Narrow bedroom: Design options. All the subtleties of optimal placement (115+ Photos)


During the design of the bedroom note the following advantages:

  • many variants of execution;
  • Contrast game of light and dark tones;
  • laying a great parquet on a horizontal line;
  • installation of stretch ceilings;
  • organization of the working area.

In fact, the mass of decisions, the most important of the many proposals and ideas to choose the most optimal for themselves

When making a rectangular bed-room you should take into account the shortcomings of this room: the length in combination with a small width, high ceilings.

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Design in Khrushchev

A narrow bedchamber in an old Khrushchev - this is a case that requires an extraordinary approach, because this non-standard area makes special demands on its design. The area is only 6-10 square meters. m

Good planning in Khrushchev

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Convenient zoning

Even in the one-room Khrushchev can create a cozy sleeping area. A comfortable bed can be skillfully hidden by heavy curtains, it is also possible to perform light partition walls made of plasterboard, plywood. A closet, rack or bookcase in the ceiling is suitable for dividing a room into zones.

Zoning with a partition

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Folding bed

An excellent option in terms of space saving would be a folding bed that vertically fits against the wall during the day. It will be a full-fledged sleeping place, which cannot be said about the sofa-transformer.

Transforming bed - a lot of free space

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Small podium

Formed a small elevation above the floor provides - a good example of the rational use of vertical space. Installing a spacious bed on a raised platform allows you to place storage boxes inside the podium structure. Under a small elevation, you can skillfully hide a retractable bed, put a comfortable sofa to build another bed.

A podium with drawers allows you to store more things.

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Narrow room with balcony

Small dimensions are not such an impossible task for a bed-room with a balcony, it is possible to visually expand additional space.

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Light mirrors

In order to visually enlarge the space by half, you can put a spacious mirror on one of the walls or on the cabinet body, where all the existing details will be reflected.

Mirrors will visually increase the space

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Elegant wallpapers

Sustained in the right range of wallpaper visually expand the rectangular room. Landscape or panoramic images perfectly cope with this task.

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Merging rooms with a balcony

A comfortable rectangular bedroom with a balcony can visually expand when connected to a balcony, in which case you need to remove the boundary between the partition and the spacious window. This procedure will add a few square meters, where you can build a comfortable working area or a soft corner.

Add more territory by merging with the balcony

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Beautiful wall above the headboard

Vertical space can provide maximum benefit if a large modular wall with spacious cupboards and a spacious mezzanine is built above the headboard. The wall runs without handles so that the lockers are not visible.

Get the most out of extra space.

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The right direction in the interior

The selection of the style for the bedchamber is an individual matter, because its selected details should reflect the personal preferences of its inhabitants.

The main rule, taking into account the dimensions of the Khrushchev, is not to overload the overall design with excess catchy details and bulky components.

Every detail is important here.


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Minimalism for a narrow bedchamber

Compact comfortable furniture, no frills - the basic qualities of a minimalist style, optimally suited for cramped Khrushchev bedrooms. This design leaves a maximum of free space, looks very elegant, no frills.

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Bedroom in a cozy modern style.

In the modern design of the bedroom assumes the presence of textured furniture, there are also attractive finishing options, original cabinets from roughly unpolished wood.

In the bright bedroom space will seem large

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Narrow loft style bedroom

Creative and freedom-loving people prefer a fashionable industrial style in the design of a room for rest. Create such a unique atmosphere of your life bare walls of concrete and bricks, durable metal shelving, as well as durable bollards of roughly treated wood.

Lof-style - minimal and stylish

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Beautiful bedroom in a classic style.

The classic interior design implies a strict symmetry of the lines, restrained beauty of the furniture as a whole. Distinctive features of this design direction are comfortable enameled furniture with curved carved legs, high headboard, elegant chandelier.

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Narrow bedroom with a window

All the features of the design of the rest room with a window are aimed at the visual expansion of the space. At the same time it is important to remember that ceilings can be made even higher in white tones, so in order to slightly lower their level, beige and pink tones will do. Suspended ceiling structures will help divide the space into different zones.

In such rooms it is better to make high ceilings.

Visually expand the space will help properly selected flooring. Floors of light tones will give airiness to a narrow bedchamber. When the parquet is placed diagonally, it also expands the living space. To increase the width of the rest room, floor boards are placed parallel to the narrow side. Long walls are made in light shades, and short walls are made in dark colors. These actions will slightly adjust the narrow living space.

If the window is placed on a narrow wall, then dark curtains, the dimensions of which exceed the current width of the window, will help to make the room not so long. The basic law of the design of a long bedroom is to perform accents on a short wall. It is necessary to make the long walls literally “lost” in the overall bedroom design. Optimal colors, comfortable lighting and the necessary pieces of furniture will complement the overall design trend.

Dark curtains will brighten up the room

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Rectangular bedroom design

When performing the design of a classical rectangular bed-room, it is important to follow the basic rule - it is necessary to avoid placing bulky furniture along long walls.

This action will help prevent even more stretching of an already long room. For this purpose, it is suitable U-shaped or L-shaped way of placing the main pieces of furniture.

Do not arrange bulky furniture along the walls.

The asymmetric arrangement of furniture in combination with the original way of wall decoration will bring a touch of non-standard into the overall design.. An important role is given to the choice of a place to install a comfortable bed. It can be installed both along and across the premises. It all depends on its overall width. To visually hide the room's elongation, a small wardrobe is installed on the narrow side, decorated with beautiful mirrors.

Decorating a room for a narrow space also plays a decisive role in this kind of design. An elementary play of light will help to hide the rectangular shape of the room, which consists in applying light wallpaper on long walls, and materials of dark colors on narrow walls. It is also allowed to use glossy materials, mirrors are mounted on long supporting structures.

Determine the correct location of the bed

Often the walls are made under the natural plaster, the usual painting. Vertical stripes on narrow walls, staining long panels in soft pastel colors. A square carpet or a pattern on the floor also contributes to the continuation of the overall design idea of ​​visually concealing the shortcomings of a narrow space.

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In the conditions of limited space it is worth being guided not only by personal preferences, but also by overall dimensions too.

Hide room flaws with bright accents

Qualified designers offer interesting furniture solutions in a narrow bedroom:

  • Any bedchamber should be equipped with a place to store comfortable pajamas, bedding and other things.
  • The optimal solution in terms of space saving will be a wardrobe-bed of a folding design that is assembled in the daytime. It will significantly save living space, make a certain style in the general design option.
  • You can also choose a comfortable folding sleeping system, placing it along the wall, the problem of occupying most of the room with furniture is solved.
  • When filling a narrow room, it is important to remember that the furniture can be located not only on the floor; roomy cupboards and shelves fastened to the walls are suitable for this purpose.

We use shelves to save space

Instead of bulky chairs you should pick up soft puffs. Dressing table can be organically combined with a desk. Near the bed is placed compact cabinets, which add up all the little things at night. Proper lighting will also help to hide the limited space, bulky lighting devices are not suitable here. Small fixtures in the demarcated functional areas or spotlights are quite suitable for this purpose.

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Tips from experienced designers

Experienced designers advise you to adhere to the following tips when decorating narrow bedrooms:

  • Add to the bedroom the warmth and comfort of some wooden elements.
  • The dimmed lighting in the bedroom is relaxing, the surround and multi-level lighting will hide the limited space.
  • The warmth in the room will add a multi-layered texture in the fabrics for sleeping textiles.
  • Spalenka is not a place for piling up pieces of furniture and small details, everything here should be devoted to sleep and rest.
  • A beautifully decorated headboard will also give the bedroom charm and comfort.
  • From sleeping textiles select models from natural "breathing" materials.

We add comfort with wooden elements

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