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Interior wall decoration of the house: 140+ (Photo) Imitation timber options


Recently, imitation timber is considered to be practical, economical and aesthetic design of the interior in cottages. This finish is often used in private construction. This material is cheaper than natural wood, but is used in the decoration of any surface. Learn about all the features of the material and not only further in the article in more detail.

Content of this article:

  • Finishing aspects
  • Material Features
  • The choice of material depending on the conditions
  • Different types of wood for finishing inside
  • Interior trimming
  • Wall decoration
  • Ceiling
  • Exterior paneling
  • Varnish and paint
  • Apply simple paint on wood
  • Use colorless coatings
  • Textured color
  • Some interesting ideas for using false beams
  • VIDEO: Beautiful finishes with imitation timber
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 140 photos)
  • Finishing aspects
  • Material Features
  • The choice of material depending on the conditions
  • Different types of wood for finishing inside
  • Interior trimming
  • Exterior paneling
  • Varnish and paint
  • Apply simple paint on wood
  • Use colorless coatings
  • Textured color
  • Some interesting ideas for using false beams
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 140 photos)
  • Finishing aspects

    Imitation of a bar is similar to simple clapboard, that is, individual lamellae are connected using a thorn-groove system. The finished surface has no intermediate patterns, and the lamellas are more massive. Boards are processed on both sides, can be used for exterior and interior decoration.

    Imitation timber trim is a popular technology

    The popularity of imitation timber due to the large number of advantages in comparison with alternative types of finishes:
    • Ecological purity, naturalness, hypoallergenic.
    • Efficiency. With proper calculations of the treated surface and the purchased material, the panels are consumed in a minimum quantity, almost no waste remains.
    • Good heat and sound insulation.
    • A variety of shades.
    • Quick and easy installation (there is a tongue and groove system of connections).
    • High resistance to negative factors.
    • Excellent ventilation (on the back of the boards there are special grooves). It provides moisture removal, prolongs service life.

    But this finish has several drawbacks, including fire hazard, demanding care, expensive components.

    Environmentally friendly, natural material

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    Material Features

    Imitation timber is a flat plate of wood with a thickness of 2 cm. They differ in width (185, 160, 135, 110 mm and less). Along the edges on the plates, chamfers have been removed, giving the surface a decorative effect.

    In solving various problems, finishes of different widths are used. For the decoration of interiors, it is better to choose narrow panels with a width of less than 110 mm, and the exterior trim should be made wider plates.

    The length of the plates is 2-6 meters. This allows you to purchase items of suitable length, reducing the amount of waste generated.

    With heat and sound insulation material

    Imitation timber can be used in the alignment of curved walls. It is only necessary to set the guides evenly and the installation design will be ready. Wooden panes are suitable for finishing new objects and reconstruction of old ones. Any wall will look spectacular if you make wood paneling.

    Choosing a shade is difficult. Each product has a unique structure, different colors, so you need to pick wood thoroughly. For example, for recreation and living room it is better to select light shades, and in the fireplace area, bedroom - dark wood.

    Differs in a variety of shades.

    BoardDo not be afraid to experiment, choose the right textiles, lighting, to add room comfort, warmth.

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    The choice of material depending on the conditions

    When choosing building materials for covering the room, the properties of each tree species should be taken into account.

    It is necessary to rely on different aspects:

    • Moisture level. In rooms with a higher volume of moisture it is better to use panels of larch, aspen. For objects with high decoration requirements, oak linings are often selected, and cedar and pine panels can be purchased in the living room.
    • Purpose of the room. When finishing the house with operation in the warm season, it is reasonable to use inexpensive, beautiful pine panels. For housing with a permanent residence is recommended to use plates of cedar, oak, larch. But at the same time, it is taken into account that cedar with larch produce a coniferous aroma for a long time, so wood is not suitable for covering bedrooms, children's rooms.
    • Illumination degree. This takes into account the shade of the tree. For light rooms, you can choose the dark colors of oak, alder. In the rooms facing the north side, fit the bright panels of larch, pine, linden. Cold colors are ideal for painted surfaces, and toning is suitable for beige, cream, yellow shades of wood.

    Quick and easy to install

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    Different types of wood for finishing inside

    Each type of wood has its own characteristics. Pine has the usual wood texture, yellowish tint. The material is inexpensive, used in the attic of lofts, kitchens, corridors.

    Cedar has a dark color, interesting structure. Panels long keep a smell of needles, emit phytoncides. Cedar wood is suitable for covering ceilings, walls in libraries, classrooms and living rooms. Wood larch has a light yellow color that visually increases the parameters of small rooms. The material is resistant to moisture, provides high thermal insulation, so it can be used in the decoration of wet rooms with high temperatures (kitchens, saunas, bathrooms, dining rooms).

    It has excellent ventilation

    Oak panels have a unique dark shade texture, more durable and durable. They are expensive, so they are used only in exclusive interiors. Maple or alder wood planks have a reddish color, a texture with clear rings. They have no pronounced flavor, so they can finish the bedrooms, children's rooms.
    Based on the quality of the outer surface, there are several types of fake bar:
    • Extra. This is a high grade, different smooth surface of the boards, smooth geometry. It is made from spruce, pine, larch, Arkhangelsk pine.
    • Prima (A) cheaper, may have one knot. It is made from larch, Arkhangelsk pine, spruce.
    • Grade AB (B). There may be some small knots. For the manufacture of used larch, spruce, pine.
    • Economy (BC). An indefinite number of knots is allowed, produced from spruce, pine and larch.

    Stylish and cozy bedroom

    On panels of all grades there should not be through openings, loose rotten knots of resin niches, wane, mechanical damage to external surfaces.

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    Interior trimming

    There are many types of finishes, among which it is sometimes difficult to choose. Usually it is used for the ceiling, walls. Two types of plating in the house are used - monolithic and combined.

    In the first case, the entire ceiling and wall area is sheathed with panels in compliance with all the technologies. In the second variant, partial processing of wood is carried out, a combination of imitation of a bar with textiles, wallpaper, glass.

    Bright and beautiful dining area

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    Wall decoration

    Before you decorate the walls with imitation timber, you need to wait for shrinkage (when trimming a new house). At the preliminary stage, the preparation is carried out with antiseptic treatment, vapor barrier, laying crates. After that, the panels are installed.

    With the help of this material you can create original, unique interiors in rooms of different functionality. In narrow rooms fit panels up to 100 mm wide, which will visually expand the space.

    BoardThe panels themselves are mounted horizontally. For larger rooms with low ceilings, it is better to mount the bars vertically.

    Bathroom decoration

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    Sheeting the ceiling surface is necessary after finishing the walls. At the same time, narrower panels are purchased, attached to the crate with a pitch of 50-60 cm, located along the length of the room. Start working from the window.

    To calculate the area of ​​the ceiling surface multiply its width by the length. The resulting figure is divided by the area of ​​one timber.. The result is the number of panels required for plating. It is not difficult to count the fasteners: the total number of slats is multiplied by the number of parts needed for fixing a single board.

    Provence style living room

    Before attaching to the surface, the panels should be held for 4-6 days indoors, adapted to the microclimate. Pre-removed from the walls, ceiling pollution, unnecessary parts, cover them with impregnations, antiseptic solutions. Then the vapor barrier and the sheathing are fastened with a construction stapler (self-tapping screws are used at a distance of 70 cm).

    When performing a complex covering of the ceiling with walls, first trim the walls, fix the slats with klyimer. To fix the plastic to the ceiling, use screws or small nails. Connections in the corners are made inside and outside corners. At the final stage, grinding, tinting or painting. Processing imitation timber increases the wear resistance of boards.

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    Exterior paneling

    It must be remembered that the imitation of the timber is used for the ventilated facade and there must be a gap between the lining and the insulation layer. It is possible to fasten panels even on objects from a log or a natural bar. This technology is convenient because it allows you to maintain the original appearance of the building for a long time. Therefore, it is beneficial and rational.

    Open plan in a country house

    When buying a material should consider the main nuances:
    • Humidity level up to 15% (so that the facade does not skew during operation).
    • The presence of grooves. Longer preserved original appearance of the panels.
    • Width is about 100 mm. Siding will look like a bar. With a smaller width of the panel will look cheap, and wider - sloppy.
    • The quality of the castle connection.
    • Smooth, even, no damage and defects.

    Pre-calculate the material with components, measure the walls, openings of windows and doors.

    Stylish kitchen

    Quality panels are not difficult to install. But the work is carried out in strict sequence:
    • Prepare a surface, clearing walls of pollution. They can be treated with antiseptic from pathogenic microflora.
    • Vertical to the base is lathing, fastened with dowels or screws.
    • Quality paro-and thermal insulation keeps within. Insulation attached to the vapor barrier film and it is closed, the glue joints.
    • Fix panels with decorative elements.
    • The facade is fastened with carnations or screws.
    • Cover with antiseptics, varnishes.

    Rustic style

    Attach the panel to the bottom-up direction, the grooves are placed at the bottom. This will prevent moisture from entering. The first bar is set with a level, since the levelness of the surface will depend on its proper installation. Fasteners screwed at a 45-degree angle.

    Work is carried out at a temperature of at least -15 ° C, in dry weather. It is necessary to paint panels only in dry and warm time.

    To extend the life of the facade, lined with strips, should properly care for the surface. It is necessary to periodically coat them with varnish, check for the presence of rotting, fungus and defects.

    With proper laying and care of the coating, imitation of the beam will serve for a long time, not to lose its positive properties and beauty.

    The material is suitable for different styles.

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    Varnish and paint

    The type of protective agent, impregnation and components depends on the conditions of the room. It may be:

    • Room in the room with heating. You can use a simulating beam without careful processing and special impregnations. Material can be varnished.
    • Unheated room (closed veranda, summer room). Need a choice of wood with several layers of antiseptic, drying oil. This will ensure the resistance of the surface to negative impacts.
    • In the bathroom, sauna, bath, where high humidity is characteristic, changing temperatures requires the use of a galvanized profile, the use of special protective compounds.

    Beautiful room for a little princess

    When coloring wood cover with structure of a certain shade.

    Pre-examine the existing range, taking into account the following aspects:
    • Invisible transparent compositions highlight the beauty of wood and retain their original appearance. With the help of such mixtures can be combined shades. These are stain, impregnation, glazes, various varnishes.
    • Colored dyes applied to the primer. Paint can be formulated for interior decoration.

    Regardless of the paint chosen, the surface must be carefully prepared and primed.

    Country chalet

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    Apply simple paint on wood

    Panels treated with a simple solution undergo the usual processing steps. You can apply any paint, including acrylic, alkyd or oil based. The technology includes the following steps:

    • Cleaning the front part of the wall paneling, sandpaper processing.
    • Details are treated with a soft brush, removing dirt from them, treating with an antiseptic. It is better to use colorless formulations in order not to change the color of the applied paint.
    • A primer is applied to the wood.
    • The bar is painted using a roller, brush or spray gun.

    To better highlight certain areas, you can tint the primer. This will evenly apply the final coating.

    Registration office in a country house

    Painting is better to postpone if the room is high humidity or very hot.

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    Use colorless coatings

    Colorless and environmentally friendly liquids have high adhesion. They protect the timber from destruction, emphasize the unique texture. When drying, there is no unpleasant smell and does not require constant air circulation.

    Instead of such compounds, you can use different oils that penetrate into the wood, curing, protecting from the effects of external factors. Such properties are available in a combination of boiled linseed oil, degreaser with varnish.

    Also, a protective film can be created with turpentine, rosin and linseed oil. With the help of organic solutions will be provided protection, emphasize the natural beauty, the steam barrier against the penetration of moisture into the imitation of the beam.

    Classic style living room

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    Textured color

    The advantage of textured dyes is to give the material a special beauty, uniqueness. The texture can be emphasized in different ways:

    • Getting relief contour using a metal brush. She is carried several times along the grain of the wood. As a result, the soft fibers disappear, but the solid ones remain intact. After painting the wood, the crumbs that have appeared are removed with a soft brush and covered with a layer of glaze. The remains of glaze get wet with a sponge, put a transparent varnish.
    • The technique of "bleached" wood is created with a similar finish.. Only with this use white color coating glaze, put it on a colorless varnish, and the residues get wet with a sponge. As a result, small gaps become white, and embossed particles retain a natural shade.
    • Aging under the mechanical influence of the hands, so artificial slight damage appears on the surface.. Facing ground, treated with a chisel to the formation of chips. You can also pierce several times with nails, cause other microtrauma to wood.

    Imitation of a bar in the apartment

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    Some interesting ideas for using false beams

    Now wood paneling allows you to create a design room in the style of a bungalow, a chalet for hunters, connoisseurs of wild nature. Such material allows the use of ethnographic styles that are now particularly popular. Wood trim creates an atmosphere of comfort, comfort, makes the interior restrained and unobtrusive.

    The surface of such panels is flat (in comparison with the block house), so they can handle any room while maintaining the usable area.

    Wood panels are more often mounted in a horizontal way, but the panels can be positioned vertically or at different angles.

    Beautiful design of a country house

    Imitation of a bar allows to receive an eco-friendly interior with the minimum expenses.

    There are several unique solutions for the use of timber:
    • The combination of wood with plaster. The facade can be veneered with different finishes. For example, suitable panels with a layer of plaster. It turns out a house with straight lines, elegant and strict. Its height will increase visually due to the "striped" ornament.
    • The combination of stone with a bar. This is a good combination that can be made in equal proportions. Stone decorations will emphasize the natural finish, the superiority of wooden materials.
    • Full wood trim outside. Anyone can have such a home. The layout is suitable for permanent residence or active recreation. Bar can be trimmed inside and outside in accordance with the exterior and interior.
    • Imitation of the walls of the log. At first it seems that the house is made of round logs, but these are only panels. The technology is simple, it allows to preserve the naturalness of the raw materials used, while maintaining the quality of the structure.

    Use of material for ceiling decoration

    The cost of finishing will depend on the price of false panels, on the complexity of the geometry (the simpler it will be, the lower the labor costs).

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    VIDEO: Beautiful finishes with imitation timber