Design bedrooms in modern style: 200+ Photos of simple and comfortable interiors


Popular styles of bedroom design in the interior, the photos of which inspire you to create coziness, are distinguished by a variety and originality of ideas.


What should your bedroom be?

A bedroom is a place where a person spends a third of his life, therefore its interior should be cozy and pleasant for those who rest, relax, sleep and gain strength in it.

Psychologists say that the choice of style depends on what type of psycho we are. If you can not wait to find out a little more, then follow me.

The choice of style depends on the taste of the person.

So, I present to you a few styles.

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The perfect bedroom for conservatives and people with high status. It is considered that people choose the classical style:

  • with wealth, who can appreciate stability, and honor traditions;
  • who do not like change, do not chase fashion;
  • choose a quiet measured life without haste and fussiness.

Features classic interiors

Classic bedroom is performed in bright colors. The walls, ceilings, and other surfaces are decorated with beautiful decor. For the arrangement of the interior is used expensive furniture with the correct geometric shapes.

Calm tones in all details

Light walls and ceilings

Classic style interior has light walls, covered with plain paint, expensive plaster or wallpapering in light beige, light milky, cream or pale peach shades.

High ceiling with volume stucco

The high ceiling of such a room attracts the eye with volume stucco with a floral or regular geometric ornament. The decor does not have to be plaster, it can be replaced with moldings of modern polymeric material. It saves time and money.

Exquisite Textiles

Curtains or lambrequins for such rooms are selected from expensive heavy fabric, which is beautifully draped and lays down with volumetric even folds and creases. Thick fabric with:

  • overflows;
  • brilliance;
  • golden brocade.

Curtains and curtains to match the whole room

Bottom of the canvas and hooks are often trimmed with fringe. This makes curtains expensive and festive in appearance.

Curtains, curtains or curtains should be combined with the bedspread on the bed and other objects in the room, but not merge with them.

Massive wooden furniture

Furniture choose massive, from expensive wood species. For style it is unacceptable to choose ergonomic furniture. It will bring dissonance into the interior and significantly dilute the style. The bulky wardrobe and heavy dresser or big dresser are chosen with decor and luxurious, rich look.

Massive wooden furniture for a classic style.

In the bedroom with a classic design should certainly be:

  • large bed with a high soft or carved headboard;
  • large closet with eaves and mirror;
  • bulky chest of drawers;
  • dressing table with ottoman;
  • bedside tables.

Large bed with soft headboard

If the dimensions allow, then such a room can be supplemented with an ottoman or a soft armchair.

BoardIt is necessary to ensure that the furniture does not overload the interior and looks organically!

It is appropriate to look in this interior:

  • antiques (paintings in wide carved frames, figurines, vases, candlesticks);
  • fireplace;
  • colons;
  • chandeliers, sconces of crystal or with lampshades made of monochromatic light-colored textiles;
  • flooring made of marble or expensive parquet.

The presence of a fireplace as a decor


  • Classic always remains relevant.
  • It is comfortable, cozy and has an important, solid look.


  • Style requires large investments.
  • Such an interior is created in spacious large rooms.
  • Not compatible with modern ergonomic furniture.
Tips to help in creating a classic bedroom
  • If the dimensions of the bedroom are not suitable for installing solid furniture, you can order the manufacture of items of the appropriate size.
  • Heavy curtains should be replaced with dense fabric pelmets.
  • Bulk stucco replaced with painting.
  • Install the columns near walls or doorways.
  • Replace the large pendant chandelier with ceiling spotlights with crystal pendants, a chandelier with neat lampshades.

Bedroom in modern classic style

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Country style. Bedroom with a simple and comfortable interior, for lovers of comfort

Easy, cheerful people choose for their bedroom design in the country style. Virtually every country has its own rustic style. The French call it Provence. In the US - Country.

American Country and French Provence have similar features, namely:

  • They are eco-friendly, comfortable.
  • Wood, textiles, and ceramics are used to decorate the surfaces of the room, create decor and furniture.
  • The ceilings with wooden beams do not close the boards, slabs.

A lot of wood and textiles in the interior of the bedroom

  • Fireplaces are often installed in the rooms.
  • The furniture is heavy, heavy.
  • Objects are old, have a noticeable wear and tear.

For decorating is used:

  • natural;
  • often rough textiles (linen, cotton, cotton fabric);
  • patchwork quilts (patchwork);
  • embroidered towels;
  • napkins;
  • lace pillows, handmade rugs.

A patchwork quilt

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Design features in Provence style

French country style is performed in cold, saturated colors. This choice is justified by the location of the area where it originated. The south of France "pleases" its inhabitants with a warm and hot sun most of the year, so they built their houses from natural materials (wood, stone, clay, ceramics), used light cold shades for their decoration. This creates a comfortable, cool indoor environment that saves you from the heat.

Cold purple in Provence style

For the arrangement of light used furniture from the array. Bedroom furniture in such rooms is often painted in white or muted light color. It is made of solid birch, ash, other wood. It has carved legs. The wooden headboard, the foot of the bed is decorated with board milling or paneling.

There are also models of metal with wrought iron elements. A wardrobe, a chest of drawers, a table for preening, a rocking chair with a simple design, squat are harmoniously combined with each other.

The combination of all the furniture in the same style

Natural textiles only

Notable for the Provence style is textiles made from natural fibers. Pillows of different sizes are laid out on the bed (from 2-5 pieces) with pillowcases made of thin woven lace, chintz with a floral small ornament. The bedspread is made of shreds or natural fabric with a thick floral pattern.

Curtains for a bedroom choose from light textiles with a dense flower ornament. They are decorated on the edge of a contrasting monochromatic or zevochnym ruff. For convenience, wide hooks are used on the sides, sewn from the same fabric as the ruffles.

Many pillows inherent in this style

Light plastered walls and floors

The walls are covered with white plaster or light paint. Wallpapers for decoration are rarely used. If the dimensions allow, the walls can be decorated with glazed brick or put plaster, as well as create scuffs and decorative gaps there.

The floor can be tiled. In apartments of high-rise buildings for such a solution is to use a heating system to the bedroom was more cozy and comfortable in the offseason. For the style, white wooden doors and window frames are typical.

Plaster on the walls, tiles on the floor

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Country Style Features

Unlike Provence, the American country style: settled down with bulky, squat wood furniture.

On wood, you can see a clear pattern, knots, cracks or abrasions. It fills the atmosphere of the bedroom with warm and light woody fragrance.

On a noteThe surfaces of the objects are finished with wax. It preserves its appearance for a long time and makes it environmentally friendly.

Massive and slightly rough-looking models look squat and heavy. Therefore, so that the interior is not loaded in the room, only the necessary items (bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, pedestals, etc.) are installed. If the dimensions allow, then you can install another dressing table or comfortable soft chairs.

Bulky furniture for this style

Several wall finishes

They can be:

  • pasted over with light paper wallpaper with a thick pattern;
  • covered with plaster;
  • sewn with wood paneling or planks.

Wood paneling

Warm colors

Textiles should choose warm colors (yellow, red). Also use rich shades of blue and green. Covers, curtains, pillowcases sew or buy from:

  • striped fabrics;
  • in a cage;
  • or with a floral pattern.

Textiles with floral ornaments

BoardThe bedroom in the style of the country will make comfortable soft natural rugs. They are knitted from wool, woven coarse natural fiber or woven from textile tapes. Appropriate look and natural skins, for example, sheepskin.


  • For the arrangement does not require a lot of money.
  • The interior is environmentally friendly and comfortable.
  • The furniture from the massif has a long service life.


  • The interior is no different sophistication.
  • Poorly combined with modern technology.

Eco-friendly and comfortable style for your bedroom

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Practical high tech (Hi-Tech). Modern technologies - the choice of active and young

The interior design, created by the latest technology, like energetic people. Often they are in constant motion, they appreciate speed and do not like to stop there. Laconic and comfortable interior in which everything is at hand does not limit them and does not distract to reduce the pace.

Laconic interior for energetic people

Style features
  • The room is equipped with the latest technology and ergonomic furniture. Tables, wardrobe and bed are made of polymeric materials, different types of glass and metal. The doors and side panels of the items must be glossy and shiny. The supports and various metal elements are chrome plated.
  • The walls and floor are in white, gray or black. The interior is slightly diluted with rich bright colors.
  • Geometric patterns on the surfaces and chrome-plated details are used as decoration.
  • The style is also characterized by glossy, carefully polished surfaces of glass, ceramics, metal, synthetic composite materials.
  • As for the furniture for the High Technology bedroom, it surprises not only with the unusual materials from which it is made, but also with its fancy shape, functionality and ergonomics.
  • For lighting choose several types of fixtures. These can be: original sconces, built-in lamps, as well as unusual chandeliers with shades of glass, metal or plastic.

High-Tech Bedroom

Modern interior with practical technology.

In such a bedroom, the bed is equipped with comfortable niches or storage boxes. It also has lights, lifting mechanisms, a folding structure for transformation, or other modern "chips."

Often used low bed podiums, they may seem weightless, as the podium on which the berth is installed, has a smaller size and is not visible. At the same time, the furniture has a wide and comfortable place to sleep with an orthopedic base and a mattress.

The same "suspended" and weightless may seem:

  • unusual bollards;
  • racks;
  • tables.

They are installed on small podiums or attached to the wall.

Bright details for comfort

This effect of weightlessness is enhanced if the room has self-leveling glossy floors. For the arrangement of a dressing room, a wardrobe with a mirrored glass panel is used. If the furniture with a deaf door with a glossy finish, then it visually merges with the wall.

Advantages of hi-tech style:

  • The style allows you to harmoniously enter modern technology.
  • The furniture is ergonomic and does not take up much space.
  • The interior is not overloaded.

Outrageous aesthetics in your home

Cons of such interiors:

  • High demands on each item in the room. Furniture, decor and decoration should be of high quality and with a smooth surface. Any inaccuracy or abrasion of the surface will be noticeable.
  • Laconic design may not seem very comfortable.

High requirements for furniture and parts

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Industrial style loft. A great option for creative people.

Initially, Loft was used as a style for interior decoration of creative studios. For the arrangement used abandoned or empty premises, warehouses, attic or attics. They were slightly reworked, and supplemented with designer decor from scrap materials. Such design is preferred by creative harmonious natures who are always in active creative search.

Expressive and casual loft style

Expressive loft design features

Today's modern industrial style Loft can be recognized by the signs of expressive and slightly rough and sloppy decor.

Signs of style
  • the brickwork is not covered with anything and is not covered with plaster;
  • concrete walls are not covered with decorative paints;
  • large panoramic windows without curtains;
  • homemade (designer) items are used as decor;
  • coarse but functional furniture is suitable for installation;
  • near the walls and on the ceiling are visible communication systems, etc.

Choose concise and multifunctional furniture

Bedroom loft stayl

To decorate the walls and create furniture using different natural and composite materials. The walls are covered with gray concrete, finished with brickwork, stitched with wooden colored boards with cracked paint or pasted over with wallpaper that mimic such surfaces.

Bedroom furniture is selected depending on the size and height. The bed is chosen high with a deep roomy niche under the bed. It is also a furniture for sleeping, as well as a subject for storing clothes, bed linen and other things..

Bedroom interior in cold colors

BoardIt is possible to install beds made from scrap materials. They look very original.

Instead of the usual pieces of furniture (wardrobe, cabinets) are installed:

  • racks;
  • shelves;
  • niche;
  • open hangers that consist of poles and a crossbar.

Industrial bedroom lighting

Since most often this style is used to create the interiors of a studio apartment, two or more types of luminaires that zone the space are used for lighting.

Hanging designer lamp and modern picture

Chandeliers, lights and lamps are surprising variety of forms and materials. They are executed from:

  • metal;
  • wood;
  • glass;
  • plastic and combinations of these materials.


You can save on the walls


Suitable for spacious rooms with high ceilings.

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Minimalism. Universal solution for small apartments

Minimalism is quite a popular style. It is chosen by people who do not like excesses and do not accumulate things.

Convenient and versatile minimalism

Minimalistic interiors are laconic and modern in appearance. For their arrangement no extra parts are used. All elements are distinguished by the absence of complex decor and functionality. They are not decorated with rich decoration, carving, painting or complex multi-color pattern.
In the interior there are monochromatic colors and colors that are in harmony with each other.

Cozy bedroom without decor

One style is not found. For the bedroom with a concise minimalist design, the base is selected, and this can be:

  • Eastern (Japanese, Chinese);
  • modern (hi-tech, loft);
  • traditional (classic, english, french) style.

The basis of minimalism style is hi-tech

Bedroom minimalistic style

So in the bedroom often set low beds on the podium, while it is important that it as well as other pieces of functional furniture merge in color with the walls. Choosing not bulky, but light-looking furniture without carving and patterns.

Furniture without carving and patterns

BoardIf you choose a bed with a headboard, then order the model, upholstered in smooth leather or a substitute. The color of the material should blend in color with curtains or carpet.

Instead of bulky closets in the bedroom install closed modular headsets. In addition to the bed and the wardrobe, the interior can be supplemented with side tables and cute decor. If the design is based on a classic, then the lighting devices and accessories are used the same as in the classic interior. Multi-track chandeliers with lampshades or shades, candlesticks, antique figurines and paintings.

If the bedroom is made in Japanese or Chinese style, then this interior is complemented by ethnic decor.

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Oriental style - for people who appreciate originality

Oriental style is notable for laconic design. This allows you to safely call it minimalist. Eastern countries (Japan, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and others) have a rich culture and therefore the decoration and furnishings of their houses are surprising for their unusualness and originality.

Oriental style in the interior of the room

Features of the bedroom in the Japanese style:

  • The interior is set futon mattress on a low podium. It is placed in the center of the room.
  • All materials for decoration and decor should be only natural.
  • The furniture is characterized by simple forms, lack of decor and functionality.
  • Shelves are hung on the walls or shallow niches are created.
  • Organically in this room look mobile sliding partitions made of paper or textiles.

Natural finishing materials

For the bedroom in the Chinese style is peculiar:

  • A harmonious combination of colors and shades in the interior.
  • The predominance of minimalism in the decor and decor.
  • Symmetry in all.
  • Use in the decoration of objects made of ceramics, bamboo and paper.
  • Walls and objects are decorated with regular geometric patterns, hieroglyphs and the symbol of the sun.

Bamboo wall decoration

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Modern Comfort for confident and creative people

The design of the bedroom made in the style of moderne (from the French "modern") is the embodiment of the most practical, stylish and modern ideas in architecture, design, applied art and technology. It is very diverse and multifaceted, so people with delicate artistic taste, who appreciate beauty, practicality and discreet luxury, like it.

Luxurious interior in modern style

Characteristics of modern style
  • For the decoration of the walls, ceiling and floor of the bedroom they use: wood, plastic, metal, composite materials, paper, etc.
  • Textiles and wall covering materials are distinguished by bright colors and an original and asymmetrical pattern.
  • On the windows and door leaf stained stained glass.
  • Furniture and other objects are distinguished by fancy shapes and smooth lines. This deprives the furniture of everyday life and simplicity.
  • The interior also uses metal wrought-iron furniture or decorative elements (a frame for a mirror, candlesticks, chandeliers).

Modern style in the interior of the bedroom

When decorating a modern bedroom, you must carefully select every detail.


Style combines materials and forms that may seem completely opposite and incompatible, and allows you to create a cozy and comfortable interior.

Modern for a cozy bedroom


It is difficult to determine the fine line between grace and bad taste. If you overdo it, the bedroom will look untidy and cluttered.

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Historical style. Dear Victorian bedroom for connoisseurs of luxury

Victorian bedroom amazes with its spaciousness and rich decoration. Such design is chosen by wealthy people who appreciate sophistication in everything, as well as magnificent decor and soft forms in the interior.

The buzz of historical style

The interior design in this style includes modeling, decorative patterns on furniture, textiles and walls, as well as different pretentiousness and pompousness.

Canopy bed

Even if you are not attracted by the volume stucco with patina and other refined decor in the interior of the bedroom, the four-poster bed will surely cause delight. This detail makes the furniture cozy, and the interior - comfortable.

Comfortable bed in historical style

If you don’t want to put a four-poster bed in your bedroom, you can emphasize the style with beautiful heavy fabric drapes. This solution is good for arranging a medium-sized bedroom.

Expensive textiles

It would also be appropriate to look in the Victorian bedroom bedspread and upper pillows, as well as other textiles made from expensive fabrics of rich hues (burgundy, dark green, pink, etc.). They are decorated with embroidery with intricate patterns of gold threads.

Deep green in historic empire style

BoardWhen choosing paint for walls it is better to stay on the light version. Bright tones do not allow to relax.

Wall decoration and other features

If you want to create a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom, then choose wallpaper for the walls with a light background. Looks great options with complex floral pattern and thick curls.

Wall decoration with a complex pattern

For such a bedroom fit a massive low chest of drawers. It is also used as a dressing table. To do this, hang a mirror above the chest in a carved wooden frame.

A special luxury in the interior is a multi-level chandelier with crystal pendants, as well as sconces.

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Scandinavian style. Practicality for lovers of spacious rooms

The bedrooms in the Scandinavian style are very bright. Such a practical design is appropriate to overpower in small-sized rooms, because it makes them cozy, bright and functional. It is chosen by practical and easy-going people.

A real outlet for lovers of minimalism

What is the difference?

The Scandinavian style is very recognizable because it has a number of distinctive features, namely:

  • The interior is a lot of white. The walls and the ceiling, and sometimes the floor of the room, are painted with white paint.
  • Looks a bit eclectic. For the arrangement of the bedroom is used and practical furniture with a modern design, and roughly processed models of wood and antiques.
  • Practical. The bright interior does not look pale and faceless, because the furniture with colored upholstery has an attractive design.

Light design with color accents

Focus on bedroom lighting

For the interior of the bedroom to look bright, one white color on the walls and the ceiling is not enough, therefore the lighting devices play an important role in the interior design. And I will immediately clarify that decorative lighting is rarely used or not used at all.

Lamps, sconces and floor lamps are designed to illuminate and fill the room with light, so often incandescent bulbs are often found in Scandinavian bedrooms.

Incandescent bulbs for a Scandinavian-style bedroom

BoardFor those who want to dilute the interior with color, you can use a chandelier painted in bright or unnatural tones.

The windows can be hung with light curtains of light colors or with a color pattern, or they can be replaced with shutters. A bedroom without curtains will make the room even brighter.

The complete lack of decoration on the windows does not preserve privacy. If this is important for you, then you should take care and pick up curtains or blinds. Return to the menu

Strict English style - for conservatives

If the interior in your understanding should be elegant and slightly restrained, then you will like the English style. This design is chosen by people who do not like to change something in life.

Features of the English style

  • Details in the interior are selected carefully.
  • For finishing are used expensive natural materials.
  • Furniture is set solid and bulky.


The bedroom has been reported to be rigorous and elegant at the same time. The walls of the room can be trimmed with wooden panels, as well as paper wallpaper of a monotonous reserved shade or with a small thick pattern.

The rigor and grace in the English style

A large tall dark wood bed can have a high carved headboard or be equipped with a canopy. A lot of pillows are laid out on top of the soft, soft-touch fabric. It is also appropriate to place wool checkered rugs on it.

High bed in the interior room

In addition to the bed in the bedroom can be installed bulky wooden dressers, wardrobe and bedside tables. It is important that they are made in one color and combined with each other.


The fireplace will harmoniously look in the interior, if there is no possibility (or desire) to install a real one, then you can use bio or electric fireplaces or make a fake fireplace.

English style electric fireplace

To sum up everything written above, it is worth recalling that coziness in the bedroom is often created from cute details. They emphasize the style and fill the atmosphere with warmth. But in the process of finishing and selecting these parts, the most important thing to remember is that they must please you and bring pleasure.