Chandeliers in the bedroom interior (190+ Photos) - How to choose a bright modern design element for a peaceful atmosphere?


Many design techniques originally transform the room, making it more comfortable and cozy. Interesting ceiling lamps, an unexpected combination of lamps and sconces, competent placement of lamps. By choosing the chandelier in the bedroom can not be frivolous - because it creates a mood in the room and the atmosphere in which it is easy to fall asleep and relax comfortably. Everything is more detailed later in the article.

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  • Chandelier subtleties
  • How to take into account the parameters of the room?
  • Forms and fixtures fixtures
  • Types of lamps for lamps
  • Chandeliers in the interior
  • Minimalism and high tech
  • Provence room
  • Timeless classics
  • Scandinavian calm
  • Pompous Baroque
  • Ways of combining fixtures
  • VIDEO: How to make the right choice?
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 190 photos)
  • Chandelier subtleties
  • How to take into account the parameters of the room?
  • Types of lamps for lamps
  • Chandeliers in the interior
  • Ways of combining fixtures
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 190 photos)
  • Chandelier subtleties

    Before you buy a particular model, it is advisable to learn more about its technical characteristics:

    • ways to control the power of the lamp. This is possible when installing a multi-track product (when one / two lights are turned on separately or all at once). Another resistance switch can smoothly change the brightness of the lighting;
    • ammunition parameters (diameter, material, limiting temperature of heating). This information is useful when choosing incandescent bulbs;
    • power consumption is especially important for savings. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase models in which energy-saving lamps are installed.

    First find out the specifications

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    How to take into account the parameters of the room?

    Chandeliers should organically fit into the bedrooms of any size. For a large room, they usually acquire a massive model in order to preserve the proportions visually. Dimensional lamp harmoniously complement a spacious environment. And in a small room it is cumbersome, even if the original chandelier will attract too much attention to itself and visually emphasize its modest dimensions.

    We take into account the parameters of the room

    Therefore, when buying a lamp, designers suggest paying attention to several points:

    • the choice of model depends on the height of the ceiling. In low rooms it is recommended to install a ceiling chandelier so that when moving you do not have to be afraid of hitting it. A pendant lamp will accentuate the height of the ceiling and visually add room to the room;
    • the location of the bed especially matters in rectangular rooms or rooms of irregular shape. Designers offer to mount the chandelier directly above the bed. To solve this issue is necessary at the stage of repairing the bedroom. And it is implied that it is not planned to change the location of the bed until the next repair.

    Square bedrooms are rare. The standard layout of apartments - rooms of rectangular shape.

    Square room option

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    Forms and fixtures fixtures

    The bedroom is first of all the cozy restroom hidden from prying eyes. Therefore, too elaborate chandeliers rarely buy. If the room performs several functions (living room / bedroom, children's room / bedroom), then the acquisition of an unusual designer lamp is fully justified. Such a model can emphasize a non-standard interior of a room, take part in its zoning.

    Heavy dimensional structures made of metal or wood can visually suppress their appearance. Even in a spacious, large room, where the lamp seems to be "in its place", it may be uncomfortable to sleep under it. If you don't want to part with a thing, you can simply put the bed in a different way.

    Many people choose lamps of this type.

    Given the different parameters of the rooms, manufacturers offer several options for organizing central lighting in the bedroom. Common are ceiling and pendant chandeliers:

    • ceiling lights are mounted on the ceiling surface, and they are best suited for low bedrooms. The luminous flux can be directed both up and down (depending on the type of ceiling). Models differ in size, shape, materials. Easy to pick up a chandelier for any interior;
    • pendant lamps are chosen for spacious rooms with high ceilings, because the ceiling and lamp shades are attached to the ceiling with cables, special cords. Interesting models that regulate the length of the suspension. This is one of the ways to change the brightness of the lighting. Beautifully decorated spacious bedroom can be elongated chandeliers, in which several lampshades are fixed in a row.

    Additional lamps placed on the ceiling

    The most affordable brightness control option is to install incandescent lamps of a certain type and power.

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    Types of lamps for lamps

    Thanks to different types of lamps, you can create in the room lighting of different brightness and mood:

    • Traditional incandescent bulbs create soft diffused light. Due to the fact that they get very hot - they are not screwed into plastic, fabric ceiling;
    • halogen is not recommended for use in the bedroom. Too cold light does not give the room comfort and creates a "lifeless" atmosphere;
    • Fluorescent is very popular and in demand due to its economy. Although the lighting from such lamps also looks somewhat cold. Textile lampshades, matt shades of warm colors help to soften this effect.

    For lovers of minimalism

    LED lamps create relaxing, quiet lighting in the bedroom. The advantage is a wide range of light, allowing you to create the right environment in the room. A serious disadvantage of LED lamps is the high price.

    The central lighting in the bedroom has both supporters and opponents. Convincing arguments are presented on both sides.

    Central lighting has many advantages.

    The main advantages of installing the lamp in the center:

    • You can always rearrange the furniture, without regard to the chandelier. After all, comfortable zone lighting is easy to create with floor lamps, bedside sconces;
    • large model range. Easy to pick up the product for any interior;
    • the big range at the different prices.

    The main disadvantage of the central chandelier is the uneven illumination of the large room area. As the distance from the center, the brightness of the light will decrease. Installing additional lamps - the best solution.

    Chandelier with lamps - the best option

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    Chandeliers in the interior

    You can choose a model that organically fits into the situation, not visually standing out in the bedroom. Or the lamp will become a bright design element. If you liked a multi-colored chandelier, then it is desirable that in the setting, decoration of the room some shades of the lampshade / ceiling be repeated.

    Chandelier - a bright design element

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    Minimalism and high tech

    Harmonious conciseness - a suitable characteristic of the interior. When choosing a bedroom decor, preference is given to objects of simple shapes, devoid of bright decor. The room is usually free from unnecessary items. Bed, wardrobe, bedside tables - the set of furniture, which is enough. When creating a color palette cost in three colors, mostly light shades (white, sand, light brown, gray).

    The main recommendations of designers on the choice of chandeliers and lamps:

    • The hidden lighting system built into the suspended ceilings looks original. She is not visible and does not distract attention from the situation. Such light sources can be located around the perimeter of the room or installed in a specific place;
    • chandeliers have strict geometric shapes. Non-standard balloons in the form of balloons give the bedroom an original look. More traditional are chandeliers with square, rectangular shapes;
    • fixtures are selected light shades. Acceptable palette - beige, white, gray shades. Fans of non-standard solutions will definitely like chandeliers with black shades;
    • The "technicality" of the high-tech style emphasizes models with chrome elements.

    Hi-tech style

    For a small bedroom, a single ceiling chandelier with a glass frosted glass shade of square or rectangular shape is enough. If the room is spacious, then the multi-track chandelier will look great on a simple base with round shades in the form of balls, cones or cylinders. If the room has a wardrobe with clothes, it is advisable to install a suspended ceiling. To well illuminate the bed area, places near the storage system.

    Minimalism looks no less beautiful

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    Provence room

    Natures dreamy like a bedroom, decorated in a cozy, peaceful rustic style. Soft diffused light will create a relaxing, calm atmosphere. Naturally, the chandelier is worthy to become a highlight of the room.

    Distinctive features of the interior:

    • natural materials are used for decoration and furnishing;
    • the color scheme consists of pastel shades;
    • floral designs are welcome;
    • there are elements of antiquity (artificially aged things).

    Provence style

    What chandeliers fit in rustic style:

    • models created from multiple materials. Wrought base and porcelain ceiling. Or a wooden frame on which is attached a textile shade. Moreover, the base (wood, forged metal, bronze / brass) make them massive and they may look somewhat rough. Porcelain, textiles, glass, and ceramics are used for the manufacture of lamp shades and plafonds;
    • The traditional flower range of lamps: sand, olive, pale blue, white, lavender, powder-pink, milky. Naturally, the lamp should support the background of the bedroom. Provencal style involves a combination of several shades. Therefore, chandeliers look original in combination of a neutral background and bright elements in the form of floral patterns. Harmonious color duets: white / green, milk / blue, sand / lavender.

    Traditional lamp in yellow

    Suspended chandeliers with one or more shades are suitable for a spacious bedroom. The classic version is a white / black forged metal frame and several porcelain shades decorated with floristic motifs.. Or one lamp with a textile shade, decorated with lace, ruffles, frills or fringe.

    For a small room with a low ceiling ceiling chandelier fit. Glass, fabric ceilings are fixed on small metal or wooden planks. It is necessary to take into account that the brightness of the bedroom lighting depends on the transparency of the ceiling.

    The bedroom interior can be decorated solemnly elegantly (bright colors and dark furniture) or exquisitely pacified (light furniture and pastel colors).

    Ceiling chandelier for a small room

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    Timeless classics

    Features of the style: natural finishing materials, exquisite decoration of objects (mirrors in frames with stucco molding, curtains with lambrequins, plafond painting). The main shades of the interior are light pastel colors (sand, cream), natural colors (olive, blue, terracotta). And the chandeliers for the classic interior are selected corresponding:

    • materials are used only luxurious and expensive. Most often it is wood, metal (silver, bronze, brass, gilding), natural glass, crystal. Lamp shades can be sewn from expensive fabrics;
    • for the products of the conservative type, metal / wooden bases of clear simple lines are typical, round ceiling lamps are matte or transparent;
    • The magnificence of crystal chandeliers cannot be denied. The magic twinkle of pendants will give the setting a solemn, festive look;
    • floral design in the ceiling looks easy and unusual. Such models give the atmosphere a homely calm mood.

    Classic version

    Bulk multi-track chandeliers look best in spacious bedrooms with high ceilings. The possibility of a separate inclusion of several or all lamps will allow you to adjust the brightness of the lighting. An excellent option would be to install a resistance switch.

    Large selection of models allows you to choose a chandelier with a classic look and for a small bedroom. In a room with low ceilings fit a ceiling product with one horn. Most often, the ceiling is made in the form of a flat plate, installed with the convex side down.

    Volume multi-chandelier

    BoardFor rooms with suspended ceilings, it is desirable to select a chandelier with LED lamps, the ceiling of which is directed downward or to the side. Return to the menu

    Scandinavian calm

    Elegant, simple, home Scandinavian style gets more and more fans and connoisseurs. And this is not surprising. Rooms decorated in white, pastel colors do not look at all faceless and cold due to bright accents (elegant pillows, rugs, paintings, lampshades). Interesting details should be a bit to the interior did not get motley or flashy. Welcome details, decorated with pink, blue, green paints.

    Elegant Scandinavian style

    The original style is complemented by matching chandeliers:

    • Models are created from natural materials: metal, wood, textiles, paper, glass. Interesting chandeliers are obtained by combining textures (metal / wood, textile / wood), and not shades;
    • Lamps of simple designs, one might even say primitive, look elegant and versatile. Laconic forms are welcome, without fanciful elements: metallic cone-shaped ceiling lamps, linen lampshades;
    • preserves the natural surface texture of wooden elements (beech, birch, walnut).

    White color dominates the Scandinavian interiors. Therefore, the bedrooms are light, spacious. This is a suitable shade for the design of a small room.. In order not to lose the light, lamps are mounted with open shades, pointing sideways or down.

    White bedroom in the Scandinavian style

    A chandelier with a large frosted glass shade that looks like a crepe paper will accentuate the laconic nature of the furniture and give the bedroom its originality.

    In a small bedroom you can place a few hanging lamps with cone-shaped textile shades. To make the lighting easy to control, install a switch that allows operation of one lamp or several.

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    Pompous Baroque

    This style is especially liked by people creative, aristocratic. The interior is striking chic and luxury. Spacious rooms are decorated with rich fabrics, valuable materials and furniture, decorated with gold. A varied entourage in the form of statues, candelabra, expensive curtains, mirrors in patterned frames is welcomed. The basis of the palette is burgundy, green, purple shades. Magnificent chandeliers highlight the sophistication of the bedroom:

    • impressive metal (bronze, gilding, silver) models are decorated with crystal pendants;
    • somewhat restrained look products with fabric shades. Such pendant chandeliers can also decorate crystal pendants of various shapes and sizes;
    • if there are no plans to make the chandelier the center of attention, then a model with frosted shades resembling inverted plates would be an excellent choice. The twist and carved elements of the bases become the highlight of such lamps.

    Ceiling decoration of a huge and beautiful chandelier


    The rich decoration of the bedroom will complement the ceiling, decorated with stucco. And the professionals claim that such a decor (made of polyurethane) can be attached even to suspended structures. The magnificent ensemble of bas-relief and crystal chandeliers will give the bedroom a special aristocracy and sophistication.

    Owners of modest-sized bedrooms can look at ceiling chandeliers with a flat metal base, decorated with a short crystal fringe. The Busch chandelier, in which a volume crystal ceiling lamp is attached to a flat metal base, has an unusual appearance.

    Such chandeliers are equipped with halogen lamps. Thanks to the remote controls, it is easy to adjust the brightness of the light. Therefore, the lamp is also a central lamp and a night light.

    A lot of light does not happen

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    Ways of combining fixtures

    Apartments in which rooms are illuminated with one chandelier are rarely found. In the bedroom sometimes make out a working area, or create a small reading area. When installing multiple lamps, the room is easy to arrange areas with different levels of lighting.Small sconces, compact floor lamps make the bedroom a homely cozy, bring an atmosphere of tranquility, peace of mind.

    Light sources are formed by three types of lamps:

    • central. To illuminate a small room is enough one chandelier. And in the spacious bedroom sometimes there are two chandeliers and both are considered central;
    • local lamps create comfortable lighting in certain areas. Most often, sconces or lamps are fixed near the head of the bed or placed on the bedside table. If a dressing table is installed in the room, then the best lighting for the mirror will be sconces fixed on the sides of the frame. Designers offer the original design of the mirror - they fix LED strip along its perimeter. The advantage of this technique is that it is not necessary to specifically select the lamp in the kit to the chandelier. In the recreation area near the chair it makes sense to put a floor lamp - it is convenient to use and the pages of books will be clearly visible. Such lamps illuminate only a small area of ​​the square. Therefore, sitting in a chair, you can safely read a magazine, without interfering with the sleep of another family member;
    • decorative help to visually zone a room. This is especially valuable for one-room apartments, where one room performs several functions (living room, bedroom, work corner, children’s room).

    For small rooms, such a lamp is enough.

    An interesting option is when the square ceiling chandelier and lamps with round lampshades are made of the same material (glass, textiles). So that buyers do not suffer from a choice, manufacturers produce collections of lamps and chandeliers.

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