The design of the ceiling in the kitchen (stretch, plastic, plasterboard). Which is better to do + 180 PHOTOS


In the past, such a question did not even arise. Only whitewashing or painting with lime was practiced, and later with water-based emulsion compositions. Today, more features and more difficult choice.

The kitchen is characterized by high humidity, the possibility of the formation of soot, condensate, fat spray. Therefore, the coating should be:

  • fireproof;
  • resistant to temperature extremes;
  • not susceptible to high levels of humidity;
  • able to disguise flaws and communications;
  • easy to clean.

The ceiling covering should correspond to the peculiarities of this room.

In addition, the appearance of the structures must be in harmony with the other decor of the space, furniture. Modern materials, thanks to a variety of design, color, texture make it easy to cope with this task.

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Types of materials and structures

An opportunity to embody any design decisions

Modern construction industry allows the use of different technologies, materials for ceiling design. To make a decision, one should know the properties of each of the materials, their advantages, disadvantages of use. An important criterion is the service life on which the duration of the decor's operation depends.

Coverage can be in the form:

  • smooth;
  • figured;
  • multi-level;
  • vaulted.

White matte color is always elegant.

Depending on the materials, the ceiling can be:

  • tensioner;
  • panel;
  • tiled;
  • lath;
  • painted;
  • plastered;
  • pasted over with wallpaper.

Shelves like kitchen decor

Each type has its own characteristics, positive properties. The decision on which decor to choose to a large extent depends on the area and height.

Multi-level constructions are relevant only for rooms with high ceilings. Return to menu ↑ back to menu

Drywall - a couple of minuses and many pros

Through the use of drywall, there is no need for plastering. And this saves time and money.

Smooth surface easily decorated

The advantage of drywall constructions is the possibility of achieving a flat surface, finishing decoration with any material. With their help, all the irregularities are perfectly masked, wires and communications are hidden, practically any forms are created - bulges, curved lines, niches, arches.

Plus, in the space from the ceiling to the sheets of drywall, you can position the system of original built-in lights. It will serve as lighting, contribute to the visual increase in the vertical walls, serve as an original decoration of the room.

The only negative is the reduction in height

Significant disadvantages of the gypsum shelf coating - reducing the decrease in the height of the space, the complexity of the constructive work.

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TOP 8 pluses stretch ceiling

1Excellent masking of defects. 2. There is no need to prepare the ceiling surface before installation. 3. It is easy to hide communications and an integrated lighting system with a film covering.

Stretch ceilings - a great option in the youth style interior

The tension structure consists of a fabric or film, which is fixed in a profile located along the perimeter of the room. Manufacturers produce matte, glossy, fabric, transparent coatings.

Glossy stretch ceiling

The reflective surface of a glossy film adds volume to a small room.

Fabric coated ceilings are more durable than film. They are resistant to mechanical damage, but partially pass water. When forced dismantling will have to change the entire canvas.

Glossy surface adds volume to a small room.

Film variants, unlike tissue ones, are subject to mechanical stress, they are easily torn, coming into contact with sharp objects. However, they are able to hold water, can be repeatedly dismantled to stretch without changing the web.

It’s not possible to do the tension yourself, because you need special equipment, special skills. Return to menu Return to menu

Plastic panels - aesthetics, easy installation and maintenance

Plastic panels easy to install

For the kitchen with the lack of ventilation material is better than plastic panels, not found. They are easy to install, even in the absence of experience, do not require a lot of effort, money and time to clean; they withstand wet cleaning and condensate.

A variety of color palette, the size of plastic panels allows you to use them to decorate the premises of any solution. When buying, special attention should be paid to the heating parameters, the absence of toxic gases during ignition. In addition, the designers claim that a “visual cold” emanates from plastic.

From the plastic comes the "visual cold"

Plastic products do not withstand strong pressure, and therefore are susceptible to deformation. When self-assembly, when fixing the panels, care must be taken not to spoil the decorative material. Return to the menu ↑ Return to the menu

Metal panels - decor for centuries

Strength and budget

Metal and aluminum ceilings are popular due to the strength, budget. They differ:

  • almost indefinite service life;
  • resistance to humidity and temperature changes;
  • ease of washing;
  • non-flammable.

Such a kitchen will surprise with its non-standard

This coating is really reliable and practical, but it can hardly be called environmentally friendly.

Despite the absence of seams, the metal surface does not save from flooding. Return to the menu ↑ return to the menu


Variety of shades

Paint the surface under the power of even an inexperienced master. They recommend water-based formulations to maintain the possibility of using detergents to remove stains.

Painted ceiling in the kitchen

A shade matched to the interior will give the kitchen space a special atmosphere. A variety of shades allows you to give any tone that will contribute to the luxurious look of any space design decision.

The main advantages of the painted ceiling:

  • ease of use;
  • family-friendly finances for the purchase of paint;
  • durability.

Opaque compositions give the original texture

With the help of modern dyes can give the original texture. Matte compounds are excellent for this, and alkyd paints help to get rid of stains. In this "barrel" of honey there is one fly in the ointment. Paint is not able to hide irregularities, defects.

The most winning option is a white ceiling that adds space to light, air, space. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

Polystyrene tiles - the budget trend of modern decor

Convenient decoration without tools

Decorating with expanded polystyrene tiles does not require a tool, special skills, significant finances. This is one of the most budget facing. A significant disadvantage of this facing material is a porous base from which impurities are difficult to remove. Difficult care relief lining.

It is difficult to remove pollution from a polystyrene foam tile

This method of finishing allows masking of minor defects, but small differences on the surface. When heavily soiled, individual tiles are easy to replace or paint if they cannot be cleaned using conventional methods.

Due to the flammability and ability to absorb moisture, polystyrene foam tiles can be used only in kitchens with a powerful ventilation system, and they should be laid only 20 cm away from the light source.

Original ceiling

Products with lamination are better suited for the kitchen. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu

Wallpaper - space for creativity

Moisture-proof wallpaper for easy cleaning

For the kitchen used moisture-proof canvas. When contaminated, they are easy to clean. Paper products in the kitchen will lose their attractiveness in a couple of months.

Making the ceiling wallpaper is different:

  • price of materials;
  • masking minor irregularities and cracks;
  • the possibility of painting, wet cleaning;
  • a variety of colors, textures, patterns.

Wallpapers are a variety of colors and textures.

Do not save on the quality of the wallpaper to avoid a quick repair. In order to save, you can cover the ornament of the remnants of the material. Cheap composition will add personality to the room, but it will not last long. Washable wallpaper is quite heavy, so over time they begin to peel off under the influence of hot humid fumes.

It is better to use plain models. Light items visually expand the space. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu ↑

Textured plaster - long and beautiful

Decorative plaster in the kitchen

Making plaster allows you to avoid the possible occurrence of defects due to moisture differential. In addition, washing will not bring a drop of harm. But the plastered ceiling:

  • gets dirty quickly;
  • absorbs fat;
  • absorbs odors;
  • will not protect from flooding from above.
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Wood surface - ecology and naturalness

Wood - a fashion trend in the interior

The roots of using natural wood for decoration in the distant past. As lining use:

  • "lining" - plates of the same size, connecting "thorn-groove";
  • panels of two layers, the front side of which is covered with fine wood;
  • the plates impregnated with the wax protecting from influence of moisture, cracking and lamination;
  • plywood, treated with a special compound.

Lining is easy to install system "thorn-groove"

This veneer perfectly retains heat, has breathability, sound insulation, unpretentious to maintain. However, it absorbs odors and moisture, it is a fire hazard, reduces the height of the room.

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Exotic is unusual but impractical

On the moisture-absorbing surface of the laminate mold and fungus easily appear

In addition to common, there are unusual designs. For example, from laminate. But such a coating is irrational, because the material has the property of moisture absorption, low resistance to the formation of mold, fungal formations.

Laminated ceiling is quite expensive.

In addition, this finishing option is quite expensive. The only pros are to emphasize the atmosphere of creativity. You can create an exclusive coating using foam.

Rack look great in the interior

Rack assembled from individual elements. The design can be both closed and open. They are moisture resistant, thanks to the processing of the “wall paneling” with special impregnations, they look great in the interior of a rustic style, but they interfere with the height of the room and preclude partial dismantling.

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Interesting statistics

  • stretch chooses young people aged 30-35;
  • drywall construction - the older generation;
  • polystyrene tiles - rural inhabitants of old age.

Everyone chooses the option to their liking

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Two-level and multi-level - complex, but spectacular

Clarity of lines and geometrical

This design is rich in nobility, a set of materials, texture and geometry. Options depend on imagination, taste, finances.

For multi-level use combinations:

  • drywall;
  • metal;
  • vinyl cloth;
  • trees;
  • reek

Hide flaws will help multi-level ceilings

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TOP-13 recommendations decorators

1The suspended masks perfectly mask the gaps between the slabs in old houses. 2. Gypsum plasterboard for durability and durability should be covered with glass fiber. On products from polyfoam or polyurethane. 6In the interiors of country music, the loft with decorative functions is excellently done by the open roof structure. 7 Matte is more under It is the classic style kitchen. The glossy surface looks better in small kitchens of small size. The red and black gamma is an avant-garde idea for a spacious kitchen with a high ceiling. 10 For a kitchen decor, there are optimal designs with different landscapes, colors, sky and clouds. 11 dust. 12 Glossy inserts on the matte surface of the coating increase the volume of the room. 13 If you need to hide defects, you should choose fabrics with a contrasting pattern without symmetrical details. Return to the menu

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