Stylish, Comfort and Beauty (170+ Photos): interior in black and white (living room, bedroom, kitchen)


Decorated in white and black colors, the interior is unusual and extravagant. These contrasting colors attract the attention of everyone who crossed the threshold of the apartment. Find out how this contrast can permanently change the habitual and gray days of your interior further in the article in more detail.

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  • Living room
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  • Bedroom
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  • Black, white and red
  • Bathroom
  • Curtains
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  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Wallpaper
  • Black, white and red
  • Bathroom
  • Curtains
  • Floor tiles
  • Interior ceiling
  • Lighting
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 170 photos)
  • Kitchen

    The combination of black and white in the interior of the kitchen is considered a universal option. These colors will look good in a small and cozy kitchen space, as well as in spacious dining rooms and kitchens occupying a large area.

    Universal option in the interior

    Black and white are considered the basis for a classic interior. Monochrome colors help create stylish interiors. Light shades bring fresh notes to the living space. Rich black creates a dynamic, incomparable contrast with soothing pastel tones.

    Properly applying monochrome tones, we help our clients correct existing room deficiencies. The right combination of black and white helps the client to visually expand the small kitchen, make it more spacious.. Contrast tones are chosen for the interior of the room in which you need to slightly raise the excessively low ceiling in the room.

    Visually expand the space

    Without knowing the basic rules for the effective use of colors, a person who uses a dark and light tone when planning a room can make gross mistakes.

    And then the room will be badly perceived. Illiterately chosen combination of colors can act irritably on people who spend most of their time in it.

    Properly select a combination

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    Tips from our designers

    When designing the kitchen in black and white, we recommend that you take into account the advice of our designers. It is considered impractical to use these two colors in equal proportions. The use of dark shades in the kitchen can also spoil the impression. If you ignore this recommendation, the created space may turn out to be gloomy and dull.

    The winning base option is white. Especially it will be necessary in the following situations:

    • If the kitchen area is too small, the white tones visually expand the space.
    • If there is insufficient natural light in the room: white surfaces have the ability to reflect light particles and make the room brighter.
    • In the absence of time for daily cleaning of the kitchen, white will become a real helper. Spots and dust are more visible on glossy black surfaces.

    When black is dominant

    When using too much white, dark accents in the room will not be visible. The lack of necessary contrasts will make the room boring and of little interest.

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    Living room

     What advantages will have a living room, decorated in black and white:

    • The stylish elegance of the living room gives the use of monochrome tones. In its interior fits "wall", made of birch or other valuable wood, painted in black or white.
    • By adding a few bright accents, you can get a very cozy room in which family members and invited people will often gather. The correct combination of white stretch ceiling, wallpaper of light colors with good dark furniture creates a unique comfort and style in the room.
    • A guest room with a high white ceiling, light wallpaper with a dark pattern is perceived easily and weightlessly. Despite this, the living room does not lose its thoroughness.
    • The interior of the living room, dominated by light shades, relaxes a person after a long working day. In the bright living room, a person feels harmony and security.
    • Contrasts, which are black and white, emphasize the unusual details of the living room. Dark furniture looks expensive and elegant in such a room. Monochrome posters help refresh the interior and highlight its individuality.

    With high white ceiling

    The choice of white and black colors for interior design is usually reserved for non-standard personalities and people with good taste. Owners of such interiors are not ready to go unnoticed.

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    Posters, in the manufacture of which the contrasting colors of white and black are used, possess special magic. According to psychologists, monochrome scenes can affect the mood of a person. Posters made in these tones evoke positive emotions. This fact may seem surprising, because the basis of the images of the posters are two contrasting monochrome.

    Monochrome scenes for design

    Looking at these posters, human fantasy begins to work actively. The brain adds all the missing colors to revitalize the painted picture. Achromatic colors do not distract a person’s thoughts from a plot or object drawn on a poster. These shades only emphasize all the important points that were conceived by the designer when creating the picture.

    A selection of posters in black and white colors are reserved for extraordinary personalities. Such people follow the fashion in the interior. They like to surround themselves with non-standard things that carry a complex semantic load.

    Posters can add zest

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    When choosing a bedroom interior you need to get away from using a large number of gloomy tones. According to psychologists, dark colors worsen the emotional state of people and do not contribute to healthy sleep. The owners of the premises in such a bedroom will regularly feel causeless anxiety, which will interfere with good rest.

    We recommend using a large amount of light colors in the bedroom interior. To make the room airy and weightless it is necessary to choose wallpaper of soft pastel colors, light flowing curtains, laminate from light wood. Well in such a bedroom will look dark furniture, but it should not be too much.

    It is better to use more light colors.

    To ensure a healthy sleep in the bedroom, for which black furniture is chosen, you need to take into account a few design tips:

    • With a dark bed will be well combined bedding shades that match the color of the bedroom wallpaper.
    • Above the bed of dark colors it is good to mark several family black and white photographs or small posters with a pacifying plot.
    • An unusual kind of room with a dark bed will give a special light, which is set to frame the perimeter of the place to sleep.
    • When choosing a dark color laminate in the bedroom is good to choose curtains, the color of which will match in color with the floor of the room. This decision will allow the owners to emphasize the unified style in which the interior of the bedroom was created.

    Add some brightness

    If you follow these tips, you can create a relaxed atmosphere for quick relaxation in the room to sleep.

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    The combination of black and white wallpaper will help to give the image of the room dynamism and vivid contrast. These colors give the room a simple elegance. And you can, on the contrary, add funny notes to the style of the room with the help of wallpaper in contrasting tones.

    We give room dynamism

    When choosing a wallpaper, we advise you to pay attention to the following nuances:

    • If a dark base prevails in the wallpaper, then they visually narrow the room. It is advisable to select such wallpaper for rooms occupying a large area. Spacious living rooms, classic bedrooms and dining rooms, decorated in this style, amaze with luxury and elegance.
    • The predominance of white over black visually expands the room. Light colors make the room brighter and more joyful.
    • Small patterns on black and white wallpaper will play a minor role in the holistic perception of the room. Such a pattern merges, and the wallpaper is perceived in one main color.
    • Details of the pattern of medium size will be in discord with posters or paintings in the room. Decorators recommend using wallpaper with a small pattern for pasting small rooms. Such motives do not attract attention, and the image of the room is perceived more holistically.
    • We recommend using large patterns on wallpaper only for large areas. Large motives are perceived as separate parts of the room.

    When choosing wallpaper pay attention to many details.

    If desired, you can combine several types of wallpaper for pasting one room. The room in which the combination of wallpaper with a pattern and without it is used looks impressive.

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    Black, white and red

    The use of three colors in the interior is considered a non-standard solution. Bright red color goes well with both white and black. If the harmony of three colors is found, then the room will look stylish and festive.

    Beautiful harmony of three colors

    How to harmoniously combine white, black, red indoors:

    • When planning the interior you need to choose one color as the basis. The basic shade should be applied on approximately 70% of the area. If you distribute the three colors in equal proportions, then being in the room will cause anxiety or apathy.
    • Saturated scarlet color in the room looks beautiful and spectacular. It may be quite a bit, but it is important to try to repeat one red color in several interior details.
    • If dominance of the red tone is conceived in one part of the room, then in the other part it should not be used at all.
    • In order to create a spectacular black and white red interior, it is not necessary to paint the walls red or use red wallpaper. It is enough to dilute the existing interior with beautiful accessories in red. They can be: sofa cushions, paintings and posters, wall clocks or carpet flooring.
    • The noble gray color will help to dilute the black and white interior, which added a bright red.

    Auxiliary gray

    A room decorated with black, red and white always attracts the attention of everyone who has stepped over its threshold. The spectacular combination of these colors is often used in the work of designers and creators of furniture catalogs.

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    To achieve the right combination of monochromes in the design of the bathroom is not easy. A room may seem dull or dull with an excess or lack of a certain color.

    Use black as base

    To make the right choice, we recommend:

    • The bathroom of small size and low ceiling should be framed mainly in white.
    • Dark tones can be used to highlight beautiful or unusual forms of plumbing. Gray or silver accessories and light furniture are well suited for the bathroom, decorated in black and white colors.
    • Mirror surfaces and partitions made of original colored glass will give a special effect to the room.
    • White glossy stretch ceiling will help to successfully hide the shortcomings of the interior decoration or the structures used in it.
    • Black can be used as a base in large bathrooms. In such rooms not only separate elements, but also whole parts of the room can be dark. In spacious rooms, dramatic black color is used for interior decoration of walls and floors.

    Bathroom with colorful floral decoration

    Monochrome colors go well with almost all shades of the color spectrum. Therefore, to revitalize the interior of the bathroom in black and white, it is enough to use any colorful accessory, the color of which is pleasant to the owner and causes positive emotions in it. And then the bathroom will be transformed and will play with new colors. Return to the menu ↑ return to the menu


    The effective decorative decision of any room that helps to emphasize its individuality is curtains. In the interior, executed in black and white, curtains can revive the room, give the atmosphere solemnity, highlight the existing advantages and hide flaws.

    In order to make the choice of curtains correct and harmonious, it is necessary to take into account the floor space:

    • For small living rooms and bedrooms, the main color in the interior of which is white and milky, curtains of pastel shades are perfect. They can be: beige, ivory colors, slightly silver, nobly gray. The listed shades of curtains will give a special luxury and sophistication to the room in black and white.
    • For spacious, well-lit rooms, you can choose curtains of bright colors. To decorate the living room in white and black colors it is worth using curtains of warm, joyful shades. You can choose curtains rich yellow, luxurious red, stylish emerald green.

    Option black and white curtains


    The classic version of the curtains for the interior in black and white are:

    • black curtains;
    • curtains of light colors;
    • curtains in black and white stripes, which can be both horizontal and vertical.
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    Floor tiles

    The use of black and white ceramic floor tiles is considered one of the classic flooring options for the room. This decorative technique does not lose its relevance over time.

    Classic floor design

    Combining dark and light tiles on the floor may seem quite boring and not at all interesting. But this is not at all the case: the combination of noble black and elegant white color creates a rhythmic and spectacular balance.

    Why is it important to pay attention to the right combination of monochrome colors in the interior:

    • Versatility. The combination of dark and light ceramic floor tiles harmoniously fits in all different directions from classic to minimalism.
    • Time-tested classic. Combining monochrome combinations is considered acceptable in any interior style. The interior of the kitchen or dining room, which uses black and white floor tiles will not lose relevance for a long time.
    • Favorable contrast. Reception allows one color to highlight the benefits of using another.
    • Show perception. The alternation of monochrome allows you to create a special spectacular effect.

    Ideal for miniature rooms

    BoardIf you wish to dilute the color duet with additional shades, you must opt ​​for the noble shades of gray, rich brown or warm beige. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    Interior ceiling

    A spectacular solution will be the use of a black ceiling in certain areas of the room. In the area in which the ceiling is painted in luxurious black, you can use white flooring. With this solution, you can visually expand the space, smooth out the deficiencies of finishing and place the necessary accents.

    Luxurious black color

    When using black and white ceilings, we do not recommend adding another bright color when decorating a room. Combining monochrome colors when decorating the ceiling does not involve the use of bright accessories to decorate the interior. This rule applies to the design of the walls and floor.

    Using a large number of spotlights on a black or black and white ceiling will help create the effect of a romantic starry sky. This solution is used in the design of bedrooms with dark ceilings.

    The use of a large number of lamps

    To add fresh notes to the interior with a black and white ceiling, designers recommend using beige tones in the room's decor.

    Use complementary colors

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    To emphasize the spectacular black and white interior, we recommend using special lighting. Among the basic rules of how to properly illuminate a room in monochrome shades, it is worth highlighting:

    • Small spotlights give a special depth and sophistication of black lacquered furniture.But a large number of such lamps will make the contrast of monochrome colors used to create an interior less noticeable.
    • Unusual multi-level lighting is used to give the bedroom, furnished with dark furniture, mystery and harmony. Matte surfaces are perceived more luxurious and textured under such lighting.
    • Quite rarely black and white colors are used to decorate children's rooms. When you make a child's room in monochrome colors, you need to take care of sufficient sunlight in the room. Good lighting of the nursery is important to ensure when choosing dark furniture for this room. If natural light in the nursery is not enough, the black furniture will be perceived cumbersome, and the room itself, despite the elegance and consistency of style, will be deprived of comfort.
    • If the room will be illuminated with spotlights, it is important to ensure that there are enough of them in the room. Several single lamps give a hard light, creating a cold non-living space around dark furniture. Adequate illumination in black and white interiors creates cozy, soft lines.
    • Chandelier horns directed towards the ceiling give a calm, peaceful light evenly distributed throughout the ceiling. Chandeliers with horns pointing down are not recommended for use in interior design in monochrome tones. Such light can aggravate the atmosphere of pressure on the human psyche, especially if black has been chosen from the prevailing tone.

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    VIDEO: Choosing a black and white interior