Wooden bed as a means of improving well-being. Kids, bunk, double - features of use and choice


Bed - the main attribute of any bedroom. If you value comfort, then definitely prefer to buy a sleeper from wood to the bedroom. What should I look for when buying? What are the most popular beds? How to determine the size and whether you need to know the formula comfortable bed? Do not miss further in our article.

Content of this article:

  • Features of use
  • The advantages of wooden furniture
  • What should I look for?
  • Which cots are the most popular?
  • Bed-frame
  • With lifting mechanism
  • Double from one and a half meters and more
  • Solid wood
  • From logs
  • From MDF, hardboard, chipboard
  • Transforming bed
  • Bed-podium
  • Lifting structures
  • Where better to buy beds?
  • How to determine the size of the furniture?
  • Formula comfortable bed
  • Bed with your own hands
  • Assembly stages
  • VIDEO: We update the outdated interior with the help of beds
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 140 photos)
  • Features of use
  • Which cots are the most popular?
  • Where better to buy beds?
  • How to determine the size of the furniture?
  • Bed with your own hands
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 140 photos)
  • Features of use

    It is enough to plunge into the soft embrace of an ordinary bed to look fresh and healthy throughout the day. You should not be surprised, because a full sleep is considered a pledge of well-being and appearance.

    Therefore, it is recommended to take seriously the choice of furniture for rest, focusing on the key element of the bedroom set.

    The tree bed is durable, reliable

    A comfortable bed is necessary for a good sleep and rest, otherwise constant back pain and dark circles under the eyes will be eternal companions.

    Follow the selection criteria for selection, given the size, material, functionality, design.

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    The advantages of wooden furniture

    One of the main issues that concern customers is the type of material from which the product is made. In the matter of choosing the material, be picky and scrupulous, since the quality of night rest depends on the choice.

    • At the peak of the popularity of the bed of wood. The products have a number of undeniable advantages.
    • There are a lot of wooden models. They are different in color, varieties.
    • Products from mahogany, oak are the most expensive. A bed of pine and other coniferous trees exude a pleasant smell that creates a special atmosphere in the bedroom.
    • The undeniable advantage of wooden models is durability, as well as the possibility of multiple collection and analysis.

    A comfortable bed is necessary for a good sleep and rest.

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    What should I look for?

    When choosing a place to rest, you should consider one basic rule; bedroom furniture is usually updated no more than once in 10 years.

    Attention should be paid to the strength, resistance to rocking.

    One of the best options is considered to be solid wood. This natural material is not only of high quality, but is environmentally friendly.

    Solid wood looks nobly in the interior of the bedroom, it can become a bright decoration in the interior of the bedroom and will serve for many years to its owners.

    Stylish solution for a country house

    Of course, such material is now considered expensive, but the positive qualities of the array are worth it.

    A bed made of wood will last a long time to its owners. To date, wooden bed at the peak of popularity

    Carved patterns can easily fit into a classic interior, will be appropriate in the Scandinavian modern style, look perfect in a romantic design like vintage or patchwork.

    It is also worth noting that, despite its weightless design, such beds are distinguished by high strength and durability.

    In white color

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    Which cots are the most popular?

    The market is filled with products from MDF. This material has numerous advantages and an affordable price, therefore, has become the most common.

    However, furniture is made of chipboard, veneer, plywood, wood and other materials.

    The manufacturer can offer the customer various options:

    • unpainted;
    • toned;
    • smooth veneer.

    With it, you can achieve natural shades.

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    The budget option is the frame bed. You can even install it on an uneven surface, because the legs are height adjustable.

    The budget option is frame bed

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    With lifting mechanism

    • This design is convenient to install in a narrow bedroom, because it provides easy access to the laundry compartment.
    • The lifting mechanism has a smooth ride, due to which you do not have to exert great physical strength when opening it.
    • This bed can be called multifunctional and comfortable.
    • Some parents like the loft bed, with which you can organize a work space for your child.

    Many models are made with desks and sports equipment. What bed do you need?

    Bed with lifting mechanism

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    Double from one and a half meters and more

    Despite certain standards, the consumer can choose the width of a berth, which depends on age, a comfortable sleeping position and even climate, because the hotter the region, the wider the bed should be.

    Practically all modern furniture factories make beds under the individual order of the client. This takes into account not only the size, but also can be to create a unique design.

    For such beds it is easy to choose a furniture set of any size, size, design and other design features, including elegant double beds.

    Double models from solid wood can be purchased not in every furniture salon.

    Two-bedroom option

    In addition, often in furniture stores there is a very modest assortment of these goods.

    To provide the buyer with a wide choice of double beds, it is necessary to use large retail spaces. And not every salon can afford it, therefore, more and more often double beds are purchased on the Internet - in virtual furniture stores.

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    Solid wood

    Double bed made of solid wood, in furniture production and is particularly popular among demanding consumers.

    Especially beautiful loungers of wood and boards look in the interior in the style of eco or ethno, and will also be an indispensable attribute in a country house or in the country.

    Idea of ​​a guest room

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    From logs

    Unfortunately, the classic design is not combined with such natural material as a log and are unlikely to be appropriate in a traditional room.

    If the user likes to experiment and mix styles, then log beds can be combined with glass and wrought iron elements.

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    From MDF, hardboard, chipboard

    Sleeping furniture made of MDF, fiberboard or particleboard is the most common option among other more reliable materials.

    In contrast to the above products, such models are inferior in reliability, but it is much cheaper.

    Moreover, the bed, made of this material, quickly loosened, creaks, and very quickly come into disrepair. But if this furniture is purchased for a short time or is used very rarely, this economy option is the ideal solution.

    Children's room idea

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    Transforming bed

    In addition to common classical designs, the double bed, thanks to bold design ideas, has become a multifunctional furniture product that not only serves as a convenient and comfortable place for a good rest, but is also a spacious wardrobe or easily turns into a regular dresser or wardrobe.

    The built-in transformer bed is an ideal solution for small premises and studio apartments.

    This furniture with a flick of the wrist turns into a compact bookcase or home bar. It takes up very little space and is a kind of know-how in the production of original furniture.

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    Bed-podium in contrast to the transformed and traditional models occupy a lot of space in the bedroom. But unlike their furniture congeners, they are considered a practical and convenient option, because they can solve the problem of storing things thanks to a roomy niche.

    A catwalk bed with several steps looks really unusual in a bedroom, and each step is a drawer for personal items and even for pastel linen. Return to the menu

    Lifting structures

    A lifting bed with a gas lift mechanism is another great option for practical people. And although it is no different from the classic design of this furniture, but the spacious niche that forms when lifting the frame is an ideal place to store bulk items.

    Bed-podium in the interior

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    Where better to buy beds?

    All lovers of quality furniture is known, in order to make an excellent purchase, you must choose reputable online stores. How to identify it among thousands of different resources?

    The presence of a wide range of branded products, decent work experience, and warranty will be proof that you are the true leader of the furniture market.

    Furniture salons will be the best choice, because here the buyer will not only meet all the above described signs, but will also be pleasantly surprised by the price level.

    Creative bed design

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    How to determine the size of the furniture?

    Buyers are faced with the problem of the dimensions of sleeping sets. It is rather difficult to choose a quality item that would fit perfectly in size.

    It is very important to determine in advance the size of the product. A bed bought in a hurry may turn out to be larger than the space of the room allows, or vice versa, small so that it can accommodate two people. Return to menu

    Formula comfortable bed

    To avoid any inconvenience, it is necessary to correctly calculate the size of the future bed, resorting to a very simple formula.

    In modern style

    • But before proceeding to the calculations, you should know that the length of a standard bed is from about 2 meters to 2.2, but experts are sure that in order to feel comfortable during sleep, you should add another 20 cm to your height.
    • With this calculation, the sleeper will not experience the discomfort associated with lack of space.
    • As for the width of the product, sleeping beds can be divided into several types:

    Single with a calculation of 90cm. widths up to one meter.

    One and a half from one meter to one and a half or not much more.

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    Bed with your own hands

    Now is not a problem to buy a bed. If you calculate the cost of boards, screws, accessories, it will be cheaper to buy.

    It often happens that there are boards on the farm, it’s a pity to throw them away, you can make a bed with your own hands and buy a good mattress

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    Assembly stages

    First you need to decide on the height of the bed. A 20 mm thick front panel is cut out of plywood. The form can be drawn any.

    • The edges are processed by grinding, you can fix the sandpaper on the bar and process it in this way.
    • Next, cut two lining jigsaw and a half cm smaller than the external size of the shield. Next, the shield and the lining are processed by the cutter. This procedure can be done sandpaper, fixed on the bar.
    • Next, the edges of the panel and all overlays are sanded. Then the edges are treated with stain, the middle will be further closed. To close the middle joint of two pads of thickness 10 mm, another pad is made.
    • Using the jigsaw need to cut the rear flap. The shape and size you can do what you want.
    • On the flap cutter sneaks a groove, the edges are machined with a semicircular cutter.
    • The shield on both sides is covered with stain, then, after drying, it is treated with sandpaper, a pattern is highlighted and the total area is ground slightly.
    • Two sidewalls are cut with a fretsaw, they are machined at the edges with a cutter. Next, the pads are installed in place, outlines the contours with a pencil, foam rubber will be pasted along the line. Vinyl sheet and skin can be used.
    • The skin fits into place, then the pattern is made, outlined with a pencil. Retreating one and a half centimeters across the entire pattern, add 1.5 cm.
    • In the external pattern will fit the skin. Stapler cut foam rubber sewn to the plywood.
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