The interior of a small living room: 190+ (Photo) Modern ideas (furniture, wallpaper, zoning)


Living room - one of the most important rooms, which need to equip even with a shortage of free space. The small area imposes many restrictions, but at the same time gives an impetus to the manifestation of fantasy and the embodiment of unusual design solutions. Cope with the task of creating a cozy, fairly functional living room is quite capable, if you have the necessary information. Learn more about everything further in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Simple or complex approaches to addressing the issue
  • Where to begin?
  • Wall decoration: manipulations with prints and shades
  • Prints
  • Colors
  • Recommendations for the design of the living room
  • Selection of one of the walls: mirrors and wallpapers
  • Justification of partitions with limited room space
  • Decorative partitions
  • Fundamental Partitions
  • Ceiling: "increase" the height
  • Floor decoration
  • Combining living room with kitchen
  • Optical illusions: choosing the right furniture
  • Main items to emphasize
  • Do you have a plan?
  • Corner sofa: yes or no?
  • Save space in the living room
  • Nobody cancels practicality
  • Fireplace in the living room interior
  • The choice of lighting
  • Living room design style
  • Minimalism
  • Provence
  • Classic
  • High tech
  • Japanese style
  • Recommendations
  • VIDEO: We update the living room design
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 190 photos)
  • Simple or complex approaches to addressing the issue
  • Where to begin?
  • Wall decoration: manipulations with prints and shades
  • Selection of one of the walls: mirrors and wallpapers
  • Justification of partitions with limited room space
  • Ceiling: "increase" the height
  • Floor decoration
  • Combining living room with kitchen
  • Optical illusions: choosing the right furniture
  • The choice of lighting
  • Living room design style
  • Recommendations
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 190 photos)
  • Simple or complex approaches to addressing the issue

    Creating an original living room on a small square is very difficult. Non-standard solutions and special techniques will be used.

    The simplest option to "add" to your living room area is to disassemble the wall (or part of it). At the same time, the expansion will be achieved by combining the living room with the kitchen or one of the adjoining rooms.

    Choosing custom solutions

    Complicated approaches are the embodiment of unusual decisions on the area that was set aside for the living room initially. For this, a game with colors and shades is applied, the choice of suitable furniture, accessories.

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    Where to begin?

    The creation of any interior begins with the design of the floor, ceiling, walls, as well as the choice of furniture. Outlining the main direction of design, you can go to the details.

    We combine floor and ceiling with interior

    If the living room space is not only small in size, but also requires the combination of several functionally different zones, then this factor should be taken into account from the very beginning of the design. Zoning, if necessary, is performed using the following techniques:

    • niche organization;
    • competent placement of furniture items;
    • the use of wallpaper in several colors;
    • partitioning;
    • the use of lighting of various orientations and organizations;
    • organization of the podium in the room;
    • combining living space with a balcony.

    Placement of partitions

    The main points in creating the living room interior are based on a suitable choice:

    • Lighting.
    • Color range.
    • Furniture.
    • Accessories.
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    Wall decoration: manipulations with prints and shades

    One of the most popular ways to design walls is wallpapering. To create a successful interior, designers prefer light colors. Pastel gamma will create the effect of free space, space, light.

    Most often the walls are covered with wallpaper

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    Prints for the living room should be chosen small, not flashy colors, and having a concise design. It is not advisable to introduce large bright elements into the interior, not only when designing the walls, but as accessories. A large pattern on the walls will create the impression of a small cramped space.

    BoardTo place a small size, it is important not to overload it with details, including drawings, details. In order that the space was harmonious, it is desirable not to use prints in large quantities. If the wallpaper is selected in a small pattern, then the curtains, as well as the upholstery, are best chosen to be plain. And vice versa.

    It is better not to choose wallpaper with large drawings.

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    The light shade that dominates the living room may look dull and uninteresting. Dilute such a "bland" interior must be an unusual decor, the use of original solutions. Several colors in the design of the room will help create a dynamic atmosphere and even improve well-being.

    When using multiple shades, try to limit their number to five. A good option - the use of gradient staining.

    Light wallpapers may look boring

    Pastel shades have many tones and semitones. The choice of the most suitable for the living room should be based on the concept of the room itself, the brightness of the lighting and the objects present in the room.

    Warm shades with a yellowish undertone have a calming effect on the nervous system, they look neutral. They allow you to create a universal background in the living room.

    Cold shades, combined with warm, can be used in small rooms without danger of making them uncomfortable and cold. Warm and cold colors when combined with white allow you to create a bright, comfortable for living room. White can be entered as an accent.

    Dominant white color

    Cold shades include:

    • purple;
    • Gray;
    • mint;
    • blue.

    Cool interior colors

    The warm tones include the following:

    • golden;
    • sandy;
    • ocher;
    • pink;
    • beige;
    • peach and so on

    Classic color combination

    BoardFor rooms facing the north, it is better to choose warm colors as the predominant ones. For solar windows, you can pay attention to the cold colors, "extinguishing" a large number of sun rays. Return to the menu

    Recommendations for the design of the living room

    Practical tips:

    • Light colors will visually expand the room.
    • A print that has a horizontal pattern orientation visually "lowers" the ceiling.
    • Bright shades can be used as companion colors when placing accents.
    • In the presence of pets, it is better to choose wallpaper with a small print (for example, with a spraying effect), as well as a textured upper layer. This approach will allow you to hide minor damage caused by animals.
    • A vertical strip or other pattern going upwards visually increases the height of the ceiling, but can hide the area.

    Light colors will visually expand the room.

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    Selection of one of the walls: mirrors and wallpapers

    If you need to visually "push" the living room space, you can use mirrors. They should not be small, but large, allowing to create the effect of perspectives. As an example - the use of furniture with mirrored facades or placing a mirror surface above the sofa.

    Highlighting the wall with photo wallpaper is a fashionable and effective technique. Sticking photowall-paper will help correct the irregular shape of the room, as well as switch attention to the original design. The three-dimensional image will help visually extend a square room or balance the narrow room of the living room.

    Select the walls with photo wallpapers

    BoardIn addition to walls, mirrors, you can arrange the ceiling in the living room.

    Selection of one of the living room walls in the recreation area with a bright color or a catchy pattern of photo wallpaper will help to give the room dynamism. Near this wall you can place the original items of decorative design.

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    Justification of partitions with limited room space

    If the living room has a small area, how justified is its division with the help of additional partitions? If it is necessary to arrange several zones in one room, for example, rest and reception of guests, such a division can be fully justified.

    Justified use of partitions

    The partitions in the living room can be of two main types:

    • Decorative.
    • Fundamental.
    Partitions can form the original arches, go into the niches of interesting shape, stand out in color and material.

    Partitions can have the most interesting forms.

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    Decorative partitions

    They play a role not only functional, zoning the room, but also decorative. They can be made using glass, bead hangers, cloths, etc. Or shelves with open shelves for books, souvenirs, aquarium, etc. can be used.

    If glass is chosen, then most often preference is given to the matte version, as the most universal. The matte effect does not give full transparency, but it is sufficient to let the color through and can be combined with most styles.

    Decorative partition function

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    Fundamental Partitions

    Solid, created for years, such partitions play the role of this wall. They are reliable, but have their drawbacks:

    • occupy a lot of space;
    • impair the natural lighting of the room, especially if there is only one window in it;
    • they are very difficult to dismantle and almost impossible to move.

    Here the partitions play the role of a real wall.

    For a small living room a fundamental partition is not the best option.. It can be used only in cases where other options are not possible to implement.

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    Ceiling: "increase" the height

    The design of the ceiling affects the perception of the entire room. With a small height of the living room walls will have to abandon the complex multi-level designs and dark colors. The lighter the shade, the better.

    Discard the pompous ceiling

    The feeling of spaciousness can be created with the use of optical illusions in the form of prints on tension structures. Preference is better to give satin or glossy finish, which visually adds the size of the living room. Matte surfaces look more traditional. But with proper lighting, they are also able to "raise" the ceiling. Return to the menu ↑ Return to the menu

    Floor decoration

    If there is an opportunity to abandon the carpet in a small living room, it is better to do it. Carpet on the floor can split up the space and create the impression of clutter.

    Better to do without carpets

    If the carpet is necessary, it is recommended to try to design the interior on the basis of simple rectangular models. A rectangle can harmonize space and give it the correct shape.

    BoardIt is better to give preference to a single-color coating or having a smooth transition from dark to lighter tones. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    Combining living room with kitchen

    This option is considered a fairly simple solution to the problem of small space. The combination of two rooms can be done with the help of an extended opening between the rooms or in the form of an arch, combined with a bar counter.

    In this case, the zoning of the space can be emphasized by the different design of the walls, the floor and even the ceiling, as well as the use of different textures and shades. The generality of the design can be achieved by a kind of "flow" of colors from one room to another with the difference of tones or patterns. At the same time the combined premises should be organized in the same style.

    The option of combining the kitchen with the living room

    BoardThe visual separation of the kitchen and living areas can also be emphasized by a curtain of wooden beads or a gas cloth gathered on one side.

    If the living room is combined with the kitchen, then you should carefully consider the choice of flooring. Perhaps the carpet with a long nap in this case will have to be removed, leaving the laminate or linoleum in the living room area open.

    Careful when choosing flooring

    The floor of the kitchen may differ from the material of the floor decoration of the living area. For the kitchen is better suited non-slip tiles. It has a high resistance to stress, including water.

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    Optical illusions: choosing the right furniture

    The use of design techniques allows for visual correction of the room. One of the optical illusions is the choice of furniture of small size.

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    Main items to emphasize

    The center of the composition can be a sofa or, for example, a dining table. If a large piece of furniture is surrounded by smaller ones (chairs, small chairs, etc.), then the composition will not look overloaded.

    Correct accents

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    Do you have a plan?

    The placement of interior items is best performed according to plan. This will allow you to allocate free space correctly, and avoid acquiring unnecessary items.

    Table and cabinet for the living room should be small and compact. A large sofa creates comfort, but may be out of place in a small area.

    BoardA good solution can be a folding version of the sofa. This will allow you to organize an extra bed for family members or guests.

    A good option - a folding sofa

    Furniture that is organized as transformers will help to “trick” the space:

    • tables with sliding or folding mechanism;
    • folding sofas;
    • chairs that can change their size;
    • modular furniture.
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    Corner sofa: yes or no?

    Should I choose a corner sofa for the living room? It economically fills the space and concisely placed in a small room. Of the minuses - the impossibility of its permutations, as the size of the living room impose strict limitations.

    Corner sofa in the small living room

    Additional storage systems can be arranged in the form of drawers under the sofa, in the form of hanging shelves in the walls.. Despite its small size, even a closet can be found in the living room.

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    Save space in the living room

    It is important to adhere to the rule that all elements introduced into the interior should not look cumbersome. The largest of them are better placed along the walls.

    This approach will save free space by removing all unnecessary from the open shelves. Mirror doors will be a good solution, visually adding volume. If the mirror does not fit the interior, you can try to introduce into the interior a model with frosted glass on the front part or pattern that goes along the front of the cabinet.

    It is better not to overload and so small room

    A solid furniture wall located along one of the walls in the living room will take up too much free space. It would be better to replace it with a slide with open light shelves that have simple organization and a minimum of decorative elements.

    Best of all furniture set to choose a light color, combined with a touch of the walls.. Open shelves can be used in limited quantities.

    Furniture set light color

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    Nobody cancels practicality

    A beautiful interior, in which it is not a shame to welcome guests, is, of course, good, but what about practicality? Even in a small living room should provide a place for your favorite books and CDs with music, shelves for the placement of exhibits of his collection or souvenirs from distant countries.

    There must be storage systems, at least in the minimum amount. This is especially important if the rest of the apartment is small in size. With the likelihood that guests will stay overnight, a fold-out sofa becomes necessary.

    When there is a place for guests

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    Fireplace in the living room interior

    A small amount of furniture can be diluted with the arrangement of decorative fireplace, installing an original floor lamp or the introduction of other items that will dilute the situation. Glass shelves and table top table give the design ease. But this option is not suitable for families with small children.

    BoardNiches in the room is better to use for the arrangement of furniture. And do not leave them empty.

    Fireplace in the interior

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    The choice of lighting

    Creating the background of the living room and the choice of furniture - the main points of the formation of the interior. But without proper lighting, all efforts made may have no effect.

    A large massive chandelier is a spectacular addition to a spacious room, but it is completely inappropriate for a limited living room area. As a good option, consider spotlights. This solution is not only practical, but also relevant in the light of fashion trends in interior design.

    Chandelier - the perfect complement to the design.

    Spot lighting can go along the edge of the ceiling, be located around the perimeter of multi-level structures, highlight the podium. The main purpose of lighting planning is to prevent the formation of unlit dark corners.

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    Living room design style

    The harmony of design can be achieved by combining all the elements in accordance with a particular style.

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    Most often, a small living room is preferred minimalism. It is characterized by concise forms, accuracy and a limited number of pieces of furniture.

    When everything is in minimalism style

    Modern materials and a minimum of decor in a minimalist interior should be combined with neutral shades. The advantage can be given to simple forms of furniture.

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    For Provence is characterized by a large space, plenty of air and unity with nature. The ease of style can be difficult to organize in a small area, especially with low ceilings and insufficient natural lighting.

    Such a room design may resemble a warehouse of things due to the limited area and the abundance of all sorts of accessories inherent in Provence. For a small living room, you need to try not to force the space into furniture and not to use too many decorative elements.

    Ease of Provence

    In the design of the walls it is better to give preference to decorative plaster, light pastel colors, characteristic of the French South and a small floral print on textile elements.

    Aged furniture is one of the features of the Provence direction in the design of the living room. The game of solar glare on surfaces is achieved by the competent use of light colors on the surfaces of old (or artificially aged) furniture.

    Provence requires the use of natural materials in creating the interior: from the design of walls and ceilings to accessories.

    Natural materials

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    Classic interior in a limited area is very difficult to recreate in full. Classic requires solid furniture of good quality, the use of natural materials and noble shades.

    In this interior decor should not be much. Antiques and things with history are well suited for decoration:

    • heavy candlesticks;
    • antique clock;
    • porcelain figurines;
    • inlaid caskets, etc.

    Original and timeless classics

    A small area should be used sparingly, furniture needs a little:

    • sofa;
    • a pair of chairs;
    • Coffee table.

    The organization of imitation fireplace is admissible. Wall decoration is desirable to perform with the use of wood or wallpaper classic colors.

    Give nobleness with expensive decorative items

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    High tech

    Modern details and chrome-plated metal surfaces in style. high-tech complemented by electronic appliances and bright finish. Registration in this style is most often preferred by young families and active people.

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    Japanese style

    Low squat furniture of concise forms in the Japanese style is performed in light and dark natural shades. The decor must comply with Japanese traditions:

    • the image of hieroglyphs;
    • vases;
    • ikebana;
    • bansai;
    • traditional Japanese screens and other characteristic elements.

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    Saving space and its rational use should include the proper location of each of the objects:

    • TV is better to hang on a free wall in front of the sofa;
    • highlight the window design, but without pomp;
    • it is desirable to choose thin tulle, to avoid heavy drapes;
    • It is recommended to use Japanese blinds;
    • with a large number of decor, the design of the walls should be neutral;
    • Aquarium is better to choose a flat shape.
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