Finishing options for the Bathroom Tile (175+ Photos). Create a design that will be remembered


The bathroom in the house is a place that everyone visits and is constantly used. There you can relax after a hard day under the water in the shower, and just soak in the bathroom. But to reinforce this effect, you need to create a pleasant atmosphere in the room. Selected bathroom design can help with this. What styles for the design of this room today in fashion, and how the decor can make it more practical?


Main quality

A bathroom is a room in which dampness constantly reigns, plenty of water and eternal temperature drops. Therefore, the quality of the material is one of its main characteristics. The tile must be reliable and durable, and to determine these qualities still in the store, you must look at the following indicators:

  • The whole tile can be divided into 8 main groups, which correspond to different indicators of moisture resistance. Of these, 1-3 groups are most often used in the bathroom. They have the best characteristics for staying in a wet environment. The tile in the bathroom should ideally be with a finely porous structure, and absorbs a minimum of moisture.

Finely porous material for the bathroom

  • You need to choose the tile of the correct destination. First of all, you need to understand for the flooring, you need a different tile. The flooring is indicated by a special icon on the back side - the “silhouette of the foot”, and the tile for the walls is indicated by the icons “palm silhouette”. The difference between these two types of tile in strength. For walls the tile is very fragile, it can only be applied in this direction. Materials for flooring come in different strength classes, suitable for bathrooms 2 and 3. And the stronger you choose the tile, the longer it will last in your house.

    Study the labeling before buying a tile.

  • In the bathroom tile and tile will constantly have contact with all sorts of chemicals. The walls and floors constantly need to be cleaned and disinfected, so the tiles must withstand exposure to chemicals. To do this, select the material with the correct marking, in this case, suitable tile marked "AA". Parameters such as resistance to sunlight and frost resistance need to pay attention in the last place. For this room they do not play a big role.

Resistance to household chemicals

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Pay attention to the size of the room

A large bathroom allows you to not limit your imagination, and create any image for the room. A small area does not give such an opportunity. Especially in the houses of the old sample space in the bathroom is very small. Using the right materials will help to visually enlarge the room. Experienced designers skillfully use this trick. There are several recommendations for using a tile to make a small bath beautiful and original:

  • In a small room is not recommended to use large tile. You will have to cut it, constantly adjusting it to the required dimensions, and a large tile in a small space looks ridiculous. But from a small tile, you can create interesting patterns, and give the room an original look.

Tile design for a small bathroom

Make the ceilings visually higher, will help laying in a vertical way. On the floor, the opposite is true; laying tiles is better horizontally.
  • The correct color scheme in the room will also play a big role in the final result. Cold colors and light-colored tiles can visually expand the room.

Correct color range

  • Another trick that will help make the room more visually is the use of a tile with a glossy finish. It reflects the light in the room, which makes the room more spacious.

Glossy finish - space increase

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Overall design helps in tile selection

To choose a tile, you must choose the overall style of the whole room. This will help create a whole picture, and stay in the bathroom will be much more pleasant. Today, the most popular styles are:

Classic. Classicism can be divided into several subspecies: Venetian, English and French. All these styles are perfect for any bathroom, they look aesthetically pleasing, and will remain in fashion for many centuries to come.

All of these options, as a rule, include the use of glossy monochromatic tiles of all shades of blue, white and beige. There is also such a ramification as neoclassicism. It 's combines the notes of modernity and all the traditions of classical design. As a complement to classic styles, elements of gold and bronze color are perfect.

English style bathroom

Elegant and stylish rooms are decorated in Mediterranean style. For this purpose, all shades of the Mediterranean natural coast are used: terracotta, green, blue, yellow. Another mandatory element of this style is considered a mosaic or panel.

Mosaic in the relax room

Hi-tech is a more modern style, and is now at the peak of its popularity. The main feature of this style is practicality and functionality. As a rule, elements of such colors prevail: gray, silver and white. The tiles are of high quality and durable. Floor tile with unusual graphic patterns or metal elements is considered to be superfluous in the high-tech style. In addition, mirrored floors are considered to be an indicative element of style.

The bathroom in the style of hi-tech and its arrangement

Modern is another style that gives a feeling of luxury and wealth. The main element of this style is mosaic. She clad and walls, and plumbing, and even mirrors. The background is a tile of pastel shades. Bright colors help to place the main accents in the room.

Perfect bathroom design

You can add any of the styles using 3D drawing. Beautiful design and deep image of the ocean on one of the walls looks impressive and creates an indescribable atmosphere in the room. As if you are not in the bathroom, but on the one on the ocean.

3D effect tile for bathroom

Of course, this is not the whole list of styles for finishing the bathroom. Today popular are also considered: Japanese, Egyptian and Oriental styles. Country and retro will help to create romantic mood in the room. And those who love wealth and luxury prefer art deco or baroque designs.

Japanese-style bathroom design

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Types and design options

Ceramic tiles are striking in their diversity, and everyone can find in the assortment something individually for themselves. And during the selection, you can build on both financial opportunities and your own preferences.

Mosaic helps to create an interesting design in the bathroom. Of course, this design is expensive. Even in a small space, the mosaic looks very neat and respectable.

Mosaic for the bathroom

A panel for a small room is not suitable, but in a bathroom of medium size, and even more so in a large one, such a design will look interesting and very beautiful. It is necessary to carefully consider the choice of panel style. This design is not very expensive, you can choose a panel in any price category. In addition, the cladding technique is also not complicated, and if you have at least some idea of ​​such work, you can handle it yourself.

Mosaic panel for a bathroom "Flowers from a mosaic"

The border in the design of the bathroom should be used very carefully. This design element should be observed as a single chain throughout the room, and if parts of it are closed with appliances, towels, or interrupted by a mirror, its whole feature is lost.

3D tile with a beautiful image is relevant at any time and in any room, except that you need to select it with care and the finishing process itself requires special attention. Finding a good combination of the main background and the picture is difficult, but if you manage to cope with this task, the room will be really amazing.

The 3D tile of a marine theme looks harmoniously. This style is generally well suited for the bathroom. But for a small room, you need to competently combine the pattern itself and plain walls, otherwise the design may seem hard to stick, and significantly narrow the space of the room.

3D marine tiles

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What happens

The manufacture of ceramic tiles is extremely simple, and therefore its prices are low. The base of the tile is made of clay and sand, and then the upper surface is simply coated with icing. This is what allows you to create material with different textures and ornaments. You can select several main types of tiles:

  • Matte.

Ceramic Matte Bathroom Tile

  • Glossy.

Glossy tiles in the finishing of the combined bathroom

  • With a dusting.

Fragments of tiles with spraying

Many designers combine several types of tiles in one bathroom. It helps to create a more original and stylish interior in the room. Return to the menu ↑

Porcelain stoneware

This material is very often used for exterior cladding of buildings, but the basic qualities make it an ideal option for the bathroom. The material does not absorb moisture at all and is not afraid of water. This material is suitable for the floor, due to its extreme strength. Stoneware is something like a stone, so chips and cracks appear on it very rarely.

Porcelain stoneware finish

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This material is natural and environmentally friendly. But this material is not as durable as the others, and often begins to be covered with cracks. A mechanical impact on such a tile can also render it unusable.

Decorative tiles under the stone

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The glass tile looks stylish and interesting. For fans of futuristic style. This is a great option. There are many types of glass tiles: transparent, colored, glossy, textured, frosted, etc.

Glass tile for bathroom

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Advantages and disadvantages

Like any other material, tile has its advantages and disadvantages. Knowing about them will help make the final decision in the choice of finishing materials:

  • Unaffected by chemicals

The tile can be safely washed and cleaned with any detergent. In addition, ceramic tiles do not absorb odor.

Green color in the bathroom

If you choose a solid tile of high quality, it will last more than a dozen years.

  • The durability of this material

Finishing for years to come

  • The material is environmentally friendly and safe for human health.

Safe and environmentally friendly material

  • The tile is fireproof

Different civilization blessings constantly work here: hair dryer, washing machine and other equipment. Therefore, for the finishing material for the bathroom is very important resistance to fire and current.

Tile resistant to fire and current

In the event of a fire, the bathroom made of ceramic tiles will give you the opportunity to hide! In such a situation, it will be the safest place in the apartment.
  • Diverse selection

Ceramic tiles can be selected depending on financial capacity and personal preferences. Shops offer a wide selection of colors, materials of any size and shape, which will help to create a special interior in the room.

A variety of tiles your fantasy

But nothing can be perfect. Tile has a number of disadvantages, which include:

  • Laying tile is very difficult

Here you need a perfect eye and a hard hand, because even a deviation of 1 mm to the side can completely spoil the whole work. In addition, inexperienced workers, despite the strength of the selected material, can easily break it in one awkward movement.

Entrust tile to a specialist

  • This floor is very slippery and cold.

Of course, there is a solution to these problems, you can buy a special tile with a non-slip surface and make "warm floors" in the bathroom, but all this will result in additional costs.

Choose non-slip material

  • The seams between the tiles

First of all, they can darken, because they are the perfect collector of dust and dirt in the bathroom. But it is more unpleasant when a fungus begins to form in these very seams. Therefore, the seams between the tiles require special attention and regular treatment with antiseptic agents.

Stitches require special cleaning.

Although the tile itself is not such an expensive pleasure, all the costs in a heap will result in a tidy sum.

  • Cost of work

The combination of several colors in one interior

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Tile - the most economical and durable option to design a bathroom. Its diversity will help to choose an individual style, and create from this room a real place for pleasure. Choose your style, and create an original interior in the bathroom, and the tile, like nothing else, can help with this!