What can be made from plastic bottles with their own hands (+185 Photo). TOP 12 step by step instructions


There are at least 12 interesting ideas that will tell you what to make from plastic bottles. Practically every person uses plastic containers during the day, but not everyone understands that they cannot just be thrown away with the rest of the garbage. Therefore, people began to implement various creative ideas in order to use the accumulated garbage with advantage. Everything is more detailed later in the article.


  • Registration of a bed on the seasonal dacha
  • Bird feeders
  • Plastic Candle Holder
  • Insect trap
  • Plastic greenhouse
  • Product for deep watering plants
  • Plastic Washbasin
  • Plastic butterflies for decoration
  • Stand for glass
  • Plastic money box
  • Bracelets for children
  • Arbor from plastic bottles
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The most original ideas for crafts from plastic bottles
  • Registration of a bed on the seasonal dacha

    To implement this idea, you need a lot of plastic bottles, but the result is worth it. The flower bed will be useful not only from aesthetics, but also will help protect plants from flooding. To make such a fence, you must perform the following steps:

    Such a flower bed protects plants from flooding

    1Before starting, it is advisable to think through the idea to the end, that is, to designate the boundaries of the future flower bed. bottom up.4. After the work is done, you can paint the plastic in any color at the discretion of the owner.

    Digging in should be about half up

    Some people are engaged in painting before starting, but this is not very convenient, it is much easier to paint a ready-made flowerbed.

    If you pour sand into the bottle, it will become more stable.

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    Bird feeders

    On trees, you can often find standard feeders with cutouts in a plastic bottle, but they are not very convenient for birds and do not contain enough food. To solve this problem, resourceful people began to use the same plastic, but with wooden spoons. To make such a feeder, you need the following items:

    Troughs with wooden spoons are more convenient.

    • wire;
    • wooden spoons (preferably 2 pieces);
    • plastic container (volume 2 or 1.5 liters);
    • a knife or scissors;
    • birdseed;
    • ruler.

    Measure 8-9 centimeters from the bottom and make a hole

    If you use a 2-liter, you need to take a ruler and measure 8-9 centimeters from the bottom. At this height it is necessary to make a through hole for the spoon, given its diameter.

    Next, you need to make a hole for another similar device, about 7-8 cm above, but on the other hand, so that when viewed from above the spoons form a cross. After they are inserted, it is necessary to make a hole over a slightly larger one so that the grain gently pours into the groove.

    Above, make another hole, so that the spoons are located crosswise

    This feeder is attached to the neck with a wire or rope. In the second case, the material must be reliable, since the feed can be filled up quite a lot.

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    Plastic Candle Holder

    There are several difficult ways to make candlesticks made of plastic, but this time, the easiest of them will be considered. Before you start, you need to prepare the following items:

    Easy way to make a candlestick

    • Hotmelt glue.
    • 2 plastic bottles.
    • Satin ribbon.
    • Sharp scissors.

    Cut one bottle 7 centimeters from the neck and another 2-3 cm

    To make a “leg” and a “cup” for a candle, you need to cut one at 7 centimeters from the neck, and the other at 2-3 cm. Both throats need to be glued together, most will serve as a base, and a smaller one will support the candle. All work takes only 5-10 minutes of free time.

    Decorate the candlestick

    To hide the glued part of the candlestick, you can use a wide ribbon, tying it to the bow. Return to the menu ↑ return to the menu

    Insect trap

    One of the most creative things that can be made from plastic is a trap for mosquitoes and other insects. To do this, it is better to use a dark container, since in this case the pests fall into it much more often.

    Cut the bottle and insert the top into the container so that the neck is about 5 cm from the bottom

    The first thing to do is to cut and insert the upper part into the container so that the neck is about 5 cm from the bottom. As bait it is worth using sugar-yeast syrup. To make it, you need to take shakes, sugar and mix them in hot water.

    After the syrup has cooled, it can be poured. The neck must be at least 1 centimeter above the liquid. This will get rid not only of mosquitoes, but also of wasps, flies or bees.

    As a bait it is worth using sugar and yeast syrup.

    It is necessary to clean the trap at least once a week. To improve the effect, the bait can be hung to a window or ceiling. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu

    Plastic greenhouse

    To make a greenhouse from plastic, you will need certain skills. Usually only men do this. Such a structure will have several advantages, namely:

    Free greenhouse

    • Price. A greenhouse of medium size costs about 20 thousand rubles, the use of plastic will save this money;
    • Durability;
    • Simplicity when carrying out repair work;
    • If required, the greenhouse can be rearranged, as it will be easy;

    Cut the neck and bottom to get a rectangular plastic plate

    First you need to prepare the material. Immediately it is worth considering that you need a lot of bottles. Each of them needs to cut the neck and bottom, so that there are no bends on the container. Further the bottle is cut on all length. To get a plastic rectangular plate, the material can be ironed, but only through thick paper.

    Plastic need to connect using cedar thread or wire

    It is better to fasten plastic with each other using cedar thread or wire, and make holes with an awl. It is not recommended to use a fishing line or thread, as the seams will succumb to rotting and eventually diverge.

    To make the frame for the greenhouse, you can use ordinary wooden slats. His form can also be absolutely anyone, depending on the idea.

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    Product for deep watering plants

    Useful device for deep watering

    Not every plant is well adapted to surface irrigation, so a special device will be needed here. In order not to spend money, you can make it yourself from plastic.

    First, you need to take the scissors and cut off the neck with a small margin so that it looks like a cap. From the convenient side of the plant, it is necessary to make a trench and place stones there, such drainage will not allow water to wash away the soil.

    Cut the neck with a small margin

    The cut off part of the bottle is installed so that the neck was at the bottom, then it is covered with earth. To water the plant, you need to open the installed cover and pour water. If you install the opposite, it is desirable to make holes for drainage.

    To pour the plant, you need to pour water into the bottle.

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    Plastic Washbasin

    Almost all people who go on holidays to the forest already use this device.

    To make a plastic sink, it is advisable to use a 2-liter container. First you need to cut off the bottom so that it can later be used as a cover that protects against insects or leaves. The resulting product can be hung with a lid down in any convenient place, for example, on a tree.

    Option for outdoor recreation

    To use it, it is enough to fill in the water and before washing your hands, slightly open the lid. Some people make the sink more convenient by using hoses on the neck and tap.

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    Plastic butterflies for decoration

    Products are used to decorate areas with flowers. To make plastic butterflies, you need the following:

    Butterflies to decorate the site

    • Multicolored bottles.
    • Candle.
    • Kapron thread.
    • Wire.
    • Beads and beads for jewelry.
    • Reliable glue.
    • Awl and scissors.
    • Paints (acrylic).

    Smooth the edges and give the desired shape of products using fire

    On each it is necessary to remove the bottom and the neck so that the cylinder is obtained. Next, you need to cut it along the entire length. From the resulting plastic sheet, you can begin to cut the wings for butterflies. Next, the candle is set on fire in order to smooth the edges and bring the desired shape to the products using melting.

    Decorate flower beds with plastic bottle butterflies

    A rigid wire with multi-colored beads on it can serve as a butterfly for a butterfly. Acrylic paints and beads are used to decorate the wings. When all the parts are ready, you just need to glue them together.

    Decorate butterflies using acrylic paints and beads.

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    Stand for glass

    To make your own plastic holders, you need to prepare the following items:

    Cup holder with decoupage

    • plastic container with a capacity of 1.5 liters with a flat bottom;
    • simple pencil;
    • glue;
    • iron stand (preferably a tray);
    • brush;
    • napkins.

    Cut the bottom of the bottle 1cm wide.

    First you need to cut off the bottom, its width should not exceed 1 cm. The iron tray is needed in order to heat it and attach the cut side of the bottom to the hot surface. This will smooth out irregularities and round off the edges.

    Cut a napkin with your favorite pattern

    Next, the bottom is fitted to the napkin (preferably with a pattern or picture) and encircled with a pencil at a distance of 5 mm from the edges. Next, the inside of the plastic is smeared with glue to secure the napkin that was cut out earlier, face down. Stand ready!

    Grease the edges with glue

    If there were no napkins with a suitable pattern on hand, you can use any other materials that can be glued to plastic and make the product aesthetic. Return to menu ↑ return to menu ↑

    Plastic money box

    The shape of a plastic bottle is more suitable for making piggy piggy banks. To make it, you will need the following materials:

    Funny piggy bank

    • Acrylic paints (color can be selected to taste).
    • Vinyl glue or PVA.
    • Water.
    • Brush.
    • Bottle capacity of 2 liters.
    • Knife.
    • 5 covers.
    • Marker.
    • Scotch.
    • Colored cardboard.
    • Acrylic paints.
    • White napkins.

    Mix paint with PVA glue and water.

    First, the upper part is cut off, it will serve to create the head of the pig. To make the body, you need to use the central and lower parts of the container. The piggy bank should not be too long, as it will not bear the weight of the coins and will eventually be bent over in the middle.

    To make the paint of the desired color, it must be mixed with water and white glue. If the edges of the body are uneven, they should be leveled with scissors, then insert the body into the front part or vice versa and securely fasten with tape. A sharp knife is used to cut money holes.

    Choose your favorite color for decor

    Now you can begin to apply a solution of paint and glue pre-applying napkins, they will help make the piggy bank more rigid. The paper should be adjusted in several layers, but only after the previous layer froze. Next, you will need to re-cut the hole for the coins.

    Paper in several layers will make the piggy bank more rigid

    To make an attractive face, people use eye buttons and a marker to draw a nose and a mouth. To create legs used previously harvested covers.

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    Bracelets for children

    From the floor of a liter plastic bottles can turn out beautiful multi-colored bracelets for children. To make, you will need the following items:

    Bright multi-colored bracelets for children

    • plastic container 0.5 l;
    • scissors;
    • felt or similar material;
    • any decorations depending on the idea;
    • stationery knife;
    • Double-sided tape;
    • duct tape. The wider it is, the wider the bracelet will be;
    • glue.

    Create your own design

    The first thing you need to do - take the bottle and smoothly glue it with rings with adhesive tape. Most often it turns out about 4 rings. The width of this tape in the future will determine the size of the bracelet.

    Further, these circles are cut with a stationery knife, after which, you can get rid of the tape. Double-sided tape is attached to the resulting product (it is desirable that its width coincides with the width of the adhesive tape). Now you can begin to cut out the felt and attach it to the bracelet, the excess is cut off with scissors.

    Decorate with various materials using adhesive tape.

    To decorate the product, you can use beads, small artificial flowers or other items if the bracelet is made for a boy.

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    Arbor from plastic bottles

    Bottles for this facility requires a lot

    As it is not strange, not only elementary things can be made of plastic containers, but also entire structures, such as gazebos in the country. Before this, it is desirable to allocate a room in which the bottles will be folded for future construction, since they will need a lot.

    Reinforcement mesh will help make the structure more durable

    The most difficult thing in this matter is the preparation of the project, everything must be clearly planned, only after that you can begin to fill the sand in the bottles and prepare the solution. To increase the strength of the structure, it is recommended to make a reinforcing mesh between the rows of masonry.

    Plan your project clearly.

    In order not to spread the arbor, it is advisable to build it in stages, letting the first layers dry well. Basically, in this building the same rules apply as for the brickwork.

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