How to make Beautiful Candlesticks do it yourself for the New Year (95+ Photos): Original ideas for master classes


Anticipating the holidays, we will tell you how to make candlesticks with your own hands for the New Year.

You do not have to be a professional designer to decorate the apartment in an original way for the New Year. Each of us has old plush toys, photographs, candles and other things that are easy to make a festive decor.


Christmas decoration - an exciting experience that will appeal to you and your children. Such work will cheer up and prepare the whole family for the winter holidays. We will tell you how to prepare the house for the New Year and Christmas with homemade candlesticks.

How to make candlesticks

Decided to decorate your house for your favorite holiday? A simple and effective way - play with light. A lively flickering candle will create a mysterious atmosphere and give a good mood. In the flame of a candle, all problems and worries gradually disappear, and even a small mess is not so noticeable.

Good mood in the details

To create a mysterious atmosphere, prepare a lot of candles. They are also easy to make yourself. Consider the lighting in the room in which you are going to meet next year.

Improvised decor

First, let's check the old stock. Can I do something with them? Enhance the look of old candlesticks using snowflake napkins, draping elegant embroidered fabric or fine glossy paper. You can wrap them with ribbons, laces or shiny tinsel, glue with rhinestones.

Ribbons and spices in the decor

Nice to watch the floating candles. You should have an old transparent vase or a crystal salad bowl that has long gone out of fashion. You can decorate the edges with toys or small pine cones.

Now pour water into the salad bowl and put candles in it. Add small spruce branches, rowan and petals to the water so that your creative composition becomes the main decoration of the festive table. Candlesticks can be made from unnecessary things that are uselessly stored on our shelves. They are even edible. Do not believe? Then go to the next sections of the article.

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Fragrant from fruits

In search of scrap materials for our fixtures, we go to the kitchen. We will try to make original candlesticks from fruits. Cook them just before the celebration. Candlesticks made of fruit will give a beautiful unusual shine and delicate aroma.

Take bright apples, grapefruits or oranges. Fruits should be bright, pronounced round shape. Cut them in half and spoon carefully remove all the pulp.

Choose round, smooth fruit.

Use a marker or pen to draw a simple pattern, cut out all unnecessary along the contours using nail scissors. There should be a lot of “holes” in order to provide light output.

Cut a hole to fit the candle.

In the center of each of the halves, place a candle. You can make a closed version, covering it on top of the second part.

Make markup for decoration

Decorate fruits with small sprigs of fir, buds, rhinestones. Use toothpicks to attach rowan berries and tiny toys.

Fragrant Spice Candlestick

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From unnecessary cans

We use for this purpose any can - from the smallest (for baby food) to the liter. The originality of future candlesticks will emphasize the unusual shape of the can.

Fine fake jars of baby food

The most elementary way to use the can is to simply turn it over, throwing a piece of elegant fabric on top and putting a small candle on the bottom.

Another option for New Year's decor

Consider creative candlesticks from cans that will become a work of art. Let's try to decorate the banks with the children. Take:

  • colored markers;
  • gouache;
  • nail polish of different shades;
  • PVA glue;
  • brushes.

We prepare the necessary materials

If you decorate banks with markers or nail polish, no preparation is required. Take and draw on them different Christmas stories - snowflakes, Christmas trees, garlands, snowmen, or just intricate abstract patterns.

Fancy patterns do it yourself

If you are going to decorate cans with gouache, prepare them for painting. Cover the container with glue and let it dry, then the paint is better to “stick” to the glass. Draw contours and paint the shapes with bright shades.

Apply glue to the entire surface.

Entrust the painting to your child and do not try to correct his work. The result will surely exceed your expectations! After the gouache dries, coat it with clear varnish. If not, use hairspray. It is used so that the paint does not peel off and does not pollute the hands.

Draw a flight of fancy

Another interesting painting technique is stained paint. It is designed for drawing on smooth surfaces. This is a good idea for Christmas decorations.

Stained glass painting jars

Pre-draw the pattern with a marker on the can. Then circle the outline with black paint, then leave it to dry for half an hour. Fill the space with any bright colors and leave to dry again (dry for several hours).

Calm twinkling lights

We insert the candle into our can - the pattern begins to flicker with colored lights. A liter bottle with a wide neck can be half filled with water. The candle will float, and the light from the can will overflow and fill the room with warmth.

The atmosphere of warmth and comfort in your home

Want to celebrate New Year outside the city? Arrange your glowing decorations along the paths, on the windowsills and trees. Bright colored lights will create a wonderful mood.

Christmas mood in small details.

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How to make a house for the candle

You could see on the shelves of shops small "houses" for candles, but they are completely devoid of originality. Let's learn how to make such decorations with a simple master class. To do this, cook:

  • empty square carton of milk or kefir;
  • glue;
  • gouache;
  • salt

Ingredients for Salt Dough

Prepare a salty dough: mix a glass of flour and salt, pour in a tablespoon of any vegetable oil and enough water to make a dough. The final consistency should be like clay. Add color to the dough to make color dough.

Knead salt dough for the house

Now we proceed to the construction of the house. Thoroughly wash the paper container from the remnants of the milk drink, dry it and cut the bottom. Cut a few windows and leave a hole for the pipe.

Cooking dough and cut out according to the pattern.

Then we grease the outer wall of the house with glue and start rolling small sausages out of dough. Here you can attract your child - he will cope with the task. We do this with all the walls, not forgetting to leave the openings for the windows open.

We glue the parts of the house

Now roll out the rectangle to make the roof. Glue it attached to the walls. Next is the case behind the door and shutters. Near the house you can install any figure - Snow Maiden or Santa Claus. For larger items we use glue, small ones are slightly wetted with water.

Put a candle in the middle of the house

The resulting composition is dried in the oven at a very low temperature. When the work is dried, it can be decorated with any colors. Cover the house with varnish. Put a small candle inside it and it will glow with a soft light, and real smoke will quietly come out of the chimney!

"House" for the candle is ready

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Of cones

The decoration of the cones reflects the spirit and mood of the winter holidays. Making a candlestick will take a little time and bring you pleasure. Prepare the following necessary items:

  • Christmas tree cones;
  • glass toys;
  • a candle;
  • glue;
  • foil;
  • stand total;
  • candle stand;
  • spray paint (gold, silver or white).

We prepare the necessary materials

This is not a mandatory set, you can improvise and use everything that you find in your Christmas box of decorations.

  • Making a candle stand using a metal lid or a narrow glass. In the first embodiment, glue the button on the lid to fix the candle. The glass will cope with the task itself, supporting it with its walls.
  • Now we make out a stand for the whole composition. For her, you can use a piece of old board or plywood. Smear it with glue from all sides and apply the foil.

Stand for the whole composition

  • To make the bumps beautiful and elegant, we cover them with an aerosol and let them dry. We prepare twigs, Christmas tree decorations and other decorative elements available.

Paint bumps

  • In the middle of our board with a foil set a stand under the candle. Around lay the cones, twigs, toys. When the resulting composition acquires an attractive appearance, we begin to stick objects.

Christmas composition is ready

  • It remains only to put the decoration on the shelf or table, light a candle!
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From glasses

Everyone has a pair of unnecessary glasses, outdated or scrapped for other reasons. It is easy for them to find a new use - they can serve as candlesticks for our New Year's table.

One of the options for the decoration of the glass

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Method number 1

It is necessary to take a glass, a candle, glue, scissors, paper, small branches of spruce, fir or thuja.

  • Trim the branches to the required size so that they fit into the glass and do not obscure the candle.
  • Lay the branches on paper and coat them with glue.

Take thuja or pine

  • Tape the outer walls of the glass in a circle. Do this quickly so that the glue does not have time to dry.
  • In the glass, set the candle to the desired size.

Do everything step by step - crafts are ready

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Method number 2

Consider another original version. Just flip it upside down and place a small candle on the base. Inside the vessel, place beautiful twigs, flowers, beads, or Christmas balls.

It remains to put a candle on the leg

  • Circle the outline of the container on the cardboard and cut out the cap.

Cut out the cap

  • The inside of the glass should be degreased, rubbed to a shine.

Rub the glass to shine

  • Place inside toys, figurines, pebbles and everything that comes to mind. The main thing is to get a beautiful and fabulous composition.

Glue any composition

  • Attach the cap with glue to the glass.

Cap sticking to the glass

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Method number 3

You can make an interesting candlestick using braid or lace. Cover the glass with a cloth, but do not stick it - first evaluate the appearance.

Candle holder with lace and beads

If you use fabrics and laces of different shades, the candlestick will be more colorful.

Elegant lace for the candlestick

To prevent your glass from bursting from heating, use only small candles. Return to the menu

Method number 4

The refined look will give to your candlesticks from wine glasses a decoupage. Let's get acquainted with the specifics of technology. Prepare the following components: a glass, a candle, acrylic paints, varnish, glue, contours.

Decoupage candlesticks

We begin to do decoupage. First, degrease the surface of the glass. Apply a layer of acrylic paint, which will serve as a primer. We recommend using a small sponge to quickly and evenly distribute the paint.

Apply acrylic paint

Usually one layer of acrylic is enough. However, if it seems to you that the surface is not quite smooth and beautiful, repeat the action. While the paint will dry, we can come up with and make drawings. Cut intricate patterns from the napkin and decide where and how to best glue them.

Cut out the pattern from the napkin

When the paint dries completely (it may take three hours), glue the decorative patterns on the bowl with ordinary glue. Use a paintbrush to level the napkin so that it does not dry out with folds.

Sticking a napkin on a glass

Now you can apply the finishing touches by highlighting the details with colors and highlighting the elements with a dark outline. After the end of creative work varnish a glass.

We put the final touches on the outline.

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Method number 5

Perhaps now you are sparked by the idea of ​​making a candlestick from a glass. What if the selected capacity is soon needed for a direct appointment?

The original decor, which does not harm the wine glasses, is made in a matter of minutes. The method will allow you to use a glass for alcoholic beverages in the future. Take small candles and objects for decoration - beads, twigs, flowers, etc. Fill the glass with two thirds of water. Place inside the jewelry to your taste and candle. Candlestick is ready!