Beautiful design of the hall and tables for the wedding. (210+ Photos). Ideas with fabric, flowers, letters


Each couple wants their day to become unique and original, the original design for the wedding will be a great way to stand out. Learn about all the ways and choose the one that suits you. Everything is more detailed later in the article.


  • Important design strategies
  • Fully styled wedding
  • Partial styling
  • Mint Wedding
  • Classic style
  • Fashionable wedding trends
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  • Important design strategies

    The marriage ceremony is an exciting, crucial moment, when I especially want this day to be unforgettable not only for the heroes of the occasion, but also for invited guests. It will help to make the holiday original, not like other, unusual wedding decoration, full styling, accents, placed with the help of details.

    Everything is only the most beautiful and the best

    What it will be depends on the preferences of the young. There are three main methods of decorating, full styling is used quite rarely, as it requires a lot of effort, but the result will exceed all expectations.

    Walking lettering

    A more common decoration strategy is partial styling, everything is played up by means of spaced accents, it can be the color used to decorate the main elements of the hall and are present in the groom’s costumes with the bride and guests as an accessory.

    With partial styling you can also achieve a good result.

    To beat as a symbol of the wedding, you can decorate any item, from flowers to pumpkins, the main thing is to use them correctly. For adherents of tradition and there is a classic design style. This style is quite universal, it is suitable for any venue of the celebration. But in this decoration, you can add your own zest.

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    Fully styled wedding

    Choosing this method of wedding decoration, you need to be prepared for the fact that it will require a lot of costs, financial and physical, it is almost impossible to prepare yourself here, it will take a lot of time and nerves, which are already at the limit. It is better to seek help from a specialist who, as a rule, has his own professional team who know their business.

    The classic version of the design of the holiday

    The couple will only have to ask the theme of the upcoming party. The style of such a wedding can be very different, it can be an event organized on the basis of a favorite movie, the culture of any people or a romantic sea design. You can also choose as a basis for a certain period of time and hold a celebration filled with the spirit of the chosen time.

    The style of the sea is unmatched even here.

    In a word, with the choice of style there will be no problems; each couple can find something for their own liking. This design will be especially effective if not limited to interior design, but to work on the venue, entertainment, images of the main heroes of the occasion, their guests. As an example, you can consider the design of the wedding - a winter fairy tale.

    Winter tale at any time of year

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    Winter's Tale

    A wedding in the winter is always a fabulous event, especially if it is held outside the city, where there are snow drifts, snow-covered coniferous plants, and a cozy atmosphere by the fireplace. All this in itself creates a special holiday atmosphere.

    In the design of the winter wedding is dominated by white and cold shades.

    As a rule, in the winter interior, such decoration elements are used, which themselves are winter symbols and fill the soul with pleasant warmth and comfort. Here is used a tree, fir branches, cones, flower bouquets are complemented by cotton, all kinds of winter berries.

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    Elements of a winter wedding

    Each item used in the interior, sets a special mood of the wedding. Everything must be clearly selected, in harmony with each other. It is also important not to overload the overall decoration with unnecessary trifles.

    Cake can also be issued "in the winter"

    With these items you can create the effect of immersion in winter magic:

    • As already mentioned, the cones, coniferous twigs, it is the winter symbol, without which it is impossible to do to create an atmosphere. These bouquets can be used to decorate the table, as well as wedding cake.
    • Glitter. Such a seemingly insignificant element can perfectly highlight accents. They can shower the newlyweds instead of petals, or beat them invitations for guests.
    • Wood, perhaps the most comfortable material. A massive wooden table and chairs decorated with natural fabrics will perfectly fit into the overall interior, setting the mood and comfort. Wooden cuts will be an excellent addition as all sorts of plates and stands.
    • What is comfort without candles? They are simply irreplaceable, they decorate the table, wedding arch, hung from the ceiling on special candlesticks. And if you decorate candles with pine needles or cinnamon sticks, the air in the hall will be filled with an indescribable aroma.
    • Velvet and knitted elements will add to the wedding not only comfort, but also environmental friendliness. Chairs can be decorated with velvet, wool can be placed, for example, by the fireplace, and knitwear can be presented to guests as souvenirs.
    • Cotton will add lightness, tenderness to triumph, it can be placed as a table decoration, and the entire hall, in bouquets, or simply placing the baskets with inflorescences, can be hung from the ceiling, in any variation, it will look unusual.

    Evening cones can be in a bouquet for a winter wedding

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    Partial styling

    A more popular style in the design of weddings, unlike the first one, is that the design is not completely thought out, and the overall concept sets the color or some kind of image that puts accents both in the interior and in the images of the newlyweds with guests.

    Juicy, fruity wedding

    Most often, the choice of a couple falls on any color, but fruit or sweet weddings are very relevant lately. Thus, a particular fruit, flower, or any other symbol acts as a symbol, and the entire design is repelled from it. Consider in more detail an example of a wedding decoration in mint color.

    In the design dominates juicy green

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    Mint Wedding

    The so-called mint color is suitable for those who want to add to their holiday notes of youth, lightness and freshness, from one name of the color already blows the very freshness and inspiration. The optimal time of year for such a theme is spring or summer.

    Decoration items for mint wedding

    This color bears in itself an association with a new life, with the onset of change, therefore it is the best way to celebrate the marriage. This shade is well combined with light, delicate tones, but if you want to arrange more color shades, you can add gold.

    Mint perfectly with white, beige and cream shades

    To design a wedding in mint tones should be approached in stages.

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    Wedding dresses of the bride and groom

    In the image of the bride, you can use shoes, jewelry for hair or belt of the chosen color. The dress, as a rule, remains traditionally white. But you can add a mischievous note, dressed in a dress of soft mint color.

    In the image of young and witnesses, you can also use elements of mint color.

    In a suit of the groom also details are beaten, mint can be made a tie or a butterfly, cufflinks, socks, a boutonniere. Thus, placing the accents, the pair will look very harmonious.

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    Groom's friends and bridesmaids

    You can offer to dress up girlfriends and friends of the groom shirts of the same color. Or, if the couple does not want to insist on the form of clothing, you can prepare for all the same boutonnieres, which also distinguishes close friends from the crowd.

    Holiday guests can also join the chosen option.

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    Invitations for guests

    This color will make the invitation tender, light, mint will look good with pastel tones. It is possible to beat envelopes in original way by tying them with a ribbon of the appropriate color, or any other auxiliary elements, for example, confetti, decorative clothespins and everything that fantasy tells.

    It is interesting to beat every invitation.

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    The decor of the celebration gives plenty of room for ideas.

    Especially good mint color scheme will look in the warm season, when you especially want a slight coolness. This color in itself will set the desired mood. Mint color looks great with gold and silver.

    We create the right mood for all guests.

    Such elegant colors just guarantee a bright, unforgettable celebration. Ribbons, light flying matter, like tulle can become elements of the decor, they will look especially good outdoors, fluttering in the wind. The table can be decorated with an unusual tablecloth and plates to match.

    The main treat of the table is the wedding cake, you can also decorate it with the tone of the whole wedding, which will be a real pearl of the whole celebration.

    Wedding cake with mint-colored mastic

    Mint color is often complemented by light shades, wanting to add more fresh tenderness, it is worth adding more mint tone to the overall decor of the wedding.

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    Classic style

    Despite the fact that many couples strive to stand out, arranging a stylized wedding, making it so memorable for themselves and friends, there are adherents of the classics, and a considerable number.

    Create a timeless decor

    Not surprisingly, the style may be universal, but not the same in its performance. The classic style is concise, there are no random items, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. But first things first.

    Irreplaceable classical floristics

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    Image of the bride

    Usually fragile, gentle, flying, the girl looks like a porcelain doll, her make-up with a hairstyle is impeccable. You can add elegance with the help of selected lips lipstick, rich color, which will remind you of the passion and sensuality of your beloved. A chic, well-chosen jewelry, emphasize the beauty of the girl.

    Complement the image with makeup and jewelry

    It is better for the groom to dress in a suit of saturated dark tones, decorated with a flower boutonniere, which were used in the creation of the bride's bouquet.

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    Exquisite table setting

    In the design of the table for a classic wedding there are no unnecessary details, here the dishes themselves act as an element of decor. Perfectly suited fine plates with carved patterns, and crystal glasses themselves will decorate any table. Decorate the table only lush floral arrangements and candles. Luxury does not need additional accessories.

    Total should be in moderation

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    Attention, flowers

    The canon, of course, are roses, but you can use any others, the main thing is that everything should look organically and solemnly. It is better to choose bouquets of white or pastel shades; roses, lilies, peonies, as well as other noble buds will look good.

    Flowers do not happen much

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    Invitations for guests and cards for seating should look very elegant. For this fit gentle pastel colors, both warm and cold hues. And the inscriptions are best performed in the form of calligraphy.

    Original seating plan

    Exquisite decor in a classic style, will be memorable and unique not only for a couple in love, but also for guests of the celebration.

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    Fashionable wedding trends

    The main theme - romance surrounded by nature, continues to hold a leading position in the design of weddings. Environmental friendliness touched this topic as well; people want in such a bright, meaningful day for them, unity with nature, to share their joy with the outside world without harming the environment.

    Popular powdery and dusty shades of this year

    The most popular styles of celebration:

    1Boho, or fairy tale forests. The bride here personifies the forest fairy, and the groom, of course, is the prince. Everything should look most natural, tents made of natural materials, decorations in the form of lanterns, field bouquets and music of the wind.

    Boho Forest Tale

    2Rustic. Wedding in the village, there is no excessive chic and pathos. Romantic landscapes against the background of meadows and haystacks, the use of natural materials from cotton and flax. Decorations in the form of a garland of paper lanterns and bouquets of wheat spikelets, all that brings this cozy warm mood.

    Interesting rustic style - nature near us

    3Eco style. Unlike rustic, healthy food is used for food, and decorations are made from living plants only.

    Eco style - real flowers even more

    4Retro style For many years, does not lose its relevance, all thanks to the variety of options. This can be attributed, and themed wedding in the style of films of the past.

    Retro style for fans of all unusual

    A wedding is a day for two, and all the guests are just spectators invited to admire a beautiful love story.

    This is a day for two, and it should pass brightly and effectively.

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