Capes on the sofa and chair: How to sew with your own hands? 120+ (Photos) Ideas for your home


Many face the problem of the old sofa and its restoration. Buy a new sofa sometimes can not afford. And if you want to change the upholstery on it, that is, to restore it in the workshop, it will also bring high costs. We have a way out from this situation - to get a beautiful cover on a sofa or chair that you can do with your own hands. More about everything further in the article.

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  • Varieties
  • Sponge do it yourself, with solid armrests
  • Armrest
  • Seat
  • Back
  • Tapestry Knitted Capes
  • Features and benefits
  • Care
  • Capes without armrests
  • Quilted bedspreads
  • Selection of models for style
  • Fur covers
  • Colors and materials
  • findings
  • VIDEO: The most beautiful cushions on furniture that you will definitely like
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 120 photos)
  • Varieties
  • Sponge do it yourself, with solid armrests
  • Tapestry Knitted Capes
  • Capes without armrests
  • Quilted bedspreads
  • Fur covers
  • Colors and materials
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 120 photos)
  • Varieties

    Every day the developers of blankets, bedspreads, covers do not stop in the development of their work, continuing to fantasize, use new tricks. As a result, this led to a large variety of styles, from simple to multifunctional, for all models of sofas and armchairs.

    Features capes for sofas and chairs, their variety

    Types of capes:
    • Universal. The shape of the material, resembling a rectangular towel, which is simply superimposed over the sofa. It fits both sofas and armchairs.
    • Fragmentary. Velcro-fastened rectangular material.
    • With additional functionality. Includes small pockets for the remote and other life, this is true for small rooms.
    • Eurocover or stretch cape. Fully wraps upholstered furniture, repeating its shape, bending, smooths out all the irregularities on the surface.
    • Plaid with different effects. The most loved to use housewives who love to wrap themselves in a blanket that keeps warmth, which will not only warm, but also protect the sofa.

    A way to give the sofa a new life

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    Sponge do it yourself, with solid armrests

    We analyze the three main common problem areas associated with sofas. For starters, these are armrests.. Usually, there are stains from tea, coffee, crumbs, frayed. This is also a favorite place for pets, because the corners can be wiped, ripped. The second problematic place is the traditional place where they sit. Pillows fail under the weight of the owners.

    Let us turn to a design, cheap restoration. The first thing we start with is the armrests.

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    It would seem the most difficult to make something that can not be sewn. But, on the contrary, this work is much faster and easier, thanks to assistants, who have long been available in construction stores. These include corners, screws. We propose to create not just a corner case, but tables, armrests. Thanks to plywood compounds, we can create a solid support not only for hands, but also for cups and plates. You do not even have to wash such a cover, it will be enough to wipe with a napkin from dust, crumbs, dirt.

    In brown

    The first step is to measure the width, height, other data. Draw, detail paint on paper measurement. In the hardware store, you can ask the seller to cut off the plywood sheets that you need to paint. In any case, the width of the plywood should be 8 mm. Please note that the width of the plywood can take a few millimeters or even centimeters of the length of your plywood, so leave a few spare centimeters so that the cover can be put on easily. We fasten the plywood planks to each other from the inside of the right angle with the help of a metal corner and screwdrivers, creating the shape of your armrests.
    Sandpaper sand down all the flaws of plywood sheets.

    Now you can paint the shape of the plywood case with paint in the color of your design. We recommend using acrylic paint, it dries faster, in fact has no smell, so you can do this even at home. The best to choose dark colors for armrests, they create more contrast with other colors. You can also decorate them with original patterns, rhinestones or fabric, the choice is very large. As the paint dries, you can try on the covers on the armrests. If they completely suit you, the work can be considered finished.

    In Provencal style

    The next stage is sitting.

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    It usually consists of two parts:

    • the main part - for soft places;
    • bottom part, hides the bottom panel of the sofa.

    On the seat, the back will take 150-170 cm of fabric. To choose the size of the desired segment of fabric, it is necessary to measure the sofa as a whole and in parts, in order to choose the dimensions of the details. We measure the width, the depth of the seat on the inside, measure the necessary segments on the fabric. We need allowances in width in the size of 7 cm. 1 cm on each side - these are seam allowances, 5 cm in soft spots, which can rise a little during use.

    Easy to remove and clean.

    We use material with a synthetic winterizer.

    You can make compartments with different thicknesses. It all depends on the imagination and taste, a lot of narrow, small ones, on children's butts or one big one. If the seat is divided into parts, then the parts must be symmetrical. We make basting on the fabric on the front side, therefore, it is desirable to use easily removable chalk.

    Get useful materials. Fabrics for curtains can be used, they are dense, usually sewn with a minimum width of 2.70 or even 3 meters. A good choice for sewing Seats. Next, choose the scenery. For example, you can use tucks, they will be visible elegant edging.

    Making a fold on the fabric. It is necessary to determine how often the bands will meet. Can be done with a small distance from each other or with a large, rely on your choice.

    Perfect protection for your furniture

    BoardWhen choosing a fabric, it is advisable to focus on not very bright and catchy shades, so that the cape is tasteless. If there are two combinations of shades, you do not need to add more small decorative elements, such as polka dots. It will look nalyapano.

    Use, for example, 3 folds. In this case, divide the fabric into 4 parts.

    Happen equal and different in size.

    In general, fantasy is not a chapel, so use any options. In order to place strips inside the fabric, it must be at least a couple of millimeters wider than the depth of our tuck. We transform the cut strip of another shade, which will differ from the main fabric, into a small tuft, connecting the upper stripes. Fix the pin so that it does not disperse. In order for it to form, you need to iron iron. Repeat the action with each part.

    Once the elements have been ironed, you can remove the pins. In the fold, which turned out, we fill the strip, then reattached with a pin. Try to keep the strip neat, evenly peeking from all sides. Then it will look very professional.

    When choosing a fabric, stop on not very bright and catchy shades.

    Then, from above we make a line, in order to fix it all.
    You can do everything with a sewing machine or with your hands. After we did this, we still have edges around the perimeter that are not processed, they need to be hidden. When buying fabric on the backing strips, we consider centimeters for stock. We take the second piece of fabric with the same color as the main fabric, with the same size, cover, roll up the first piece of fabric with pierced tucks. In fact, you should get a kind of pillowcase.

    It must be flashed from three sides in order to be turned out on one side. We do this from the side where we have three selected elements and where the back is adjacent to the seat. Zastrochili fabric, everted out. We mark with pins those three vertical lines and one horizontal, which will divide the seat into three parts. Stitch them. Thus, we form three pockets that will be directly filled with padding polyester.

    Easy to do it yourself

    You can use the materials that are in the house, if there are any unnecessary pillows that correspond in size to our case, then instead of a padding polyester, you can use these pillows, they also add volume.

    Sintepon is of different thickness. It is better to take an average thickness - it is 3 cm. It all depends on how much we want to get a lush sofa.

    We turn to the processing of edges. We need to tuck them inside and sew them again. Everything remains inside, the seams are all hidden. These stitches need to be taken into account when determining the size of a piece of fabric, not less than 1 cm on each side, we will have a stitch. We also make a gap on the synthetic winterizer, since in some places it rises.

    BoardFor fixing the cover, we will use the Velcro. In order not to move the pillow, it is better to fix it. You can do this for the entire width of the sofa, you can do it in several places, as you please. Velcro will be used to continue to be able to wash this cover.

    Tie option

    Fix the adhesive material with a needle and thread. On the couch, you can use a glue gun. There is an option to sew, but it is a little longer in time and it is not always convenient to sew on the sofa. But with the help of a glue gun the tape holds up perfectly. Thus, on the reverse side, with the help of one sticky, the edge of the pillow is fixed. We can do this in small parts or vice versa with a whole strip.

    It remains the case for small - back.

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    Using the same technique you need to make a rectangle of cloth that closes on both sides as well as a pillowcase. Create your own zest - puffs. This bond between a few pieces of material, which fold into folds and form a beautiful relief, are called puffs.

    You can use an ordinary blanket

    Now this reception is at the peak of popularity. Many Italian designers use these techniques to create their collections of sofas. These sofas cost from 6 000 euros.

    I mean, this is an expensive reception. We will do the simplest of puff techniques - neat little tucks, in a checkerboard pattern, which look very beautiful.

    After the puffs have been designed, as in the version with a seat, we apply the second part of the face to the face, stitch it from all sides, turn it over and fasten the adhesive tape. It is desirable to sculpt her back on all sides. First, the owners can rub on the back, the second point, if we stretch the seat well, then all our folds will just open slightly and they will be noticeable.

    This is the element that needs to be shown, it is beautiful, spectacular, it looks very beautiful.

    In classic style

    The last item - pillows. Decorate your sofa or armchair with such peculiar decor to make plywood armrests and shades of your choice, new pillowcases look harmonious. It would be even better to look if these pillows are the same shade that you used for tucking the bottom of the pillows and for the puffs.

    This version of the design restoration of your sofa will cost up to 1000 rubles. That is, such a restoration of upholstered furniture consists of soft cushions on the seat, backrest and armrests, which will serve you as a mini-table.

    A variety of capes depends not only on the palette of shades, but also on the type of material.

    In purple color

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    Tapestry Knitted Capes

    In the past, tapestry capes on the sofa, armchairs, ottomans served as the decor of upholstered furniture, were considered luxury, wealth. Tapestry capes were specially sewn to order from expensive threads, it took a lot of time to create extraordinarily beautiful patterns by which you could recognize the master's hand. Now the manual work is replaced by appliances, the cooking process has accelerated many times. They began to use threads cheaper and to appreciate such decor became less.

    But the tapestry covers did not lose the elegance and beauty in the interior. Moreover, harmonious shades and patterns will emphasize your refined, subtle taste.

    Flower print

    Tapestry is created by the most sophisticated technologies developed by the ancient Egyptians. Modern tapestry production is very different from the ancient Egyptian. It all starts with a sketch. For the future canvas can be transferred to any drawing, landscape, still life. Designers divide the image into 1000 color dots, each of which determines the color of the yarn for the future canvas.

    In the tapestry palette about 300 shades, while the threads to create a canvas come in all five colors. When we deal with paints, we can easily get any shade by simply mixing colors. In the invention of shades on the canvas, the thread is mixed, creating new shades.

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    Features and benefits

    The peculiarities of the material include plexus of three or more multi-colored threads, respectively, the canvas is not painted after weaving. Moreover, they are distinguished not only by shades, sizes, method and cut complexity, but also a peculiar decor. This may be:

    • fringe;
    • application;
    • sprint drawings;
    • classic embroidery;
    • lace.

    All this gave refinement, beauty not only to the canvas, but also to the interior, in general.

    We give a little refinement

    Tapestry fabrics are made from different materials.

    These include:
    • buckle;
    • textile;
    • non-fabric materials;
    • straw

    Density, thickness, relief can be chosen to taste, since there are a lot of varieties. Print, thematic patterns, drawings, palette of colors - all the wishes. The power to refresh not only upholstered furniture, but also the atmosphere of the room, in general.

    You can choose your future cape both massively and individually, which will take a little more cost. The manual method is still preserved and such work continues to be appreciated, which is characteristic of the individual method of manufacture. Mass work is done by machines, so such models are cheaper than hand-woven cloths. For each material provides its own individual care, as we describe below.

    BoardDo not be afraid to interfere with the aesthetic picture with additional decor, the pillows are perfectly combined with any print of knitted tapestry bedspreads.

    Any type of work (cape, cover, blanket), put on and remove from the furniture does not deliver labor.

    In a large number of cases, tapestry covers were saved, diluted with a nondescript atmosphere. Moreover, connoisseurs of harmonious design ideas will appreciate such an expensive gift. The hypoallergenic natural composition of the fabric covers is safe for kids and the elderly.

    The material from which the case is made is very wear-resistant, does not shrink and does not lose bright colors. Basically, these covers serve as protection from dust mites, dirt, paints, but families with young children should wash them more often. Of course, you will save the sofa from children's paints and felt-tip pens, but you will not save the cape, which can cost no less than your sofa. For this, it is also important to consider proper care.

    In white color

    Such covers can protect mechanical damage from excess eyes, acquired over time or due to carelessness. It is advisable to purchase such a cape before the upholstery will be damaged. You can keep the look and smell of new furniture.

    You can soften a hard sofa, if you use fabrics with several layers or special inserts. It is advised to use with slippery sofas.
    Such a cover will protect the sofa not only from children, but also from animals. Your pet will quickly lose the desire to sharpen nails on your sofa thanks to the fabric. Corrugated fabric clings to the claws and springs together with the foot, and the animals do not like it.

    Ideal for a white sofa

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    To make such a cape serve for a long time:

    • It is best to wash tapestry covers with their hands. If it is preferable for you to use a washing machine, do not choose the mode "sharp spin".
    • Temperature choose no more than 30 °.
    • Dry the material without the aid of heaters.
    • The maximum temperature of the iron during ironing melts synthetic fibers.
    • Not many types of materials require dry cleaning.

    Protects the sofa from children and animals

    BoardDo not forget to ventilate the cape on the balcony. Be careful, everyone can pay attention to such an expensive decor.

    If you temporarily do not use the material, wrap it in any sheet except polyethylene, put it in an open, breathable bag.

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    Capes without armrests

    Covers for such sofas, as a rule, stretch. They cover the entire sofa. These include eurocovers. They are made of bamboo, hypoallergenic and protect the furniture not only from the clumsy hands of adults, children, but also pets, whose claws catch on threads of fabrics.

    Also such covers can be on strings, which are sewn on the lower corners of the sofa. Usually, these sofas have a frilly, dense base.

    Sofa decks of carpet canvases also belong to these types of capes, in the form of a track, which is covered with a seat and back, the armrests remain open.

    Bright option for home

    Bright carpet can be fringed.

    Covers without armrests will be able to look simple and attract only with material or colors. If you value unusual accessories, we suggest you pay attention to the covers with a skirt. Their feature is a long light frill, assembled in an accordion. More suited to high sofas.

    Any type of sofa cover without armrests can be decorated with various pillows with frills or peculiar shapes in the form of emoticons, symbols and cartoon characters. The main thing to combine with the colors and interior.

    Such covers are usually decorated with simple symbolic phrases or company logos. Perfect fit to the design of minimalism.

    Bright stripes

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    Quilted bedspreads

    Refined colors will lift your spirits, please the eye. The advantages can be attributed to the fact that between them the sealant is inserted between the main material and the fabric of the lining, most often - a synthetic winterizer.

    Thanks to this combination of fabrics, the blankets are lush and soft, hide the folds on the sofa. There are some types of stitches:

    • stitch threads - expensive models;
    • thermostat.

    The thermostat is applied only to covers from artificial fabrics. It is a fastening of the layers of the bedspread with the help of a special device that melts synthetic fibers.

    In unison with the rug

    It is voluminous, takes up a lot of space during storage. Therefore, it is difficult to erase. Any cover, you need to wash at least 2 times a year. Or clean the dust, air required.

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    Selection of models for style

    The easiest way to choose a simple monochromatic quilted bedspread, of the complexity will be only the selection of harmonious edema.

    Bedspreads with ornaments require special attention. The difficulty lies in the selection of styles. For example, for the style of Borokko, Rococo characteristic covers of satin and silk fabrics, decorated with frills, ruches and lace.

    Bedspreads, decorated in a small monotonous flower, are characteristic of Provence. Monochromatic colors, straight lines or a cage predominantly classicism. Patchwork technique, as a rule, is harmoniously combined with the country style: dedicated squares with delicate roses and a diluted pattern in bed tones will create charm and comfort.

    A cozy option to read a book

    3D drawings of flowers will be perfectly combined in the Modern style, with delicate frills and a rug of the animal “skins”. Modern motifs with metallic shades, of course, are assigned to High-current, but it is possible that Loft will not work, for this you need to add a few symmetrical lines.

    A large blanket on your upholstered furniture will look untidy, dirty and the effect of a mess covering should be 110 by 140 cm. For a double bed, the following standards are noted: 200 by 220 cm.

    European beds are glorified by the maximum size, so the cover for a standard double bed will be small, so choose sizes from 220 by 250 cm and up to 230 by 250 cm.

    In the style of minimalism

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    Fur covers

    Made of faux fur with a soft nap. They are fluffy, pleasant to the touch. However, attract dust. The villi themselves are sewn into the fabric structure, so they will neither fall out nor crumble. Due to the long nap, the air accumulates in the villi, helps to preserve the natural warmth of your body.

    Depending on the lighting, darkness, angle of incidence of light, the fibers can refract light and change it slightly. For such capes it is better to use the services of dry cleaning. Often paint capes in leopard, brindle and other colors.

    For the interior in the style of Glamor, fur blankets are sumptuously suited to gentle or contrasting shades.

    Such capes add comfort and warmth to the room; the soft and fluffy structure of the canvas lures you to relax and unwind.

    When everything is in tune

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    Colors and materials

    With the help of the cushion for the chair and the sofa, you can refresh and diversify the interior of the room.

    • The advantage of beige is the harmony with all colors. This can be used.
    • For a bright and contrasting effect in a white interior, add a rich blue coverlet, curtains mixed with fine decor.
    • Red is the color of aggression, be careful with it and do not use it with other contrasting, saturated shades.
    • It is important to consider the location of the windows in your room. If they are on the south side, stop at cool shades, windows facing north bring warm colors with them.

    The advantage of beige - harmony with all colors

    Many use this trick when buying double-sided bedspreads. In this case, you can enjoy the diversity and change the shades with the time of year. Harmony should be preserved, so the shade of the bedspread must support at least one element in the room, for example, curtains or decorative trifles.

    Capes will help to change the atmosphere at home.

    Several one-sided capes will help to change the atmosphere in the house. Summer colors are chosen - light, pleasant colors, and they also take winter ones for replacement, they will be brighter, more juicy. For summer options include vanilla color. Winter, for Christmas mood goes coral, chocolate.
    The Scandinavian direction can be attributed to cold tones - gray shades. One of the most popular materials is jacquard.

    It mainly consists of patterns. Treats the most requesting, and not the cheapest materials.

    Hi-tech style

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    There are covers from two materials: natural and synthetic. The price of materials depends on its composition.

    Manufacturers claim that any type of upholstered furniture covers can withstand up to 50 washes.

    The hostesses say that they are satisfied with the purchase, comfort and charm, which gave them a blanket, a cape or a bedspread.

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    VIDEO: The most beautiful cushions on furniture that you will definitely like