Double Bed with a lifting mechanism. How to choose? Best Models for Design and Convenience


A double bed with a lifting mechanism for a long time does not lose its popularity, is included in the rating of the most popular furniture by consumers. Let's consider all aspects of the selection, installation and operation of such furniture, as well as all the pros and cons of such a choice.

The content of the article:

  • Characteristics or how it works?
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Types of lifting structures
  • Features
  • Dimensions
  • What can and can not be stored in a box with a lifting mechanism?
  • How to choose a design?
  • Material
  • How to choose a mattress?
  • findings
  • VIDEO: Choosing a bed with a lifting mechanism
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 155 photos)
  • Characteristics or how it works?
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Types of lifting structures
  • Features
  • Dimensions
  • What can and can not be stored in a box with a lifting mechanism?
  • How to choose a design?
  • Material
  • How to choose a mattress?
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 155 photos)
  • Characteristics or how it works?

    Option for rational use of space

    Such a design can serve not only as a place to sleep, but also as a comfortable dresser.

    Raising the mattress in it you can store:

    • linens;
    • pillows;
    • blankets;
    • blankets.

    And much more, there are no restrictions on these indicators. A bed with a lifting mechanism will be the most useful purchase and save extra space in the room.

    Double bed equipped with a large, roomy, neat box, which increases the functionality of the design. Elegant design harmoniously decorate the interior.

    The double bed is more spacious than it increases the functionality of using the lifting mechanism

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    Advantages and disadvantages

    The main advantages of a double bed with a lifting mechanism include:

    • The presence of a spacious box under the mattress.
    • A wide range of colors and materials.
    • A wide selection of lifting mechanisms.
    • Price.
    • Easy to clean, care.
    • Large storage space.
    • The optimal solution for small spaces.
    • Practicality, reliability, service life.
    • Simplicity and comfort of use.
    • Harmonious combination with any interior.
    • Space saving.

    Due to the advantages, the use of beds with such a mechanism becomes more popular.


    • The cost is higher by 10 - 15 000 rubles.
    • Disadvantages with frequent use.
    • Some models accumulate dust from the bottom of the design, which creates problems with cleaning.

    Buying with a lifting mechanism, you can not spend money on the wardrobe, chest of drawers, pencil case, this is especially important if the material resources are limited or the room has a small size.

    Some inconveniences with frequent use are compensated by saving free space.

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    Types of lifting structures

    There are several types of mechanisms:


    Calculated on average for 25,000 lifting / lowering cycles. Over time, the design begins to lose elasticity, which negatively affects the functionality. This disadvantage fully compensates for the low cost.

    The spring-type mechanism is inexpensive, but over time it loses its elasticity.

    2Gas lift

    High quality mechanism with a certain structure. The main pushing mechanism in this case is air, but there are more modern models equipped with a special design that runs on nitrogen gas. The second option does not allow corrosion. Manufacturers guarantee up to 95,000 working cycles.

    A gas lift requires a durable furniture cabinet, as strong pressure can damage the sides.

    The bed on the gas lifts opens smoothly and silently

    3Custom Mechanisms

    Rarely enough will meet the design, which consists of ordinary loops. This mechanism is quite complicated for daily use. Use only relevant if it is removed in a wall niche or in a closet.

    Everyone decides for himself whether to buy a double bed with a lifting mechanism. But, as time shows, this is an optimally profitable, comfortable option for small-sized housing.

    Cheap, but not the most comfortable mechanism, it takes a lot of power to lift the mattress

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    Double with a lifting mechanism is selected based on the following factors:

    • The dimensions of the bedroom, in a small room it will be difficult to install a large bed, unless of course it will not be removed in a special niche.
    • Pay attention to which side the frame opens, this may be the principle of the book from the side or in the area of ​​the legs. In this case, convenience is an important factor.
    • Do not ignore who is a furniture manufacturer and what it is made of. It is better to choose from companies that choose Italian systems or domestic mechanisms that have also managed to perfectly recommend themselves. You should not believe 100% in advertising, it is best to consult with knowledgeable people, read real reviews, people who have already used the same design.

    Light furniture in a dark bedroom looks original.

    BoardPay attention to additional details: amplifiers, blockers.

    Such elements will help to avoid injuries and will not allow the mechanism to close on its own at the most inappropriate moment.

    • The lift can be offered assembled or disassembled. This is a very complex system that can be assembled only with skills and some knowledge, therefore, it is better to trust professionals.
    • I always pay attention to the trim. For example, it is difficult to combine red skin with any interior, and it is not always comfortable for a pleasant sleep. Basic requirements: softness, strength, quality, durability, hypoallergenic.
    • To box served for a long time, you must choose a box that consists of compartments, which will create an additional screed.

    The box, which consists of compartments, additionally strengthens the bed box

    Double beds with a lifting mechanism are distinguished by large areas, they need a certain amount of free space so that sleep is comfortable, the main thing is to choose the right mattress.

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    Double bed can have the following dimensions:

    • European standards: length from 190 to 200 cm.

    The bedroom is more comfortable in bright colors.

    For good sleep, it is recommended to choose a length of 15 cm more than your height.

    • The standard width of 160 cm is the optimal figure for a person of average build.
    • The standard width of 180 cm is an option for two people of large build.
    • King size = 180x200 cm.
    • There are exclusive 200x200 cm.

    Under non-standard sizes, the configuration will be difficult to find a mattress. Before choosing the right size, consider:

    • sleep position;
    • growth;
    • weight.

    When choosing a bed size, consider your options for a comfortable sleep.

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    What can and can not be stored in a box with a lifting mechanism?

    I think that the space under the mattress can be filled with any things that do not harm health:

    • Clean, well-groomed shoes, preferably in boxes.
    • Bedclothes.
    • Pillows.
    • Children's, adult clothes.
    • Pajamas, nightgowns, bathrobes.
    • Blankets.
    • Covers.
    • Plaids.
    • A little technique.
    • Toys

    You can keep everything safe.

    You can also put the dishes in a package that you use rarely or not at all.

    Cannot be stored in the box
    • Explosive elements.
    • Liquids that have a strong, unpleasant, acrid odor.
    • Toxic substances.
    • Foods that have a limited shelf life.
    • Flammable, combustible.
    BoardAlso, do not put dirty things and unwashed outerwear.

    Most conveniently, if it will be things that are not used daily

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    How to choose a design?

    When choosing a double furniture with a lifting mechanism, it is necessary to take into account the interior in which it will be located. Many of my friends use a program for modeling the design of the room, it helps at least approximately, to understand how the model fits into the general view of the room, you can also use the designer or your own sense of style and taste.

    The natural wood bed is durable and environmentally friendly.

    It is not necessary to tie the bed to other furniture that is in the bedroom, and choose a bed from the same collection with a wardrobe, dressing table, bedside tables.

    Since the frame is hidden from the eyes, the particular attention in the selection of color is paid to the headboard, which is visible. It is desirable that there is a contrast with the walls - this will give the room dynamism, give it expressiveness.

    White bed with floral decor against the backdrop of a dark-dark wall

    You can make the following combinations:

    • Brown with gray.
    • Dark brown + beige.
    • White + black.
    • The walls are dark in color, the bed is a light shade.
    BoardIf the wall has a color coloring, then it is better to select a neutral sleeping furniture.

    Beige furniture and brown walls - a harmonious combination

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    Double bed with a lifting mechanism produced from the following materials:

    • The chipboard, MDF differ in the minimum terms of operation, quickly loses appearance, fails. These beds are inexpensive.
    • Natural wood is a durable, durable, environmentally friendly material without flaws, which is always in fashion and looks very aesthetically pleasing. Mostly used: pine, alder, birch, beech, oak.
    • Metal has a high level of strength, reliability, practicality, but this does not affect its low popularity. Such a model is difficult to fit into an already existing interior, most often the overall look of the room is selected under the metal one. It is difficult to lift the structure to high floors; it is not always easy to enter the openings.

    Natural wood furniture is very stylish and always true.

    Particularly worth considering upholstery. Today the most elite is Arpatek. This is an innovative invention that surpasses natural leather in technical characteristics. The material consists of fibers of natural origin, looks the most expensive, comfortable to the touch, thin, durable, durable, soft. Arpatek for a long time does not lose its original appearance.

    Arpatek serves for a long time and looks very expensive

    Also for upholstery double with a lifting mechanism used:

    • Relax - not prone to deformation, high strength, easy to wash off dirt.
    • Jacquard is a dense patterned fabric made from cotton threads. The material has a high strength. It is smooth, dense, but it is well breathable.
    • Chenille - soft to the touch, half consisting of synthetic components. The material does not crumple, does not rot and does not fire well.
    • Flock - natural, synthetic fiber is glued to the sticky fabric. Non-woven material is inexpensive and serves very little.
    • Velor - a fabric of a compound of five threads, which has a nap. With prolonged use, the material is wiped heavily and serves a fairly small amount of time.
    • Tapestry - durable fabric without the use of cotton. The fabric is not subject to mechanical stress.
    • Faux leather and suede.

    Suede upholstery is soft and pleasant to the touch

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    How to choose a mattress?

    In order for the bed to become a full-fledged place for rest, good sleep you need to choose the right mattress. To do this, consider the following factors:

    1What should be the design spring or springless?

    In the first case, you get the effect of lightness, weightlessness. In the second case, the model is more dense, since the mattress contains more filler and is noticeably lower, thinner.

    Matched mattress will provide you a comfortable, healthy sleep.

    2Stiffness and height
    • Classic - height from 18 to 22 cm, 1 spring block, the filler on both sides in one - two layers.
    • Thin modifications are distinguished by the absence of a spring block, they are easily folded into a roll and most often are not suitable for double.
    • Thick structures make the bed higher, can consist of 1 or even 3 blocks, which increase the orthopedic effect.
    • A hard mattress is filled with coconut fibers, which guarantees a good, healthy sleep.
    • Average stiffness fits everyone and is very popular.
    • Soft mattresses are not very useful for the back, but look like a feather bed, which is perfect for a good rest.

    Medium stiffness fits everyone and is very popular.


    Special material is laid between the cover design and the spring unit when it is present. This component determines the rigidity of the model and its cost.

    The filler determines the stiffness of the mattress

    Artificial fillers
    • Memorix.
    • Holofiber
    • Polyurethane foam.
    • Artificial latex.
    • Thermofelt.

    Do not be afraid of artificial fillers, as they make them at a high level, they do not accumulate dust, dirt, are well ventilated, do not cause allergies and irritations.

    Artificial fillers are suitable for people with allergies.

    Natural fillers:

    • Latex.
    • Coir.

    These materials are environmentally friendly, they are well breathable, remain fresh, dry, clean for a long time, do not cause allergic reactions, do not emit toxic substances, do not harm health.

    The most eco-friendly option is natural fillers.

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    A comfortable bed with a box for storing things is an option for people who value order and want to get extra space in the bedroom for different little things that need to be hidden from prying eyes. Before buying with a lifting mechanism, you should definitely decide how necessary this function is.

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    VIDEO: Choosing a bed with a lifting mechanism