How to hang a TV on the wall? 150+ Photo Interior Designs


When it's time to install the TV on the wall, you will need these photos and tips.


Console installations free space and make rooms more airy and light.

TV is no longer the main technology for home, but it is still popular, and therefore we will try to make its place in the decor expressive. The emergence of flat screens led to the proliferation of console installations, which freed up space and made the rooms more airy and light.

Wall mounted TV in the bedroom - for watching movies before bed

Materials for walls under TV

Interesting materials generate a new look at the design. Sometimes materials can look completely different, depending on how they are used. Designers talk about the relevance of wooden slats, as it is a popular design element that is suitable for different styles.

Wood panels are a popular design element, suitable for different styles.

Marble, concrete, leather and rare stone, or their imitation, are used for interesting TV wall structures. Choose a contrast strip under the TV, in the middle of a white wall, so that the result looks win-win. The wall should have an unusual structure, so try to look at it in a new way.

Space for TB should have an unusual structure.

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Several ways to integrate wall-mounted TV with shelves

Installing in a room is not an easy decision, because the whole design of furniture depends on its location. Wall-mounted TVs look good with open shelves that make contrasts less obvious.

Goes well with open shelves.

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Space saving

You can save space in a small room with open shelves. Install on a wall at a convenient height and select shelves that are the same color as the wall. Thus, the room will look spacious.

The choice of shelves in the tone of the wall will make a small room more spacious

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The asymmetrical arrangement of the shelves looks fresh and always implies a bold author's approach, therefore, experiment not only with furniture, but also with its color, since asymmetry is achieved by a visual play of color.

Arrangement of shelves asymmetrically looks bold and new

Use several shelves together to cover the entire wall and shorter on the sides. Bottom cabinets provide closed storage for carriers and extra cords.

Placing the screen outside the center can be more convenient than a TV located in the central part of the structure and should be oriented towards the location of the seats.

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Textured wall

Create a unique zone, highlighting the wall in the room textured surface. It can be in the form of a brickwork. If you don't want her to stand out too much, make her the same color as the other walls. In addition, add some accent lighting to make the design more interesting and highlight the texture of the wall.

The wall with textured surface creates a unique style.

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Wide shelves

I like the idea of ​​an extra wide shelf that is close in size with a display to complement. This is an interesting alternative to traditional consoles and its storage compartments are great for different things.

On the wide shelves it is easy to store the necessary things.

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Custom-made furniture

This is your best bet, as you can personalize the zone according to your exact needs and preferences. In such a living room will be a very interesting wall unit with a designated area for a wall-mounted TV and a beautiful area under the display.

Having made furniture to order you can not limit yourself to fantasy

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Frame with a combination of furniture and wall art. Hang photos of different sizes and at different heights and do not try to be symmetrical. This is a great solution for a modern living room.

Frame your TV with shelves and pictures.

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Minimalist decor

If you prefer a minimalist decor, choose hanging furniture without legs, which will "float" under the TV, organically complementing the visual effect with the display area. Make a vertical open cabinet at the side and complete it with wide horizontal furniture. Being between two perpendicular figures, the TV will fit perfectly into the composition.

Choose furniture without legs to make the space easy

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Consistency is important in any interior design. If you have wooden furniture, an interesting concept would be the use of wooden wall partitions with built-in shelves to unify the decor in the room. It is also a good idea for the background.

The original design of the wall of wood under the TV

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Color accent

To use a bright color accent in the room, one panel will be enough. Place it behind, and this will give additional contrast to the shelves under it. An acceptable way to make a simple design.

Bright panel to create a color accent in the room

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Rear panel

The back panel can look completely different and easy to complement the interior, to be a convenient way to hide the wires. Check it in with your sofa or other furniture. Consider a neutral color, for example white, for adjacent accessories. The wall panel can also create the effect of "immersion" of the TV, framing it with a niche.

The back panel has practical features and complements the interior.

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Geometric design

Geometric figures as a solution for the wall panel will look like an internal architectural art, but it is not so difficult to make it. The round white panel fits in contrast with the black rectangle of the plasma. An elegant wall hanging cabinet in matching colors completes the image. Use the figures to your liking: instead of a circle, you can choose a cell in the form of a honeycomb, a triangle or a parallelepiped - the lines in the room do not always have to be square.

Pick the pieces to your liking

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Design Ideas

The wall under the TV can also be used to store everyday things, in which case a small entertainment unit will be a great solution.

Functional cabinets with niche for TV

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Built-in storage

Built-in storage is a popular element of modern housing. You can easily add a TV to the storage wall, which is important for small spaces. This option solves two problems at once: you create a convenient place for the most valuable things, and you can place your TV with shelves that are the right size.

You can save space by placing a TV in the closet

The ideal solution could be the option of shelves hidden behind doors that have the same color as the wall. At the same time, the screen area can remain open, due to the correct shape of the doors, and close only the storage itself. This solution looks like a decorative panel, but with its advantages for storage.

Rack under the TV, made to his size

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Functional shelving units

Functional storage wall can look like open shelves or closet cabinets. It may also be possible to hide the TV when it is not in use, behind the door. Such blocks are distinguished by the fact that they can be of different shapes. The most convenient is the corner model with a separate niche for TV of the required size. Such blocks are good because they can contain enough compartments to accommodate speakers, DVDs, game consoles and other things.

These niches are convenient because they have enough compartments to accommodate speakers, DVDs, game consoles.


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Niche for wall TV

The niche will be the best design solution and is suitable for modern living rooms that do not require additional storage. This is a great way to preserve the concept of smooth walls and floors that your eyes do not stumble upon.

TV in the niche looks perfect in modern interiors

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Wall mount

Inserting straight into the wall is a great idea for the interior to be without cable. The effect is achieved with the help of wall panels. Three types of wall mounts are available:

Wall Panel Hides Wires

  • flat mount gives you the lowest profile with the least flexibility;
  • inclined mount allows you to change the angle of inclination in the direction of up or down;
  • The hinge mount provides maximum flexibility in both horizontal and vertical movement.

The mounts contain two parts: the first part is attached to the back, with screws that come with a mounting bracket. The second part is attached to the wall. Using wall mounting, the TV ceases to need a rather cumbersome media console, which further frees up space, making it spacious.

Mounts help adjust screen tilt

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How to choose a modern TV console

A popular wall solution is to choose a console, which is both a shelf and a part of the wall for the TV in which it is mounted. The benefit of this solution is that the console can be installed both near the wall and in the middle of the room, delimiting the space and creating a separator effect.

Shelf-console must match your taste and style.

Whether it’s a living room, a bedroom, or any living space, a modern TV console must match your style and balance.

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The size

The size of the console is directly related to the size of the TV. While the surface area should be large enough to fit the base, a balanced view can be achieved by choosing a modern entertainment center wider than the screen. TV stand should also support weight. You must accurately measure the space to make sure that the rack will fit properly.

The size of the console is directly related to the size of the TV.

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Any height you choose for a TV is related to your individual style and preferences.

But here's my hint, which you need to take into account when choosing a console: it should be such that the bottom half of your screen is located at eye level when you sit. This placement will make the screen not too high or low.

TV should be placed so that the lower part was at eye level in a sitting position

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Before buying, think about what kind of cabinets, shelving and chest of drawers you need in order to arrange all the items for the media space, since besides the usual consoles there are also multimedia models providing for the installation of additional storage space for multimedia. There are modern media centers that contain large drawers and compartments for storing accessories, as well as block designs with unique style options that provide additional space for storing books, photos and accessories.

Think in advance how many accessories you need to store.

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Wood Design Ideas

In modern homes, wood is particularly welcome, as it tends to soften cold and sterile aesthetics. The tree looks beautiful in almost any version. This can be a panel with a TV or a corner wardrobe. The storage area near the TV can also be designed for DVDs, video games and equipment. A good combination will be the combination of solid wood with a chrome frame and LED lighting above and below.

The tree looks practical and beautiful in any interior.

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Dividing walls

Separators are not just a zone trick. They do decorate small rooms and can also place a TV, allowing it to separate rooms on both sides of the wall.

The wooden panel for the TV divides the room into different zones

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For a creative TV wall

Creative walls attract the eye and create the main focus in the room. But since TV already serves as an accent for the wall, why not use it for a more impressive effect: wall designs are not limited to contrasting colors. It can be a wood pattern, a marble effect or even a drywall.

Panel with wallpaper - a bright accent in the interior

Balance space:

  • No need to install storage around. Narrow shelving will be enough to store the little things. In addition, they will give the wall a dynamic look;
  • illuminated shelves may not work on a small TV wall, but they look amazing in a spacious design;
  • Some of the designers put a picture on the screen to hide it when it is not needed or not used.

Creative reception - the wall on which the monitor is located, is lined with brick

Thus, a wall design for a TV can have several functions and purposes. You can not choose a special design, placing your chic plasma as the only decoration, or make the place for TV the most functional in the house.