Types of banquettes for the hallway: with shelves, seat and hanger! 215+ (Photos) The most practical examples of design


Beautiful and functional solution for the design of the apartment will be bench in the hallway with a seat. The product fits neatly even into a small corridor.

We fit into the interior of any hallway

In the process of searching for banquettes, we recommend to take into account the style of the apartment, the size of the room and the color. Having studied in more detail what are the product options, you will be able not to make a mistake when buying and to correctly design the room design.

Previously, the product was designed simply as an oblong bench, which was installed indoors (in the hallway, bedroom or in a large hall). Now it is increasingly common to see the design with a thoughtful to the smallest detail design in the hallway. The design of the stools has changed a lot, as it is increasingly complemented by practical elements in the form of shelves or drawers.

A variant of the long bench, which has been popular since ancient times

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With seat

This bench is suitable for a corridor of any size. The furniture is convenient to use, as it is easy to change the shoes on it or to have a rest after the road for a few minutes. Models, supplemented by a soft seat, can accommodate from one to three people at a time.

Choose a bench with a soft seat is important for the corridor of any size. Forged product with a soft seat looks very much like a small sofa. In such a concise model there are no shelves and drawers, but at the same time, the product still looks with taste.

Seat option - comfortable and practical

The furniture is made of metal, chipboard or MDF. Forged banquettes with a seat ideally complement the interior in the Empire style, Baroque or Provence. Models made of MDF and chipboard, is a versatile version of furniture for any occasion. The seat can be decorated with fabric or leatherette.

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With seat and shelf

A functional solution for the corridor will be a banquette with shelves. The product is made of various materials. It is convenient to use this variant of cabinet furniture for storing shoes.

A very convenient option for storing shoes and things.

Part of the shelves here can be opened and the other half closed.. In the department where the shelves are open it is convenient to store casual shoes. Thanks to this design, it will be possible to maintain order in the room and practically use every centimeter, because the objects will always be in their places. A large design can hold up to 8 pairs of shoes and not look cumbersome at the same time.

The most inventive owners of the dwelling can store not only shoes, but also other items in a banquette with shelves. Aesthetically complement the design will allow books or figurines that can be put on the shelves. Upon entering the apartment, guests can not only use the soft seat to change their shoes, but enjoy the beautifully decorated furniture.

You can sit down and change the shoes comfortably.

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With seat and drawer

Rationally use the area will help this option furniture. This design will allow to hide shoes and other accessories from prying eyes. The room thanks to a bench with a box will look neat.

In modern interiors most often use the box with not hinged doors. We prefer to give preference to models with sliding doors that do not occupy free space.

Thanks to such boxes, the room seems more comfortable.

Board“The apartment will look neater if the color of the banquettes harmonizes with the general background of the room. Neutral shades are suitable for a classic interior. Furniture made in pastel, sandy or beige colors will create a relaxed atmosphere in the corridor.” Experimentalists can choose furniture that combine two opposite shade. The seat and drawers can be made, for example, in white, and the rest of the design in black. Create a bright accent in the room will help the stool of pink, blue or green tones, which will stand out against the general background.

Refresh the interior with bright colors

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C seat and back

When choosing furniture for a spacious hallway, we believe that you can pay attention to a very comfortable model with a back and a seat. Owners of a small home should avoid such a bulky model.. Putting a bench is important not only along the wall, but also to use it for zoning a room.

The most comfortable models are the stools, where the back and the seat are made of soft upholstery. Particular attention to the model with this design should be paid to customers with whom young children or elderly family members live. We recommend to choose a bench with a high back in case the structure will stand against the wall.

We use pillows when there is no soft upholstery

Small pillows - another opportunity to make the product comfortable. They can be made in neutral or contrasting colors. With the help of pillows, a hard back or seat can be made much more comfortable. Visually enlarge the room will help spacious models with a low back and armrests, made at an angle.

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Narrow with seat

We advise that this option be installed in the apartment "Khrushchevka", where every square meter in the account. When the corridor is decorated in the style of minimalism, it is also important to pay attention to this model. A narrow bench will also be appropriate to look in a spacious room.

During the search for such a model, it is important to pay attention to such recommendations:

  • The model should be 35-30 cm wide. Oblong constructions will allow several guests to sit at the same time in comfort.
  • The length of a narrow stool often does not exceed 100 cm. Such dimensions make it possible to install the product in any free section of the corridor and to arrange it with other furniture.
  • The height of the product should be in the range of 40-50 cm. Such bench sizes will allow you to conveniently change the shoes and sit for a few minutes to rest.

Narrow minimalist stool

Board"If there is a small child in the family, then we believe that it will be important to purchase a banquette with a height of less than 40 cm. A low seat will be comfortable for the baby, as he will be able to assemble and change his shoes without the help of his parents."

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Forged construction

At the entrance to the apartment, the wrought-iron furniture will allow you to feel the atmosphere of aristocracy, which will stand out noticeably against the general background. All items here are made of metal. Guests will feel as comfortable as possible at the banquette, where there is a wrought-iron back and armrests.

Forged version with backrest

The presence of the seat and back, in our opinion, will help make the stool more comfortable to use. If the interior of the corridor is decorated in the old style, then this version of the furniture will look organically. Forged furniture will organically decorate the room, but for storage it will not work.

Models with complex patterned plexuses will look expensive and presentable. The bottom shelf in the product is most often made in the form of a lattice.

A bit of aristocratic atmosphere

Choose a design of this type is important for a room in the style:

  • baroque;
  • Empire;
  • Provence;
  • rococo.

A wide selection of metal models will allow you to decorate any hall with taste. The product can be made in the form of an oval or a square or have an openwork pattern. More affordable price for benches that are made by cold rather than hot forging.

The product can be of any shape.

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When the frame is made of metal and the design is completely covered with textiles, then such a product becomes similar to a sofa. There are no drawers or shelves, the design is not suitable for storing shoes. Additional comfort of such a model gives the presence of a soft filler under the upholstery.

No less aesthetic, in our opinion, a bench will look in the apartment, where metal and textiles are used simultaneously. The legs and the back are made of metal, only the seat is made with textiles. Most often, the bottom construction is complemented by one or two metal shelves in the form of a lattice.

Metal bench looks no less impressive

The most successful product on metal legs with a seat (made of artificial leather) will look in such style decisions as loft and hi-tech. The most simple and concise in the interior look flat seats. Adds a stool extra comfort having a soft seat. Metal bottom shelves are suitable for storing everyday shoes.

The presence of metal trim in the decor will give the design additional elegance. The seat can be made of textiles with a flower color. The metal construction is also capable of complementing the baroque corridor. The product will stand out beautifully against the general background and will fit into the rest of the room design.

We add extra elegance to this design.

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Under shoes

Double and triple benches are often additionally equipped with a practical shoe compartment. Single construction is least likely to be made when shelves are activated. The whole family can store shoes in the stools, which are made of different materials (wood, metal, combined models).

Bench under shoes - small and practical

Most often double designs are equipped with one shelf for shoes. In the case of triple or elongated models, partitions can be used. Visually, thanks to partitions, the design does not look so cumbersome.

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White bench

We prefer to give preference to a white banquette when decorating a room in a discreet style. The furniture of a light shade will beautifully fit into the white hall, issued in such style as minimalism. On one side of the room, it is important to install a white wardrobe, and on the other, a banquette.

Perfectly fits into the hallway in white

We recommend using an angular shaped banquette in a room with a classic interior. In addition to the bench, a large corridor is important to supplement with a table, a floor lamp and armchairs. The main thing in arranging a room is to select furniture carefully, so that there is no feeling of cluttering up.

A banquette decorated in two contrasting shades: black and white, red and white will look very beautiful in the hallway.. In a light shade the seat can be made, and the rest of the design in the opposite shade. Black pillows will help create a bright contrast against the white bench. A metal stool made in pure white color will look no less bright against the general background of the room.

You can dilute the white interior with black pillows.

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With hanger

Functional furniture, in our opinion, will be a pouf, to which a hanger is attached. This practical product will allow guests to change their shoes, and also to hang outerwear and a headdress. When the hanger and the bench are made in the same style, it always looks neat and tasteful.

Most organically, this version of the product will fit into the classic hallway. If the product is made of solid wood, then it will look quite noble and elegant. In the process of choosing furniture for the hallway, it is important to consider its size. A compact hanger will complement a room of small size, where it is convenient to hang a few things, a larger hallway will be decorated with a more spacious version of the design.

Option with a hanger in the hallway

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Models with drawers and shelves allow the most practical use of the product and save space in the room. Thanks to a large selection of modifications, furniture can be selected for any living space.

Forged banquettes are considered to be not very practical to use, as they are most relevant to use as a decor. Simple options for the stools (without shelves and hangers) look concise, but not suitable for storage.. Narrow banquettes are considered not too roomy, although their sizes are suitable for small corridors.

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