Beautiful one-story house projects with a terrace (175+ Photos). Features of placement on the site


Single-storey houses with terraces are becoming increasingly popular? Fashion imposed by architects lately on multi-storey private houses with one or even several stairs is not suitable for everyone, and there may be many reasons for this.


Not everyone wants to move up the stairs all the day, others want to have a house with rooms on the same level. Let's see what else there are reasons that should be considered when choosing and planning with a terrace.

Cozy terrace for relaxation

Why we offer one-story houses with a terrace

A private house becomes a quiet pier or a place for creativity and business development, a corner for relaxation and a place of fun pastime. And while none of the neighbors will not knock on the batteries, or break off the call with claims of noise. But why exactly one-story with a terrace?

Terrace - corner for relaxation

Such houses are suitable for country rest, youth, older people. The main motto is becoming one with nature. Houses perfectly fit into any landscape. They are easier to build on problem soils: with high groundwater levels, sandstones. No need to build complex foundations. The abundance of light in the rooms is guaranteed. What else gives such an entrance zone? Ability to organize:

Great for summer kitchen

  1. Summer kitchen.
  2. Dining in the open air.
  3. Place for barbecue.
  4. Children's playground.
  5. Drying linen.

In small areas, you can without a gazebo and save money on its construction. The outdoor area raises the status of housing. It looks more stylish than traditional verandas.

The outdoor area looks stylish

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It is necessary to take into account the wind rose. Why is it important? Terraces are used for recreation. If you place it on the part of the prevailing winds, then it is difficult to provide a comfortable transmission time. Rationally located on the side of the courtyard. It is easier to organize a comfortable spatial association with a place for outdoor recreation, with a barbecue area, a swimming pool, a playground, a path to a gazebo, overlooking an alpine hill or a beautiful flower garden.

The ideal place is a patio that protects from the winds.

The exit is better to organize from the dining room or living room. It is not necessary to combine the terrace with the bedrooms. The open area is located on the opposite side of the main entrance. Owners of small areas need to organize a hedge or other decoration. This will help to hide your life from prying eyes of neighbors.

Comfortably relax in the open air near the fire

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Sideways location

The layout depends on your own preferences, the rhythm of life, the surrounding landscape and the site:

  • For lovers to admire the sunset - the western part will be perfect. The sun illuminates the area after dinner.
  • Eastern location gives its advantage - the morning rays of the sun contribute to a vigorous rise and preparation for the coming day.
  • The northern part guarantees a soft diffused light and it is good to combine the terrace with workshops and dining rooms. In this case, you should not plant tall plants nearby: trees, climbing bushes and winding flowers.
  • South - provides maximum sun. During the summer, awnings or canopies are needed to reduce the effects of scorching rays.

Take into account your preferences when planning

Thanks to careful planning, the house and the terrace become a comfortable resting place and long serve the owners. Do not require frequent capital and service repairs.

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What should be foreseen: features of the construction

The terrace can not be built on the ground without a foundation. So that during the operation there are no problems: the roof is not deformed, does not burst, the floor remains horizontal, a reliable foundation is needed. It is poured or constructed simultaneously with the main building, it guarantees safety.

Be sure to make a foundation for the design

The construction does not require large investments. Work is done quickly. It is possible without complex construction equipment (excavator, truck crane). Complex construction methods are not used: installation at height, insulation.

The construction is not expensive and it will add comfort to your home.

If this condition is not fulfilled, even an open veranda will begin to depart: precipitation falls under the foundation of the main structure, in winter the frost does its job: it breaks the solution, the reinforcement begins to rust. Over time, the entire structure can be deformed. Return to the menu ↑

Types of terraces

Owners, choosing a type of terrace, think for the future. What priorities can arise in life, and will it be enough just an open area?

Outdoor terrace with forest view

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This is an acceptable option for all regions. The located terraces on the leeward side provide good illumination and the ability to relax outdoors. In order not to adapt to the weather conditions, a temporary shelter is installed. For outdoor areas used umbrellas, portable tents. The openings during the heat are closed with roller shutters, light curtains.

In open areas it is nice to relax and sunbathe

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All season option. If the open area has a shed and a fence, then you can use in any weather. Even just to sit on a winter evening surrounded by snowy beauties with candles, wrapped in a blanket, will give pleasure. Are there any disadvantages of this option. One and insignificant: reduced illumination of the room, which borders the terrace.

Indoor playgrounds are independent of the season.

Depending on the region, the platform for operation in the cold period is equipped with panoramic double-glazed windows. They protect against low temperature and precipitation.

On the terrace you can organize a barbecue area. For this, fire insulation is done. Part of the floor covering, which is designed for the hearth, is laid out with stone, brick. Secure the cone from above to organize the smoke exhaust and prevent it from entering the living quarters.

Panoramic windows protect from low temperature

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Building materials and terraces

Choosing materials you need to think about the fact that the terrace, unlike rooms, is constantly exposed to constant influences: ultraviolet rays, moisture from rain, snow and fog. In cities, dust, automobile and industrial emissions are added to this, which become the “sandpaper” for the finishing material. Therefore, choose quality materials. Regularly treat them from the above effects, clean from contamination.

Take care of protecting your terrace from natural exposure.

Floors covered with materials that can resist high moisture:

  1. Tiled (choose heat-resistant models with a rough surface).
  2. Wooden board treated with drugs (varnishes, stain, impregnation) that prevent rotting. Choose resinous tree varieties.

If the open area is not built in, the roof is covered with material. The columns are used from reliable materials: metal, large-sized wooden boards, masonry from brick, stone, concrete.

Bars must be from reliable materials.

Decoration is the same as the general facade of the house. An interesting combination is given by the combination of various materials of construction or decoration: wood and natural stone, brickwork and decorative plaster, siding of different colors + base panels.

The basic principle

The terrace should be an addition, so radical differences will make a discord with the design of the entire site. The structure will lose its appeal.

Use brickwork as decoration

Take care of the decorative elements

If the pillars are made of metal, add forged items. For wooden structures suitable carved items, homemade rough walkways. Brickwork is in harmony with pottery.

Natural stone blends in with the tree

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Lighting and furniture

Proper lighting helps not to limit the operation only during daylight hours. Bright lamps are installed only in the working area (if such is provided). The resting area is illuminated with a soft light, it contributes to relaxation and relaxation. Choose energy-saving lamps (savings guaranteed). Lighting devices must have high protection from moisture, do not interfere with movement around the site, illuminate the recreation area, the dining group.

Soft light promotes rest and relaxation.

Spend extra outlets. They are useful for garden electric appliances (lawn mowers, power saws). In the cold period, you can install a UFO on the terrace and enjoy the conversation in comfort.

Furniture does not have to be a budget plastic. Wooden, metal kits are also applicable. In specialized stores, headsets of wines and wenge are presented. During rain, removable covers, pillows are removed and put in, the furniture can withstand a little moisture.

Wicker furniture is most commonly used.

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How to choose a project

Architects and designers offer a large number of projects of such buildings. The choice depends on:

  • Plot size.
  • Preferences of the owners.
  • The number of residents.
  • Financial opportunities.
  • Region of construction.
  • Selected materials.

The project will come from your wishes and features of the site.

Having studied these questions, architects offer a variant of the project. If necessary, it is refined or modified in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

If the house is used sporadically: just for holidays during holidays or on weekends, is it worth considering whether you need a big building? In this case, it consists of 2 bedrooms, a living room, which is combined with a kitchen.

Small construction ideal for occasional use.

The presence of a car in the family is also reflected in the choice. The best storage option is a garage. It will be safe and non-corrosive. It is important to think about how to beat the need for a garage and terrace on a miniature plot.

If there are small children in the family, and the house is on an elevation, the terrace is fenced with a parapet to prevent falls and injuries.

Fencing saves children from falling and injury

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Consider the terrain relief

The terrace is designed for relaxation, so have a view of the mountains or the lake, the forest or the sea. If it is built in the city, think about the landscape design that will decorate the site. If the terrace is adjacent, located on a slope, it can be built not on a solid foundation, but columns. For sandy soils strip foundations are constructed. Sometimes designers offer to “embed” a house into a slope of a forest or mountain range to emphasize unity with nature.

Take care to see the beautiful landscape.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Before choosing a project, it is important to weigh what the project will give and what can be the pitfalls? We will examine in more detail:

Terrace is outdoor recreation without leaving home

  • Aesthetic beauty. In contrast to the 2 - 3-storey houses visually do not overload small areas.
  • Cheaper than big houses on several floors. It is possible without additional construction on the gazebo, barbecue area, barbecue.
  • Does not require the construction of a strong foundation. The structure does not give a large load on the soil.
  • The best opportunity to organize a holiday with loved ones.
  • Cost Less need for financial investment and time to build.
  • Large range of choice of styles. Owners can experiment with sizes, materials and color.
  • Does not interfere with movement around the house.
  • Provides outdoor recreation, without going out of town or into the forest.
  • Increases the size of the house and helps to create open functional areas.

Are there any disadvantages? Yes, but a little and irrelevant:

Recreation in the open air depends on weather conditions.

  1. It is necessary to order the analysis of the soil. In wet areas it is necessary to organize the ventilation of the foundation.
  2. In the northern regions can be used only during the summer or install panoramic windows.
  3. Rest on the open area without a roof depends on the sun and rain, snow and fog. Often temporary shelter: awnings and umbrellas do not save.
  4. On sites with limited space there is not enough space for a comfortable (large) terrace.

Rest in the shadow of wicker plants

The house is large or small, richly decorated or concise. Choose a convenient project. You will want to return to it, receive guests, raise children, love and enjoy life. Therefore, when choosing, think about how you see your life tomorrow, in a month, 10 or 50 years.

Black and white patio