Coffee table: What to look for when choosing? 225+ (Photos) Options from wood, glass, on wheels


A person tries to surround himself with high-quality things that simplify life. Almost every apartment has a coffee table. It is presented in a different shape, size or color, which will help to easily find a model that will organically fit into any style of the room. Everything is more detailed later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Features
  • Varieties
  • Dimensions
  • Forms
  • Materials
  • Furniture in different styles
  • Minimalism
  • High tech
  • Classic
  • Modern
  • Country music
  • Rustik
  • Nuances when choosing
  • Where better to place?
  • VIDEO: Options for beautiful coffee tables
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 225 photos)
  • Features
  • Varieties
  • Dimensions
  • Forms
  • Materials
  • Furniture in different styles
  • Nuances when choosing
  • Where better to place?
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 225 photos)
  • Features

    Each furniture has its own strengths and weaknesses. They help to distinguish it from similar models.

    Interior with a coffee table made of wood

    The advantages of coffee tables include:

    • high-quality and environmentally friendly materials used in the manufacture of furniture. They guarantee safety for all family members, small children, pets;
    • different shapes, colors, sizes. This is achieved through the introduction of modern equipment and new technologies;
    • materials combined with each other. This helps in creating unique models;
    • accessories, as well as different decor. They breathe individuality into each model;
    • low cost of furniture;
    • simplicity and conciseness of forms;
    • performance of several functions at the same time;
    • compact size.

    When there is no space, but a table is needed

    Coffee tables are well combined with all types of furniture and interior items. They can be placed in small or large areas. The main thing that they approached the interior of the room.

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    The size and shape of the table top, as well as its appearance, depend on the functional features of the furniture. Today, coffee tables can be divided into several main groups.

    Creative for your design

    Among them:

    • Models that can fold and fold. The size is easily adjustable depending on the number of people at the table.
    • Furniture, equipped with wheels. They are needed for the convenience of moving the table around the room or apartment.
    • Table transformer. A good solution for a small apartment, where every centimeter is worth its weight in gold.

    In the living room you can put such a table

    When choosing furniture you need to pay attention to the material from which the table top is made, as well as the rest of the elements. It can be wood, glass, plastic or metal. Each of these materials fits different room styles.

    BoardBefore you dwell on a particular model, you need to take into account as many parameters as possible.

    Pay attention to the material

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    To the table is well suited to the environment, you need to be able to choose its size. From this will directly depend on the appearance of the room, as well as the functional load of the furniture. The dimensions of the table will help to correctly place it in the room. On this basis, the furniture is divided into 3 main groups:

    • Small tables. The height of the models is in the range of 10-25 cm, and the width of the table top is from 21 to 30 cm.
    • Average coffee table size. This type of furniture is very popular, which causes a high demand for it.

    Average tables most popular

    Dimensions of the models are:

    • height - 26-45 cm;
    • worktop width - 30-60 cm.

    The size of the furniture is universal, which helps to fit well into the premises of any size and style.

    • Large models. The height of the table is from 40 to 60 cm, and the width of the table top can reach 61-85 cm. In some instances, it can reach 1 meter.

    An example of a large model in the interior

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    Today there are many styles for decorating an apartment. Designers depart from the classic round, square or rectangular shapes of table tops. They are replaced by other models. Their main advantage is that they are suitable for any interior.

    Unusual art object

    Among them:

    • models with closed worktops that resemble a regular barrel;
    • a basket-shaped table for storing small items;
    • furniture with an oval or rounded top;
    • designs that resemble African drums or other unusual objects that can be used as a stand;
    • models with a bowl or deep dishes, on which a glass worktop is mounted on top;
    • tables with a triangular or trapezoidal surface.

    Designer table, not everyone likes

    The coffee table can be bought ready-made or you can order any shape that will fit the specific style of the room.

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    Manufacturers can make their furniture from different materials. For one model can be used one type or a combination of several options.

    Often in the manufacture of using several materials

    From the material will depend on the final cost of furniture. The most popular are:

    • Plastic. This material is best suited for the manufacture of table fittings. For example, pens or wheels. There are models in which manufacturers make a plastic tabletop or the whole body. But it is best to use plastic to decorate the edges of the tabletop. This helps to make the structure as safe as possible for all family members.
    • Tree. It is an environmentally friendly material, but when using it, the coffee table immediately rises in price. Wooden models are much less common.
    • Fiberboard and chipboard panels. They are cheaper materials used for furniture frame. The table turns out good quality at a relatively low price.
    • Glass. Very often used for the manufacture of countertops. The material gives the furniture lightness, airiness and sophistication.
    • Metal. In the design of the coffee table can be used different types. Usually, furniture legs or individual elements of furniture are made of this material, but in rare cases, the table can consist entirely of metal.

    Coffee table - the main attraction in the room

    Looks good models that combine two or more materials. The main thing is to choose them correctly. Modern style allows the use of different materials in the manufacture of coffee tables.

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    Furniture in different styles

    Coffee table has become an important part of the interior. It is very important to choose a model so that it fits the decor and is able to complement it. For this you need to take into account the style of the room. There are several main areas that use space for decoration. 

    Everything for a cozy and warm atmosphere

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    Furniture should have clear lines, regular geometric shapes, neutral colors. The decor is completely absent. The table is made from:

    • glass;
    • metal;
    • tree.

    In the style of minimalism

    The main thing that the model was simple and convenient during operation.

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    High tech

    Urban style loves steel or contrasting black and white shades, as well as bright inclusions of the same color. It consists of the following materials:

    • metal;
    • glass;
    • synthetics;
    • plastic.

    High-tech High-Tech Reflection

    The high-tech coffee table should look futuristic.

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    The style shows the luxury and respectability of the room for which it is chosen. The furniture should be strict, but at the same time elegant. For classic interiors suitable coffee tables with such distinctive features as:

    • expensive wood types, noble;
    • carved legs with fancy shapes;
    • metal elements;
    • gilded decor.

    Undeniable classics for a rich interior

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    It is dominated by:

    • stained glass surfaces;
    • smooth or sinuous shapes;
    • wood;
    • mosaic for decoration surfaces;
    • pacified shades.

    Modern - the usual decision to choose

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    Country music

    To create unique furniture models, modern technologies are used in combination with elements of ordinary peasant life. That is, for the manufacture of the table are used:

    • natural materials;
    • natural colors;
    • freshness and airiness of each element;
    • simplicity of form;
    • echoing with nature.

    Living room in the style of English country

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    Furniture made in this style has the following features:

    • natural materials;
    • the primitive nature of the decor;
    • the latest technology when creating the table;
    • natural shades.

    A rustic coffee table can be similar to a real stump, cobblestone or sea stone.

    Each of this style has its own characteristics. The main thing is to choose a table that is suitable in shape and size for a specific room.

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    Nuances when choosing

    It is very difficult to choose furniture that immediately fits the interior of the room.

    Take care of the wheels if you plan to move them.

    To simplify the selection process, you need to follow a few simple rules:

    • Determine the size and shape of the table. The parameters depend on the area and style of the room. For example, for a small room it is best to choose a small table with a round tabletop.
    • Set the basic functions that the table should perform. If there are a lot of tasks for furniture, then you need to choose durable and reliable models. They will long serve smoothly.
    • Select the frame material and countertops. It depends on the style of the room. Today, all materials for making furniture are safe and durable.
    • Think about the need for wheels. If you plan to move the table around the room or apartment, then it is best to purchase models equipped with wheels. This will facilitate transportation and keep the floor from scratches and damage.
    • Determine the color of the furniture. The table must be in harmony with all the shades that are present in the room.

    The table should be in harmony with the furniture in the room.

    Coffee tables can be supplemented with shelves, drawers or other similar elements. This will help keep small items in order, as well as keep the necessary things at hand.

    If we were to follow these simple rules, the table would be well in the interior. He will be able for a long time to please with its functionality and beauty.

    We put it so that it is convenient to use

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    Where is the best place?

    It is very important to arrange the table in the apartment. It is usually installed in the living room. All the family or friends often gather here to spend the evening in a cheerful company.

    One of the very first functions of a coffee table is the storage and maintenance of all printed products, such as newspapers or magazines. Over time, his tasks began to expand. Therefore, the furniture does not have a clear place in the room.

    The best place for coffee tables is the living room.

    To arrange the table is best to follow the following recommendations:

    • not to put the table near the windows, close to the sofa or other furniture, to which you need unimpeded constant access;
    • It is best to place a table near the chair or side of the sofa. This will allow you to keep on hand various useful small items;
    • for models that were purchased as a room decoration, you can use a place near one of the wall. On the tabletop you can put a decorative vase with flowers or fruit, as well as a frame with photographs or figurines.

    Better not to put close to the couch

    In a large area of ​​the room, you can set the table in the center of the room.

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    VIDEO: Options for beautiful coffee tables