How to make Shelves in the interior of the room with your own hands? (230+ Photos) A selection of beautiful and modern ideas


Ordinary wooden shelves on the wall, photos of which can be found on the Internet, are a thing of the past. They were replaced by interesting design works that can breathe new life into the familiar interior. Decorating a room with this element will help to solve the problem of filling empty space.


Types of shelves

Each shelf used in the interior is assigned to one of the following groups:

  • Wall mounted. Such structures are attached to the walls with fasteners. They are recognized as the most traditional, versatile and reliable.

Shelves with lighting in the interior

  • Corner. Located in the corners of the room, between the two walls. With this option, you can save space in the room.

Great place for any cacti

  • Inline. They are usually made of drywall. The peculiarity of the products is that they fit very harmoniously into the interior, as they look like part of the wall.

Refined storage solution

  • Suspended. Such structures are attached to the wall or to the ceiling. For this purpose, cables, chains, belts, ropes and other materials are used. This original format will especially interest creative lovers.

For lovers of creativity

  • Outdoor. Constructions located on the floor or at a distance from it are very convenient. They can be moved to any place at any time.

Adult creativity for the children's room

  • Folding is convenient because they can always be neatly folded as useless. This saves space in the room.

For useless, you can add

  • Racking is a construction of a large number of different cells. Such an element of the interior is multifunctional. You can use both open and closed options.

Closet racks

  • Shelf module - a structure consisting of several shelves.

The construction of several modules

Shelves for the room can be made of different materials. The most popular are:

  • wooden;

Wooden corner design

  • glass;

Glass designs in the interior of the room

  • metal;

Provence style bookcase

  • ceramic;

Ceramics in all details of the bathroom

  • from chipboard or hardboard;

DSP when creating a structure

  • using several materials at once (combined).

Minimalism wall shelving system

Not so often made of stone, wicker of wicker. They look especially original and unusual.

Artificial stone in the decor

Depending on the design, they can be standard and modern. The latter are made with orientation to a specific interior style, taking into account the fact that the furniture should be in harmony with each other.

Shelves in interior style

Depending on the functionality, they can belong to a group of practical (book, kitchen) or decorative. The role of the latter - giving aesthetic room. They can be constructed from any material, everything will depend on the taste and preferences of the client.

Decorative element in the interior

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Accommodation features

You can have anywhere and in any way. But still there are some nuances that must be taken into account.

  • When planning an attachment site, you should think in advance about whether the head or other parts of the body will not hit it. If a suspicion has arisen, it is better to shift the construction slightly. You can take care of solving such a problem by purchasing it with smooth corners.

Rounded corners

  • Despite the fact that the wall in the interior is considered to be a decorative element, they still require registration. Original will look at the use of spotlights, due to which it will be possible to highlight the piece of furniture itself, and what is located on it.

Illumination decor

  • It is necessary to pay enough attention to the area that remains above the shelves or between them. This space can be distinguished by using contrasting wallpaper or colored fabric, hang a small mirror or a picture there, and apply painting. Thanks to such finds it will be possible to turn the shelf construction into an interesting interior corner.

Interior corner with accents

  • In rooms designed in hi-tech style or minimalism, compact strict forms, reserved colors and equipped with beautiful lighting will look best.

High-tech furniture for the living room

  • Scandinavian interior or loft-style design recognizes lightweight and massive wall designs. In this case, everything will depend on the size of the room, lighting and the amount of free space.

Loft style shelving

  • For Provence, Country, Chebbi Chic styles, vintage or decorated with beautiful carvings will be appropriate.

Shelf for kitchen in country style

  • For a classic style, a combination of miniature designs on metal consoles is perfect.

Using metal consoles

  • Modern involves the use of glass or creative metal products.

Modern style in the interior of the living room

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Interesting ideas for the nursery

To equip a children's room with original shelves today is not a problem.

"House" in the nursery

When you make a child's room, two basic rules are put in the forefront - safety and functionality.

Outdoor structures and racks should be strong and reliable, because it is possible that the child wants to climb on them. Even those that are on the floor, it is recommended to additionally attach to the wall so that they do not fall off and do not crush the baby. That is why they are not made high for a child's room.

Reliable, strong design for the nursery

Designs in the room where the kid spends a lot of time, differ in the brightness of colors, can be made in the form of letters, where the boxes for toys are placed.

Shelf in the form of letters

Using a system with multiple drawers will help make cleaning quick. The combination of open and closed is a great find for preschoolers. Boys and girls will appreciate the fabulous town.

Quick cleaning with the presence of boxes

If the baby has grown up, you can change the design or colors.

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Shelves in the kitchen

Furniture in the kitchen should be, above all, functional. This rule applies to them. Indeed, in this room there is not much space, most of them are occupied by lockers. The main task - the maximum use of free space.

An interesting solution can be found for very small gaps between the wall and the refrigerator, for example. A great option - an exit on wheels, which rolls out, and then completely hides there. This design is very narrow.

Wonderful idea to fill the space.

Ideas to save space in the kitchen a lot. For example, if the sink or table is located near the window, then you can use the sidewall.

Shelves above sink and stove

Original will look hanging version in the form of a lattice on the chains, which will be attached to any utensils. However, this option is suitable for cases when the desktop is not near the wall, but is moved away from it.

Kitchen Storage Systems

Save space and help zoning kitchen-dining counter. Above it, you can install a suspension.

Hanging rack above the table

Of course, you can hang the space above the desktop with lockers all over the wall, however, it will be hard to look at. Partially to solve such a problem is possible at the expense of glass doors. But it is much more practical to make open between the lockers. So it will be possible to give ease to an interior, and the working zone will not be so pressure on all other space any more.

Open shelves for storing dishes

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In the living room

Shelf on the wall for the living room - the opportunity to realize their wildest fantasies. Some are selected in accordance with the features of the interior. In addition, manufacturers have a huge number of solutions that will be able to give any room individuality and chic.

Individuality of the room

For living rooms, decorated in accordance with the rules of classicism or country style, the best fit eco-friendly wood products. Thus, not only will the impression of integrity and harmony, but also be able to focus on the natural color.

Wooden racks in the living room

Usually the shelves on the wall are used as a decorative element. For small living rooms it is an opportunity to avoid bulky closets.

Graceful shelves for room decor

Whatever model is chosen, whether it is an asymmetric, modular composition, a horizontal long or vertical short version - they will all look spectacular in the room.

Spectacular asymmetry in the room

The living room is the face of the room. Here you can safely use the shelf-frame, designs of unusual, curved shapes or hanging. The main thing is that the chosen option corresponds to the general idea of ​​the interior.

Unusual solution for the living room

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For the bedroom

The interior of the bedroom is always planned carefully, attention is paid to all the details, even the most insignificant. Usually they here serve as a decorative element. They put frames with photos, souvenirs, books.

Decorative item for souvenirs

An excellent option is the location on the wall above the headboard. This will give the room unusual and light.

Unusual headboard

For the bedroom, it is recommended to use light-colored shelves of small thickness. If there are unusual bright curtains or other colorful ideas in the room, then the shelves can be matched to them. Return to the menu

On the wall for the hallway

In the hallway shelf can perform several useful functions, which is very important for a small room. In addition, it is in the hallway that guests leave their clothes and unnecessary things; this fact must be taken into account when choosing a design.

Special niches for things

Classic and stylish option - a shelf with a hanger. On the hanger, you can hang outerwear, but put a hat or cap on top.

Specially designated for headgear

In the interior of the hallway must be present shelves for storage of small, but necessary things.

Shelves for storing small but necessary things

In the absence of sufficient space, you can use the idea of ​​a corner in the hallway. This design takes up little space, but its capacity is good. If the corner is made of glass, the space will visually increase.

Corner hallway with open shelves

Selection of shelves for the hallway depends on the individual needs of each and the amount of free space.

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Making your own hands

Despite the wide choice of furniture, some people still can not find a product that would meet their needs. In this case, you should try to make a room for yourself. All that is needed for this is to purchase the required materials and stock up on time.

Prepare all materials and save time.

Planning and preparation are one of the most important steps in creating a product. Before starting work, it is necessary to make a decision regarding the shape, appearance, color and design of the product. It is important that the copy obtained harmoniously fit into the overall design of the room.

Design for the overall style of the room

It is recommended to draw a rough sketch in advance, this will help in the work.

Sketch shelf


If you plan to build for the kitchen, you must follow these rules:

  • Rectangular - the most simplified version. Those who are engaged in this business for the first time should try to build the product first.

Simplified version

  • The size of the structure is determined by those items that are planned to be placed on it in the future.
  • Small shelves for arranging spices and bottles will look great above the work surface near the bar or above the table.

Spice rack

  • If you plan to build a structure that will serve as a supplement to the kitchen set, then it is important not to overdo it with the dimensions. Compact products are preferred. Most can only spoil the interior as a whole.
  • Open appropriate to place over the entire area of ​​the wall above the top of the kitchen.

Open shelves in the kitchen

  • Fasteners should be chosen in such a way that they are in harmony with the finishing of the room and with the material.

Compliance with these simple rules will help to build a beautiful and functional product that will be pleasing to the eye and will last for a long time.

For comfort in your home

Build your own hands is not hard. To do this, you only need to decide in advance what the size and design of the structure will be.

The combination of different design shelves

Shelves in the interior - a universal and indispensable design tool that can give the room originality and singularity. This element fits perfectly into any interior - from classic to superfuturistic style. Unlike cabinets, such designs come in all shapes, sometimes even the most fantastic.

It is enough to turn on the creative imagination and realize your most courageous decisions. Due to the shelves, the room can significantly change, become more interesting. She will surely surprise the guests and will please the hosts for a long time.