Choosing a tile for a small bathroom. The optimal combination of style and design, TOP-10 solutions + 150 PHOTOS


Want to know how tiles are used for a small bathroom? Photo design of finished projects will reveal the secrets. Everything is more detailed later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Material Features
  • Large or small
  • Texture Features
  • Perfect color range
  • Warm shades
  • Following the traditions
  • What to replace the banal white: TOP-8 trend colors in 2019
  • Optimal combinations
  • Hue emphasizes style
  • Top 10 successful solutions for a small bathroom
  • Relief and ornament - creative and stylish
  • Mosaic - room for decoration
  • Recommendations for selection
  • TOP 3 secrets of the styling system
  • VIDEO: Bathroom Design
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The best design solutions for a small bathroom
  • Material Features
  • Large or small
  • Texture Features
  • Perfect color range
  • Top 10 successful solutions for a small bathroom
  • Relief and ornament - creative and stylish
  • Mosaic - room for decoration
  • Recommendations for selection
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The best design solutions for a small bathroom
  • Material Features

    Finishing material made of ceramics is practical, unpretentious in care and resistant to moisture. Patterns of tiles differ not only in color, texture, but also in size. This allows the material to be used for facing the room.

    Ceramics - one of the materials for wall decoration

    Thanks to decorating techniques, you can visually increase the atmosphere of even the most compact room. At the same time, the original design will increase the degree of comfort. Therefore, when choosing a material for facing a small bathroom, it is necessary to consider:

    • coloring;
    • invoice;
    • quality characteristics;
    • the size;
    • rational use with different ways of laying.

    Choose a different texture, texture and color for your bathroom.

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    Large or small

    Stylish designs dispel the myth that it is not rational to use large tile for facing of small rooms. Properly positioning the tile, you can visually add volume to the room. Just do not decorate her entire surface.

    Add volume to your room with a tile.

    An excellent option would be laying in the center of a large wall of vertical stripes of large rectangles or squares. Tile 20x50 cm with an ornament on the floor in the center of the room will create the illusion of carpet.

    Large rectangles in the center of the wall

    Products with a glazed surface constrict the space.

    Unusual tiles to create a cozy bathroom

    Using a large tile for decorating a small bathroom is possible, but difficult, so the medium and small size are considered to be the most suitable:

    1x10x10 cm models fit the design, but it should be remembered that the dark gamut visually “eats” the real size, it looks a bit gloomy;

    10x10 cm models fit the design

    2 The perception of 20x20 cm squares is almost not affected by their hue or design, the main role is rendered by the visual impression;

    Visual impression with a size of 20x20

    3 mosaic allows you to create original ornaments of different options, but requires precise counting.

    Original mosaic panel

    It is believed that the correct size and shape give a more pronounced effect of increasing the volume of space than the color palette. If the bathroom is narrow, a large tile size will reduce the number of conventional lines and create a visual effect of spaciousness.

    The effect of increasing space due to the correct form of tiles

    The optimal size of tile for a rectangular bathroom of modest size are rectangles 20 by 30 cm, and for square ones - 20 by 20 cm.

    The optimal size for tile is 20 by 30 cm

    Spread better across and not parallel to the shape of the ceiling surface.

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    Texture Features

    Modern ceramics is diverse not only in size, decor, but also in the texture of the front surface. There are tiles only for wall or floor cladding, versatile models that are suitable for both coatings. Presents products with a surface:

    1 glazed; 2 glazed; 3 glossy; 4 matte.

    For small rooms are suitable shiny. Gloss contributes to a visual increase in space. Glazed surface is easy to clean, wash.

    Also available. Therefore, an option for a small room would be a tile with a glaze in two layers and small protuberances. This surface looks very original.

    Brilliant for small spaces

    Glass and mirror materials will require more often to clean them, but in combination with other materials will give the atmosphere lightness, airiness, spaciousness.

    Glass for interior airiness

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    Perfect color range

    Color design sets not only the direction of the design of a bathroom of a modest size, but also allows you to add volume and airiness to it. The darker the shades, the smaller the small room seems. A similar reaction occurs with sharp color contrasts.

    Sharp color contrasts for larger rooms

    A tile for a small bathroom is preferable to light colors. It should be remembered that light shades are divided into categories:


    Warm color when choosing a design


    Light but cool shade in the bathroom


    Neutral shades in the bathroom


    Shades from deep black to white

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    Warm shades

    Fashionable warm colors include:

    1Bright yellow.

    Yellowish shades in the elements and decor of the bathroom


    Natural shades in your bathroom

    3 Sandy.

    Fashionable sand in the bathroom wall decoration


    Elegant beige tint in wall decoration

    The combination of several tones of this series looks impressive, and preferably with a horizontal delimitation of the color palette. The expansion of space is facilitated by the arrangement of dark narrow strips at the top and bottom, which do not change the prevalence of the background of the light palette.

    Several tricks for successful expansion of space

    If desired, visually "lift" the ceiling of the room, actual design of narrow vertical stripes on both sides of the wall. The combination of these two receptions is not excluded.

    Raise the ceiling will help the line in the center of the wall

    To highlight a specific section of the wall, dark color inserts are used. This illusively brings the selected part.

    Highlight the wall using dark inserts.

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    Following the traditions

    For the lining of bathrooms traditionally used shades of blue and light violet range related to the cold type or neutral tones of white and light gray, which do not affect the sensations of heat.

    The achromatic palette includes shades:


    Gentle pink bath

    2 Lilac.

    Lilac shades for comfort


    Greenish shades in harmony with white

    They do not contribute to any unambiguous sensations, but awaken purely individual perception of the scale.

    Modern solutions include tile with imitation of the texture of metal, wood, stone, paper.

    Imitation of wood in the decoration of walls

    You can not combine only warm and cold tones. They must be diluted with neutral shades.

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    What to replace the banal white: TOP-8 trend colors in 2019

    Dilute white tile with bright accents

    An erroneous decision would be to veneer a small bathroom with white tiles only. Excess white will make the interior boring, similar to a medical facility. In addition, it is thus impossible to achieve the effect of expanding space. White color will only increase the illumination of space. But it looks great in combination with other bright surfaces:

    1 terracotta;

    The effect of expanding space with a shade of terracotta

    2 pearl gray;

    Light solution for a small bathroom

    3 light blue or blue;

    Blue color in the design of the bathroom

    4 muffled green or light green;

    Muffled green in the bathroom interior

    5 light yellow or pale lemon;

    Yellow shades even in the bathroom decor

    6 peaches;

    Peach colors in classic bathroom

    7 clavs; 8 sands.

    Neutral sand for comfort and relaxation

    Tiles of muted dark blue shades or marsals will give the design depth, but will not have a negative impact on the geometric perception of the room.

    The inclusion of not only monophonic elements, but also with a pattern will help to revitalize the interior. Chaotically arranged vertical stripes, borders add to the atmosphere of creativity.

    Dark blue shades give the design depth

    To avoid pretentious variegation, it is undesirable to use more than three colors.

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    Optimal combinations

    If you wish to decorate a small bathroom with two-color tiles, you must choose elements that do not contrast, but complement each other. The main thing - the predominance of light shades. Winning combinations:

    • blue with blue;
    • pink with pale purple;
    • beige with ivory.

    Pink with soft purple - as one of the options in the interior

    For the combination of bright and unusual shades on a light background, these options are combinations:

    • blue with yellow;
    • muted orange and dark lilac.

    Muted orange and purple in the bathroom interior

    A small pattern on the elements of a contrasting shade will give the design refinement and elegance.

    Miniature bathrooms are best decorated with two shades of the same color. Shade to visually increase the size and geometry of space. Short walls - tiles are lighter, long walls - tiles one tone darker. Return to the menu ↑

    Hue emphasizes style

    Any style is suitable for a small bathroom. You can emphasize shades:

    • light yellow, sandy and green - classic;
    • peach, brown, interspersed with red - Japanese and oriental styles;
    • blue, blue and white - Mediterranean motifs;
    • brown and white - provincial country;
    • bright contrasts - avant-garde.

    Blue with white - Mediterranean style

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    Top 10 successful solutions for a small bathroom

    The blue walls are perfectly complemented by marble tiles on the floor.

    Marble floor

    2Glass mosaic on the walls and small ceramics on the floor.

    Glass mosaic on bathroom walls

    3Floor and lower level of the walls of the same color will form the effect of bottomlessness.

    The floor and walls of the same color

    4The mirror surface from wall to wall masks the dimensions of the space.

    Mirror surface in the bathroom

    5Mint-green shade of the walls in combination with white sanitary engineering gives the atmosphere a freshness effect.

    Mint hue tiles

    6Paint black parts of the ceiling and walls in black creates the illusion of infinity space.

    Black and white bathroom

    7Using two light-colored background tiles with a mosaic of a similar gamut combines a small area, neutralizing clutter.

    Bright bathroom with mosaic

    8The mirror in the frame opposite the glass door of the shower "dissolves" the walls.

    Glass shower in tandem with mirror

    9 Walls lined with white ceramics look very natural in combination with imitation of wood on the floor.

    Imitation of wood in the bathroom

    10 Two red opposite walls give the space of the miniature room imaginary depth.

    Two red walls in the bathroom

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    Relief and ornament - creative and stylish

    Decorative accents enliven the design, creating a sense of completeness of the image. In a small bathroom they cope with this task:

    • tile imitating fabric;
    • vertical and horizontal elements with a pattern;
    • friezes or borders.

    Patterned borders in your bathroom

    The number of tracks is minimal. They should complement the decor, but not to stand out from a single concept. Brilliant particles of gold and silver increase the attractiveness.

    The use of elements with a convex relief, especially models with a 3D effect, creates the ultimate effect of expansion, but only when decorating small sections of the wall. The relief tile on the entire surface will cause the opposite reaction.

    3D relief effect

    Pictures or ornaments on the tiled floor give the situation individuality, but a small bathroom will look smaller if you decorate it with large colorful panels. In such a room is actually a dim image of the tiles, the same size as the main cladding. It is preferable to place not pictures on the wall, but small patterns on each segment of the material.

    Ornament for individual design

    Looks stylishly on the surface of light tile at the top with tiles a tone darker at the bottom, divided horizontally with a decorative pattern. And at any level. The room seems wider and more spacious.

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    Mosaic - room for decoration

    In multi-color solutions, it is preferable to use a mosaic. Better monochrome or neutral gamma. For its production uses ceramics with a porous structure, glass, smalt, less often - metal. And for flooring - granite, marble, sometimes jasper.

    Mosaic elements for multicolor solutions

    Miniature size is an advantage of this material for cladding. It allows to lay mosaic in hard-to-reach places, for example, of rounded shape. This is a definite plus for decorating a small bathroom, where a lot of fancy bends.

    The advantage of the mosaic in its small size

    Dignity - many forms. The multi-angle format expands the possibilities of creativity, goes well with tile.

    Mosaic in the form of accents gives the atmosphere sophistication and originality. Many mosaic ornaments created in past centuries have been preserved to this day, which testifies to the durability of such facing.

    Mosaic in accent

    Sold ready-made mosaic blocks with different ornaments. This saves installation time. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu

    Recommendations for selection

    For decorating a small bathroom, the choice of tile is not a simple question. Before buying, you should listen to the recommendations of experienced designers:

    1 For the most part of the room to get a light tile, so that the decor contributes to the visual expansion of the space. Tiles of dark colors should be laid at the bottom of the walls or on the floor.

    Bright tile to expand the visual space

    2 The glossy surface of the elements has a mirror property, so it adds room lightness and lightness. But on the shiny dark surfaces there are traces of water.

    Carefully select the surface of dark tones.

    Choose quality materials

    3Thematic collections facilitate decision making.

    Browse thematic collections

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    TOP 3 secrets of the styling system

    1For the walls of small bathrooms, a method of direct laying of square tiles without displacement in the rows is appropriate.

    Diagonal layout on the floor

    3Position on the walls of rectangular elements vertically "pulls" the height. Horizontal layout - expands the surface, but reduces the ceiling level.

    Vertical tile laying stretches the ceiling height

    The result gives the furniture the same color tone with the surface of the walls.

    Options for planning a small bathroom

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