Photowall-paper for walls in an interior of the Apartment / House + 140 PHOTO of bright and magnificent combinations in a bedroom, a drawing room, the nursery


Photo wallpaper in the interior is a high-quality finishing material to give the room individual features. Wall mural is not a new word in the design of the premises. 30-40 years ago they were at the peak of their popularity, but they did not last long on it. Due to limited images and low quality, they soon had to be abandoned.

Content of this article:

  • Rules of choice: what to look for
  • Color and subject accents
  • Size matters
  • The choice of photo wallpapers
  • Living room: we act wisely
  • Flowers and nature
  • Abstraction
  • City view
  • Bedroom: how sunny are your windows
  • Sunny or dark room
  • Do you like to look at the starry sky
  • Children's room
  • Cabinet: photo wallpaper relevance
  • Corridor: add perspective
  • Kitchen and dining room - rare decoration
  • Bathroom: use optical illusions
  • How to avoid mistakes
  • Image irrelevance
  • Conglomeration
  • Acquisition: quality comes first
  • Bright room: choose the right
  • Top 4 types of photo wallpapers: a reasonable choice
  • Paper: limited scope
  • Vinyl is practical
  • Laminated wallpaper: service life up to 15 years
  • Textile - an expensive option
  • Photo printing does not limit the flight of fantasy
  • VIDEO: We update the interior
  • GALLERY: The most beautiful interior designs with photo wallpapers
  • Rules of choice: what to look for
  • Living room: we act wisely
  • Bedroom: how sunny are your windows
  • Children's room
  • Cabinet: photo wallpaper relevance
  • How to avoid mistakes
  • Top 4 types of photo wallpapers: a reasonable choice
  • Photo printing does not limit the flight of fantasy
  • GALLERY: The most beautiful interior designs with photo wallpapers
  • Rules of choice: what to look for

    Wall mural - the central figure in any room

    Wall mural is a new progressive word in interior design. High-quality materials and spectacular prints allow you to transform the room, to place fashionable accents and give the apartment the personality traits.

    How to choose a wallpaper for the apartment? If the interior is already made, it is important that the new accent fit into the style of the room. We draw attention to the compatibility of the pattern with the furniture.

    The best solution to update the design is new wallpapers

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    Color and subject accents

    It is equally important to take into account the colors of the other walls, if they are not planned to be redesigned.

    Since the wallpaper is a bright element of the design of the room, creating a spectacular accent, it is desirable that the rest of the surfaces were presented in soft, calm shades.

    Fashionable design spirit that is able to revive any interior

    An interesting and very effective technique is the selection of a room zone with the help of photo wallpapers.

    So you can, for example, separate the sleeping area from the work area, which includes a computer desk with a laptop, visually expand the narrow space.

    A beautiful combination of colors will make the room cozy

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    Size matters

    The size of the cloth also matters. It is not only that the image should fit in length and height.

    Is your interior characterized by restraint and brevity? Then you can choose a widescreen image. If there is a lot of furniture, panoramic wallpaper will be the best choice.

    Night city in the room for guests

    If the room is small, wallpaper is one of the best options for expanding the space and creating perspectives.

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    The choice of photo wallpapers

    The choice of the plot is the most important part in the photo wallpaper. A wide range and the ability to choose a picture with different effects and colors make the problem of choice very difficult.

    It all starts with the choice of plot

    Popular subjects for photo wallpapers include:

    • reproductions of paintings (not necessarily very famous);
    • urban views;
    • nature;
    • abstraction.

    Often found plot urban species

    To realize your desire to change the annoying interior in a fast way will help the wallpaper with the original image. At the same time, the perception of the room will change a lot.

    If the finished wallpaper with your favorite image could not be found, you can order them using the services of a printing house.

    Interior with trees gives the room a harmony with nature

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    Living room: we act wisely

    In this room, more often than in other designers, they turn to photo wallpapers during design. Most living room layouts assign the largest room.

    Everything is traditionally gathered here, celebrations are organized and guests are received.

    Some wallpapers can visually expand the space.

    Functional, but also beautiful, memorable for its setting, the room is reflected in the embodiment of interesting ideas.

    Photowall-paper as material for registration, completely answer these wishes.

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    Flowers and nature

    Thinking about the repair with the use of photo wallpaper, you will be asked if they are suitable for the style of your home?

    The fashion trend of many who want to give the room bright colors and emotions

    The approach to the implementation of design ideas now allows you to choose a wallpaper for almost all areas, including even minimalism.

    In the living room photographs are usually placed in a recreation area. It is optimal if a pair of armchairs with a coffee table or a comfortable sofa are located next to a wall decorated in this way.

    Sometimes these paintings can scale change the interior of any room.

    Can I hang a TV on the wall with photo murals? Not desirable, but it all depends on the image itself and the color scheme.

    For maximum realism of the plot and the creation of unusual effects using 3D-wallpaper.

    Perfect imitation overlooking the sea

    Versatile images that fit most styles include flowers and landscapes. Among the style trends:

    • retro;
    • neo-classic;
    • chebbi chic;
    • country and others.

    The flowers on the wall in the bedroom look very nice

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    For the modern style, along with those already listed, fashionable abstractions and interesting images of geometric patterns can be used.

    Fans of antiquity can also choose the wallpaper for themselves

    At the same time, the color scheme of the photo wallpaper should be in harmony with the situation and echo the dominant notes with it.

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    City view

    Cityscapes - the current trend for the rooms. If one of the walls is completely covered with a photo image, you will get the impression of a large window looking directly onto the city of your dreams or your warm pleasant memories.

    Popular beauty of the city

    Motorway lights, high-rise buildings, old streets of provincial Europe, or stunning bridges are many options.

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    Bedroom: how sunny are your windows

    This room is also often decorated with photo wallpaper. Modern materials allow you to choose a plot that fits not only the interior, but also creates a certain mood.

    Create a mood with nature

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    Sunny or dark room

    For better relaxation, floral scenes, beautiful peaceful views are recommended.

    The “cool” landscapes with the image, for example, of a misty forest or an autumn park in rainy weather, can balance the sunny room facing the south.

    Cool landscape in black and white

    Do you have a dark room that the sun rarely looks into? Then the best choice would be the image of a summer meadow or the beach in a warm range of shades.

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    Do you like to look at the starry sky

    When making a bedroom designers sometimes use the image of stars in the sky. If this is to your liking, then glow-in-the-dark paints will help enhance the effect - the starry sky will open at dusk in all its glory.

    Colorful landscape with birds

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    Children's room

    Photowall-paper in the room of the child is the real magic, the embodiment of imaginations and a source of enthusiasm. Images of characters from favorite cartoons, fairytale landscapes, pictures based on comics, space, sea themes and much more are appropriate in the nursery.

    The main relevance of each type

    At registration it is necessary to measure the brightness of the image and its dynamism. In his room, the child not only plays, he practices, does his homework, sleeps.

    Too bright pictures can distract and bore, affecting the child's psyche.

    Variants with pictures are also possible - this reduces the coverage area and waste

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    Cabinet: photo wallpaper relevance

    In some houses, the study is a separate room, in others - one of the zones of the larger room. How to choose the story of the photo wallpaper on the wall, to which the table is moved, depends on the effect to be achieved.

    Roses emphasize all the aesthetics and romance of the bedroom.

    For a calm, smooth atmosphere, the plot of the image must be appropriate - neutral, without bright colors.

    This color will not cause a surge of emotion. If it is necessary to receive a power charge, the image we use dynamic, inducing to action and stimulating active work.

    Energy charge from the field with daisies

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    Corridor: add perspective

    Is your corridor small or very small? You can try using photo wallpapers with the image of perspective visually enlarge the space. To do this, we define their place in the end of the corridor.

    Often when using pictures, the main background is white

    As a perspective, it is better to use:

    • footpaths;
    • bridges;
    • stairs;
    • sea.

    Leaf theme in the bathroom

    The color palette should flow from the neighboring walls, as it were, in order to create the most realistic impression.

    Photo wallpaper realistic picture is very big

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    Kitchen and dining room - rare decoration

    In the kitchen less often than in other rooms, you can find wallpaper. The whole wall to allocate decoration or only its fragment, depends on the overall design.

    Usually, the mural is decorated with a dining area. Among the scenes that are popular - cityscapes and nature.

    Unobtrusive and light interior

    But why not make the design even more original and uplifting? It all depends on the style of the room and what effect I would like to get.

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    Bathroom: use optical illusions

    The bathroom and toilet in many apartments are of modest size. Even the combined bathroom does not create a feeling of spaciousness.

    Full harmony with the outside world

    You can try to "add volume" by the unexpected use of photo wallpaper. You can push the boundaries with the help of the same perspective images that are recommended for small corridors.

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    How to avoid mistakes

    Beautiful, unusual, and sometimes very expensive wallpaper in some interiors can play a cruel joke and spoil the impression. Let us dwell on the most common mistakes.

    The beauty of the ocean with iceberg

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    Image irrelevance

    Not all prints are equally good in any of the rooms. There should be complete harmony of the plot of the wallpaper with the surrounding interior.

    Good idea to make a bright contrast.

    For the bedroom is not desirable to choose unnecessarily dynamic scenes or too vivid. These wallpapers are more suitable for the living room. In the bedroom it is better to choose a quiet print without contrasts and acrid colors.

    Calm Floral Print

    One of the common mistakes is the choice of an “adult” image for a nursery. The plot of the photo wallpapers for the little man should correspond to his age, interests, surroundings. Only in this case the child will feel comfortable and cozy.

    The choice of canvas should be thoughtful and fit into the interior of the room

    Photowall-paper is a stationary wall decoration, which, unlike paintings and posters, cannot be moved to another wall or moved to another room, if desired. Therefore, the choice should be balanced and thoughtful.

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    So you decided that one of the walls will be framed with photo murals. A little later, a TV will be hung here, framed photos, shelves, and a cupboard pushed.

    Comfort for children first

    The effect of the photo wallpaper will be irretrievably lost. Their plot will seem slurred.

    The advice is very simple - the wall that is highlighted under the wallpaper can not be overloaded with decor and furniture.

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    Acquisition: quality comes first

    Acquisition of low-quality material from an unknown manufacturer can ruin the impression of a good idea.

    As always, the appropriate use of photo wallpapers with sea views

    When buying ready-made photo wallpapers - read the information about the manufacturer. Retouched approach to the issue with an individual order of applying the liked image.

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    Bright room: choose the right

    If the room itself is bright, using rich colors in the furniture and design, then the usual type of wallpaper can simply get lost without decorating the room. How to be in this case?

    The main thing is that their care is practically minimal.

    Modern requirements for the design of premises recommend using in this case not color, but black and white wallpaper.

    This is a trendy and interesting approach. Depending on the rest of the situation, you can even choose an image in the style of zentagle and dudling.

    Bright, warm and beautiful

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    Top 4 types of photo wallpapers: a reasonable choice

    Depending on the required performance properties, you can purchase wallpapers of various types. Consider them, weighing all the pros and cons.

    The final touch and get unobtrusive beauty

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    Paper: limited scope

    This look differs in the low price and environmental friendliness of material. Paper, however, has very serious disadvantages. The most important of them is extremely low service life.

    See how the room was transformed with the help of vegetable themes.

    This material is not resistant to dirt, is afraid of moisture and is problematic in care. Therefore, paper wallpaper should not be used, for example, in the hallway or in rooms with unstable humidity.

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    Vinyl is practical

    The popularity of vinyl is obvious - it is quite durable, has a long service life and allows for easy wet cleaning.

    We are not limited in our fantasies.

    Wear resistance is an important plus, especially in the design of the hallway or corridor. This material is practical, weakly subject to fading.

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    Laminated wallpaper: service life up to 15 years

    This type of wallpaper, with high-quality manufacturing and gluing, can serve for a very long time without loss of appearance.

    We update one wall, and as if got into a fairy tale.

    The effect of lamination not only enlivens the interior, but also makes it natural and very beautiful.

    Laminated wallpaper can be cleaned, they do not fade in the sun and are of very high quality.

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    Textile - an expensive option

    In addition to the usual looking photo wallpaper, there are species that are refined and expensive. Textile wallpaper is spectacular and unusual.

    With the help of such a powerful weapon you can get incredible landscapes.

    Photo printing with the image can be applied on this basis:

    • linen;
    • viscose;
    • silk (natural);
    • canvas.
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    Photo printing does not limit the flight of fantasy

    Use only on the wallpaper photo printing is not limited. Very interesting design options are created when applying drawings to various finishing materials.

    As always look advantageous

    In some cases, the use of photo wallpaper is impossible, and, for example, tile will be very popular. You can diversify the interior in the bathroom or in the kitchen with the use of photo printing on other materials for decoration.

    An interesting option using the world map

    Wall mural is experiencing now a new round of popularity at a qualitatively higher level. Bringing new life to the interior and giving it personality traits is not at all difficult.

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    VIDEO: We update the interior