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To decorate your corner bedroom ergonomically, you will need patience, faith in victory and our advice. The corners are those lonely spaces in our homes that make us feel depressed due to their uselessness. The layout of the bedroom with all sorts of "niches" and corners is a big mystery for homeowners and really, what are they for? After all, it can be so difficult to fill or decorate them according to the theme of the room. In order not to put up with the existing state of affairs and not leave things as they are, change the attractiveness of your corner bedroom by adding a small decoration or applying an innovative idea to these corners. So let me tell you a little about how to apply smart ways to decorating corners. Everything is more detailed later in the article.

The content of the article:

  • Ergonomics Corner Bedrooms
  • Painting and color
  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Accessories
  • 9 tips for organizing furniture in the corner bedroom
  • Creating zones
  • Imitation of symmetry
  • Equivalent Asymmetry
  • Define and snap space
  • Move furniture away from walls
  • Focus point
  • Let the function dictate the decor
  • Maintain consistency in decor
  • Harmonious design elements
  • Corner wardrobes
  • Wardrobe
  • 3 wardrobe ideas for the corner bedroom
  • L-shaped
  • Linear same color with walls
  • Corner mirror around the perimeter
  • 12 smart ways to place space
  • Corner bed
  • Double comfort
  • Hot corner with fireplace
  • Favorite reading corner
  • Give place to special moments.
  • Ergonomic work area for workaholics
  • Universal bookshelves
  • Relaxation in style
  • Lucky bedside table
  • Add greens
  • Photos of the outside world
  • Use and nourish your imagination
  • Conclusion
  • findings
  • VIDEO: Incredibly beautiful bedrooms
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 110 photos)
  • Ergonomics Corner Bedrooms
  • 9 tips for organizing furniture in the corner bedroom
  • Corner wardrobes
  • Wardrobe
  • 3 wardrobe ideas for the corner bedroom
  • 12 smart ways to place space
  • Conclusion
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 110 photos)
  • Ergonomics Corner Bedrooms

    In order to successfully distribute the interior in a small corner bedroom, it is necessary to consider every detail. The color of the walls that you choose and how you use this color plays an important role in creating a relaxing and attractive space.. Several other components, such as furniture, accessories and lighting, help to make a small uncomfortable bedroom spacious and comfortable.

    Using every little corner of free space

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    Painting and color

    The colors you choose for your bedroom, and how you use them determine whether the room will seem spacious or cramped.

    BoardIf you want to use a rich color on the walls, paint all the walls except the ledges and except the perimeter line.

    Light but intense color in the bedroom

    The light color covering the walls and ceiling makes the room more spacious and bright. It also gives the illusion of visual height. Never use in a corner room with a non-standard layout of a dark color in combination with a light in places of the corners and ceiling. This will emphasize the unevenness of the layout and make it visually smaller.

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    The size and arrangement of furniture in the bedroom most influences how closely or spaciously you feel in it. The fewer pieces of furniture you have in your bedroom, the more the room will open. Smaller items that will be used for several purposes guarantee maximum return.

    Walls with a ledge or areas with a sloping ceiling are often left empty, but you can fill them with furniture that you sit or lie on, freeing up space in the rest of the room for higher elements.

    The space in front of the window should not be wasted either. A small table, chair or bench located under the window creates a cozy reading area.

    Built-in closet bookcases or wall shelves allow you to use vertical space, but resist the desire to arrange all the walls with something useful. Otherwise, you again emphasize the corners, as well as the small size of the room.

    Room with a sloping ceiling

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    The corner room appears darker, so carefully select the lighting.

    BoardAvoid heavy fabrics to cover windows, because natural light is most suitable here. Choose light or transparent window coverings that provide natural light.

    Recessed or wall lighting eliminates the need for lamps that can occupy valuable space. Mirrors, located next to the windows or in front of them, also reflect the light and help brighten the space.

    Rich bright room lighting

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    Having a bedroom full of accessories emphasizes the small size of the room, so instead of choosing a lot of small objects, use a few larger ones. For example, instead of hanging a collage with pictures on the wall, hang one large piece of art.

    Round carpets and tables visually round the room so as not to focus on the corners. Use accessories to bring color to the space. Bold colors in bedding, curtains, art and other elements add texture and expressiveness to the overall design of your bedroom, taking your eyes off the corner walls.

    Emphasis on curtains and carpet

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    9 tips for organizing furniture in the corner bedroom

    Any room that is not a square or a rectangle does not give you symmetry to balance the environment, and this can be a serious problem even for professional interior decorators. The good news is that you can create beautiful interiors, even in unusual rooms.

    You can apply these general guidelines to decorate your bedroom with an unusual shape.

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    Creating zones

    Install all the functions that will be performed in the room. For the master bedroom, for example, it will be:

    • rest zone;
    • dressing room;
    • area for watching TV or reading.

    Then divide the space based on these needs. If the shape of the room is inconvenient, you may have to admit that not all functions can work in any part of the room, for example, you cannot watch TV from the bed.

    Separation of the bedroom into separate zones

    If the room is large enough for a separate rest and working space, arrange the furniture accordingly. You can place your computer desk and bookshelves in one part of the room, and the TV in the other. Corner spaces can be disguised by placing round furniture to remove the focus from the extra corners. Consider placing easels, flower vases, or a chair in the corner as an accent decor.

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    Imitation of symmetry

    Do you have an awkward window that does not allow you to do anything with the space? By placing curtains along the entire length of the wall, from floor to ceiling, you can create the appearance of symmetrical windows and balance the space.

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    Equivalent Asymmetry

    In the case when the fake symmetry is not possible, use the reality that is in your room to beat it, adding some pieces of furniture near the uncomfortable window, creating a balance with the help of a table and a lamp of another style on the other side of the problem area.

    Space around the window

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    Define and snap space

    For the decoration of the space, actively use rugs that will delimit the area - even if they are superimposed on the main carpet. It helps to link and define space, as well as create zones.

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    Move furniture away from walls

    For some reason, people want to align all the furniture around the perimeter of their room, but no designer will advise you on this method. On the contrary, for them it is like a bad form.

    BoardThe best way to deal with the wrong walls is to move the furniture away from them and use their parts to create partitions and zones.

    Use chairs to set the corner area as a separate area with a cozy niche for relaxation.

    Free space around the bed

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    Focus point

    A great idea to organize furniture and accessories around the basic concept of a room. For example, let the bed in your bedroom dominate the decor. If the bedroom is combined with the living room, it can be a TV or sofa. Then decorate the rest of the space around the point of focus. In doing so, you concentrate on the basic life aspects, which gives you the necessary orientation to accommodate the remaining furniture and accessories.

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    Let the function dictate the decor

    Use freestanding bookshelves and other tall furniture to act as efficient room dividers. Sharing a room with an irregular shape is a great way to organize the flow of movement in a room.

    For example, four-sided book stands can be accessed from all sides. This automatically reduces the possibilities for sofas and armchairs against the walls. In addition to creating balance in an asymmetrical room, you can move free-standing furniture at will and not be held back by the wall. It is also a good idea to place the carpet in the center of the floor in order to draw attention to the middle of the room, and not to the corners.

    Floor lamp as decor

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    Maintain consistency in decor

    Repetitive design elements in the interior of the interior make the room more balanced. It is important to have fitted window coverings. Furniture must be selected and wall decoration must also be coordinated. This means that you cannot have a wall with thematic decor in conflict with the general design elements of a room, unless you want this wall to be a focal point in the room.

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    Harmonious design elements

    Choosing the right colors compensates for the wrong room shape.

    Bright colors should be avoided because they will emphasize the shape of the room.

    The correct color can blend the walls, keeping them in the background. If your walls are tilted, paint the slopes with bright white, which visually opens the room. And use additional colors for the rest of the design elements. Remember the sequence we talked about above.

    Bright white room

    It is interesting to note that a room with an unusual shape can become a highlight in the house, if it is decorated with the mind. You can translate the strangeness of a room in your favor by interpreting it as a new design pattern, looking at the shape of the room as an advantage, and not as an unattractive and inevitable element for correction.

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    Corner wardrobes

    Furnishing a corner bedroom with a built-in wardrobe is the best solution if space permits. This stylistic solution is suitable for the master bedroom, which combines proper rest and is functionally optimized.

    The location of the cabinet in an uncomfortable corner can become a roomy place to store things and effectively use the forgotten area of ​​the room. It would seem that it is simpler to place the cabinet in a prepared niche, but it is still necessary that the task be solved in accordance with all the needs and that the finished product blends in with the space look like the natural part of the room.

    The transformation of the dead-end part of the bedroom into a functional area is accompanied by appropriate materials and finishing effects. One of the most intelligent solutions is a rack suitable for storing shoes: the shelves can be closed with doors or open if you need to store something else besides shoes. Use sliding doors to one side for easier access to remote areas of the cabinet.

    Corner wardrobe with niche

    BoardFor a stylish wardrobe, make a corner or flat insulated columnar cabinet that looks compact, while still keeping everything you like.

    Such models are found in all furniture stores that sell sectional furniture. This solution is also designed for the corners between windows or doors, so that you can use every meter of your room without shading the light or breaking symmetry of the structure.

    Sliding doors are a solution for those who want to keep their designs clean and save even more space as they do not take up space when they open. You can install sliding doors on the corner cabinets and create a neat storage unit when both doors meet in the corner.

    There are many possibilities to choose the finishing effects on the doors:

    • opaque;
    • mirror;
    • tree;
    • colored glass.

    To maximize space, choose a floor-to-ceiling solution and add sections according to the size of the room.

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    If you are struggling with lack of space and always feel a mess, make a separate area with a boudoir, organizing the structure of the cabinet, which can occupy the entire niche in the corner, trying to use as much space as possible. Regardless of whether you want to organize your closet or add more space to a cramped area, there are many options.

    Fitted closet suitable for extra space to hang clothes. Or make a popular now lighter, smaller version of a traditional wardrobe design that fits in a limited space. Then make the finish of light wood to match the bedroom set.

    Fitted walk-in closet in asymmetric bedroom

    Or build a wardrobe with the letter P, to occupy the entire area with extra corners. Then determine how much space you need and which sections to install. This is a very convenient form that can be beaten with mirrors on the doors and nearby walls to create a 360-degree zone for comfortable dressing.

    As for the cabinet doors, they may not be at all, this style is called "Boutique" and is very popular as well. Or choose such convenient constructions as double, hinged or single doors. The latter method is less convenient, but more durable.

    Popular style "Boutique"

    Do not forget about the shelves, as a way to get rid of the confusion in the room without spending a lot of money. Wardrobe-wardrobe comes in different sizes and styles, which are selected individually according to your space and needs. They can be used to store folded clothes, shoes and other items that clutter up the house.

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    3 wardrobe ideas for the corner bedroom

    Some lucky people have enough space for massive built-in wardrobes, while most only have space to install a small corner in the bedroom. It's time to make the most of the space that you have. Look at these ideas for cabinets that ergonomically fit into the bedroom with an irregular shape.

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    To use the dead space, try to make a wardrobe in the shape of an English L with your square meter. Build a hidden wardrobe right in the recess and add folding doors to free the bedroom from clutter and overcrowding. This closet will be designed to accommodate the most specific types of clothing and accessories.

    Wardrobe to accommodate all types of clothing

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    Linear same color with walls

    The unique quality of this wardrobe is that it uses a combination of the same color scheme with the walls, which visually expands the room and “hides” excessive angularity. Using a combination of natural wood and color panels for additional visual expansion is a favorite trick of designers lately. Build it right up to the ceiling to create a holistic look and accommodate many vaults.

    Linear cabinet to the ceiling

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    Corner mirror around the perimeter

    Install large mirror panels to reflect light throughout the room.. So you will minimize the impact of a large storage installation, and sliding doors will complement a good design. This cabinet can be installed even in the most conspicuous place - for example, behind the bed, since its capacity will be hidden and the space will not be weighted.

    Wardrobe with mirror

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    12 smart ways to place space

    The corners of the bedroom have great potential that awaits its discovery. With the right decor and a little creativity, you can easily emphasize your bedroom in the corners. Use these ideas to excite your imagination and find the basis for your own projects.

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    Corner bed

    The bed is the main focus of your bedroom, and it should remain the center of attention, regardless of its position. After all, even if it has the main role in the scenario, this does not mean that it should always be in the center symmetrically.

    Corner beds have been used quite often before, and today they are slowly becoming popular again. They are used mainly because they save space and use the angle, which usually remains barren and collects dust.

    New trends in bed design

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    Double comfort

    Look in a new way at what a corner bed can become - if you do not need a double size, place the two beds at the headboard angle to each other to create a feeling of greater reliability. The biggest advantage, however, lies in children's bedrooms, where bunk beds are very efficient in space, which allows you to organize the rest of the room as a playground for little loved ones.

    Unusual solution for the whole family

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    Hot corner with fireplace

    If you do not want to rebuild the entire room and move the bed to a corner, there are other ways to improve the corners. Leave the bed in the middle, because it looks so elegant and special there, becoming the heart of the room. Instead, think that the corner will be a good place for a fireplace: a modern model with a glass facade or even a classic stone fireplace. Consider using a stand-alone fireplace that will save you from the noise caused by tedious repairs..

    Fireplace in the bedroom interior

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    Favorite reading corner

    The actual way to decorate a bedroom: reading corner. It will relax and plunge into solitude before proceeding with your favorite book. Whether it is a plush ottoman and an interesting ottoman with a table and a desk lamp, or the most expensive Patchwork chair, a small space with a book will provide you with an extraordinary experience of intellectual pleasure.

    Corner for reading in the corner bedroom

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    Give place to special moments.

    This applies mainly to young couples and parents, who, as a rule, spend their morning in the quiet refuge of the intimate bedroom. Replacing the reading nook with a simple coffee table and two chairs, or even a plush couch by the window, would make the atmosphere very suitable.

    On a noteA small breakfast, morning coffee or just reading the first newspaper at an early hour quietly in the bedroom will help you enjoy the little joys of life.

    Cozy corner for reading on the windowsill

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    Ergonomic work area for workaholics

    We are all happy, because we are all different. If you are more a workaholic than a romantic, consider more pragmatic solutions. You know how much time was spent in front of your laptop or desktop computer at home, and you think that the workplace should be in the corners of the house.

    Basically, all you need is a desk that can be installed on a wall and a chair. You can choose a tabletop that can fold and a folding chair to increase the space.

    In addition, try using vertical space for books, magazines, CDs, so as not to strain your memory correctly, use vertical space.

    The interior of the cabinet in the bedroom

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    Universal bookshelves

    If the reading corner seemed like a good idea to you, then you would like the idea of ​​a corner bookshelf no less. Obviously, the shelf also complements aesthetics with a variety of rooms that can be changed every season to match the direction of interior design.

    Themed Corner Bookshelf

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    Relaxation in style

    A cozy couch or a beautifully decorated chair is another look at rest, it works particularly well with a spectacular corner window, which gives life-giving power to a favorite corner. An unusual combination will give the bedroom a fabulous atmosphere, especially in winter, along with a favorite drink, a loved one and the first snow. The corner window can improve internal air circulation due to natural ventilation.

    Relaxation with a corner chair

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    Lucky bedside table

    If your bed is very close to the corner, and there is a bedside table in a small space, then think about a special, perhaps unique bedside table to create the perfect picture. Adding two bedside tables on each side will make it possible to give the room a geometrically correct composition and visual balance. Simple, timeless and practical, the bedside table is always worth the attention.

    Visual balance with bedside table

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    Add greens

    Bedroom interior design is much more than decor and accessories, you can buy anything you want, but you will not feel at home. You may need something special, maybe it will be a plant, a small bar of greenery to search for your essence.

    In the bedrooms can look good plants in a tropical style, which today is so popular that they spread at the speed of a forest fire.

    Nature brought in is one of the main ways to achieve a cheerful design for your bedroom.

    Indoor plants in the corner interior

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    Photos of the outside world

    Bedrooms overlooking idyllic mountains or foaming waves on the beach. Create your own small oasis with full-size photo wallpapers in the corner and think over competent lighting in order to correctly convey the naturalism of 3-D graphics.

    And if you can afford to open the space with the help of glass walls, then you will create a very important combination of the external and internal world. We can not imagine a modern mansion without a view of nature, so create this natural luxury for yourself.

    Enchanting natural solitude

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    Use and nourish your imagination

    This is the most important advice: read more, imagine and feed your imagination with unusual ideas. They will serve you as an experienced experience, and when you want to make repairs, let you imagine the place to your liking and give you more choices.

    You do not need to recreate the interior design from the image to get what you want: a simple bath in the corner or a picture that is illuminated in a unique way, improves your perspective, a simple vase or chair that you have seen somewhere - all this can completely transform your space. Be creative and feel free to change your decor whenever you feel the need.

    Elements of an unusual decor of the room

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    We are doing everything possible to ensure that every single centimeter is well used in our homes. To do this, you need to approach the issue of planning, clever organization and use of space through proper cleaning of useless objects. There are certain tricks that help to unload the room and now you know about them. Do not regret in the bedroom space for your favorite activities and remove from there all that does not apply to this room:

    • Since the bedroom is your private corner, comfort zone, make it the place where you can afford to decorate empty corners, not caring if they will attract others or not.
    • Add shelves for books if you like reading.
    • Inserting a bed in the corner is a great way to use the barren corner of your bedroom.
    • You can also create a cozy corner for reading in the corner, decorated with a floor lamp and ottoman or a comfortable chair.
    • Using a chair with a high back or a chic patchwork will add comfort to the room, thanks to their appearance.

    Patchwork cover for decor

    When your bedroom plays the role of a living room at the same time, it is sometimes better to leave uncomfortable spaces as they are. However, with certain types of themes, you can use this empty corner to give style and comfort to the whole room. For the entertainment of guests a good idea would be to put a corner or sectional sofa to create a stylish place to talk.

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    If you already have a sofa and still have a corner, you can afford to create an extended seating area by adding headsets in an interesting style or a more complex setting. The fireplace, of course, is one of the most intelligent and creative corners that adorn these niches.

    Floor lamps and oversized lamps are also great for decorating insulated corners with lighting. Workplaces and play corners are also a way to fill uncomfortable places using special furniture. Watch the video to get even more ideas.

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    VIDEO: Incredibly beautiful bedrooms