Bedside tables in modern style: 200+ (Photo) Original ideas under the TV (corner, white, glass)


Under the TV-cabinet means a fairly wide cabinet, characterized by a small height. From year to year, televisions are becoming thinner, along with changing the appearance and bedside tables. Their installation carries a lot of positive points:

  • Harmonize with all models of TVs. Selected furniture will help to emphasize the spectacular appearance of the plasma and other advantages.
  • Modern cabinets are very compact and fit into the footage of even the smallest room.
  • Furniture is presented on the market in a variety; It is possible to choose any design, color, style.
  • It allows you to store things of compact size, such as magazines, discs, consoles and other trifles.
  • The abundance of wires and auxiliary equipment (tuner, router) will be hidden behind the furniture doors.
  • Relatively low price.

Such furniture will be able to emphasize all the advantages of the interior.

Modern furniture under the screen helps is a profitable and thoughtful solution, wisely organizing the room and freeing up space. The abundance of forms and materials will enhance the effect of the big screen and make watching TV with family and friends more enjoyable.

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Materials, shapes and sizes

The cabinet frame consists of two sides, rear wall, upper and lower horizons. The durability of the furniture depends on the quality of the materials used. The manufacture of cabinets most often comes from:

  • tree massif;
  • plastic;
  • strained glass;
  • wood boards, chipboards;
  • lacquered plates;
  • metal (acts by itself or combined with other materials).

Wood is a popular material for making

Most of the submissions require additional protection. To do this, apply a layer of enamel, varnish, plastic or film.

One of the positive things when choosing a bedside table is a large variety of shapes.

Consider them before choosing a model:
  • Geometrically regular rectangular or square - the most popular type.
  • Rounded - the back side remains flat, and the front becomes semicircular.
  • The bookcase - several tiers are fastened together by corner posts, the back wall is missing.
  • Asymmetrical - several sections are shifted in one direction, fastened together by open shelves.

A large variety of models

To purchase a TV cabinet for the size of your room, it is important to choose the dimensions:
  • Wide. These are called lockers, the length of which exceeds 1 meter 20 centimeters. The largest of them, designed for spacious living rooms in private homes, reach a length of 3 meters. But their depth and height is quite modest - around 50 centimeters.
  • High. Their height reaches approximately 90 centimeters, while the width range is 80-120 centimeters.
  • Narrow. The depth of this category of thumbs is 35-45 centimeters. Height is any, most often about 80 centimeters. Width - 60-80 centimeters.
  • Low. A depth of 40 centimeters and a height of 30 centimeters are often used as overhead shelves. The width usually reaches 1.4-1.6 meters.

Do not forget about the dimensions before buying a cabinet

The width of the bedside table is less than 60 centimeters and the depth is less than 40 centimeters dangerous for the installation of a plasma panel. This may cause a risk of the screen falling.

Curbstone from the array will look great in a classic interior.

If you add dark glass to a wooden base, you can easily fit the furniture into a high-tech design.

Glass, metal and plastic products fit into the technological design of the room. Smooth lines of the facade and soft luster will make it more youthful, easy and comfortable. Often in such models there are no unnecessary details.

Mirror inserts and light colors of the furniture will fit into small rooms. Visually increase the hall top of the shiny metal. In the nursery it will be appropriate to choose environmental material of bright colors.

Hi-tech design

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Accommodation Rules

Plasma placement requirements in a room are important in order not to spoil its style. Follow them when choosing a place for the panel:

  • A good overview is the main detail for placing the bedside table under the TV. It should be convenient to watch, high furniture or decorative trifles (for example, a vase) should not interfere with watching the picture.
  • Opposite and on the sides of the screen should not be windows. Natural lighting will interfere with watching a movie, while direct sunlight will significantly harm chromaticity.
  • The distance from the floor should be at least 100 centimeters for the bedroom and 1 meter and 20 centimeters for the living room. The TV should be at the same level as the person sitting.
  • The distance to the bedside plays an important role. It should be at a distance of not less than 1.70 meters from watching TV. Measure the diagonal of your TV and multiply the number by 4. This will be the desired distance in centimeters.

Avoid windows on the sides of the TV.

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Furniture functionality

You must understand for yourself how the nightstand will be used. Do you need shelves for storage, extra space? In the classic version provides direct shelves open and closed.

Furniture style can add the presence of glazed sections. If you place a mini-bar downstairs, it will make the room more modern and youth. Many models do not have a back wall.
Additional equipment of modern TV cabinets:
  • Wheels. Make the cabinet mobile, allowing you to easily move to any place. However, it deprives it of stability and aesthetics.
  • Bracket. The TV is attached to the wall and can be rotated at any angle.
  • Backlight. It is easy to mount on the furniture, but you need to be careful: the light should not interfere with viewing.

Thanks to the bracket you can rotate the TV

Fashionable interior items for TV are presented in a huge variety, because it is often difficult to make a choice. When buying, consider the criteria we give below.

Dimensions - decide where you want to install the cabinet. According to the position, choose the size of the stand.

Making the choice, pay attention to the following parameters:
  • In a large room, you can choose a design of any size that will best cope with the load of your plasma.
  • In the living room of medium size (and less than the average) make a choice in favor of a small bedside table, which must be installed along a long wall. Stands will increase its functionality.
  • In a very tiny room, install the corner structure.

Small designs for small hotels

Payload is another important parameter. Stable and sturdy nightstand can withstand the load of the TV and are not shelves of things.

If you choose the wrong design, overload will cause breakage. So, you risk the integrity of its plasma panel.
Useful volume - the furniture should be equipped with drawers, shelves and other compartments for storing things.

They will help improve the appearance of the room and keep small accessories away from the eyes.

Many shelves for the right things

Mobility - important so that you can easily change the place for the bedside table. For this, many models are equipped with wheels. This is often found in Provence style models.

BoardRemember that it is prohibited to move the structure on which the equipment is installed. Most often, compact bedside tables with wheels are selected for small rooms and, accordingly, the same modest TV models. Return to menu return to menu


Consider the most common models that are popular. Which is better to choose for your interior?

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Glass Nightstands

Glass cabinets have been very popular in recent years. The reason is their elegant appearance, compatibility with many interior styles, practicality. However, some believe that glass, on the contrary, is not the best material due to its fragility.

Popular glass models

We will try to dispel this myth and tell the main advantages of glass cabinets. A glass nightstand with a modern TV will effectively complement the modern style, hi-tech and even classic. They will add to your apartment a feeling of lightness and harmony.

Glass for such a design is made at least 6 millimeters thick, which makes it incredibly strong. If you accidentally drop something small on such a surface, such as a remote control, no chips or cracks will appear on the glass. Thus, the cabinet will be able to withstand TV, speakers and other audio and video equipment.

Effectively complements the design of the room

Most often there are no sharp corners in them, which is safe if there are children at home.

Their configurations differ in the following parameters:
  • open or closed;
  • two-level or multi-level;
  • transparent or colored.

Glass cabinets are designed to be as compact and functional as possible in order to occupy as little space as possible in the room. In most models there are special shelves for additional equipment (for example, dvd-player).

We use for disks, a player and other trifles

Often glass models are combined with chrome-plated metal parts or wood. On a transparent surface, you can apply a pattern or pattern.

BoardWhen choosing glass furniture, pay attention not only to the appearance, but also to the reliability of fasteners. Dimensions should fit into the place you have planned. The glass must be free of deformations or soft scratches. Return to the menu ↑


Despite all the delights of fashion, wood is still a popular material for furniture. It is believed that it is more characteristic of the classical style.

Typical classic style

There is some truth in this statement, but modern wooden bedside tables fit perfectly into other areas of design.
  • In modern concepts, homogeneous materials are often used. However, fusion, modern and loft styles effectively highlight the beauty of wood. Often products are served in an unusual form. In the loft style can fit a rosewood chest or a homemade rough box of raw boards.
  • It is easier to care for wood - it is easy to clean, polish and polish it. Wooden products are easy to create with your own hands from old furniture or boards.
  • Wooden bedside tables are very durable - they literally live a hundred years.

Wood furniture more durable

The TV stand is made of such wood materials:
  • Array. It is characterized by a pronounced woody pattern, but in our time an array of even color is more often used.
  • Veneer. A thin section of wood glued to less expensive material, such as MDF. Externally, the cabinet will not differ from the array, but at the same time it will be much cheaper.
  • MDF. It can be plastered with a decorative film, be laminated, have acrylic spraying, etc. The material is widely used for the production of various furniture due to its strength, moisture resistance and temperature drops. Acrylic panels will perfectly fit into the design of a modern living room.
  • Chipboard. Inexpensive material that is inferior in strength and durability of the first options, but it looks beautiful.

Laminated MDF - Excellent Material

Modern wooden structures can look like this:
  • Outdoor - almost completely made of wood, there are metal or glass elements.
  • Cantilever - look great in a modern interior. Most often made of MDF.
  • Corner - wooden modules in the corner of the room often look more profitable than metal and glass analogues.
  • Rack - for such wooden thumbs, only some detail is performed, for example, the top panel.

The combined version of glass and wood

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Narrow furniture is chosen for small and spacious living rooms. A model of a bedside table with a width of 25 to 30 centimeters is considered narrow.. Do not worry that in such a narrow cabinet the necessary things will not fit - due to the height and length, everything will fit in there!

Narrow pedestals are of two types:
  • Depth 30 centimeters. The optimal size for the "stand" under the TV. Small equipment will be conveniently installed here, areas for storing other items will remain. But if you have a plasma with a curved screen, you will have to look at other models.
  • Depth 20-25 centimeters. If the room is very small, you have to choose this size of the bedside table. Sturdy construction and quality materials will be able to withstand weight. But there is almost no room for storage of equipment and various trifles.

Narrow nightstand when there is little space.

Narrow cabinets can also be conditionally divided by height:
  • Low - the size from a floor is from 30 to 50 centimeters, are suitable for placement of the plasma panel with a large diagonal. The modern style has lower sofas, so watching TV will be comfortable.
  • High - The size of the floor is from 60 to 90 centimeters, resemble a square in shape. Suitable for small TVs in living rooms with high couches and armchairs.

It will be interesting to you:

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Path Included
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For a small room you need to place various furniture with the greatest efficiency and convenience for the residents of the house. This will make the corner stand, which frees up the space in the center of the room and involves not relevant side part.

The corner table copes with different tasks:

  • helps save space;
  • expands the functional space (extra shelves are valued in a small room);
  • complements the interior, emphasizes the style of the room;
  • allows you to watch TV from anywhere in the room.

Corner option to save space

Also, designers have a few drawbacks. Among them there is a lack of ventilation for equipment, the inconvenience of storing things, the location of the sofa in relation to technology.

Corner cabinets combine the functions of shelves, drawers and cabinets.

They come in such varieties:
  • Triangular - the walls are connected to form a triangle. Suitable for large screen sizes. It is believed that triangular cabinets take space, so they can not "stand up" in every room. Very deep shelves are suitable only for dimensional items. Keep small parts on them is not convenient.
  • Pentagonal - fit in a room of small size. They are a regular triangle with cut corners, which will take up little space compared to the first view.
  • L-shaped - their facade is connected to the upper horizon in the shape of the letter “G”. Bedside tables significantly save square meters and look elegant in a modern interior.
  • Trapezoid - They look much lighter than triangular cabinets, but they take up the same amount of space. A space is formed at the back that helps regulate the ventilation of equipment. Shelves also have a lower depth than in triangular counterparts, which allows them to be used with great convenience.
  • Radius - triangular tables equipped with a rounded facade. The most unusual model that fits into the room of modern style. Does not seem large or bulky, suitable for storage.

Triangular model for the TV

Happen completely open, closed and combined. Open corner shelves look attractive only in the case of constant maintenance of order and cleanliness. Dust is easily clogged in the drawers, and folded magazines will look sloppy. Closed furniture will be more convenient to use.
Color is completely dependent on your preference.

We recommend choosing bright colors of angular thumbs. This may be natural wood of light wood, plastic, painted wood. This way you do not “steal” the space from the room.

Light furniture does not steal free space.

Thus, the need to use corner cabinets arises when:
  • The walls are occupied by large furniture - sideboards, cabinets, book shelves. There is no possibility of a wide plasma between it.
  • The small space of the room does not allow the use of the necessary furnishings, because you have to use all free corners.
  • I want to create a separate "corner" for plasma, emphasize the bright style of the living room.
  • The desire to bring non-standard solutions to the room design.

Compact, convenient and practical

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Color selection: white thumbs

Whatever the model of bedside, it is very important to choose the color. To do this, consider the following factors.:

  • room style;
  • a range of furniture objects that are next to the cabinet;
  • the color of the body of the TV.

In many styles, including minimalist, Scandinavian or fusion, it is better to choose light models. In fact, when I come home, I want to rest and restore my strength. Furniture in bright colors contributes to rest, helps to create a feeling of comfort.

White furniture promotes rest

The white color of the furniture looks stylish, concise, interesting. It is successfully combined practically with all types of wall and floor finishes, it goes well with other colors.

White nightstands are made of various materials:
  • Tree. Known for its durability and environmental friendliness.Beautiful and natural plasma cabinets go well with many styles, but they look cumbersome. Has a high price.
  • Plywood, MDF, chipboard. Among the advantages are a variety of texture and decorative elements, low price in comparison with wood. Non-resistant to moisture.
  • Plastic. Low cost and variety of models do not limit the choice. They are light and not dimensional, but not resistant to mechanical damage.

Go well with different styles.

The main advantage of the white shade of thumbs is that they will always be in trend. White color emphasizes the beauty of the shades of the walls and floor, visually increase the space.

BoardMarking white furniture does not reduce the demand for interior items in this range.

Is very popular

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Nightstands do it yourself

Everyone is trying to find a model for their room, but stores do not always provide enough choice. One bedside table may not fit the dimensions, the other in color, the third in a general style. Faced with such a problem, you can make the locker yourself.

To do this, select any bedside table design and material with which you can work. We offer you to make a floor stand of wood, on which you can install a TV of any size and weight. You do not have to make holes in the wall, install fixtures, etc. - in case of any rearrangement of furniture, you can easily set the nightstand to another place.

Do it yourself


To implement our project, first of all you need to create a drawing. If you are doing this for the first time, use a ready-made layout. We offer you a project for a fairly spacious living room, which will allow you to install even a plasma with the largest diagonal.

BoardThe height of the presented cabinets can be adjusted based on your furniture in the living room.

For the manufacture of the structure we need:

  • an array of timber - 30 millimeters in thickness and 42 centimeters in width; will be used for countertops;
  • an array of timber - 20 millimeters in thickness and 30 centimeters in width, needed for shelves; can be replaced with a cut board;
  • timber size 50 * 50 mm, needed for the cross;
  • The bar size of 30 * 30 millimeters will be used for longitudinal jumpers;
  • board size 30 * 80 millimeters, for the manufacture of crossbars and legs;
  • screws; screwdriver;
  • a circular saw;
  • drill;
  • plane;
  • pencil, tape measure.

Choose a design to your taste

BoardChoose only dried wood as materials. Wet and fresh boards can deform over time and lose their appearance.
Frame assembly
  • It is necessary to cut the legs. In our model there are six of them and the height of each is 72 centimeters. It is convenient to immediately cut and cross, the length of which is equal to 28 centimeters. From one meter of wood we get one detail.
  • The legs fasten a bar size of 30 * 30 millimeters. Prepare twelve such blanks, their length should be 75 cm.
  • Attach jumpers with screws. Drill holes of the required sizes. Screw the screws to the legs to the vertical at an angle of 45 degrees.

Option that does not take up much space


You can make the lower and middle shelf both from an array of timber and from a board. The width of the latter should be equal to 30 centimeters. Cut 1.5 centimeters of wood, using a planer, trim it to fit the planned width.

Their length should be 170 centimeters. Attach the shelves with screws to the longitudinal bridges.


Now we are starting to install the crossbars. They are necessary in order to bind the front and back of our design. When we made the legs, we already prepared the necessary elements in order to save material. Now you must take two crossbars and attach them on each side of the frame.

Now you have to create the middle crossbars. Saw them from a bar, their length should be equal to the width of our shelves, that is, be 28 centimeters. Attach to two edges using bolts.

The combination of color does not hurt the decor

Side crosses

Durability and stability of the future cabinet will be presented with crosses. If you take measurements as accurately as possible, it will be easy to make crosses with your own hands.

  • Take a bar, the side of which is 50 mm, saw off two pieces. Their length, calculated by the Pythagorean theorem, is 66.2 centimeters.
  • Put them on each other, set the distance between the inner corners. Make grooves in each piece. Their depth should be equal to half the side of the timber. For clarity, use the scheme of figure number 6.
  • Made crossings insert into the design. Insert the screws into the joints, make holes at an angle. Thus the screw will not come out from the other side. Use long screws, their length should be about 70 millimeters.

Ivory color only adds to the charm and beauty of the furniture.

Table top

We turn to the final stage of creating a wooden bedside table.

BoardWe recommend using glued oak arrays that have a smooth surface. They do not need to be further processed, which means you save time and at the same time get a perfectly flat worktop.

If you have edged boards, you can use them. Pre-treat them with a plane and sandpaper for a flat surface. Attach the worktop to the formation with screws. This way you can easily lift the cabinet for the top.


You got a fully assembled locker. Let's proceed to the design of its appearance. First of all, close all holes with putty. To get her unique look, it needs to be painted. You can choose for this purpose the shade of "wenge", which slightly dims the wood. At the same time the structure of the wood will be visible.

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You can cover the tree with white paint - this design will fit into any design. Consider the style of your room and make it the most harmonious. You may notice that the design of this bedside table can be useful not only to install a TV, but also to store things. And you can combine these two solutions and make it universal.

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