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If the child has nowhere to play and in the country he is bored, the tree house can solve the problem. Children are much less demanding than adults. Even the simplest house - no more than a hut made of wooden slats, covered with a cloth - can be an excellent place for them to play. What can we say about more complex structures - located on a tree, similar to the wonderful forest huts, with a built-in slide or even imitating a pirate frigate. Everything is more detailed later in the article.

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  • Why a tree: the pros and cons
  • What are the houses of wood?
  • How to build a house?
  • Preliminary work
  • Directly construction
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  • Ready ideas
  • Additional nuances
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  • Why a tree: the pros and cons
  • What are the houses of wood?
  • How to build a house?
  • Registration
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 185 photos)
  • Why a tree: the pros and cons

    Of course, in order to make a child a house, you can use a variety of materials - from plastic to the very real bricks. But the tree has a number of specific advantages, some of which are devoid of other materials. It:

    • Plastic. Wood is easy to process. He can be given any form, if you set yourself such a task. You can use a cutter or jigsaw, cut the boards of the most bizarre outlines, make an intricate arch instead of a door or embody other elements - if only there was a fantasy.
    • beauty. With the fact that the tree is beautiful, do not argue. This is a traditional material, it has a nice color, it is easy to work with it.
    • Reliability. If you choose a suitable breed, the house will last more than ten years, it will not rot, will not crack, will not be spoiled by parasites. Of course, any, the most sustainable of the breeds will require processing and it will have to be carried out every year. But the house will not be afraid of anything.

    Great place for kids games

    In addition, the tree is purely in the sense of the best way to implement some ideas. For example, it would be strange to make a fabulous hut out of plastic, and it was impossible to assemble an alien ship from bricks. In addition, if you have a cottage and connections with neighbors, you can find a tree at a low price.

    There are also disadvantages:
    • The need for care. Every year, the house will have to be painted or varnished again, so that nothing happens to it.
    • The need for careful processing. So that the child does not have a chance to throw his hand, you need to carefully check all the boards, polish them if necessary.

    Best for house use wood

    The tree, which is not cared for, quickly begins to rot or shrink. But if you are ready to process it every spring, it will serve for a long time.
    To further increase this period, you can make a house of one of the most common in the construction of rocks:
    • Pine. Among conifers - the best you can choose. She has a delicate golden color, a faint, resinous smell. The first years she will not need treatment, because due to the high content in the wood resin does not rot. May have a positive effect on the respiratory organs of the child.
    • Oak or beech. The wood is of a dark, noble shade, which, due to tannins, poorly absorbs moisture and, therefore, resists well to the external environment. Pliable, amenable to processing - it can be given any shape, if properly bent during shrinking.

    Easy to build with your own hands

    You can also use an apple tree, but first you need to make sure that its wood is completely dried - during drying it cracks, changes shape. It does not make sense to process it until it dries to the end.

    Do not buy wood on the house, which does not meet the standards - it is unsafe, and also greatly affect its appearance.

    No need to take the boards on which there are:
    • cracks - this means that they are overdried, will quickly crack further;
    • green spots - it is mold or rot, which means that the boards will quickly fail;
    • protruding bitches - it is ugly, and the child can catch on while playing;
    • resin-filled cavities - It will have to be pumped out, otherwise the board will be fragile.

    Every year the house needs to be painted or varnished.

    Ideally, the tree should be of a uniform color, without admixture of shades, without large knots, without spots, without minor defects. Then it can be used for a house without fear.

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    What are the houses of wood?

    Children's houses can be very different from each other - you can select several different categories at once.

    The material is easy to process.

    The first - by the number of floors:
    • Single tier. It is simpler to make such a construction, since it is not necessary to calculate whether the second tier will withstand the pillars, it is not dangerous for the child to be on it. But they usually look less spectacular, you cannot attach a hill to them, you cannot satisfy the infinite love of children for lasagne. However, if you approach the design correctly, the result may still be worthy of attention.
    • Bunk. Such houses look more interesting, plus you can attach them to a hill, a ladder, or even a rope, through which children can go down. They require accuracy, accuracy - if you do not calculate, the pillars simply will not stand, the second tier will collapse, and it’s good if no one is on it at this moment.

    Option with a porch

    You can, of course, be creative and build a three-story house for children, but they usually refuse such an idea - it is expensive for materials, for work, and more difficult to calculate.

    The second is by design:
    • Open. These are, in fact, small gazebos that are relevant in the southern areas, where in the summer indoors, children will suffer too much from the heat. They are made either in the form of a hut, or in the form of columns that support the roof, while they themselves are connected by a wooden lattice. As a result, there is a refuge, but it is cozy and cool. And if you want privacy, the child can always hang a cloth between the columns.
    • Half open. These houses have one or two walls, and the rest - bars with bars, as in the gazebo. On the one hand, they are not too stuffy, on the other - the child will not suffer from the rain if he goes, and it is more convenient to hide from the sun.
    • Closed. If you make two windows and keep them open, inside you can even be in the heat - especially if you place the house under the trees in the shade. Most of the constructions belong to this variety - castles, huts, ships, houses in a certain style.

    Creative product

    Third - by placement:
    • In the fresh air. In the yard of a private house or in the country, so that the child can spend more time outside - this is good for health.
    • Inside. Usually in an apartment, for those who do not have a cottage or a private house. Such a house can not be a two-tier, does not require laying of the foundation, but can be an excellent platform for games.

    Open option, by type of arbor

    Fourth - by mobility:
    • Mobile. These are constructions that can be assembled and moved to another place if desired. Usually these include plastic houses, but huts on wooden slats can also be easily rearranged.
    • Stationary. They have been standing in one place for several years - most of the wooden constructions belong to them.

    Pretty easy to make

    What will be the house that you build depends solely on your imagination and the tastes of the child.

    BoardIf you are going to build a structure in the country where you spend only weekends, a mobile open house is better suited to you, which you can assemble and clean during your absence. And if you live in a private house, then it makes more sense to make a stationary one - the child can play in it even in winter. Return to menu return to menu

    How to build a house?

    Approach to the construction of a need to carefully, without haste. Nowhere to hurry, but how much effort you put in, how much time you spend on calculations, how well you pick up the material depends on what the result will be.

    House with a playground

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    Preliminary work

    To serve the house for a long time, you need to lay the foundation from the very beginning. There are rules for this:

    • Without drawing - nowhere. Ready drawing can be found on the Internet, and you can do it yourself. Imagine what a dream design looks like. What size it should be for the child to be comfortable, how to achieve this. The simplest thing is to make a drawing of an ordinary wooden box - and this is exactly what can be done for a start. Then, having understood the principle, you can do something more complicated.
    • Height. In order for a child to be comfortable, the structure must be thirty centimeters taller in height so that he can stand up. In fact, this rule is inaccurate - children grow quickly, soon the ceilings will interfere. Therefore, it is better to take a universal height of sixty meters - although if you suspect that the house will not even bother a teenager, then you can take two.

    For a child to be comfortable, the design must be taller than he is tall.

    • Width with length. The area of ​​the house should be such that the child can turn around normally. Usually it is one and a half to one and a half - you can seat toys on such an area, put a table, turn around with board games. But it can be less.
    • Accommodation. The right place for the house is in the shade, but not too close to the trees, otherwise they may start to touch it. It is also desirable that you feel comfortable watching children playing from anywhere in the house and garden, and that no large-scale changes are planned in its place.
    • Foundation ground. Must be clean, smooth. If this is not in the garden, you can do it yourself by removing the top layer of soil, leveling with the same shovel.

    The right place for the house is in the shade.

    And, of course, you need to stock up on materials.

    For the simplest tent is:
    • several (from five) rails of the same length;
    • durable twine;
    • The fabric is about two and a half meters plus nails.

    American style

    For single-tier construction, of course, more will be needed:
    • four foundation blocks;
    • five bars for the floor and four wide boards for him;
    • eleven wall bars;
    • five roof bars and six rafters;
    • shield sheets - plywood or MDF;
    • door and two window frames.

    Staircase construction

    You will also need nails, screws, fastening corners, along with tools that can be fixed.

    And the rest - only accuracy together with readiness, if anything, to remake.

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    Directly construction

    To make a hut - and nothing has not been thought up yet - not so much effort is needed:
    • slats digging into the ground in a circle with a radius of about a meter;
    • the ends of the battens are tied together with the help of twine;
    • fabric is fastened on top - first to one rail with the help of nails, then to the next, and so on until two adjacent slats remain.

    At the top of the hut a hole, like in Indian wigwams, which provides airing. Through the last piece of fabric that was not fastened, you can climb inside and close it - for example, on a velcro. Breathe inside easily, you can read, relax or play in the inhabitants of a desert island.

    To design you need to come up with a fantasy

    Somewhat more complicated with the present single-tier structure - it will not work to build it in half an hour. Although it is also necessary to act consistently:

    • fold the base bars into a square, fasten them with corners, plus attach a separate timber in the middle with them;
    • dig four recesses under the foundation blocks at the chosen site and lay them down;
    • put a frame on top, sheathe it with boards to make the floor;
    • attach to the frame bars of the walls - four at the corners, two at the place where there are windows and doors, on the remaining free wall one, from above fix the frame similar to the foundation one;
    • make rafters - connect two bars with special angles at an acute angle, attach them to the frame of the walls;
    • sheathe all shield sheets - from the walls to the roof;
    • hang pre-prepared door and windows.

    Product with a fence

    Of course, in trifles the process is much more complicated, but its main stages look that way. The result is a simple house that needs to be furnished to make it look good.

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    To design a children's house you need to come up with fantasy. It should be bright, interesting even in appearance, but not devoid of taste.

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    Ready ideas

    Of course, it is not necessary to take something that someone has already invented before you. But you can always use other people's ideas for inspiration. So, a children's wooden house can look very different.

    The first solution is like a fairytale hut.

    It will be cozy and adults

    • Exterior design. The walls are decorated so that it seems as if they are made of logs (for this you can use imitation). The door is squat, also made of logs, but vertical. The roof is gable, with a carved visor and a platband in the form of a rooster. The shutters are carved, if desired, they can be closed. Colors - natural wood, bright red, bright yellow.
    • Interior finish. The walls are made of all the same logs, the floor is wooden, home-spun on it (at least in appearance), the carpet is comfortable for children to play on it. In the corner is a brick-built, bleached little stove, in which, of course, you can’t really bake anything, but you can play well in the same Kolobok.
    • Interior decoration. They sit on the walls of the shop. In the middle of the table - you can put on it board games, designer, sandwiches brought from a big house. In the corner there is a traditional chest, there are toys in it, and you can hang a lock on the cover. Under the ceiling hang bundles of herbs, beads, dried flowers. It will look good Russian rag or straw doll.

    A cozy place to sleep

    Of course, children will quickly turn a thoughtful design into something their own - they will play with a doll, they will spill something on the table, they will ruin the carpet with toys - but the general atmosphere will still be traced.

    The second is the Sultan's arbor.

    • Exterior design. There are no walls - instead of them there are four pillars, a wicker wooden grid, which looks intricately, interesting (you can take a metal one instead of wooden). The roof is pointed, if there is enough skill - in the form of an elegant onion. Instead of the door arch. It will be nice if grapes or other similar plants are woven along the grid. Colors - tree, red, blue, white, gold.
    • Interior finish. The floor is wooden, without carpet. A fabric is fixed under the ceiling - if it is hot or wants to hide, it can be stretched by closing the grid.
    • Interior decoration. A lot of colorful pillows on the floor, a low table, which not only plays on the entourage, but which is convenient for children. An intricate iron candlestick with a real candle - of course, light only in the presence of adults. From the ceiling hangs a dream catcher or music of the wind.

    Forest hut

    If children do not have allergies, you can put a holder for incense sticks - in the open air, their smell will not be suffocating, but pleasant.
    The third is a pirate ship.
    • Exterior design. The walls repeat the shape of the pirate ship, instead of the roof, in fact, the deck. You can make an ordinary door, but you can - a round sunroof in the roof, like on a real ship. Then the child will need to climb the rope ladder to the deck and go down through the hatch. Such exercises are useful for coordination, but if the child is clumsy, it is better to abandon them.
    • Interior finish. The floor is made of wood, the walls, too, the round windows are not curtained. On the walls are benches or hammocks hanging in which you can lie down, read, swing. You can put the table, but you can do without it.
    • Interior decoration. Be sure to - accessories marine. Encyclopedia with ships. A rope on which to learn to knit knots. Compass, which can determine the direction. You can even give everyone who goes to the ship a blindfold to make it easier to play pirates.

    Room for games in a private house

    Fourth - the house in the European style.
    • Exterior design. Paint the walls, make the door paneled, beautiful. The windows are simple, with rectangular shutters. Before entering, you can break the beds, for which children can take care if they wish. Colors - pastel, with bright accents on the roof and doors.
    • Interior finish. To paste over walls with unpretentious wall-paper, to leave a wooden floor, to whiten a ceiling. You can put a carpet to make it more comfortable.
    • Interior decoration. Be sure to vase with flowers, a small sofa child size. You can make an imitation fireplace, you can put a bookcase. Plush toys, a table with a set for tea drinking. Nothing extra, nothing screaming.

    Such a solution is only suitable for quiet introverted children - it is worth considering. It is not interesting to play such a house in active games, but completely economic.

    European style

    BoardWhen building a house, be sure to use the help of a child. Discuss with him what he wants to see. Invite to participate in the creation of a sketch. Even if the baby is only four years old, he will use the result, which means that his opinion is also important. Return to the menu меню

    Additional nuances

    To make the house look even better, you can use tricks.:

    • Make a separate track for it.. You can put it in stone, tile or wooden dice - depending on how it looks in general. So, for the Russian hut, moss-covered stones will fit, scattered so that it is necessary to step over from one to the other. But for Oriental motifs need beautiful tiles.
    • Plant beds. Not all children love messing around with flowers, but if you like it, it’s quite possible to give him a plot near the house so that he can plant whatever he wants on it.
    • Use not only simple paint with varnish. You can paint the walls with interesting drawings (for example, your favorite cartoon characters), you can draw beautiful patterns, or you can decorate them with intricate carvings. Even a stained glass window instead of ordinary glass in the window will look beautiful.

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    VIDEO: Variants of play children's wooden houses