How to make decorations on the windows of paper with their own hands? (150+ Photos). We meet the new 2018 Year of the Dogs beautifully


Volumetric decor creates a festive atmosphere in the room. How to choose paper decorations suitable for windows?


A selection of paper window decorations

Garlands, snowflakes, voluminous paper figures bring a festive atmosphere without overloading the interior. Decorations for windows are flat or voluminous, are made of various types of paper. Flat accessories stick to the glass surface without occupying space in the room.

Figurines of deer - a symbol of Christmas

Shapes, sizes and colors of paper Christmas toys depend on the area of ​​the room, the size of the windows and the level of illumination. Window decorations should not impede the passage of daylight, otherwise the style is limited only by the imagination of the apartment owners.

Snowflakes - favorite since childhood decorations for the New Year

Traditional white paper cut snowflakes are a quick and inexpensive way to give a room a festive mood. Various types of material for creativity are suitable for more sophisticated accessories: voluminous crafts, figures, and garlands.

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Paper types

Use designer paper to create bright decorations.

The bright New Year's décor is created from designer paper, the surface of which imitates various materials and is covered with glitter, villus, patterns.

Dense for large items

  • Traditional white paper has a different density level, glossy or matte surface. Handicrafts made from such material will fit the room in any color range, convey the "winter" flavor of Christmas decor.
  • Mulberry (mulberry) - dense translucent sheets, from which it is convenient to cut the figures on the stencil. For example, miniature snowdrifts or imitation of wreaths of fir branches.
  • Craft is a dense material with a hint of coffee with milk to create massive objects. Texture imitates "gingerbread houses".
  • Velveteen covered with thin fibers, resembles fabric from a distance. Such material gives texture to simple forms. For example, small trees, carved from velvet texture, look catchy and fit any interior.

Make a gingerbread house out of craft paper and decorate the window sill

Thin for small crafts

  • Rice - thin and textured, reliably simulates a layer of frost, snow or ice on the windows. The figures from it are suitable for the design of window glass around the perimeter, creating the effect of a frosty pattern.
  • Italian corrugated - to create a garland and give New Year's flavor to window eaves.
  • Eco-Lux is a thin material with a pronounced texture, similar to compressed silk, often has a holographic effect. Ecolux garlands include small elements of a simple form (circles, diamonds, snowflakes), which look unusual due to the texture.

Christmas balls made of corrugated paper

There are quite a few varieties of designer paper; when choosing a material for large, simple-shaped jewelery, it is better to focus on denser options (Kraft, mulberry). Small elements are made from pronounced textures (corrugated, ecolyuks).

The finished decor is fixed on the cornice, the window sill and the surface of the window glass, to create a harmonious composition combine several types of crafts.

Multicolored garland of corrugated paper

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Types of decor for windows

Window decoration in red and white

Christmas accessories are glued to the glass surface, installed on the eaves and window sills, and also hung on both sides of the opening.

Flat glass decorations

Traditional paper decor - snowflakes, figures of Santa Claus, Snow Maiden and a symbol of the year, cut out on stencils. Making does not take much time, the beauty of crafts gives a non-trivial shape, textured bright colors.

A deer looking out of the window makes you smile

The size of the paper figures depends on the number of decorations and the size of the window: the abundance of accessories is appropriate in spacious rooms with large openings. Miniature flat objects of bright shades are suitable for decoration of small rooms.

Cardboard houses can be made from colored cardboard with your child.

Volumetric decoration for eaves and window sills

Openwork snowflakes, garlands of paper balls, flowers, animal figurines can be made with your own hands from simple colored different density. Popular techniques of manufacturing such items:

Origami Red Star

  • Origami - the traditional option for creating smart crafts from one sheet of paper. Christmas origami toys are small in size, bright and elegant options are created from textured paper covered with glitter.
  • Quilling is a technique for creating toys and figures from thin sheets of different colors. The color scheme of toys is very diverse.
  • Kirigami - the technique of gluing designs from stencils. Several elements are cut out of a dense monochromatic, are combined into a three-dimensional composition and are installed on the windowsill.
  • Decoupage - the technique of creating catchy New Year accessories. At the heart of each object - a stencil of thick paper, which is pasted over with pieces of material with a pattern. Decoupage toys look good in eclectic interiors, combined with loft style.
  • Papier-mâché is a way of making paper decorations from several layers of material soaked in glue. Figures put on the windowsill, sometimes added to the garland.

Winter village on the windowsill in the technique of kirigami

Hanging decorations for windows

Garlands are fixed on the eaves, window sills, window panes.

Bird garlands made from cards for those who want a lot of travel in the new year

  • The traditional version consists of elements of different colors or sizes, which are attached to a thread. Such paper garlands in various styles are placed on any part of the window, they are easy to combine with another decor.
  • Fully paper garlands are made up of individual elements glued together. A popular option is a chain of individual paper rings, threaded into each other.
  • Designer garlands - complete compositions of several elements, catchy and original. The rest of the decor items are selected neutral shades.

Garland of multi-colored corrugated paper with light bulbs - bold and original

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Features window decoration

The harmonious arrangement of paper garlands, figures and other crafts on the window creates a festive composition. Making window sills, glass and cornices has its own rules.

Elegantly decorated window decorated in the style of minimalism.

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The color scheme of jewelry

Paper for creativity is presented in various textures and color shades, so decorations can be made in any style.

White color in traditional design

  • Traditional white snowflakes, bulk garlands - a universal way of window decoration. Monochrome objects look great with LED backlighting in warm colors.
  • The natural colors of Christmas decorations go well with the laconic interior in a modern style. Sand, gray and green shades, complemented by shiny elements and intricate shapes, will decorate the window without overloading it.
  • The eye-catching color scheme, which is used in the industrial manufacture of paper decor, is not suitable for every room. Bright, shiny snowflakes and garlands should be combined with a touch of window curtains, wallpaper, and other furniture. Otherwise, the interior looks overloaded.
  • The combination of companion colors in paper accessories creates a bright, but inconspicuous style. Designer Christmas toys are available in home accessories stores, you can make them yourself, if you choose the material of the desired shades.

Be careful with bright decorations to not overload the interior.

Decorations of neutral shades of textured paper with imitation of textiles (wool, silk, cotton) are suitable for classical interiors, rooms in the style of Provence or Norman. This decor does not distract attention from the rest of the interior.

Christmas colors - red and green. These are symbols of evergreen spruce and the color of the flame in the hearth

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Placing accessories on the window

The arrangement of elements in the window opening depends on their size, material, and the level of illumination of the room.

The location of the elements depends on many factors.

  • Large bright accessories occupy the central part of the window. These can be crafts in the form of Christmas trees and balls, figures cut from stencils, or whole compositions.
  • The background decor is colored paper garlands and snowflakes cut from simple white materials (coated or rice paper).
  • Small volumetric decorations from textured paper complete the composition, place color accents.

Symmetrical placement

Large Christmas toys occupy the central part of the window

Large Christmas toys occupy the central part of the window, the side surfaces are decorated with garlands located along the frame. The design of the eaves and windowsill is symmetrical, it visually completes the composition. Such an arrangement requires a large number of background decorations of soft colors.

Central location

The windows in small rooms are decorated in an inconspicuous way, often the decor is represented by one large element, for example, a bright snowflake from textured paper. The rest of the accessories are much smaller in size, often the whole New Year's atmosphere is limited to a large snowflake in the center of the glass.

A small window can be decorated with one large element.

Asymmetrical placement

So make out the narrow high windows: paper decorations are located diagonally, sometimes they are placed in the center, bottom or top of the window opening. The purpose of this decor is to create the impression of a careless, natural arrangement of elements.

Asymmetry creates a negligent effect.

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Features of the design of glass, eaves and window sills

A well-decorated window is a complete composition of several decorations. Materials and sizes depend on the size of the window opening, the overall style of the room: the interior is of a light color complemented with a bright decor. Rooms in bright colors, loft or eclectic styles are decorated with small paper balls, garlands of light colors.

Sophisticated composition will be a good decoration for the New Year

Decoration of eaves

Window eaves are suitable for placement of volume paper garlands of bright shades. The upper border of the window, decorated with textured paper, looks festive. The shade of the decoration is selected in tone with the curtains or in contrast with them.

Bright paper garlands adorn the cornices

The paper garland is placed on the eaves with symmetric waves that make the window lambrequins. Bright garlands of large balls, Christmas trees or figures are placed in the center of the cornice, or hung at the edges.

Garlands of flags can be placed symmetrical waves

Glass decoration

Paper figures of light shades create a festive atmosphere without blocking the flow of light from the window. It is better to have them in the center so as not to interfere with the opening and closing of the valves. Shiny paper, unusual shapes or volumetric elements are used sparingly so as not to disturb the harmony of the composition.

Decoration on the windows is best placed in the middle of the glass.

It is recommended to pay attention to the openwork jewelry with an abundance of slits: they look more "airy." Opaque decor from thick paper is placed on the edges of the glass, so as not to reduce the level of natural light in the room.

Bulk decorations, massive garlands are placed on the glass closer to the eaves, as they visually reduce the size of the window.

Snowflakes of small sizes can be laid out different shapes, for example, here such deer

Window Dressing

On the window sills have crafts in various techniques, the figures on the stands, garlands of paper balls. Accessories should not interfere with the opening and closing of windows, curtain pull.

The silhouette of the New Year's city, cut out of paper, will look comfortable when placed inside the candle

Wide window sills are often used as a working surface, then the decor is better placed at the corners of the surface, choose flat variants. You can fix the decorations with scotch tape, which is well tolerated by intensive use. Return to the menu


Paper crafts are a quick way to decorate the windows for the New Year in any style and color. Dense craft is suitable for simple flat jewelry, small elements are made of thin materials. Paper accessories are placed on the eaves, window glass, windowsill. Massive decorations look better in the lower part of the composition.

Beautiful vytynanka for the New Year

The color scheme of the New Year's decor is chosen to match the interior or in contrast with it. The traditional white color, bright warm range of natural shades fit most interiors. Restrained interiors in light shades will complement the paper accessories, made in a catchy contrasting scale or using companion colors.