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Wall panels (MDF) for interior decoration. TOP-7 applications in the interior + 165 PHOTOS


How to carry out facing of internal surfaces of rooms, using modern MDF wall panels, to achieve a spectacular stylish design, shown in a photo, consider in this article.

Content of this article:

  • Material for MDF panels
  • TOP 8 types of wall MDF panels
  • TOP-7 options for the use of modern MDF panels
  • Finishing of a hall of MDF panels
  • Use of MDF panels for the decoration of the living room
  • Bedroom decoration
  • Application of MDF panels in the decoration of the bathroom and toilet
  • VIDEO: Finishing MDF panels
  • The design of the walls of the loggias
  • Finishing the kitchen material MDF
  • Facing the ceiling surface of MDF panels
  • VIDEO: MDF panels for beautiful design
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The best interiors with MDF panels
  • Material for MDF panels
  • TOP 8 types of wall MDF panels
  • TOP-7 options for the use of modern MDF panels
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The best interiors with MDF panels
  • Material for MDF panels

    Anyway, everyone came across MDF panels more than once because it was often used in the decoration of vestibules, carriages, office and other public spaces.

    For any room with a picture or texture

    In residential buildings and apartments, their use was limited to the finishing of hallways and loggias. The design of MDF panels was not very diverse and therefore this material was considered a budget version of the official low-key style.

    Budget room option

    Now for wall cladding used MDF products, which are sometimes difficult to attribute to this material. They differ not only in their quality, but also in their diverse appearance.

    Light colored panels

    But let's first consider what these products generally represent. MDF wall panels are a decorative finishing covering of wood origin, made from wood waste, crushed to a fraction of dust, with the addition of organic binding elements.

    Decorative finishing material of wood origin

    That is why the abbreviation MDF stands for "fine fraction". In the manufacturing process, the raw material is subjected not only to pressure, but also to high temperatures; as a result, the processed product in the form of panels is obtained with a dense homogeneous structure.

    Used for furniture and finishing materials

    Such products, by possibilities of further processing during installation, surpass even natural wood and are not inferior to it in terms of technological and environmental requirements. Installation of panels is carried out either by fixing them on a frame made of wood or galvanized profile, or by gluing "liquid nails" to the wall surface.

    Wood trim finish

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    TOP 8 types of wall MDF panels

    The panels are in their form:

    1In the form of rails (narrow panels), having a mortise connection: groove - comb. They are easily mounted independently and are widely used for cladding.

    Narrow grooved panels

    2In the form of sheets of various sizes. A sufficient area of ​​the sheet allows you to use different techniques for its design: photo printing. 3D images, panels and graphics.

    Sheets of panels of various sizes

    3In the form of slabs, like a large tile. For fastening in the design of these products, as well as on the rack panels, there is a lock connection “groove - comb”.

    Plates similar to ceramic tiles

    In appearance they are produced:

    4With veneered surfacewhen the top layer consists of a thin coating of natural wood, which is called veneer. The product has the form, completely identical to a natural wooden board and considerably smaller cost.

    Veneered panels

    5With laminated surface, representing a thin coating with a special film, with imitation of various natural materials, color or monochromatic drawings. A wide variety of design makes laminated products the most sought-after MDF wall covering products.

    The most popular laminated panels

    6With painted surfacewhen the lamella is painted on top in various color shades. Paint has a protective and decorative function.

    Painted wall panels

    7Panels with a photo printing. The image is applied on the front side of the panel. From above it is covered with an acrylic colorless varnish protecting from external damages.

    Panels with photo printing

    8Panels with a pattern or pattern, having a 3D effect. These products are recently developed and are a novelty in design. The surface of the products, which depicts abstract three-dimensional drawings, geometric figures that mimic the relief of a different type, looks unusual and very impressive.

    3D effect on panels with a pattern

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    TOP-7 options for the use of modern MDF panels

    Now, having such a variety of MDF products, you should not limit yourself to finishing only the corridor, balcony or loggia, although you can decorate them in a completely new way by choosing the appropriate design option. It is successfully possible to decorate such sheets with the walls of the living room, hallway, kitchen, as well as the ceilings, entrance doors, and the sides of the stairs.

    It is successfully possible to decorate such sheets with the walls of the living room.

    Let's look at how to decorate MDF rooms and places with different purposes.

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    Finishing of a hall of MDF panels

    Facing the hallway is not as easy as it first seems. This is a problem room because there is little light in it. It usually has several doors, which create difficulties when installing panels. Here, the walls are most contaminated because the entrance hall is a common area and is not as large as a living room.

    In the hallway the walls are subject to more pollution.

    Considering these features, it is better to trim the hallway with rack panels. They are convenient for facing the hallway, since they are small and can fit into any problematic place.

    The appearance of the surface of such products must match the style of the hallway and its characteristics. For cladding a small hallway, light monochrome products are better suited, they will visually enlarge this room.

    Rack panels for a small hallway

    Successful is the use of vertically arranged panels of yellow and white color, which alternate with each other. The doors are upholstered in brown lamellas to match the elements of the furniture located in the corridor.

    Vertical MDF panels of two colors in the hallway

    To decorate the walls in the hallway can not fully panels. It is interesting to look at the corridor, in which the walls are sheathed by MDF only from below, and on top are covered with wallpaper, corresponding in tone.

    This design can be used for a medium sized hallway or in a large space.

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    Use of MDF panels for the decoration of the living room

    All walls in the living room are rarely veneered with MDF panel elements. The interior in which this material is used only in fragments will be attractive.

    Wall cladding with light panels

    For example, you can focus on one wall by revealing it with 3D panels with a pattern that matches the style. The photo shows a variant of the living room design, in which one wall is lined with 3D elements in the form of waves. Such a panel is well suited to the overall interior of the living room.

    3D waves in your living room

    Designers often use panels for covering one wall to beat some piece of furniture, for example, trim a wall on which the TV hangs.

    The accent for the wall is a picture or TV

    If you do decide to veneer the walls in the living room completely paneled, carefully consider their location. The longitudinal location is suitable for rooms with low ceilings. This visually increases the height of the room.

    Longitudinal arrangement of panels for low ceilings

    The transverse arrangement is suitable for a large space.

    The transverse arrangement of the panels is suitable for a large room.

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    Bedroom decoration

    The walls of the bedroom as in the living room, rarely revetted MDF. If you plan to use this material for wall cladding in this room, you should approach this with caution. Despite the safety of its modern workmanship, it is wiser to use soft breathable wallpapers for the bedroom in the apartment. But for a private house or cottage, where the room is not heated in winter, it is quite suitable.

    The best solution MDF panels for a private house

    MDF is not afraid of large temperature fluctuations and does not undergo deformation due to this. Sheathing the walls in the living room is also better fragmentary. Often trim such wall material at the head of the bed.

    Finishing material at the head of the bed

    It is interesting to look at the wall paneling behind a sleeping place by 3D panels with imitation of a carriage waist of a canvas. This design looks especially modern.

    Imitation of Capitone at the head of the bed

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    Application of MDF panels in the decoration of the bathroom and toilet

    Modern MDF wall panels can successfully be used to finish the bathroom and toilet. Now many types of such products with moisture-proof qualities are being produced.

    Beautiful and unusual bathroom solution

    With their help, you can successfully imitate ceramic tiles, without fear of the destruction of the material from moisture. At the same time it will cost much cheaper tiles. In this case, a variety of design design is much wider ceramics. It is possible with the help of panels, with fragments of the picture painted on them, to create a panel in the bathroom.

    Panel of MDF panels in the bathroom

    Having selected the products in the right form for the realization of the conceived style, you can decorate your bathroom in a completely original way.

    Moisture-proof bathroom panels

    The bathroom is paneled, covered with a protective lacquer in dark colors. With a white bathroom and sink, the walls look magical.

    Dark room with white plumbing

    Using the design in bright colors, you can get a completely different kind of bathroom.

    Bright bathroom with black accents

    Will serve such walls for a long time. They also wash well from dirt, without losing the brightness of color. The only negative, you can not use aggressive detergents, so as not to scratch the protective surface.

    Environmentally friendly material for comfort

    Protective and decorative layer of MDF should be protected from damage, so as not to reduce the resistance of the material to moisture. Return to the menu

    VIDEO: Finishing MDF panels