Projects of houses with a flat roof are simple technologies of construction (one-story, two-story, wooden, small). Modern trends of hi-tech and minimalism (175+ photos)


Buildings with a flat roof look original, are practical, especially in the cold season. All the pros and cons of this option. One-story, two-story, wooden houses in the style of high-tech and minimalism. We will take a closer look at everything later in the article.

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  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • How to make a flat roof of a square house?
  • Projects
  • Single storey
  • Double decker
  • High tech
  • Wooden
  • Beautiful houses
  • VIDEO: Modern version of the house with a flat roof
  • Conclusion
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 175 photos)
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • How to make a flat roof of a square house?
  • Projects
  • Conclusion
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 175 photos)
  • Advantages and disadvantages

    Convenient to use

    The main advantages of this design are the following factors:

    • economy - the triangular roof is considerably larger in area, more materials are required for its construction;
    • time - on the construction of a flat roof takes less time, which is very valuable when building houses, especially if they are built from scratch;
    • safety for builders - it is difficult to fall from a flat surface, they will not have to provide themselves with insurance, construct protective structures that require time, money;
    • ease of use - if you find a hole or you need a routine inspection, repair, it will be easy for you to climb;
    • practicality - many exploit a flat surface in all, make it a flower greenhouse, greenhouse, used to install equipment.

    They are built much faster than usual.

    Designers include such designs to minimalism, which are still in fashion, so your habitat will be in trend.

    Among the minuses emit:

    • the impossibility of snow rolling in winter;
    • creation of special drains, their regular cleaning is required;
    • so that water does not stagnate, it will be necessary to install moisture control systems.

    In winter, snow on such roofs stagnates.

    Those who were not afraid of the design flaws, tried to install it for themselves and were not disappointed. Any building requires care, maintenance, so the need to eliminate water, snow is not terrible.

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    How to make a flat roof of a square house?

    When planning the construction of a structure on a square building, you need to immediately decide what it will look like. From this will depend on the complexity of the work done. Choose one of the options:

    • not exploited;
    • exploited.

    We must immediately decide what the future housing will be.

    It is easier to make a flat non-operated flat roof, if you want to reduce costs, it is better to choose this option. To do this, you need to install the beams on the walls of the frame house, so that the distance between them is from 50 cm to 1 m. To fix them, use construction studs.

    After fixing the beams, lathing is performed from the boards. Usually those are used whose width is not less than 3 cm. It is necessary to lay them tightly so that holes do not form, the marriage at the beginning of work will make the entire structure fragile.

    Must install moisture control system

    A waterproofing membrane is installed on the finished crate, fixing the material with construction tape or glue. Then heat insulation and waterproofing is formed. This is a short description of the technology that allows to make a flat roof of a square structure.

    The main difference in the construction of a structure that is not in use of a roof from a used one is that in the first the waterproofing is located above the thermal insulation, and in the second the other way around.

    Country buildings in cutting-edge styles

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    After determining what the structure will be, whether it is unexploited or exploited, a plan or project is drawn up. The main purpose of this stage is to calculate the loads that will be placed on the building. On the basis obtained, it is possible to calculate the amount of materials required.

    If you do not have experience in the construction of roofs, it is better not to engage in creating the project yourself. This task should fall on the shoulders of professionals who can take into account all the nuances. Many construction companies offer developed programs that allow you to choose a project for your finished home or a completely new one, when building from scratch.

    It is important to take into account all the nuances

    The given scheme of how a flat roof is made, when implementing is difficult for a person who does not have the skills, therefore it is recommended to contact one of the available firms. Their work on the creation of the project will be to:

    • drawing up a sketch of the whole building;
    • calculation of bearing structures - experts calculate the number of beams, the distance between them, other special structures of the batten;
    • creating a plan plan.

    Building a plan

    The final layout is an important part of the design. When creating it, all the nuances and additional elements of the roof are taken into account. Consider the location and quality of such parts:

    • junction points;
    • cornice (to protect the walls from flowing water);
    • funnels for collecting water;
    • aerators - for removing water vapor;
    • lightning outlet;
    • drainage system.

    Consider the location of many details.

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    Single storey

    This option is suitable for a small family. The single-storey building looks compact, there are no extra rooms in it, most of them belong to minimalism. A flat roof that also combines with this style will be suitable.

    The triangular roof gives a single-story volume, visually increases it, which often looks ridiculous. Flat - on the contrary emphasizes the accuracy of the building. Among the large number of projects of single-storey buildings, which are offered by many companies, there is also demand for summer houses.

    Particularly popular holiday projects

    If the suburban area is small, you have to save space without cluttering it with unnecessary building elements. Many decide to use the option to operate a roof with a roof, not to place a terrace, flowers, even a greenhouse. Because of the small size of the one-story house, the roof can be strengthened to the extent that furniture can easily be installed on it: tables, chairs, sofas, cabinets.

    BoardIf you want to install a swimming pool on a one-story building, it is necessary to stipulate it in advance at the beginning of the design. In such cases, a particularly strong reinforcement is required, a special waterproofing system.

    Planning a good waterproofing system

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    Double decker

    Such options are suitable for large families, so that everyone is comfortable, it is important for him to have their own space. Build a two-story is better than a long one-story. This saves materials, money, costs.

    Comfortable for a large family

    As a rule, in a large family there are big needs, each needs its own conditions for comfort. Someone wants to enjoy relaxing in the pool, someone wants to plant their favorite plants, and someone has breakfast and dinner, enjoying the view of the sunset. A two-story building with a flat roof will provide an opportunity for the implementation of any ideas.

    If the weight allows, the foundation and construction of the walls are strong, you can arrange a whole beach on the roof. To be comfortable in the heat, canopies are made around the pool that create shade. Plants can also be used for this purpose, many prefer ornamental ones.

    Gives the opportunity to implement any ideas

    Another popular option for operating a large roof of a two-story structure is the arrangement of a sports ground. Not every sport is suitable for practicing at a height, but for most it is possible. Many people set up a tennis court, but they need a sufficient area, otherwise they will have to go far for the ball.

    Special demand for simulators installed on the roof. Treadmills, orbitreki, other fitness equipment, which are under the open sky - a good opportunity to play sports outdoors. However, given that they work on electricity, a cover should be installed to protect them during rain.

    Construction of the site on the roof of the house

    If you plan to use the roof for outdoor activities, you need to take care of security by installing the bumpers.

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    High tech

    High-tech style is relevant for more than a year. Its connoisseurs prefer to adhere to the desired design, not only in the design of the rooms inside, but the exterior of the building. The main features of the style are the smoothness of the surfaces, textured finish.

    Cozy atmosphere in high-tech style

    High-tech elements are not suitable for creating a cozy, homely, modest environment, if you prefer old-fashioned home decoration options, it’s better to refuse. Initially, the style was used only for offices, belonged to the official. Decades after his invention, he began to be used for residential premises, and at once there were many lovers of such austerity and minimalism.

    High-tech is focused on the demonstration of existing equipment, so modern simulators, other equipment on the roof will look appropriate. This is not a style of modesty, so it is more often used for large two-story houses. If it is used in the design of a single-story, he should look large.

    Characterized by seasoned minimalism and simplicity.

    Another high-tech feature is a lot of artificial lighting. On the roof can be installed as small decorative lanterns, as well as large main light sources. In order to strictly follow the rules of style, lamps must be characteristic geometric shape.

    The walls, the roof is usually plain, but the colors should be bright and harmoniously combined with each other. Suitable shades are considered beige, light gray, metallic. Dark colors are suitable for harmony with them. If the walls are made in them, then the roof should be dark blue, gray, burgundy, emerald, other bright colors.

    It is better to choose solid colors.

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    Modern wood is different from the ancient huts, so the assumption that such a structure would not look attractive is wrong. In addition to the usual log for its construction is used one-piece, glued, other types of timber. Therefore, wooden will look beautiful.

    Wood is considered an environmentally friendly material, which gives it great demand. In addition, it is warmer, in countries with a climate warmer than in our area, use it only. To meet our standards of thermal insulation, its thickness should be between 38 cm and more.

    Many consider the main advantage of wooden buildings is their lightness - there is no need to pour a heavy-duty foundation, which saves time and money.

    Warm, lightweight material - in demand.

    To wooden with a flat roof looked harmonious, it is important to respect the color. More often for the walls choose log houses or parallel bars of light shades, then the top of the structure should be dark. If you use a dark tree - on the contrary.

    Single-storey wooden are more common than double-deck. This is due to the ease of the material, which is not able to withstand too much load, no matter how wide. If you want to make the roof of such a structure exploitable, you need to specify the construction feature from the beginning of the project.

    Most often choose a tree of light shades

    The roofs of most wooden buildings can be used for practical purposes, especially the plants look harmoniously on them. For this it is important to lay a solid foundation, then strengthen the walls. However, installing a swimming pool on the roof of a wooden building, a sports ground will not work, if you do this, the risk of destruction of the entire building will increase.

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    Beautiful houses

    When choosing how to design the appearance of the building, consider your taste so that it is beautiful for you. Consider the following factors:

    • in what style you want to see the facade, as it will see the surrounding;
    • what building materials are available to you;
    • whether you want to ensure that the building stands out against the general background of street buildings or, on the contrary, is combined with them;
    • which palette you prefer, which colors repel you;
    • what nature are planning to surround the site around the building and whether they will be combined.

    Modern version of the house with a flat roof

    The facade of your own house is the first thing that catches your eye when returning from work in the evening, it also creates a first impression for loved ones and all guests.. By how beautifully decorated building, estimated the first impression of the owners. A flat roof suitable for home style, color, other features - an ideal opportunity to show your taste.

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    VIDEO: Modern version of the house with a flat roof