Modern Italian style (230+ Photos): Updated immortal luxury (kitchen, living room, bedroom design)


Modern Italian style is temperament and endurance, not for nothing that all Italians are obsessed with the design of their home. They know a lot about this, have taught the whole world to their mastery, and now us. Modern Italian style in the interior embodies exceptional elegance. Find out how you can translate it in almost any interior in more detail later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Historical influence
  • Two main schools
  • Modern apartment design
  • Tile, marble, stone
  • Furniture
  • Bedroom
  • Gold decoration
  • Tuscan decor
  • Sicilian decor
  • Living room ideas
  • Country style
  • Classic Luxury Modern
  • Glass contemporary
  • Luxurious leather
  • Brave Memphis Style
  • VIDEO: Italian style elegance and sophistication
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 230 photos)
  • Historical influence
  • Two main schools
  • Modern apartment design
  • Furniture
  • Bedroom
  • Living room ideas
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 230 photos)
  • Historical influence

    It would be fair to say that Italian aesthetics became the basis of modern design. She broadcasts elegance. The décor often uses the rich culture of the country, exposing traditional art (such as murals, sculptures) and a warm color palette that resembles a landscape. However, this does not prevent Italy from being ahead of new design concepts - it often uses classic regional influences to create a stylish combination of new and historical.

    Modern Italian style is temperament and endurance.

    From traditional Roman to contemporary Italian design, the bright and airy open-plan spaces remain a flawless trademark. They were stylized and tuned for centuries in accordance with the cultural and artistic influences of each period. From The Middle Ages before the Renaissance, Baroque to technological innovation - all this influenced the interior design in its latest incarnation.

    The Romans were not big fans of furniture, but if they acquired something for their villa, it consisted of rare and expensive materials, it was fine workmanship and elegant form. Even wealthy homeowners only had the necessary things:

    • couch;
    • chairs;
    • table;
    • lamps.

    Italian aesthetics became the basis of modern design.

    Sometimes there was a chest of drawers, a wooden wardrobe with doors, a brazier for coals, a water clock. Over time, small, simple decorations became more detailed, sophisticated features of houses of important figures in Roman society and public buildings. Indoor decor was a necessary component in the Roman style of life, transforming and improving their habitat.

    The rich Romans avoided the summer heat in the hills around Rome in their villas. Art played an important role here, for example, with respect to perspective, which is used in painting, where physical space immediately increased indoors.

    Villa as an architectural model was popular in Tuscany, becoming the hallmark of the Renaissance. The design of the Tuscan villa is in fact aimed at the unity of the people living in it, with the surrounding nature, thanks to humanized garden landscapes.

    This style is elegance.

    Modern Italian homes should not be confused with spacious Mediterranean-style houses. They are very complex, with many interesting open spaces, to conveniently combine traditional values ​​with a modern, last look.

    Chic living room in light and dark colors

    It is clear that the needs of modern society are very different from the needs of the aristocracy of the 1500s. Modern Italian design is functional, aimed at adapting the family to smaller spaces. He does not necessarily sacrifice the artistic value of the design, but must be bolder, sharper in order to be attractive.

    Modern design is functional.

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    Two main schools

    Historically, the design and architecture of the Renaissance date back to the beginning of the 15th century in Florence in Italy. Architectural stone columns and an elegant baroque style dominated this design. Today, Italian homes still have amazing craftsmanship and a particular style, but it seems that two outstanding design schools have emerged:

    • ornamental Old World (Old World Ornate Italian);
    • Modern (Modern Italian).

    Modern style has become more minimalist.

    Italian-style houses are not just luxurious, they are literally buried in floor-to-ceiling luxury. Every detail has the highest quality, excellent craftsmanship. In the Italian houses of the Old The light has crystal chandeliers of Murano glass on panel ceilings. The walls have a richly decorated finish, unique frescoes, and the floors are covered with glossy wood or marble with carpets for extra comfort.

    Modern style has become more minimalist, but can still maintain a luxurious design through brilliant lacquered kitchens, sculpted chandeliers with crystals, streamlined furniture that continues the tradition of craftsmanship.

    Use quality furniture

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    Modern apartment design

    There are two outstanding design schools that came out of Italy - the richly decorated Old World and modern Italy, which occupies an important place.

    In it, the furniture is smoother, less ornate, but the same level of luxury is maintained, thanks to the level of quality used in these houses. Modern Italian design is cleaner, a bit more black and white than traditional. Nevertheless, there are still accents that shout about luxury, for example, an unexpected crystal chandelier or a brilliant accessory that you usually will not find in a modern minimalist house.

    Modern design is cleaner, a bit more black and white than traditional.

    So, in order to achieve a glamorous Italian interior, you need to use only high quality materials and add a little unexpected touch of luxury to all rooms of your apartment.

    The use of high-quality furniture, art stone, gilding remains popular for a good reason - the final result of combining all these elements leads to the highest elegance, which is always relevant.

    A huge number of Italian factories supplies products to any corner of the world, so you can order the best accessories. If this is not possible, then invest in one or two quality items that will last a lifetime. Do not forget to use stone, marble, tile, where it is possible - this is the most vivid expression of Italian luxury.

    Glamorous interior

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    Tile, marble, stone

    From marble to terracotta - all types of ceramics have their origin in Italian history.. Thanks to marble floor tiles, Italian floors reached a new level in decorative standards, and this was reinforced by the Catholics who brought this tile to the church decoration.

    Geometrical designs, color and inlaid art of stone slabs are complex, refined and indispensable things in the house in the Italian style. Today it is customary to cover the floors and walls with marble stone with contrasting veins to add glamor to minimalist interiors.

    Beautiful bedroom in the proposed style

    BoardIf you just want to touch this design, consider adding marble tiles to your home, or making your bathroom elegant by making marble walls and floors. If the style suits you more Italian country, then use terracotta tiles - its color and texture is another level of Italian craftsmanship. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu


    The contribution of modern Italian designers left an indelible mark and created the country as a major exporter of modern classics.

    Pay attention to the designers:

    • Castiglioni brothers;
    • Vico Magistretti;
    • Ettore Sotzassa;
    • Gio Ponti;
    • Gee Aulenti;
    • Marco Zanuso;
    • Fornasetti;
    • Harry Bertoy;
    • Joe Colombo;
    • Carlo Scarpa;
    • Gabriella Crespi.

    These names are rooted in the lexicon of world design for modern style. They were proof of the country's creative potential in the second half of the 20th century. Now their masterpieces are preserved in the status of innovative design.

    The brands of their furniture are in the top 10 of the best of the flagship series.

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    Italian-style bedroom decoration ideas consist of comfortable natural color combinations, intensive paint application, natural light and a comfortable atmosphere.

    These bedrooms have:

    • wooden or wrought-iron furniture;
    • decorative accessories;
    • traditional color scheme;
    • fabrics with patterns of nature;
    • light curtains for windows;
    • classic lamps;
    • Unique handmade accessories that are located near the comfortable bed.

    The style consists of comfortable natural color combinations.

    The walls are painted in a light color, such as a very soft light gray, yellow, peach, blue, green or pink, inspired by nature. The Italian bed and beamed ceilings in brown colors create a comfortable, relaxing design.

    Italian furniture and decor are not only elegant, but versatile. Their eternal beauty goes well with wooden furniture, cozy decorations, accessories in any style that are simple, non-systemic. This bedroom will look equally good in a luxurious mansion and in a small city apartment, ideas for it can be quite flexible.

    These bedrooms have wooden or wrought-iron furniture.

    Such techniques as jewelry carving and handmade design deserve attention. They often reflect natural landscapes and other elements related to nature. Hand craftsmanship, sophisticated decorative designs are applied on the traditional material used for the design of furniture and accessories.

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    Gold decoration

    Gilded finish is popular in Roman design (both modern and traditional), it is used everywhere - mirrored frames that encrust mahogany furniture and tiles. Even the veins in the marble stone reflect this love for glamorous gold.

    Italian furniture and decor are not only elegant, but also versatile.

    In another form, this style of gilding is manifested through accessories, as there are many accessories in Italian homes.

    They must be of the highest quality - you will not find consumer goods in the Italian house. Rather, you will find elegant jewelry that is carved by hand from stone, marble or gold-plated wood and metal. Crystal, glass, mirrors also play a big role in the setting of houses.

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    Tuscan decor

    The beauty of the clear sky, cypress trees, morning mist create cool airy rooms for a good night's rest - meet, this is a romantic Tuscany. Soft blue, green, yellow, pink, red - the main colors for the bedroom and furniture. Wooden furniture, window shutters, and ceiling beams are also bright elements that define style.

    Gilded finish is popular in roman design

    White, cream, light peach walls, white marble countertops, decorated with flowers and small lamps - charming details of a simple, comfortable Tuscan design.

    Terracotta tiles, cotton carpet, colorful pillows, traditional Tuscan wall decorations will create an island of serenity from your room. Cotton window curtains with small floral or striped patterns, decorated with lace on the bottom and on the edges are practical and delicate.

    The secret of the Tuscan style lies in its simplicity. The Tuscan project is consonant with a simple pleasant view from the bedroom window - blue sky, gray-green olive groves on beautiful hills, calm atmosphere.

    Tuscan decor

    It has a simple construction: “less is better” is the motto that fits here. Typical decorations will be wrought wall decorations and sconces. Original paintings in rich baguettes, small flower arrangements or photographs will add flavor to the Old World. You can scatter soft pillows with small floral prints or use this color for upholstery. A mixture of simple home decorations, soft colors, natural materials is typical for the country style of decoration.

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    Sicilian decor

    Sicilian is a unique Mediterranean style. Sicily is an island in the Mediterranean, which is subject to various cultural influences from Greek to Arabic origin. Cooking is a beautiful art form in Sicily, but the decor here is also very important.

    The secret of style is in its simplicity.

    The traditional Italian style of decoration with the regional charm of beautiful Sicily imitates the textures and colors found in the Sicilian landscape. The houses here are decorated with natural stone, and wooden products and ceramics look unique.

    The decoration style is associated with the countryside, nature, warm weather, plenty of sunshine. Sicilian houses with texture painting, stucco, Italian tiles and stones look like castles, leave special impressions, create unforgettable memories.

    Elegant curves, dark furniture, transparent curtains, traditional crafts, rich tapestry, intricate patterns and embroidered pillows create a Sicilian décor.

    Sicilian is a unique Mediterranean style.

    BoardComplete the theme of the Italian houses of Sicily with candles, mosaics, and figurines. Mirrors, fine art will make a beautiful decorative accent. A roman style chandelier is the final finishing touch for your Sicilian bedroom.

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    Living room ideas

    Since the modern style of Italy has become the embodiment of avant-garde thought, then the directions that express it are also different. Let's try to highlight three particularly interesting approaches to this creativity, which are often used to decorate fashionable apartments and private houses. We divide them into three system categories:

    • rustic (country);
    • luxury;
    • bold contemporary.

    Small classic lounge

    Although they are all very different from each other, the projects have a common theme: they are all influenced by the past, simultaneously affecting the modern design of the world. Let's look more closely at each of these views in order to understand more.

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    Country style

    In rustic, rustic Italian design, raw materials for indoor surfaces are used, since they combine different worlds - new with old. Although these two worlds may be different, they complement each other through contrast.

    We may not all live in an Italian farmhouse with bare old brick walls and beams, but the idea of ​​using contrasting features between the new and the traditional is a concept that is regularly seen in projects such as loft or industrial style.

    Country style

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    Classic Luxury Modern

    Italy's luxury design draws a balance between subtle elegance and immortal status. Objects such as a dining table and chairs are used as an opportunity to be expressive and artistic, while remaining within the good taste that radiates wealth. Because of this, style finds ways to evolve in order to maintain originality in its niche design industry. Oddly enough, inspiration from the past constantly keeps the concept fresh and luxurious.

    Luxury modern

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    Glass contemporary

    Working on glass is a constant source of inspiration for centuries, therefore modern designers find ways to raise the boundaries between the possibilities of glass and new design. Italians' traditional glassware has its roots in Venice and Minotti, where artistically blown glass has become very popular in Europe at various points in its history. Now the tradition of craftsmanship and high-quality craftsmanship on glass is reflected in the new design in the same artistic manner, but with today's tastes.

    Memvis style

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    Luxurious leather

    Leather is another material by which Italy is recognized as the best in its production. Like glass, leather has a past based on the methods of centuries-old workshops.

    To this day, the best tanneries in Italy continue to support traditional methods of dyeing and tanning. They give the product, made in Italy, a reputation for luxury leather.This leather makes chairs, sofas or dining chairs special.

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    Brave Memphis Style

    The most daring side of Italian design contemporary has a completely different aesthetic route compared to more sophisticated counterparts. Revolving around the concept of fun, color and well-defined forms, it is easy to see how this division can find its roots in the Italian movement Memphis. Challenging the idea of ​​how life should look like, Memphis overcame the barriers of industry standards by centralizing design around colors and shapes to express creativity.

    The most daring side of Italian design

    Different brands, such as Kartell, use polyethylene and thermoplastic for their own purposes in order to create a color-oriented design and a simplified form, while at the same time serving functions.

    How new Italian design affects our homes can be seen through various aspects of its character. While one style can work in conjunction with the old-fashioned old-fashioned haze, another will find its inspiration in world crafts to use for new luxury. And the third will make its way, focusing on the avant-garde.

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    VIDEO: Italian style elegance and sophistication