Modern stretch ceilings (matte, glossy, two-level). Selection and installation from A to Z + 230 PHOTOS


In the market stretch ceilings thing is relatively new, but has already gained great popularity. The proposed arsenal of design tools is wide and varied, and the installation of ceilings is surprisingly simple and fast. A small but pleasant problem is perhaps some confusion before the wealth of choice of this type of finishing materials. Everything is more detailed later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Types of stretch ceilings
  • Film
  • Matte
  • Satin
  • Glossy
  • Embossed pattern or texture
  • Combined version
  • Fabric
  • Photo printing
  • Multilevel
  • Backlight
  • Combination with drywall
  • TOP 5 well-known manufacturers of stretch ceilings
  • Barrisol (France)
  • Pongs (Germany)
  • Ceruttii (Italy)
  • Clipso (Switzerland)
  • MSD (China)
  • TOP-7 trends in suspended ceilings in 2019
  • VIDEO: The incredibly steep and beautiful ceilings
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The most beautiful options for suspended ceilings
  • Types of stretch ceilings
  • Embossed pattern or texture
  • Backlight
  • Combination with drywall
  • TOP 5 well-known manufacturers of stretch ceilings
  • TOP-7 trends in suspended ceilings in 2019
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The most beautiful options for suspended ceilings
  • Types of stretch ceilings

    By the look of the basics, all tension are divided into two groups:

    • film, or PVC, made of a very thin polyvinyl chloride film;
    • tissue.

    PVC tension indoors

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    The surface of the film color palette significantly richer colors brighter. The texture of the film sheet is also different:

    • glossy, sometimes called lacquer;
    • matte;
    • satin.

    Lacquer texture of the film web

    The choice of texture affects the room, its size and light, the style of the interior. Film waterproof, easy to clean.

    Film waterproof, easy to clean.

    They are very elastic, stretch into a bubble during leakage, and after the water is pumped out, they completely restore their shape.

    Fully restored after pumping water

    For these reasons, they are particularly suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and bathrooms, in which the danger of leaks from neighbors above is more likely.

    Option for the bathroom

    Due to the heating of the film during installation, a small odor first comes out, which gradually disappears. Return to the menu


    A variety of colors in matte stretch the most modest. The canvas resembles a smooth painted surface without glare and provides accurate color reproduction.

    Surface without glare and provides accurate color reproduction

    Soft matte texture, restrained and discreet, does not focus on itself, allowing the eye to focus on the decorative decoration of the room.

    Focus on decorating the room

    The neutrality of texture is combined with any style of interior, especially classic.

    Matte finish in classic interior design

    This is an option for the living room, if you want to give the room an elegant, but not too ceremonial look.

    Elegant view of the hotel

    Pastel soothing shades are suitable for the bedroom.

    Ideal bedroom with matte shades

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    According to the proposed choice of colors satin located in the middle between matte and glossy.

    Sateen stretch in the interior

    The texture resembles a matte, but it partially reflects the light, the surface becomes similar to plastic, with a pearl luster. White satin surface looks dazzling.

    Dazzling gloss white satin surface

    If the room is very sunny, with good lighting, stop on satin. Most successfully it is combined with interior elements of chrome and stainless steel or aluminum in the styles of techno, loft, minimalism.

    Successful combination of chrome elements

    If the design of film ceilings with satin or matte texture is made up of several canvases, then the segments are taken from one roll and rolled in one direction, otherwise the shades may slightly differ and this will be noticeable. Return to the menu


    The glossy stretch many colors.

    Glossy color palette

    Cloth with a mirror surface, and the reflectivity depends on the color: the darker it is, the stronger the effect. In black, the interior is reflected almost like in a mirror.

    In the black ceiling the interior is reflected as in a mirror.

    Glossy stretch visually increases the volume of the room, makes it lighter, so they are often used in retail outlets, offices, and various organizations.

    Tension visually increase the volume of the room

    White color leaves a feeling of freshness, cleanliness and spaciousness, choose it for a bathroom, bathroom or kitchen. The brightness of the colors will find its use in the nursery.

    Bright sky in the nursery

    A glittering festive satin will suit many styles. It looks great in a solemn classic setting, but will fit well into techno.

    Glossy for a classic setting

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    Embossed pattern or texture

    An additional embossing is applied to the film web in the form of various patterns or textures. It can be butterflies, leaves, geometric shapes, stripes, imitation suede, silk, brocade, mosaic, wood, metal and other materials.

    Any drawing to complement the interior

    The texture of the canvas itself is usually glossy or matte, the pattern or texture variant is chosen for the interior style.

    Choose a picture for the style of the room

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    Combined version

    The variant with combined, in which the whole stretched canvas is made of several straight or curvilinear segments of different colors or textures.

    The combination of multiple colors

    Disappears monotony, the potential of possible combinations allows you to show inexhaustible designer imagination.

    Remove the monotony of life

    The ceiling surface looks original and unusual, the children will be delighted with such an unusual picture in their room.

    Unusual picture in the children's room

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    The choice of colors in the fabric is small, but this disadvantage is easily eliminated by dyeing the canvas or applying photo printing.

    Photo printing on fabric

    The texture of the fabric is only matte, the colors themselves are less bright, however, they will be 2-3 times more expensive than film.

    Matt textured fabric with unsaturated color.

    The fabric creates a feeling of calm, comfort, compared to the film, it is more natural and natural.

    Create a sense of calm and comfort

    Her place in the living room, bedroom, as well as in the interior of a conservative or traditional style - classics, country, Russian suburban.

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    Photo printing

    A good way to get rid of the monotony of the interior is to install a stretch with photo printing. All types of canvas and texture are suitable for photo printing, but on the film the outlines are clearer, the colors are brighter, richer, and the fabric is faded.

    A good way to get rid of the monotony of the interior.

    The image itself can be selected from the catalog of the installer or bring any other.

    Select image from company catalog

    Popular floating clouds, classic antique or medieval scenes, funny drawings for the children's room.

    Popular floating clouds

    The films are made of 1-5 meter wide web, and, if necessary, the web is welded.

    The seam itself is very durable, but on the canvas with a pattern, especially with a satin texture, it can be noticeable. On a monophonic seam is not visible.

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    Another favorite design move, which gives the surface volume, is also very convenient to divide the room into functional zones. Most often, the design includes two levels.

    There are two possible design options.

    Zone separation

    In the first case, the fabrics in several levels are stretched onto different parts of the frame, having the form of simple straight lines or a complex curved configuration. The number of combinations of colors and textures is limited only by fantasy.

    The combination of colors and textures is limited only by imagination.

    The second equally impressive option is a multi-level design with a 3D effect. Two paintings with drawings are placed one above the other, the lower of them is transparent or translucent.

    Multi-level constructions with 3D effect

    Previously, a similar method was possible only for film ceilings, but recently manufacturers began to produce translucent fabric.

    Effect even with translucent fabric

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    The role of additional illumination is played by spotlights or LED strip. The first are fixed on the plane, the tape is mounted around the perimeter, at the joints of two levels or behind the canvas.

    LED lighting for tensioning fabric

    LED backlit ceilings seem soaring, and the diffused soft lighting from the tape just looks great with a cloth.

    LED ceilings seem soaring

    It is also a very popular "starry sky", in which the corresponding effect is achieved due to the LEDs mounted in the plane.

    Very popular "starry sky"

    To enhance the impression, you can simulate the stars attached to the canvas Swarowski crystals, illuminated LEDs.

    Swarowski crystals illuminated by LEDs

    Contemplation of the night sky with the twinkling of stars, the fall of meteorites, the northern lights well calms the nervous system.

    Spotlights are appropriate everywhere

    LED strip is most suitable for the living room, "starry sky" - an option for the bedroom and children's room, spotlights are appropriate everywhere.

    Arrange indoors enchanting light show

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    Combination with drywall

    Often, when you make a room, you combine stretch rooms with drywall constructions. As a rule, this box around the perimeter is either a circle or an oval in the center.

    Plasterboard ceiling

    The use of drywall allows you to mount a more complex shape, decorate it with stucco or trim with other materials, a wider range of illumination.

    More complex structures using drywall

    A very vivid impression is made by the contrasting combination of a matte plasterboard surface with a glossy texture of the stretch insert.

    Matte plasterboard surface with glossy insert

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    TOP-5 famous manufacturers of stretch ceilings

    European manufacturers make stretch of film and fabric. Their samples are distinguished by increased thickness, snow-white color, two layers of lacquer, as well as additional consumer properties and technological innovations.

    Innovations for the tension surface

    The most proven in the market, but also the most expensive is the production of companies from France and Italy.

    Expensive products are companies from France and Italy

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    Barrisol (France)

    France is the birthplace of tensioners, their products are always stylish and high-quality. Barrisol canvases are one of the most expensive, include more than 230 colors, including metallic pearlescent, and 15 textures.

    Previously, the company produced only film canvases, but more recently, fabric appeared.

    In the range of samples with floral patterns, classic and abstract patterns, with a texture of suede, translucent, with a smooth surface.

    The image bank for printing contains a collection of drawings and photos, including scenes from French museums. Micro-perforation has been applied to some of the webs to absorb sound and noise.

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    Pongs (Germany)

    Tensioning German firms are a direct competitor to the previous French brand and are also very much appreciated.

    French brand is highly valued in the market

    The range of Pongs film canvases consists of approximately one and a half hundred expressive colors and shades with glossy, satin and matte texture, the latter resembles a classic whitewash.

    Classic whitewash in Pongs canvases

    Of the exclusive samples can be mentioned paintings, similar to ordinary paper wallpaper, with a metallic sheen, translucent, glossy marble and glitter, creating the effect of the starry sky with directional lighting.

    Starry sky effect with directional lighting

    Fabric stretch ceilings of this company are produced under the brand Descor. Some samples are characterized by a slight flicker with a metallic glow when illuminated.

    Light flicker with a metallic glow when illuminated

    Also, the fabric of this manufacturer differs in fire-fighting and antistatic properties, and the special weaving of the fabric improves the sound insulation of the room.

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    Ceruttii (Italy)

    The most expensive of fabric ceilings, made of cloth twill twill weaving, which was previously used for the manufacture of canvas.

    Are made of cloth twill twill weave

    The texture of the fabric is more like plasterboard, paints of soft pastel colors. On both sides, they are treated by impregnation on a chalky basis and covered with a protective layer of varnish for leakage.

    The texture of the fabric is more like drywall

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    Clipso (Switzerland)

    The company specializes in ceilings of six types of polyester fabric of complex knit weaving coated with polyurethane differing in structure.

    Beautiful bright ceiling in the bedroom

    Clipso has white and colored stretch fabric ceilings with a matte texture, resistant to fading, translucent, with iridescent sparkles.

    Fade-resistant ceilings

    The fabric has special additional properties - microperforation for better sound insulation, anti-bacterial coating, dirt and water-repellent impregnation.

    Additional properties for clean room

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    MSD (China)

    Although China is not among the market leaders, but some manufacturers from this country produce quite decent products, successfully competing price-quality.

    Competitive products price-quality

    MSD produces film ceilings of more than 130 colors with glossy and matte texture, as well as some satin ones.

    Film ceilings more than 130 colors with a glossy and matte texture

    Cloths are significant for a film width of 5.1 meters (except satin), have antistatic properties and contain antibacterial and antifungal substances.

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    TOP-7 trends in suspended ceilings in 2019

    1 White soaring.

    White soaring

    2 White with backlight.

    White backlit

    3 White glowing.

    White glowing

    4 White with cutouts.

    White with cutouts

    5White with stars.

    White with stars

    6 White two-tier.

    White duplex

    7 White with photo printing.

    White with photo printing

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    VIDEO: The incredibly steep and beautiful ceilings