Wooden ceiling with decorative beams: 165+ (Photo) design and decoration


The ceiling with wooden beams can be found in the old apartment building or low-rise construction. In comparison with concrete floors, such ceilings have a lot of room for different ideas, they are suitable for any style. Determine the type of ceiling, and the rest you will learn from our article below.

Content of this article:

  • Ceiling functionality
  • Requirements for finishing materials
  • Preparatory work
  • Warming
  • Filing
  • Finish
  • Plywood ceiling
  • The use of lining
  • Imitation of wooden beams
  • Veneered panels, laminate
  • Array mount
  • Plasterboard ceiling on wooden beams
  • Stretch ceiling
  • Other materials
  • Finish
  • VIDEO: Compliance with finishing technology
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 165 photos)
  • Ceiling functionality
  • Plywood ceiling
  • The use of lining
  • Imitation of wooden beams
  • Veneered panels, laminate
  • Array mount
  • Plasterboard ceiling on wooden beams
  • Stretch ceiling
  • Other materials
  • Finish
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 165 photos)
  • Ceiling functionality

    In a wooden house construction are required part of the overlap. The owner can leave them in a natural form or pick up the style of the room. You can make an individual project, where a strict style will be combined with room zoning. Beams can mask layout flaws or engineering communications. They can be used as a basis for the installation of the rest of the decor (lamps, plasma, dried herbs).

    Wooden beamed ceilings found in modern and old houses

    Beam structures can be used in space zoning.

    To do this, you can use the following solutions:
    • place one impressive beam between the two zones;
    • increase the amount of space by placing the bar under the ceiling surface;
    • visually expand the area by fastening products on opposite walls;
    • extend the room by placing beams parallel to the wide surface of the wall;
    • reduce the ceiling by fixing the material on the opposite walls;
    • arrange beams attic, sloping ceiling, paint them the same textured tint as the ceiling.

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    Requirements for finishing materials

    The ceiling in a wooden house is characterized by its design features, serves as a lightweight construction of flooring and beamed ceilings. Between the beams, the space is filled with thermal insulation.

    Modern style

    Ceiling trim should be light, provide noise insulation and retain heat.

    The main selection criteria for finishing materials are:
    • durability;
    • security. In addition to reliability and strength, the chosen finish must comply with fire safety standards, not emit harmful substances even when heated;
    • exterior design. Materials should be combined with the walls, creating a common design, giving the room attractiveness, comfort.

    It is better to choose natural materials that can provide optimal air circulation in the ceiling structure.

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    Preparatory work

    Pre-prepare the surface of the ceiling, carrying out antiseptic processing of structural parts. At increased humidity (in the bath, in the kitchen or in the bathroom), moisture-proofing compounds are additionally applied.

    Spacious living room country house

    You also need to remember about the resistance to fire, for which the wood is impregnated with compounds that prevent burning. Additional processing will extend the service life, prevent deformation of the finishing elements.

    If there is no antiseptic, wood can be impregnated with mining (lube), which will protect the surface. For the ceiling near the roof is not suitable plastic film as a vapor barrier because of the tightness.

    As a result, there is a greenhouse effect, which provides accumulation of fluid. This will lead to the destruction of the properties of insulation, damage to wood.
    Polyethylene film with foil-coated coating should have a ventilated space of 1-2 cm between the insulation, fastened with foil to the outside.BoardTo eliminate errors in the installation, it is better to use Izospan, to monitor the tightness of the joints in the film strips. To do this, use a wide tape, choosing the place of the joints on the logs.

    Hi-tech style

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    Before carrying out the plating, it is necessary to warm the ceiling surface, for which different thermal insulation materials are used. Warming is performed in the attic or inside the house, when the insulation is placed under the skin.

    Additionally, wiring is carried out, other communications that have not been carried out in construction works.

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    In the role of floor beams often used timber section 15 * 15 or 15 * 20, stitched boards 15 * 10, 5 * 15 cm. Such materials provide suitable strength, allow you to binder from different coatings.

    Ceilings can be attic, interfloor. In the first case, insulation must be laid. Interfloor overlaps divide heated rooms, therefore they require noise isolation. It is made of basalt or mineral wool with heat insulating indicators.

    Protection of insulation against fluid leakage, wet evaporation is provided by steam and waterproofing. At the same time use special films from nonwoven raw materials.

    The overlap device according to this technology protects against moisture, deformation, condensate, regardless of the selected decorative coating. The material is hemmed in one of two methods: hiding beams, completely stitching them under the trim or using them as decorating parts.
    When filing the bottom between the beams to lay insulation, noise insulation, hemming in the bottom of the vapor barrier with a finished ceiling.

    On top of the waterproofing membrane is laid, the floor of the attic or the upper floor. This technology is used with a suitable ceiling height, when you do not need to save space.

    Applying the beams in the decor, the finishing is mounted on them or stitched to the bars attached to the sides of the slats.

    Beautiful kitchen in blue

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    When choosing a ceiling plating, one should take into account the quality, price of raw materials, as well as the general style of the object. Sometimes in wooden houses the ceilings are not trimmed, leaving them in their original form and warming only from the attic. Using open beams, you can create a unique style.

    If the construction of the house was used timber, the thickness of which does not require internal insulation, finishing, the wooden ceiling will be perfectly combined with the surfaces of the walls. Wood has unique properties, absorbing excess moisture, giving it away when the air gets very dry. Also, the tree keeps warm, is considered a good sound insulator.

    More often wood is used in the ceiling. Additional trim can be done with veneer panels, clapboard, plywood or an array. If the object is insulated, and its walls are hidden under the finish, not compatible with wood, then you can sheathe plasterboard, plastic, or to install suspended ceilings.

    Cozy kitchen of a private house

    The choice of building material, configuration, appearance of the beams in relation to the ceiling will depend on the following factors:
    • the parameters of the room, the shape of the surface (multi-level, vaulted, horizontal);
    • design style;
    • cost.

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    Plywood ceiling

    The simplest, most economical option for ceiling trimming is plywood. As a rule, choose a multi-layered version of high-quality veneer. Due to the light weight, large parameters, the plates quickly attached to the base surface.

    The combination of stone and wood

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    The use of lining

    Lining is an environmentally friendly and lightweight material for surface plating. It is suitable for wooden walls. To save money, you can purchase inexpensive wood species. Fastening of the material is carried out with the help of a thorn groove on the end part.

    There are several classes of panels:

    • extra. This is a material of the highest quality, without any irregularities, knots, made from expensive wood;
    • A, B. B this category includes panels, slats with small defects, from which strength does not deteriorate;
    • WITH. It is made of inexpensive wood with irregularities, numerous knots.

    Loft style

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    Imitation of wooden beams

    For the basis of imitation wood slats choose polyurethane counterparts to get a beautiful material. Polyurethane cut parts of the required shape, size, attach them to the ceiling. After that, a high-quality self-adhesive film is applied to the material.

    In classic style

    Imitation looks original, attractive, almost no different from real wood. The main raw material is foam, which is easy to process, has a light weight, is sold in any hardware store. If damaged, such panels are easy to replace.

    Finishing is suitable in rooms with high humidity (for balconies, loggias, kitchens or bathrooms).

    Plastic resistant to condensation, water spray, easy to install. Panels are attached to special guides or screws to beams (if they are located in the same plane, they are well aligned). To align the height, below the beams are mounted rails, and on them - panels.

    There are plates connecting the thorn-groove lock, forming a flat surface without gaps, cracks. If the compounds are treated with a silicone sealant, a vapor-proof covering is formed.

    White in combination with brown, looks amazing

    Also, when using plastic, it is necessary to equip exhaust ventilation so that condensate does not appear. Despite the numerous advantages (variety of colors, light weight, lack of load on the floor, moisture resistance, ease of maintenance), plastic is fire hazardous, not suitable for rooms with stove heating, fragile, may break.

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    Veneered panels, laminate

    In essence, veneered panels are similar to clapboard. Despite the similarity of production technologies, thin veneer of pure wood is glued to inexpensive veneered panels. In comparison with clapboard, the material has other sizes.

    Laminate with high thermal insulation properties is also suitable for coating. It does not need special care, is durable, but it requires a perfectly flat surface for installation.

    Cozy bedroom

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    Array mount

    For the manufacture of the array used expensive tree species, characterized by high strength, long service life. The cladding is made of varietal hardwood or coniferous wood, including block-house, imitation of timber or edged board. The decoration will complement the interior, where the walls are partially or fully lined with wood. These ceilings look prestigious, but are expensive.

    Due to the same coefficient of thermal expansion, the boards are attached to the beams with nails or screws. To extend the service life, the wood is formulated, painted or fired with further varnishing. Despite the environmental friendliness, ease of installation and painting of any shades, wood trim will have to periodically take care of, handle to protect against aging.

    Classic kitchen with beamed ceiling

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    Plasterboard ceiling on wooden beams

    Drywall is considered a popular finishing material for walls and ceilings. It is used in the implementation of any design decisions. The main properties of the sheets is breathability, optimum humidity, but when they are laid, additional finishing is required.

    Stylish, classic lounge

    GKL fastened with screws to a metal or wooden frame, pre-assembled from special profiles. You can perform a multi-level design, build lighting, create niches between the beams or hiding them under a smooth surface.

    With the help of GKL impregnation with water, you can easily change the shape of the sheets, creating unusual designs.
    Plasterboard surfaces are puttied, painted with water-based paints in any selected colors. The result is a ceiling suitable for all interiors. The finish can be combined with stretch materials or wood. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    Stretch ceiling

    For the manufacture of tension structures applied seamless material of polyester or PVC film. The advantage of this solution is to preserve the shape during shrinkage of the constructed object. But in case of damage to any area will not work to restore. We'll have to completely change the design.

    Creative ceiling decoration

    An interesting effect is obtained when combining different materials. For example, you can combine stretch ceilings with drywall or clapboard. This method will allow to achieve a unique design, more practical, mask the shortcomings of the beams, highlighting all the advantages of the room. However, the arrangement of ventilation in the sub-ceiling space is required.

    Tensioning structures have many advantages, including strong, durable, different in texture, resistant to moisture and leakage, easy to maintain. But the material is expensive, the installation requires the use of special equipment and professional skills. Return to the menu ↑ return to the menu

    Other materials

    The surface with the details of the mirror coatings looks beautiful. Such a solution will provide better illumination, highlight part of the interior (bed, chandelier, table, walkway or corner).

    Different materials will be suitable for creating a reflective surface:

    • Simple glass based mirror. Fastening elements is expensive and the coating is fragile, although it reflects light better than others. Installation is carried out with nails.
    • Mirror stretch canvas. The film has a high reflective coefficient, has a maximum width of 1.3 meters, difficult to install, because it does not stretch. But it is suitable for small areas. Also on sale are glossy PVC coatings treated with varnish. They reflect a non-specular surface;
    • Plexiglass. Produced by simple glass technology, made of transparent acrylic plastic. Plastic sheets with a bonded mirror film may be used.

    Minimalistic style

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    The type of beams is selected according to the future style of the room, so that they favorably emphasize the chosen design:

    • Modern, classic. Here it will be well to combine a wooden dresser with strict outlines, high-quality strict furniture and the same beams. Modern classics no longer look so pompous, retain a sense of spaciousness even with massive decorated and carved furniture. Neoclassicism provides a relaxed approach to the decoration of rooms, rarely applying expensive wallpaper with gilding, stucco. For example, a large bed can be installed in the bedroom, and the ceiling can be decorated with unpainted beams of a concise, simple form.
    • Provence, Country. Rustic style will be ideally complemented with raw materials, coarse pieces of furniture, pads. The active use of wood or imitation allows you to create a design that will be in harmony with the surrounding nature. Easy negligence of design will create a relaxing atmosphere, comfortable atmosphere. And for Provence suitable bright ceiling, pastel shades and curtains.
    • Hi-tech loft. A common feature will be high ceilings, contrasting colors, modern appliances, open communications, large spaces.
    For hi-tech, everything is made functional, beautiful, and loft-style housing must show raw walls, etc.

    Making a cozy house in the woods

    • Marine style. In the design of the sea-style kitchen, dining room or living room, ceiling beams are also used to create a cozy, warm atmosphere. In the marine design often prevails cold gamma (shades of blue, the use of white). A little warmth to the original interior will add woody elements with a preserved pattern.
    • Tropical style. When rooms are decorated in tropical style, there is often a contrasting combination of light walls, a ceiling with colorful, bright wooden details that divide the surfaces into sections that create a border. Section cuts can be inserted into the mat or fabric, including bamboo.
    • Minimalism. When decorating rooms in a minimalist style, the logs used give the interior a note of warmth and comfort.
    • Chalet style. This style came from southeastern France, distinguished by the use of natural materials. The style was formed in a difficult mountain climate, provides strength, durability of structures that will serve for a long time. Not all motifs of this style can be used in the design of country houses. Natural wood, large beams, often turning on the walls, should be abundantly used in the ceiling decoration. This style has intricate geometric constructions, plexuses of logs and timber.

    Country chalet

    Ceiling beams are suitable for arranging a spacious object. This is a unique design detail that will emphasize the respectability of home owners.

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