How to choose a desk with drawers and a shelf (+190 Photo). Practically organize the space


A couple of centuries ago desk with drawers and shelf was a luxury, today such an element of the interior can afford everyone, but how to choose it? Everything is more detailed later in the article.


  • Types of desks
  • What are the corner tables
  • Choosing a material
  • How to choose with additional items
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The most successful and stylish models of corner desks
  • Types of desks

    Previously, people could not afford comfortable and beautiful desks, limited to the classic rectangular design with four legs, but now the market has a sea of ​​options that can offer their owner the ability to conveniently and efficiently go about their business, having organized their working space well.

    Now we will look at what types of writing desks are basically now available in stores, to get acquainted with the models that would best fit into your interior.

    Choose the model that best fits your interior.

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    This is the very rectangular version with four supports. Standardly, traditional-style tables are placed near the wall between cabinets or side tables, but such a model can be located in absolutely any place. These tables have only a few features:

    1Sometimes it is sold equipment with one or two thumbs below on both sides of the table. In this case, the person sits between them and can get any item from the drawers at the level of the feet.

    Desk with two thumbs

    2 Sometimes, at the abdomen level, there is a special wide shelf, where you can put the keyboard or drawing tools, but more often there is another drawer in this place.

    Additional drawer in the table

    Such a table, even when complete with thumbs, easily moves to another place in the room, if necessary.

    Easy to move to the other end of the room.

    4More classical and professional models boast locks on the drawers.

    Preservation of documents from young children

    For the most part, the market sells two types of traditional desks: rich and monumental in classrooms or light and minimalist in offices and children's rooms.

    Multifunctional table for the student

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    This type is considered more convenient, because, occupying approximately the same space, the angular model will combine in itself all the functions necessary for productive work. Most often, corner models are placed in zones, especially those not used in the room. The most significant advantages of this type:

    1 Compactness, because they are quietly built into even the smallest room and can fill up unused space due to the presence of a window or a battery in the corner.

    Perfect for a small room

    2Multi-functionality, because each version has a huge number of drawers, shelves, pedestals, niches for tools and other elements that allow you to arrange all the objects necessary for work and creativity.

    A huge number of shelves and drawers for the corner table

    3 High stability and durability. Versatility in terms of design, because corner models are sold in stores absolutely for any style of a modern apartment.

    Universal design for any style of apartment

    5The ability to organize add-ons with additional shelves and drawers, which will also significantly reduce the space in the room, but will allow you to place the necessary tools near the workplace.

    Personal drawers and shelves

    It should be noted that with all the qualities of the angular view, such tables are not able to be located anywhere except the corner. In addition, they are very heavy, which will not allow to move furniture if necessary, without disassembling it into separate parts.

    It should also be remembered that the superstructure can reduce stability, so it is worth further strengthen the fasteners.

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    Option for office or office in the apartment, which is also suitable for the room of the student and the student. The computer view is not suitable for any interior style, but it is the most versatile in a modern city apartment.

    Main advantages:

    1 Similar models always consist only of the elements most needed for work, without cluttering the room, but allowing you to quietly go about your business by creating a separate working area in the room.

    Separate working area in the room

    2 There is a special sliding shelf for the keyboard, located exactly at the level convenient for typing without a strong load on the hands.

    Computer desk with sliding shelf for keyboard

    3B also comes with a separate niche for the system unit. Basically, a computer desk is necessary for a PC, where the system unit is the main work item, because such niches will be useful to protect the unit from dust, dirt and other debris.

    Corner computer desk with a niche for the system unit

    4 Additions to the computer system are shelves for storing CDs, and although they are practically not used nowadays, it is better to store important installation programs or disks from the family archive in such a protected place.

    Multifunctional computer table with niches for disks

    Manufacturers are trying to offer a huge selection of computer desks for various design solutions to please conservative employees, young girls, a progressive young couple and other potential buyers.

    Convenience is the main condition here, so you can find convenient niches, holes for wires, built-in table lamps and other useful stuff in the design.

    Conveniently, when everything is at hand

    Remember that the computer desk is still written, so the tabletop should allow not only to set up the monitor, but also to equip a convenient and comfortable writing zone. Return to the menu


    Children's writing models are a special moment because they are obliged to provide maximum convenience for a small but growing organism. For children and schoolchildren, it is important to have a working area that does not create strong tension on any parts of the body when working. There are a few things that children's models must have:

    1 The tabletop must be wide enough for the child to be able to place the office he needs without having to go far each time. By the way, children love to leave things unfinished, and, accordingly, tools, so there should be a lot of space.

    Wide table top for children's desk

    2It is better if the table will be supplemented with shelves and niches from above, so that the baby can easily reach the necessary thing, but the presence of drawers from the bottom is also important, because there will be large albums, textbooks and educational materials on sheets.

    Shelves and niches for storing school supplies

    3 It is extremely important that the height be chosen individually for the child, which will obviously be less than in adult models. The best investment would be an adjustable model.

    Adjustable desk for the student

    It is important to remember that children pay special attention to the design of their table, so it is worthwhile to approach more creatively by choosing an unusual model that fits the overall style of the room. The colors should not be too bright so as not to distract the child from work, but a childish style should be present. Obviously, it is worth knowing the preferences of the owner of the room.

    Choose a bright stylistic decision.

    Modern students can not do without a computer. And the matter is not only in the love of games and the Internet, but some of the training tasks are even based on the availability of a convenient search engine for any information and tool for working with useful programs. That is why try to provide a computer area for the children's table. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    What are the corner tables

    Most often in stores you can find corner models with the shape of the letter D, because this is a standard design that best fits in the corner of the room. However, even such an angular shape can be varied, so that the buyer can choose the best option for their premises. Views differ in the shape of the table top and look like this:

    Right angleThe most classic and traditional, but almost never used nowhere because of the inconvenience of the design.

    Traditional, classic corner table

    Right angle with roundingAnd this is one of the most popular types. It differs only in the fact that at the junction of two rectangular tables there is a convenient rounding, which allows for a better position in the workplace.

    Corner, rounded on both sides

    Wave An interesting design, when one working area of ​​the model is slightly narrowed, and the other way around is expanded. This feature is necessary not only for a pleasant appearance, but also to be able to place the necessary tools on a wide part of the table, but it is convenient to work while sitting at the constricted part.Arc Unusual design move, allowing to increase the working area due to rounding from one side of the table to the other. From the point of view of design, such a model, of course, wins, but it may not be very convenient.Letter POnly one side of the corner will be curved, and the curvature is external. This is quite convenient, if you do not want to overly clutter the space, you need to organize a workplace.

    Written with P-shaped worktop

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    Choosing a material

    Obviously, the quality of the material will depend on how the purchased model is durable and sustainable, but beautiful and blends into the interior.

    For the manufacture of such furniture almost never used metal, plastic or other material, mainly wood is selected. Manufacturers appreciate the natural high-quality arrays that can withstand a long time.

    For making a table in a classic interior, only wood is used.

    Hardwood is always much more expensive because exotic and rare species such as ironwood, mahogany, Brazilian cherry, amaranth and merabhu are taken as raw materials, as well as many others. These trees help create real furniture masterpieces, but such furniture is not suitable for ordinary city apartments in a more modern style.

    Natural solid wood

    For rooms in the city Provence or high-tech style models from medium hardness are better suited. It is made from domestic species like the oak, beech, cherry and walnut we are used to, and it looks really nice, but not too expensive. Such a foundation would be the best option.

    Desk in the interior of the room in the style of Provence

    Softer tree species are not very inferior to the average in their strength, and are much cheaper than their competitors. Birch, pine, alder, pear and cedar are necessary to create light and delicate models that fit perfectly into the romantic interior of the house. Strict and minimalist office furniture is most often made from them.

    Office furniture in the style of minimalism

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    How to choose with additional items

    In order not to be mistaken with the choice, when buying a desk, pay attention to several basic characteristics:

    1The quality of the table tops, supports and elements. For any models, especially for children and computers, it is important that any shelf is securely fixed, so that there are no moments when an expensive and valuable thing or a multitude of books can suddenly fall due to a breakdown of fasteners. Also ensure that there are no scratches, defects or obvious damage anywhere on the surface.

    Secure all parts for safe operation.

    2Material construction. The wood selected for production must be natural in order for the structural strength to remain at a height. You can check this by listening to the smell - if chemical is mixed with the smell of wood.

    Natural array table

    3Availability of all necessary elements.4Design of the model. Obviously, the table you buy must fit into the interior.

    The model should fit into the overall style of the room.

    5The convenience of use. Be sure to try to sit behind the model for a while, simulating a work activity, to make sure that your body does not experience fatigue.

    Choose a convenient table

    Consult with the designer to suggest which model is best suited for your particular case. He will also be able to give advice on how to place indoors, but we also have some useful recommendations.

    A model that fits perfectly into your interior

    Plan in advance the number of shelves and drawers.

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