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Winter holidays are near and question how to decorate the house to the meeting in 2019 becomes more relevant day by day. I present to you a selection of New Year's trends and fresh ideas on decorating the space. Everything is more detailed later in the article.

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  • Luxurious western decor
  • Play on the contrast
  • Single color decor
  • Details rule the ball
  • Graphicity and scandi minimalism
  • Holiday keepers
  • Lively decor
  • Advent Calendar
  • Retro New Year
  • Natural creativity
  • The main beauty of the holiday
  • Decent position
  • Choice of toys
  • Whole picture
  • Fashionable palette
  • New Year House mood
  • 5 new ideas of New Year's decor
  • findings
  • VIDEO: The most beautiful decorations for the New Year
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 186 photos)
  • Luxurious western decor
  • Graphicity and scandi minimalism
  • 5 new ideas of New Year's decor
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 186 photos)
  • Luxurious western decor

    In the west, home decoration for Christmas is a kind of art. The general concept of the interior is thought out, the color range of decorative elements is in harmony with the design of the room and is strictly maintained.

    Details are perfectly combined in shape and size. Not only the Christmas tree is decorated, but also any suitable place for this - a fireplace, window sills, cabinets, dining tables and even doors. A single holiday space is born, a sense of fairy tale and magic.

    Here are a few tricks to decorate an apartment in the spirit of traditional western Christmas:

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    Play on the contrast

    Scarlet and green - this color combination is associated with winter holidays.

    Scarlet - green, red - gold, blue - silver - bright, familiar color combinations are associated with winter holidays, creating a special atmosphere at home. Of the two colors, one is always the primary, and the other serves as an accent. Well, if the chosen color scheme is combined with the existing interior.

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    Single color decor

    One-color jewelery brings peace of mind.

    Another popular technique is smooth color transitions. The combination of white with gold or silver, delicate jewelry in one color bring a sense of calm.

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    Details rule the ball

    Decorate the fireplace with festive felts

    Reindeer sleigh, decorative felt boots on the fireplace, cozy Christmas lamp - such details emphasize the conceptuality of the decor. Attention to detail allows you to create a truly lively and thoughtful festive interior.

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    Graphicity and scandi minimalism

    Modern New Year's decor

    Inspired by, perhaps, the most popular Scandinavian style today, you can create an unusual, but at the same time modern New Year's decor. Scandi jewelry - for the brave and young at heart. Not afraid of black and white? Love the graphics in all its manifestations? Ready to show imagination and create jewelry with your own hands? Then this trend is for you!

    Do not be afraid of black and white

    Closeness to nature - the motto of the holiday in the Scandinavian style. There is no riot of colors, screaming decorative elements, colorful tinsel. Minimalism and natural balance are supported by the decoration of cones and fir branches, simple wooden figures in the form of silhouettes of animals. Monochrome colors complement the chosen concept.

    Closeness to nature - the motto of the holiday in the Scandinavian style

    The Scandinavian style is the faithful guardian of family values. Its main principle is the creation of a cozy atmosphere of pleasant winter evenings in the circle of loved ones, the maintenance of family values ​​and the unification of generations. Here are a few things that will help you organize northern magic in your home:

    Cozy atmosphere on pleasant winter evenings

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    Holiday keepers

    Pixie's Magic Gnomes Bring Good Luck

    Pixie's Magic Gnomes are a symbol of Scandinavian Christmas. Textile decorations in the form of gnomes peeking out from behind cushions, hiding under the tree, on dressers and fireplaces. According to legend, they bring good luck, give them a cheerful holiday and a feeling of happiness.

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    Lively decor

    Arrange around the house cozy candles

    Decorate the window sill with a group of candlesticks in the form of houses, arrange cozy candles around the house, hang a homemade garland over the bed. Do not worry if the jewelry does not lend itself to strict symmetry. The spirit of Scandinavian decor comes alive when every thing finds its place.

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    Advent Calendar

    Advent calendar hides daily wishes or small gifts

    Perhaps the brightest sign of the coming of the New Year and Christmas is the appearance of the advent calendar at home. He helps children count down the days before the holiday, hides the daily good wishes or small gifts.

    The most soulful calendars do their own hands with scrap materials - patterned envelopes, linen bags, boxes of craft paper. Return to menu

    Retro New Year

    New Year in retro style is nostalgia for childhood

    Nostalgia for the past and warm childhood memories gave popularity to the vintage style in home decoration for the New Year. Familiar toys, bright tinsel and sonorous metal candlestick in the form of a Christmas tree - these little things keep the memory of the past years and cause warm smiles.

    Familiar small details cause warm smiles.

    Vintage style means not only returning to the period of youth of our grandmothers. Now it’s more like a creative rethinking of the heritage of the whole XX century, its voluntary reading with regard to modern realities.

    Decorations of the past era fit in the interior, made in natural colors using natural materials. It is not necessary to search for Christmas decorations at the flea market. You can use artificially aged materials, muted colors: beige, gray-lilac, muted blue.

    Decorate the house in natural colors using natural materials

    An important difference between retro-style is symmetry. This rule applies to garlands on the Christmas tree, postcards on the shelf or even chairs in the dining room.

    If you still managed to find real antiques, do not forget about the sense of proportion. Only one element can set the direction to a decor, the more exotic it looks, the less it needs companions.

    Only one element can set the direction to the decor.

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    Natural creativity

    New Year's Eve is cozy home evenings, invigorating mulled wine, aroma of tangerines and gingerbread on a coniferous branch. It is with this attitude that you should start decorating the house in eco-style. A variety of natural materials inspire the creation of Christmas compositions and the implementation of bold creative ideas.

    Realize bold creative ideas with natural materials.

    Ornaments in natural style are extremely diverse:

    • Neat gingerbread houses and cookies with icing sugar.
    • Dried oranges and candied berries.
    • Scented cinnamon sticks tied with twine.
    • Linen flags and burlap garlands.
    • Intricate Christmas balls from the vine.
    • And, of course, cones in all their diversity.

    Intricate Eco Christmas Balls

    Organically look next to the natural compositions of ornaments in the style of rustic. The color range of such decorations is distinguished by natural natural shades of green, brown, beige and subdued orange.

    Natural compositions of rustic decorations

    The main beauty of the holiday must always be "alive", preferably in a tub or grown specifically for sale. An elegant Christmas tree is just the beginning of home decoration. Branches of garlands, fir wreaths, interesting desktop compositions set the festive mood of the interior, and does not contradict the principles of eco-style.

    The tree should always be "alive"

    New Year in the spirit of naturalism involves a lot of plants. Arrange around the house small conifers or rosemary fir-trees. They can be decorated as the main home tree. In the center of the festive composition, make a bright Christmas flower - poinsettia. Return to the menu

    The main beauty of the holiday

    The main symbol of the holiday is the tree

    In whatever style you decide to decorate the house, the main symbol of the holiday is the Christmas tree. Here are some tips on how to make a real ball queen of modest forest beauty.

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    Decent position

    The tree should be given the appropriate place.

    Christmas tree is the main heroine of the New Year stories, so it should be given the appropriate place. Choose for her a free part of the room, not cluttered with furniture. Do not be afraid of change. Even if the installation of the tree will have to make a small permutation, updating the interior for the New Year will only benefit.

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    Choice of toys

    Use a variety of decorations in different sizes and textures.

    Diverse decorations of different sizes and textures - traditional balls, small bells, stars, angels, ribbons and bows look interesting. Do not forget the rule, large toys are hung first. If their size is about the same, then the background is created first, and then bright spots are found as an accent - stylistic or color.

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    Whole picture

    The dressed tree forms a triangular composition.

    The dressed Christmas tree forms a triangular composition. It is completed decoration base. The special canvas hides the crosspiece of an artificial Christmas tree, gift boxes or a wooden flowerpots - a tub of living beauty. All additional elements intersect with the main parts in colors, materials.

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    Fashionable palette

    Colors of 2018 - deep emerald green hues and luxurious rusty red hues.

    The colors of 2018 are deep emerald green hues, luxurious rusty red hues. The latter are especially relevant if you honor oriental traditions. In the year of the Yellow Dog it is recommended to decorate the house in warm shades of brown, orange and beige.

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    New Year House mood

    Festive mood consists of trifles

    The festive mood consists of trifles - the aroma of pine needles, cute trinkets, placed around the house, a candle flame or the twinkling of Christmas garlands. Even more pleasant if you have made your own efforts to create a decor, you made beautiful compositions.

    New Year's bouquet

    Preparation at home is not limited to a decorated Christmas tree. Feeling of the holiday can be made from the threshold. Winter flowers and Christmas wreaths serve these purposes.

    Life hacking. Get the foam base for the wreath, hide it with fir branches and elegant ribbons, add cute bells, gold-plated cones and balls to match. Or use natural materials for decoration - rosehip branches or bright rowan. So you get a festive mood, a unique decoration for the house.

    Garlands, lanterns, lamps and, of course, candles are the most magical attribute of the New Year's atmosphere at home. And simple monochrome lights look much more noble than their colorful species.

    Simple monochrome lights look much more noble

    Interestingly themed compositions of candles. So in Europe it is customary to install a wreath with four candles. They are lit one by one every Sunday. Four weeks before Christmas, only one candle burns, but every week it becomes brighter, indicating the imminent onset of the main holiday of the year.

    Decorate the house and thematic compositions of candles

    The epoch of "rain" falling from the ceiling has sunk into oblivion, but the vertical decoration of the rooms remains relevant. Nowadays modern New Year mobili are used for this purpose. Their moving parts introduce dynamics into the interior, remind slowly feeding snow.

    Christmas mobiles - a modern version of the rain

    The most unusual designs are made of twigs and light toys suspended from a fishing line. You can go ahead and make a stylish composition in the form of balls floating in the air. Such interior details are placed above the dining table, with their help they focus attention on individual zones.

    The most unusual designs are made of twigs and light toys hanging on a fishing line.

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    5 new ideas of New Year's decor

    New trends appear every season, and fresh ideas for home decoration come into our lives. We are not always immediately ready to accept something new. But when, if not in the New Year, have fun and experiment. Here is a new look at the usual holiday decoration:

    New Year - the time of experiments

    1. Christmas tree - mural - why not? If there is not enough space in the room, then the Christmas tree on the wall is an excellent compromise option. The silhouette of the garlands, vinyl sticker or herringbone of the plates - the analogs of the usual fluffy beauty.

      Christmas tree - panel

    1. The minimalist approach. Not every interior will withstand an abundance of variegated decor. Sometimes only one or two objects of restrained color range set the festive mood, do not violate the well-established style of the room.

      Sometimes just one detail is enough.

    1. If the stars are lit, then someone needs it. The Bethlehem star is not only a symbol of Christmas, but also an incredibly showy decorative element. Airy hanging compositions, creative candlesticks, garlands, traditional Christmas-tree decorations are just a few of the options for using them.

    Bethlehem Star - a symbol of Christmas

    Just magically look lit from the inside of large paper or plastic stars. A group of such details can be the main festive decoration of the modern interior and eclipse the usual New Year tree.
    1. Christmas tree - flowerbed. Do you miss summer in the middle of winter? So why not decorate the house with fresh flowers. In the departments of floristics sold special capsules for flowers. Water is poured into them, the plant is placed. Such a Christmas tree decoration will be a real highlight of the winter holiday. An alternative to lively colors can be paper analogues or dried flowers.

      Decorate the Christmas tree with flowers

    1. A simple way to transform a room is to place New Year's posters on the walls. To emphasize their presence can be a couple of other decorative strokes - candles and fragrant pine feet. Turn your home into a real Santa Claus shop.

      Decorate the nursery with Christmas posters

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    The new year is an amazingly bright and eventful holiday. Winter evenings keep comfort at home, unbridled fun with friends. Trust your imagination, show a sense of style - decorate the house in the atmosphere of a New Year's miracle and it will surely happen in the coming year!

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    VIDEO: The most beautiful decorations for the New Year