How does a white kitchen with a white worktop transform the interior? 145+ Photo styles and variations of design solutions


White kitchens with white worktop are stylish, attractive, fashionable. But as far as they are comfortable, do you often need to wash? And how can they change the interior of an apartment or house? I want to dispel the myth that the white kitchen delivers unnecessary trouble to the hostess. This option of furniture gives great opportunities. Why? Let's take a look at what designers and manufacturers offer.


Small kitchen in classic style with an island

What gives white color to the interior

White color visually enhances the room, adds purity or solemnity, pristine fundamentality or peace. He has no shades. This is an extremely pure color. It is universal and suitable for other shades. Always has been and remains out of fashion. And the design is created around it. In addition, it becomes:

White is ideal for small spaces as it increases space.

  • Good background for furniture, decorative items
  • Gives the interior elegance.
  • Indispensable for rooms facing north, for lower floors with limited natural light.
  • Creates interesting duets with different colors.
  • These headsets fit different styles.
  • Gilding of details helps to create a classic interior.
  • This calm color is not annoying with time, unlike this year's trendy colors.
  • Well calms that is important in our hectic world.

Chess black and white tile - can transform any interior

Kitchen needs an addition that will provide a variety of visuals. Curtains, lamps, tiles for kitchen apron and floors, accessories of a different color. It is not necessary to choose a bright option. For these options, you can choose one color with a different depth of shades.

Blue details on white reveal the deepest

There are small nuances of nuances that help not to turn the room into a hospital ward. Using them you can make the interior soft or festive, noble or calm, fashionable or pacifying:

Pastel turquoise gives a sense of air

  • Ivory;
  • Baked milk;
  • Pearl (different shades);
  • Beige;
  • Matt cotton or parchment;
  • Ashen;
  • Hue milk cream;
  • Unbleached fabric.

The trend solution will be matte gray in a white room.

Do not use white color in its purest form. Add other shades to dilute it. But do not enter more than three nuances so as not to lose the attractiveness of whiteness. Return to the menu

What styles correspond

This color is universal and applicable to any modern and classic styles. It is great for isolated rooms and open-plan rooms. But each style has its own characteristics:

This color is universal and applicable to all styles.

Baroque. Lush, fashionable style for large rooms. Tables, shelves with details covered with gilding or silver, decorated with rods, garlands, order elements.

Rococo. Lighter style. For romantic natures, stylized seashells are added to the decorative elements of the Baroque style.

Classic. Furniture of strict form with moldings that frame the embossed inserts. Elements with exquisite carvings. Suspended lockers with milk glass doors. Items are massive.

Modern classic combines elegance and practicality.

Romanticism. This style uses a pearl shade. Handles and decorative elements with floral motifs.

Provence. This style is impossible to imagine without light furniture. Fragmentary decoration with craquelure (artificial aging) is used, the doors are glass with wooden covers.

High tech. Kitchen with glossy facades and metal elements. It is concise and well complements the classic furniture in the studio premises. This combination of different styles emphasizes the functions of different zones.

Glossy facades and metal elements, red makes the interior more expressive

Modern It is possible to use for this bright style. Asymmetric elements, floral patterns of light-colored headsets are complemented by bright lights with stained glass drawings. This style accepts asymmetry, smoothness, fluidity of lines.

Neoclassicism. Solid furniture without complex expensive items. Brings solemnity and fundamental to the room.

Wood is a warming element in a bright kitchen setting.

Minimalism. Laconic accessories, without fanciful elements. Almost different materials can be used for the manufacture of headsets. Looks good in homes with a standard layout.

Country Although this style is considered a bright rustic, but this color becomes a kind of background for wall decoration, bright curtains and lamps.

Eco style. An interesting mix gives color and fragmentary blotches of light green or beige tones.

Wooden furniture and a living wall of plants is eco style.

We beat correctly

This color is difficult to beat in the oriental interiors: Indian, Chinese. Some modern interiors: pop art, kitsch is also difficult to connect with the kitchen in its purest form.

For a kitchen with a small area, such furniture is an ideal option. Do not overload the small area with bulky objects. It is important convenience and freedom of movement. And in the big ones, miniature lockers and tables will be “lost” and will create the feeling of a dollhouse.

White furniture is ideal for a small room.

White color "changes" the boundaries of the room. However, it must be diluted with other shades. For a classic interior use gray in its pure form or light blue, green, brown with the addition of gray. In this case, an illusion of historical antiquity is created.

A wooden massive table in the middle of the room is a great country style element.

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Layout Features

The kitchen is considered a working room. Therefore, without ergonomics can not do. Tables, cabinets should be comfortable, roomy, located at a convenient height, to accommodate the necessary furniture and equipment.

Standard. Working furniture is installed along one wall. For convenience, it is necessary to separate the sink, oven or hob by the work table. In this case, it is more convenient to cook, fold clean dishes. The kitchen is conventionally divided into working and dining areas.

Working furniture is installed along one wall.

Corner. White color and L-shaped installation visually change the idea of ​​the shape of the room. Makes long comfortable. Allows you to use a wall with a window.

Island The use of island structures is not due to fashion, but convenience. This element includes the hob, sink and helps determine the boundary of the kitchen for apartments and houses with a free layout. Ensures free movement and facilitates kitchen work.

U-shaped. Suitable for rooms with bay windows, elongated rooms and combined with a balcony or loggia.

The island is a very fashionable and practical element.

Any kind of arrangement does not overload the room. The set seems to dissolve and is a complement, not a basic accent. This is necessary for additional space.

It is necessary to provide a place for dining groups. Table size depends on family preferences and habits.

A table in the kitchen, a place where the whole family gathers for a meal, is selected according to your preferences.

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Internal content

Pay attention to the internal parts of cabinets and tables. Shelves, magic corners (for corner cabinets), nets, hangers, holders, roll-out shelves and baskets help organize the storage of items and facilitate kitchen work.

A white kitchen with a cozy sitting area near the window will gather a lot of guests.

Before ordering furniture, think about what technique you use. Make a list, include the dimensions of the multicooker, coffee machine, toaster, etc., these features will help the designers to develop functional furniture for your needs. If the room is small, as much as possible hide all accessories and utensils in cabinets. Sugar bowls, salt shakers, kitchen sets, left in sight, visually crush the room and make it smaller.

Spread small accessories on surfaces if you want to reduce space visually.

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Stylish accessories

In small rooms, the kitchen can be pure white with contrasting fittings that correspond to the chosen direction of the decor. Classic options complement curly handles, the appropriate style. For high-tech, use nickel-plated options. Furniture in Provence and Country styles is complemented with gold-plated handles. Small floral drawings. Minimalism correspond laconic options imitating wood.

Stylish metal lamps above the table will give a lot of warm light at dinner.

An interesting effect is the use of identical fittings in the hallway, living room and kitchen. These objects are not striking, but small apartments remarkably unite. Door handles have a comfortable height. Otherwise, you have to get items using stools.

It is advantageous to use the same fittings in the corridor, living room and kitchen in a small apartment

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Facade types

Above, we looked at various styles that are often used for interior design. For historical styles use facades with a matte finish, decorated with patina, craquelure, moldings, rods, carved elements. Legs with fancy shape.

Fancy-shaped legs in the table give the interior a bit of vintage

In modern use glossy surfaces that match the dynamics of life. Reflective effect helps to increase the room. Decorative elements and bright kitchen accessories help to diversify the composition.

White glossy surfaces - absolute purity and spaciousness

Think of the practical side. A large number of decorative objects, protrusions, recesses, open shelves will have to constantly rub. If you take into account a large amount of soot, you have to work hard, getting rid of greasy and other stains.

Islet work surface and dining table at the same time

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What materials are used

Manufacturers offer expensive and budget headsets. The price depends on the material, the size of the furniture and the quality of the furniture. Lovers often change the appearance of housing can stay on inexpensive offers of chipboard or plastic. Those who prefer quality and high reliability are suitable for options made of natural wood, tempered glass, MDF, which is decorated with veneer of expensive tree species).

Warm combination of wooden and white surfaces

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Kitchen finishing materials

In order not to turn the kitchen into the operating room, add color accents to the room. White combines well with panels, laminate and wood imitation tiles. Enough to enter into the light interior iconic baseboard for the floor and the connection of the table with a kitchen apron.

Wood flooring in the kitchen? Special coating to protect the surface from moisture and dirt

If you want to leave a pure color, order a headset that has colored side walls. Variety guaranteed and color saved. In any case, a small room should not have more than three different shades. Otherwise, the color "chaos" will start to annoy.

A small room should not have more than three different shades.

Lovers often change the world around them recommendation. Get cheap chairs. Simply select a different color and change the overall look of the interior. A similar effect is given by curtains. They can be purchased for different seasons or significant events.

Chairs of bright colors change the overall look of the interior.

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Clinic tips

There is a myth: a white kitchen with a white worktop is difficult to clean. Practice shows: it is not. Spots and dirt are visible on surfaces of a different shade. And black does not become a panacea to make life easier for the hostess. And the spots are visible on both the white and brown worktop. Timely cleaning and quality tools make miracles. What do professional wipers offer?

Wipe the surface with a dry cloth to avoid streaks.

  1. Use high-quality detergents and fiber dusters.
  2. Remove contamination immediately, hard stain is difficult to scour.
  3. After cooking, wipe the desk with a dry cloth. This will save the white surface from stains.
  4. Detergents must comply with the material.
  5. Do not use abrasive products for furniture. They create micro scratches that increase over time and spoil the look of the headset.
  6. Once every 2-3 months (depending on the kitchen work) do a spring-cleaning.

Powerful hood will save you from many troubles when cleaning

Do not forget about the technical issue. Install a powerful hood, and you save the furniture from greasy soot and dust. Wash furniture, do not forget about washing, stove, technology. If you do not wash the oven inside, and the multicooker outside, the pollution flows to the light furniture.

White color refreshes the interior.

The features that are white become indispensable. It refreshes the interior, makes it bright, allows you to create the necessary mood. Using tips is easy to put together: