We choose modern wallpaper in the hallway and the corridor to the apartment, house (liquid, dark, light). Design, ideas + 50 PHOTOS


The hallway creates the first impression of the apartment. It should be not only functional, but also beautiful. There are lots of design options for small or large hallways. It is very important to choose the right wallpaper for this room.

Content of this article:

  • Wallpaper in the hallway: what they win
  • Multicolor or monotony, which is better
  • Monophonic: Pros and Cons
  • Prints: games with color
  • Bands: use caution
  • Panel design: a tribute to tradition
  • Vertical combination
  • Abstraction - a manifestation of originality
  • Texture and imitation: crocodile, snake, stone ...
  • Kinds
  • TOP-5 types of wallpaper for the design of the hallway
  • Paper
  • For painting
  • Liquid
  • Vinyl
  • Flizelinovye
  • Other species
  • Top 6 tips: move from words to action
  • GALLERY: The most successful designs of the hallway with wallpaper
  • Wallpaper in the hallway: what they win

    This type of finishing material, like wallpaper, is striking in its variety of textures and colors. The stylish interior of the hallway, underlined by the design of the walls, allows you to create an impression about the whole apartment.

    The variety of textures and colors

    Among the advantages:

    • availability;
    • wide range of;
    • environmental friendliness of many feeds;
    • ease of use;
    • attractiveness;
    • masking minor defects of the walls;
    • the possibility of creating a spectacular interior;
    • resistance to fading;
    • the possibility of combining different textures, colors;
    • good compatibility with furniture and decor.

    The species is very large, the main thing is to choose

    It is possible to use a very different approach in the design of walls: from the traditional to the original, innovative, which is determined by the interior of the apartment, the hallway in particular.

    Minimalism in the design of the hallway

    It is desirable that the hallway, whatever its size, is not overloaded with furniture and accessories. In this case, the space will become free, and the heaviness, the gloom can be avoided.

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    Multicolor or monotony, which is better

    The impression of the apartment begins to take shape even from the threshold. Therefore, I want to give it the features of elegance, add spectacular, bright colors.

    Adding effects and light colors

    But at the same time the hallway is the place where dust is brought, dirt from the street. So, very light shades do not fit.

    Bright pouf - beautiful accent indoors

    But this room is often small-sized, devoid of natural light. Consequently, dark tones do not suit us. How do we choose?

    For halls it is better to choose light wallpaper that will increase the space

    Selecting the form, choosing texture and color, it is very difficult to choose one or another option. Consider first the colors.

    White style makes the room brighter

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    Monophonic: Pros and Cons

    In most apartments, the entrance hall is a small room without windows. Monochrome calm colors in bright colors will allow you to visually make the room larger and more spacious.

    Most often choose monotony in the design

    The light background of the walls is an excellent option for harmonious combination with furniture, for example, paintings with mirrors.

    Bright colors in a small room can do a disservice, concealing even a small amount.

    Possible option without wallpaper, but focus on the floor

    If by design juicy inclusions are desirable in a color palette, then they can be applied in the form of inserts, combining with a quieter range of shades.

    If there are animals or small children in the house, then its durability is important.

    Floral print is possible even here.

    Dark for the hallway as a monocolor is not desirable. If they are used, only with companion flowers. This will avoid darkness and hide the shortcomings of the walls themselves.

    Solid colors are attractive because of their conciseness, which will be the ideal background for decor and decor.

    On such a surface will be more visible spots and any errors. Therefore, it is so important that the wallpaper can be cleaned.

    Light shades harmoniously look not only with light, but also with dark furniture.

    Harmonious combination of colors

    The duet of milky color in combination with furniture of chocolate color looks very beautiful. Harmonious combinations give olive and dairy, etc.

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    Prints: games with color

    With prints - a beautiful option that fits many styles. Depending on the selected pattern, you can visually adjust the perception of the hallway.

    Bright, unusual and beautiful

    A large drawing is not an option for a room with a small area. The entrance hall will seem even smaller, which is completely undesirable. Small drawing will revive the walls.

    Equally important is the direction of patterns and ornaments. If the picture has a vertical orientation, it will give the impression of higher ceilings.

    Small drawing is able to revive the wall

    With a horizontal arrangement, the walls will appear wider. One of the popular methods in this case is the strip.

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    Bands: use caution

    It would seem that such a simple color is unassuming, but there are some special features. The vertical bar is such an option, at first glance it seems advantageous - it makes the ceilings visually higher.

    Large mirror looks very harmonious

    But here we are waiting for the danger of getting the unpleasant and uncomfortable effect of the well - high and narrow.

    When choosing a striped color shades should be chosen soft and not contrast in the event that the area is small.

    Recently gaining popularity using paintings

    In addition to the option when the stripes occupy the entire space from the floor to the ceiling, you can consider the design of only the panel part with striped wallpaper. The optimum height is usually about 100 cm from the floor.

    Using flowers - animating the interior

    Streaks can be decorated walls and in a horizontal direction. This technique allows the hallway to look wider, although it hides the height.

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    Panel design: a tribute to tradition

    Occurring quite often, this option refers to the functional and classic. In this case, different colors can be combined.

    Functional and classic version

    It is considered beneficial to combine in the design of dark to highlight the panels and light for the rest of the wall.

    This option will allow to combine the requirements of practicality and attractiveness, since the low-lying bottom of the walls will be compensated by a light upper part.

    It is practical to use this option so that the bottom always remains clean.

    The junction of the panels on the upper edge of the panels must be beautifully decorated. As an option - polyurethane molding or a suitable frieze.

    Such an underlined division can be unacceptable if the proportions of the already small corridor suffer.

    It is important to respect the proportions in all

    Doesn’t it work with stripes to create a beautiful interior? Consider no less interesting design options further.

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    Vertical combination

    The combination of two types of colors in one hallway is not always a classic division with the help of panels. A completely different approach is to single out any one wall or its protruding part.

    Popular monochrome canvases

    Successful combinations are options with plain wallpaper.

    Or an approach in which with a print combined with monophonic. In this design, a fragmentary wall, a niche or a protruding part can stand out with a large pattern.

    A lot of indoor lighting is always important.

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    Abstraction - a manifestation of originality

    In addition to the originality of the design, spectacular designs are very practical in design: they are smaller than on plain panels, there are damages and occasional pollution.

    Oasis of green looks awesome in any room

    With the right picture, you can influence the perception of the room. Return to the menu

    Texture and imitation: crocodile, snake, stone ...

    The color of the canvas, which imitates natural material (wood, stone, sand, etc.) has been very popular for many years.

    Use with a tree - dramatically change perception

    Such textures should be used limitedly, since imitation, for example, of a large brick, can be perceived as a pressing influence.

    It is desirable that even the textured background was dim and calm. So he will not get bored, and will not be annoying.

    Minimum furniture, but it does not spoil the overall impression.

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    Before the wallpaper is chosen, it is necessary to critically evaluate everything.

    What we pay attention to:

    • room parameters;
    • the presence of doors;
    • the presence of niches;
    • furniture;
    • desirable color range;
    • general style of the whole apartment;
    • illumination.

    Sometimes the interior looks great even without wallpaper.

    Considering all the objective and subjective data about the hallway, we can conclude about the possibility of using prints and combining several types of materials.

    Imitation of brick on the wall in the room

    The style of the rest of the room also matters. It will look ridiculous design of the hallway, which is very different from other rooms.

    The main thing is that the style in the hallway fits into the overall style of the apartment.

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    TOP-5 types of wallpaper for the design of the hallway

    Floral wallpaper always uplifting

    The peculiarity of the hallway, as a room, imposes certain requirements not only on the design, but also on the type of panels.

    Choose an option for the soul

    Not every one of them will be acceptable, and not all of them are equally good for our particular case. Consider the main types, analyzing the pros and cons of materials.

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    Even judging by the name, it is clear that they have a paper basis. This is a cheap option, not every hallway will be practical.

    Monochrome with snow-white finish

    The canvas has not only low cost, but also low strength, and, consequently, a short service life.

    White classic style

    The more layers, the stronger the material. However, for a hallway, especially a small one, this is not the best choice, which is completely unacceptable if there are small children or animals in the house.

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    For painting

    Often found in the design of interiors and quite a popular option - wallpaper, designed for painting.

    Perfect background for art images.

    They are not resistant to mechanical damage.

    Among the advantages:

    • the possibility of repainting;
    • water resistance;
    • ability to hide minor defects of the walls.

    The atmosphere of lightness and freshness

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    Want to significantly change the hallway space? Then we will study this option in more detail. Apply liquid wallpaper manually, observing accuracy.

    Geometric shapes on the wall

    They have many advantages:

    • can cover almost any surface;
    • the absence of ugly joints - they simply do not exist;
    • good thermal and noise insulation;
    • even hard-to-reach places can be covered.

    A good option with paintings on the wall

    The disadvantages include long drying and the need to protect from water.

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    They are popular, have good performance properties and beautiful. In their composition there are two layers: vinyl itself and flizelin or paper.

    Floral wallpaper can embrace any small hallway

    Depending on the manufacturing technique, this type may have different properties:

    1Thick vinyl - possesses moisture resistance and resistance to mechanical stress, can serve as an imitation of stone, plaster, wood, etc. in the interior; 2Flat vinyl - it is a washable wallpaper that has a smooth texture; 3Foamed - has a volume, texture that allows you to use it for painting.

    Herbal theme wallpaper

    Without the minuses, too, was not. Good strength and wear resistance are combined with a lack of breathability.

    What does it threaten the hallway? Under the wallpaper can start a mold. Do not forget that vinyl emits formaldehyde into the air during combustion.

    We continue the theme of vegetable print, creating a non-trivial atmosphere

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    Dense polymer base allows you to apply them for painting. These wallpapers are easy to glue, level the surface of the wall, have fire resistance and breathability.

    Large flowers will look great in a modest hallway.

    The disadvantages include the accumulation of dust on the surface and, of course, the price for high-quality goods. Their feature is transparency, which does not hide the coloring of the walls.

    If the wall beneath them is not perfect, then this option is not for you.

    Enliven the interior with pictures and family photos.

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    Other species

    In addition to the widely used varieties of wallpaper, materials can be used:

    • cork (original, but expensive, difficult to glue, limited palette of colors);
    • bamboo (expensive, but eco-friendly, easy to apply, have a limited range of colors);
    • acrylic - easy to care for them, have breathability;
    • textile - eco-friendly and beautiful, but difficult to care;
    • photo wallpaper - to give the interior individual features;
    • flaxseed;
    • velor, etc.

    Many colors do not look nice and not beautiful

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    Top 6 tips: move from words to action

    Before making a final decision on the choice, it is advisable to study the tips and recommendations from designers.

    We liven up a boring interior with colors

    A good choice will delight every time you enter the room.

    1If the walls are uneven, there are defects in the surface of the plaster, it is not advisable to use excessively thin wallpaper - they will only emphasize the shortcomings. The glossy texture will also not be desirable, since it will highlight all the roughness and unevenness. ? Then large prints should be avoided. But small prints or plain sheets will be in place. 4. In most hallways there is no natural lighting, so you can safely buy wallpaper without resistance to fading. 5 Non-woven and vinyl wallpapers are considered the easiest to apply. In addition, you can choose a wide panel that will allow you to perform a design with a minimum number of joints. Thin paper wallpapers that are easily torn when wetted are considered to be the most difficult in sticking.

    Contrast combination of dark and light


    Often use wallpaper with the theme of cities and streets

    In the hallway, the walls are subject to pollution due to the specifics of the room, so when choosing, preference should be given to such materials that will withstand cleaning.

    We make out so that the feeling of comfort never leaves you.

    Remember that the harmoniously decorated hallway is the hallmark of stylish modern housing.

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