerned with its processing, and the result is quite harmful for the environment. Therefore, I want to offer these non-standard solutions for kitchen lighting in order to combine business with pleasure.

    Take a look at these photos to get inspired by great examples of how you can make a beautiful and useful work of art from old bottles. There is something really special about taking a daily, forgotten object and turning it into something new, exciting and, for the most part, profitable.

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    Lamp of plastic spoons

    Designer Jaroslav Olenev was declared the winner of the ecology and design sector of Future Now magazine for this model. This is really a very creative way to repurpose the dishes that are left in abundance from ice cream, picnics, so start saving them instead of throwing them away.

    Option of plastic spoons

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    Cupcake lantern

    Remember the famous "Ikeev" paper lanterns, which cost, it seems, two pennies? If you had them, then you know how easily they were full of holes - one awkward touch was enough to create a hole. But, instead of abandoning this elegant little things, you can now turn it into a unique lantern of cupcakes. All you need is glue and cupcakes, and you get something completely new and unusual.

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    Star lantern

    Here is another great use for your old, torn paper lantern: starlight, which is actually a bit like stalactite. All you need is:

    • paper;
    • glue;
    • scissors;
    • patience.

    The project is especially difficult to do, but the result is worth it.

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    Plastic chandelier

    Cut the bottom of the plastic bottle and you will see an unexpected pattern. Beautiful floral design! This chandelier is very easy to make: all you have to do is cut off your plastic flowers with a heated line or a regular knife.There is also plenty of space for your own creativity: you can create any shape you want so that you have a truly one-of-a-kind redesigned chandelier.

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    This option casts stunning shadows on the walls.

    This is one of the funniest projects, although there is a high probability of smearing it with the glue itself and the surrounding surfaces. Just mix yarn with wallpaper glue or PVA, wind around a large, inflated balloon, and then burst the balloon as soon as the balloon dries. The yarn will retain its round shape and give you an intricate web pattern. He also casts stunning shadows on the walls.

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    Lace Lamp Shade

    The method and concept of this lampshade are basically the same as in the case of yarn. Only in this case you cover the balloon with knitted napkins (your mom or grandmother may have such in the closet).Be sure to use an energy-saving light bulb so that the heat does not melt the glue.

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    Wine Cork Chandelier

    If you like wine, then this is the idea for you. If you have an old fan nearby, you can disassemble it and use the fan grill as a starting point on which you can hang the cork. If you don’t have one, and you don’t particularly want to buy a used fan, you can simply use a durable wire, bending it into a round (or even square) shape.

    Wine Cork Model

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    Wine bottle chandelier

    To find a worthy use of empty wine bottles, pay attention to this project. A design like this is not worth enough in retail stores, but it’s easy to do yourself to save some money and, more importantly, be satisfied with what you did.

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    Wood Veneer

    This is a great modern look for a boring hanging lamp. You really do not need a lot of accessories, and the final product looks like from a fashion magazine! With such a light material, you can make an even bigger shape, if you want to make a more spectacular thing. Use a stapler to secure the form.

    Unusual wood veneer option

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    This is a project for the kitchen above your work space: old cheese graters. If you want to keep the topic of recycling, instead of buying cheap graters, you can ask your friends if they have any old ones to give you. You just need to drill a hole through the handles to fix them on a wooden beam.

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    Tin shade

    If you often drink soda, you may need to start saving bottle openers to turn them into a brilliant, attractive lamp shade. Depending on how much you can assemble, you can either make it small for a desk lamp, or large for pendant / ceiling lighting.

    Lighting their cans

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    Updating an old fixture with an affordable method

    Of course, you do not always need to create a completely new image from scratch. Try to find a new face in the existing objects around you. If you have a regular Ikea wrought-iron chandelier that is already bored, you can wrap it in jute to get a brighter, more neutral, more natural version.

    Updated lamp using jute

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    Ping-pong ball lamp

    No one will ever guess that your bright, beautiful modern lamp is really made of spray-colored ping-pong balls! It will look great over the dining area, especially if you have children. Or you can choose any color tone to match your dining room.

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    Beaded chandelier

    We love such beaded chandeliers because they look glamorous and elegant. Their base is actually a hanging wire basket, and the beads are cheap beads from China,