Decoration of the hall for the wedding with their own hands. Modern design ideas and stylish decor + 175 PHOTOS


Wedding is one of the most important and memorable events for a new family. The festive atmosphere should be in everything: wedding dresses, beautiful gifts, music, and of course, the atmosphere of the solemn festive hall. You can contact the specialists of the catering service, and you can independently, with the help of relatives and friends, prepare the hall for the evening. Friends can thus make a surprise for the newlyweds, and prepare a place in secret from the newlyweds. About all the important nuances that are worth knowing later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • The peculiarity of the celebration
  • Stylistics
  • Classic
  • Boho, eco and Russian style
  • Modern
  • Fantasy themes
  • Chicago style
  • Vintage and black and white wedding
  • Necessary parts
  • Celebration outside the city
  • Top 7 most popular items of wedding decor
  • VIDEO: The most beautiful decorations for the wedding
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The most creative and bright ideas for decorating a wedding
  • The peculiarity of the celebration
  • Stylistics
  • Necessary parts
  • Celebration outside the city
  • Top 7 most popular items of wedding decor
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The most creative and bright ideas for decorating a wedding
  • The peculiarity of the celebration

    Each season has its own charms, and if the winter wedding involves placing guests indoors, then summer, spring and autumn events can be organized in nature or in the garden.

    Gaining popularity holding a holiday in the open

    Open celebrations are most often organized in light gazebos, tents, or under specially installed canopies for this. Such open-air holidays are gaining an ever-increasing number of people who want to - a great atmosphere and wonderful views of the photos are the reason for the choice.

    Winter views add a special charm to your wedding.

    Now there is an opportunity to rent large winter gazebos with stained-glass windows, a fireplace, large halls and wardrobe rooms. Such halls in the winter months will not just please with a celebration with beautiful views of the winter garden or the forest, but also allow for some parts of the event on the street.

    Depending on the wishes of the perpetrators of the holiday, the possibilities and the time of year, it is necessary to determine the style for the proper decoration and decoration of the room.

    In autumn, a variety of colors can be diluted with fruit.

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    It is necessary to determine the style of the celebration, and if the wedding is organized according to the theme, it should be observed not only in clothes, but also in the decor of the room.

    Interior in the same style

    At the moment, leading several styles that choose newlyweds for the solemn event.

    If you are not sure of the choice of this or that style, stop at the classic - you can realize it anyway. Return to the menu


    The hall is decorated in laconic, not bright colors, the decor is used to a minimum, most often it is harmonious bouquets on festive tables, textured tablecloths, wall drapery with textiles.

    The style of the hall is reminiscent of palace luxury, where the bride and the groom are the main points for contemplation, and the situation around is just a canvas.

    The style of the hall resembles palace luxury.

    In choosing the color you need to focus on the natural shades, to avoid bright and eye-catching combinations.

    Peach, beige, light coffee, pale pink and light blue. Color gradation can change from the general - lighter, to details - darker. If the walls of the hall are decorated in light beige, the tablecloths and chair covers can be a little darker. Bouquets on the table, or boutonnieres should be combined with the dress of the newlyweds.

    Bouquets on the table or boutonnieres should be combined with the dress of the newlyweds

    If the celebration is held outside the city, on the territory of an open gazebo or a country house, do not forget about the predominance of greenery in the landscape. To ensure that the overall style does not cause dissonance, choose white. He bohemian is considered green and its shades.

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    Boho, eco and Russian style

    Boho and rustic - styles that have conquered their authenticity. Newlyweds who really consider unity with nature, initiation to the natural and pure - their idea, choose this direction in the design of the holiday.

    Boho - naive, sentimental beauty, closeness to nature, convenience and impeccable taste

    The halls, decorated in the Russian style, look like a country estate or a forest hunting lodge. The decor of such rooms is not simple, although it seems at first glance quite light.

    The decor of the halls in the Russian style

    It is necessary not to break out of the topic, not to reload the room with unnecessary details. Minimalism, naturalness and natural shades - the basic conditions. The decor of the hall is better to withstand in bright colors, and properly exposed light should highlight zones. Muted general light, spot lighting of tables, space for a buffet table and dancing.

    Simple, plain dishes, natural textiles for tables, wooden cuts in the role of standing plates, baskets of fruits and berries on the tables - all this creates a feeling of unity with nature.

    The combination of brocade, satin and silk will create a unique comfort and spiritual harmony

    Provided that the wedding is organized in the open air, tents or gazebos are needed for recreation, so that guests have the opportunity to hide from the scorching sun or rain. The barbecue area, where guests can go for a portion of fresh, fragrant meat or fish on charcoal, is better to remove a few, as well as the tent with food and dishes, in which you can cook, set the table.

    Tents or gazebos for rest will help to hide from the scorching sun or rain

    White or beige colors in combination with the green of grass and trees will perfectly convey the atmosphere of harmony. A place for newlyweds must be distinguished from the overall picture. Most often behind their backs are placed a small wall of natural planks, or a trellis, entwined with climbing plants.

    The place for the newlyweds must be distinguished from the overall picture.

    Balloons are better to choose the same color, and arrange in small groups near children's tables and places for children's games.

    Do not overload the room with unnecessarily authentic things, otherwise it will look cheap and pretty. Return to the menu


    Actual and concise

    Modern style, which is easy to fit into young people. Dynamic, bright and open. Such weddings resemble the opening of the exhibition, or a buffet in honor of the new film. The room can be completely any. The main thing - conciseness, emphasis on minimalism and urban style.

    Stylish modern

    A minimum of decorations, small groups of flowers, large windows, or even the roof of a building, a lot of glass parts, light bulbs, and dotted candles. For such a celebration is perfect empty apartment, loft, empty office space.

    The dynamics of the surrounding parts should make it clear that everything that is happening here is absolutely fleeting, and practically "on the go."

    A minimum of jewelry is modern

    If the newlyweds choose this style, they must understand its initial essence. It is an urban style, devoid of pretentiousness, expensive details, it is unlikely to succeed in recreating it on the territory of a country estate, but on the territory of an unfinished house or apartment in which repair is incomplete - very much so.

    Any apartment - studio without furniture can be a platform for this kind of celebration, as well as it is ideal for a wedding in the loft style. Return to the menu

    Fantasy themes

    Brave fantasy style

    Such weddings are most often arranged by young people who are really passionate about the theme of fairy tales. The design of the hall in the form of a spacecraft or a submarine is not a matter of a couple of hours, which means it will take even a few days to design.

    The decor of these rooms are most often carried out by professionals. Independently decorate the hall in thematic style can anyone. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise the hall will become deliberately animated.

    This wedding is best held in nature, you can even in the woods

    It is better to opt for the elements of decor, which gently make it clear that this is not just a living room, or a buffet room, but let's say the interior of a hotel on Mars.

    In nature, to make a thematic celebration a lot easier thanks to the opportunity not to save on the territory. Arbors and tents can immediately acquire the shape of the necessary objects.

    You must agree in advance on exit registration of marriage

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    Chicago style

    Gangster romance

    Gang style weddings recreate America in the 30s and 40s. So, there is a chance to immediately choose the hall of a restaurant or bar in this style, and decorate it a little in line with the theme. Muffled light, a lot of highlights, gilding, jazz band, and plenty of space for the active part of the program. Dark tablecloths in the restaurant, white and red dishes, or elements of draping chairs.

    Be sure to separate the area for the roulette, place a bar nearby. You can make it a sham, where guests and newlyweds will be able to hold a photo session.

    This style perfectly combines red and gold interspersed with black

    In nature, such celebrations are easy to arrange by draping day decorations into darker colors using garlands and mirror balls. This theme, coupled with chic, lots of alcohol, brilliant outfits and decor.

    Buffet area can be framed next to the decoration of a brick wall. Growing mirrors in dark frames, the scenery of an old car, the presence of a pool - all this will recreate the chic of that time and place.

    Everything must be gloomy elegant

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    Vintage and black and white wedding

    For a vintage wedding, soft, muted, pastel shades are best suited

    For this style, you need to decide on the time and place that you want to recreate in your celebration. Most often, couples choose an elegant era, and in this case it will also not be difficult to choose a restaurant with the right style, and refine it.

    Mirrors, miniature birds in cages, figurines and brooches will perfectly fit into vintage style

    Black and white wedding is quite interesting in terms of decor. The presence in the hall of only white and black flowers, of course, allows you to dilute them with bouquets - this is what gives the holiday charm. Photos of such weddings look perfect, this applies to both color and black and white photographs.

    Black and white wedding - harmony of contrast

    The walls of the hall are easily decorated with stripes, or black walls of drapery are included in the plain walls. Black tablecloths are covered with a white tablecloth from the top, and black chairs are tied with white bows.

    The table on which it is preferable to place in the center of the perimeter of the boutonniere, combined with the bouquet of the bride, looks stylish and luxurious.

    Photos of such weddings look perfect

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    Necessary parts

    Even a classic party can be harmoniously and tastefully decorated, and the uniform style of the hall will add to the holiday charm and warmth. If the couple decided on their own, or with the help of friends to design the room, you need to take into account the main points:

    Details are always important.

    Wall decorIf this is a restaurant hall, and you have chosen the appropriate style, you are lucky, but if not, you should not engage in full drapery with expensive materials. Inexpensive organza, mesh, ribbons, will help bring the necessary motifs into the image.

    Wall decor

    Table and chair decorationDesign tables and chairs. Tablecloths and capes for chairs play a huge role in the implementation of the surroundings in the room. If it is not possible to organize colored textiles, stop the choice on white, and strengthen it with the decor details. For example, blue with white stripes tablecloths for a nautical wedding can be replaced by blue and white, and alternate them for the tables.

    Tablecloths and chair covers play a huge role in the implementation of indoor surroundings.

    Flowers and balloonsFor these moments, a lot does not mean good. It is better to allocate a separate table for bouquets from guests, and arrange the room and tables with small buttonholes in the desired style.

    Floral Wedding Decor

    Lighting solutionThe light will make the holiday warmer, and properly exposed lighting will help in the realization of stylistic moments. For example, a few flashlights with candle-shaped light bulbs will help to achieve naturalness and harmony for eco style. Twisting mirror balls will give the necessary glare for a wedding in the disco, or Gatsby style.

    Original lighting solution

    Photo session areaThis is a necessary place for themed weddings. Even if the newlyweds chose a classic party, you should think about the background for the photo. The design of one of the walls in the form of a wall with frames for photos, which can be approached by guests, and make frames with young people. Separate frames, fake accessories in the style of celebration will make the evening memorable.

    A photo session area is a necessary place for themed weddings.

    Podium for greetings, guest speechesThis place is better to set aside, but so that guests can see it from the tables, or the buffet area. Beautifully arranged bouquets, groups of balls, drapery - the necessary minimum for the realization of the idea.

    Wedding Runway

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    Celebration outside the city

    Wedding outside the city - romantic, beautiful and stylish

    This item should be given as little time to consider. Even if the bride and groom have already decided that the guests will gather in a restaurant, having considered the option of a country tent, or a winter gazebo, many decide to spend this day in nature.

    Closed gazebos and summer tents also need to lead to the desired surroundings. It's easy enough if you choose a boho style, a provence, or eco. Walls of a tent and brick arbors do not need a decor.

    Ideal for a small open-air wedding

    All attention should be paid to the table, a buffet area and a place for a photo. If this is a country house, you can easily make a hunting lodge from it, where you can ennoble the recreation area with natural furs and wooden decor.

    With equipped gazebos or tents the rain at the wedding will not be terrible

    If the house or gazebo has a fireplace, a tea and coffee table and a sweet table can be arranged next to it. With a small number of guests, and table games. Live fire will give harmony and warmth not only to photographs, but also to the mood of the guests.

    Wedding outside the city is an opportunity to get away from the traditional urban routes: the registry office - walk - restaurant

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    Top 7 most popular items of wedding decor

    1 candles


    2 Garlands and bulbs

    Garlands and light bulbs

    3 cells




    5 Letters and words

    Letters and words

    6Banks and bottles

    Cans and Bottles



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