Built-in kitchens (150+ Photos): How to choose a technique? (fridge, oven, extractor)


Many people decide to order built-in models. They are comfortable, optimally organize the space and have a flawless design. Still do not know what are built-in kitchen? How to choose a technique? What to look for before choosing? Next, we will tell you about everything you need to know before becoming the owner of a built-in kitchen.

Content of this article:

  • What are the types of built-in kitchens?
  • Straight
  • Double row
  • Corner
  • U-shaped
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • What to look for when choosing furniture?
  • How to choose built-in equipment?
  • Cooktop
  • Oven
  • Microwave
  • Fridge
  • Dishwasher
  • VIDEO: Chic options for built-in kitchens
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 150 photos)
  • What are the types of built-in kitchens?
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • What to look for when choosing furniture?
  • How to choose built-in equipment?
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 150 photos)
  • What are the types of built-in kitchens?

    Furniture is selected so that the whole set looks like a single ensemble. To do this, all the lockers and shelves are made in the same style. The elements of the headset are made in the same color scheme.

    Modern kitchen

    For maximum convenience of each family member, the kitchen unit can be arranged in several ways. Among them:

    • straight;
    • double row;
    • corner;
    • in the shape of the letter P.

    Each of these forms has its pros and cons. The main thing is that they comply with all safety rules and ergonomics, they easily cope with the solution of functional and stylistic tasks. Before you dwell on a particular model, you need to take into account the overall interior design, which will fit the kitchen.

    Hi-tech style

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    Placing kitchen furniture along one wall is a classic. This is the easiest way to properly and conveniently organize the space. First installed floor lockers. Then mounted sections are hung on the wall. To save on top, you can place only open shelves.

    BoardIt is better to use the direct form for small rooms. This usually concerns a standard rectangular layout. It will help save precious centimeters in a small room.

    Classic classic straight white kitchen with integrated appliances

    When designing a kitchen unit, it is important to know where the sink will be installed. Typically, the cabinet under the sink is mounted in the corner of the room. Between her and the stove to leave space under the work area. The length of the section in the straight kitchen should not exceed 2.5 meters. If you break this rule, it will become difficult to move between the zones, which will complicate the cooking process.

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    Double row

    Models are installed in rooms that have a large area. They may be square or rectangular. The set is attached along two walls located opposite each other.

    Arrangement of furniture along two parallel walls

    This way of arranging furniture is popular and convenient. It involves a large number of different ways to build sections.

    The most interesting is the one in which a stove, a sink and a work zone are installed along one wall, and a refrigerator and other storage places for food and small household appliances are installed opposite to it.

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    The suite is suitable for a room of any shape, layout and size. Corner kitchen does not take up much space. It contains a lot of useful items that are necessarily present in this room. Furniture is placed in the room in the shape of the letter G along the adjacent walls.

    Corner option

    The angular method of placing the section will allow you to follow the rules of the golden triangle. That is, the stove, sink and refrigerator will be located at a convenient distance from each other. Between them you can place a working area, organize storage for small-sized equipment.

    Corner sections include:

    • hinged lockers;
    • module installed on the floor;
    • corner worktop that mounts on top of floor structures;
    • bedside table under the sink.

    Each of them will help to choose a good version of the layout of sections for each room, even for non-standard planning.

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    In a spacious rectangular or square kitchen is best to install a headset, which is made in the shape of the letter P. It is installed most often in studio apartments or combined premises.

    U-shaped version

    BoardIf you correctly arrange the sections, you can divide the space into functional zones. It looks stylish, and the process of operation is very convenient.

    The layout involves many different storage systems, as well as a large cooking zone.

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    Advantages and disadvantages

    Furniture sets have long been used to optimize the workplace, convenient storage of all small household appliances or utensils. They create a beautiful and cozy atmosphere in the room.

    Loft style

    Built-in kitchens have their strengths and weaknesses. The advantages include:

    • Installed in rooms of any shape, size or layout. The built-in headset is easy to accommodate even in very small or non-standard rooms.
    • A large number of different shapes and shades.
    • The set can consist of any number of sections. It is complemented by wall cabinets and other convenient storage systems that will make full use of the useful space of the room.
    • Built-in kitchen is made to order. This is the only way to simultaneously take into account the wishes of the landlord, as well as the layout of the room.
    • The furniture is suitable for different designs. It is made in any known styles.
    • The kitchen has simple ways of fixing, so installing furniture does not take much time or effort.

    It must be remembered that every furniture has its drawbacks.. One person will not pay attention to them, and for another, these shortcomings will play a major role in the final decision. The weaknesses of the integrated kitchen include:

    • It is difficult to choose the desired model among a large number of different shapes and colors.
    • Not all materials will last a long time.
    • Built-in models can not be transported from apartment to apartment. Usually they are made for a specific room.
    • The more various storage systems are involved in the project, the more expensive it is.

    In brown

    Before choosing a built-in headset, you need to look at the style of the room, as well as the apartment. It is better to take material and all accessories for furniture from reliable suppliers. Only in this way you can be sure that the kitchen will serve faithfully for a long time.

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    What to look for when choosing furniture?

    Modern built-in headsets are installed so as to provide space for each household appliance. There are different types of segments. Each of them performs a specific task.. The most common modules include:

    • shelves;
    • drawers;
    • mobile systems;
    • hidden storage locations;
    • cells for the installation of large machinery.

    Fitted kitchen 6 square.

    Each of these elements helps to properly organize the work area. This brings order to all horizontal surfaces, which creates an atmosphere of cleanliness and comfort in the room.

    Modules suitable for all kitchens. For example, for straight or corner built-in headsets. They can be linked together, creating unique models. The main thing is to make a functional, roomy, beautiful and easy-to-use kitchen. Each area of ​​the room will be maximally loaded with the fulfillment of important space planning tasks.

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    How to choose built-in equipment?

    Each modern kitchen has a large number of large and small appliances. They will help you quickly prepare and preserve each dish for a long time.

    Headset must take into account the size of all household appliances

    Built-in kitchen set involves the installation of a certain technique. Most of them are securely hidden behind the facades. Therefore, devices can be chosen not by attractiveness, but by functionality. This technique includes:

    • fridge;
    • dishwasher.

    The main thing for them is to find an interesting cabinet door that will securely hide the device from prying eyes. This effect makes the kitchen much more comfortable and visually spacious.

    Corner option in dark color

    The remaining devices must be chosen, given the appearance of the models. Among them:

    • oven;
    • Microwave oven;
    • Washer.
    BoardThe headset must take into account the size of all household appliances that will be installed in it. Any discrepancy will be strongly striking.

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    This is a modern alternative to old bulky slabs. The hob has a lot of plus in comparison with the traditional model. It is installed on the tabletop, forming with it a single surface on which there are no gaps or irregularities. This leads to such advantages as:

    • attractiveness;
    • the furniture is easy to clean, which keeps it clean;
    • neat look;
    • it takes up little space, which allows you to place an oven or convenient storage system under the appliances.

    Art Nouveau

    BoardThe main thing before ordering a headset is to think about a place for the power cable, as well as take the hose through which gas will be supplied to the equipment.

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    The main advantage of technology is to install in a convenient location. It does not depend on where the hob is. Very often, the oven is mounted in a high cupboard or niche. From the outside, only the device door and control panel are visible.. It can be mechanical or sensory. It depends on the model of technology.

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    A few years ago, built-in models were not as popular as they are today. Now especially for them provide niches and shelves. The main thing is that they are at a convenient height. That is, at the level of the hand.

    When an ordinary microwave oven is on the table or on the windowsill, it steals too much useful space.. Visually, it looks bulky and inappropriate. Therefore, many people prefer integrated models.

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    Each manufacturer has a model of built-in refrigerator. You no longer need to think where to hide the equipment with two or three cameras. They are easily hidden behind the facades of modern built-in kitchen. Due to this, the overall dimensions of the equipment will not be able to violate the integrity of unity in space.

    From the side it will look that there is no major equipment in the kitchen. All furniture doors and facades will look exactly the same. This will help a large refrigerator to simply dissolve in space.

    Making a narrow room

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    Every woman wants to shift from her shoulders at least some of the responsibilities. Therefore, the idea of ​​installing a dishwasher in the kitchen is practically the key to family happiness. In most cases, the equipment is an integrated model that is fairly easy to hide behind the kitchen fronts.

    For the built-in kitchen to serve for a long time, you need to choose for it only high-quality materials and reliable fittings.

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    VIDEO: Chic options for built-in kitchens