How to make roses from paper with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions for beginners (+190 Photos)


Undoubtedly, the rose is the most beautiful flower in the world, with which most people on our planet agree. It is customary to give this flower to various celebrations, and in order to simply emphasize the romantic relationship. The rose is a symbol of love and romance. Everything is more detailed later in the article.


Original crafts

Paper looks no less attractive than live. Recently, it is very popular to give crafts that are made by hand. So we emphasize the importance of man and love for him.

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Beautiful and do it yourself

There are many ways to make a beautiful rose. We have chosen the best of them, and are ready to share with you a secret.

Before proceeding to the presentation of the walkthrough, how to make a unique paper rose with his own hands, we decided to tell you what you can decorate with your hand-made article. The answer to the question requires no hefty imagination and creative approach. But do not worry, we will prompt you the correct and, most importantly, original answer.

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Crafts that will change the interior

So, in fact, there are many original solutions, and here are the best ones:

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Flower gift

As you know, before giving a gift to a person, it is customary to pack it in wrapping paper. However, this has become so banal and mundane that no one pays attention to the wrapper, no matter how beautiful and attractive it is.

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Decorate the gift with your own hands

Now imagine if you decorate with homemade roses. Admiration of others will not be the limit. A gift can be decorated with one large home-made rose or several small ones.

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A gift with a decoration with their own hands

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Flower for a loved one

A very unusual decision, instead of living to give a beautiful crafts. However, you can do even more original. If you put inside each candy in the form of a heart - it will be a masterpiece.

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Rose for a loved one

Decorate the served table with original flowers from paper napkins. For guests it will be a real surprise, and the holiday table will be richer and more beautiful. Can be laid out near the plates, along with ordinary napkins.

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Card with flowers

There is a mass of various cards. The only problem is that they are made on a template for mass sale. If to decorate such usual postcard paper, it will look perfect otherwise.

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We decorate a card for a gift

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What a wedding without flowers

Any celebration associated with flowers, and especially the wedding ceremony. Paper can be decorated not only a festive table, but also a banquet hall. However, it is worth considering that for these purposes better fit huge roses, which will look particularly advantageous.

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Flowers for the mood

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Flowers in the house

When there are flowers in the house, the atmosphere of comfort increases significantly. The problem of the living is that they very quickly fade, but I would like them to stand much longer than usual. This is a paper rose. Such an odd job will look beneficial in the kitchen, in the bedroom and any other room.

We make the hall with large products

There are so many original ideas. Perhaps you will come up with more creative ways to decorate gifts and interiors that will become popular among designers.

Well, it's time to teach you how to make unique beauty roses. To do this, we have chosen some of the most simple and popular ways. We will not torment you, proceed to the review.

Huge crafts

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A pot of roses

This craft can decorate any room. Also, such a unique pot can be presented to loved ones.

Unique pot for mood

Necessary materials:

  • several A4 sheets;
  • paint green and pink, preferably watercolor;
  • heat gun or glue;
  • scissors;
  • ordinary medium sized pot;
  • wrapping your choice.

Handwork floristry

  • We dissolve the pink watercolor paint with water (1: 4) and paint one sheet on both sides in this color.
  • Painted wet sheet need a little crumple, straighten, leaving then dry on the table. After drying, the surface of the sheet will be covered with stains of paint, it will give a velvet effect.
  • From a painted sheet, cut a strip that will have an approximate size of 15x7 cm. Note that you can determine the size yourself, it all depends on what size flower you need. The cut off side should resemble the waves, you should not cut in a straight line.
  • Roll the strip into a loose roll, glue fix the bottom of the resulting bud.
  • Cut the petals of various sizes out of the colored paper, glue alternately to the top of the roll.
  • Add petals until a full-sized bud of the desired size is formed.
  • It remains only to wrap a little petals with scissors, the bud is ready.
  • Paint another A4 leaflet in greenish, cut out a couple of leaves.
  • Secure two green sheets at the base of the bud with glue.
  • Wrap a flower pot wrapping and place inside it your gorgeous bud. So that it does not fall inside the pot, you can use a regular plastic cover.

Step by Step instructions with a pot

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Step Master Class: Vintage Rose

A unique bouquet will add a zest to any interior of the house, suitable for a photo shoot.

Interesting retro style

So, first of all we need:

  • soft paper, you can use newsletters;
  • ribbon 1,5x10 cm;
  • heat gun or adhesive substance;
  • wire.

Getting Started:

1Cut petals of different sizes (from 2 to 10 cm). For each bud you need no more than 6 petals. However, note that the more they will be, the more attractive it will look, so do not be lazy.

A rose that is easy to make

2Make a small bend of the petals, which will give them a natural look.

Fold the leaf

3Cut another leaf and roll it into a tube - this will be the core of our bud. At one end of this piece of paper attach a hot-melt wire stem, pre-pasted with green paper.

Cut a lot of the desired length.

4Now the case for small ones - alternately attach the cut out leaves with hot melt to the central part of the bud, starting with the small ones and ending with the large ones.

We attach to the wire, forming the stem

5 When the bud is fully formed, you need to cover the lower edge of the bonding line. To do this, it is enough to tie the base with a small ribbon.

Glue the leaves after each other

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From tissue or zhmakanoy

For the manufacture of this masterpiece will take a little more time, effort, however, do not hesitate, these efforts will pay off with interest. So, you will need:

  • 8 sheets of zhmakanoy or tissue;
  • wire;
  • wire beads or ready-made stamens;
  • scissors;
  • hot melt glue

Brightness options for crafts

Step-by-step instruction:

  • Fold 8 sheets of "glass muffins" or tissue paper together, cut out round petals of 5 different sizes. As a result, you should have 40 separate leaves.
  • In the next step, you will need to determine the center of the cut circles. To do this, fold them in four. Pierce a small hole in the middle.
  • Wear a bead, the smallest of the cut circles, on a thin wire.
  • Lightly crumple around the bead, alternately thread the remaining petals, threading the wire through the center hole of the circles.
  • The wire can be pasted over with green paper.

Beautiful bouquet step by step

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Paper made from coffee filters

Very unusual and very interesting version of crafts, which can be done at home. To get started, make sure the following materials are available:

  • paints;
  • coffee filters;
  • scotch tape, preferably floristic;
  • wire.

We use coffee filters

Step-by-step instruction:

  • To get a full-fledged rose, you must use at least 3 filters for one. Each of them fold in half.
  • For the center of the bud, use the filter folded in four.
  • The shape of the central filter should resemble a cone, after which it is necessary to wrap the remaining filters around it without pressing them.
  • The base is fixed with tape.
  • Lightly fluff all the petals, giving them the desired bend.
  • Dissolve pink or red paints with water, immerse only the tips in it. Thus, the tips of the petals will become saturated in color, and the paper will absorb the colored water.
  • Let the petals dry.
  • Fix the finished bud on the wire, prewound with fluorescent tape.

Coffee filters absorb moisture well.

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Step-by-Step Master Class: Spiral Roses

This option is suitable for small decorative composition, for example, the design of postcards, gifts. Also spiral is very easy to do, it does not require any special skills.

Twist spiral, giving shape

Necessary materials
  • color paper 10x10;
  • hot melt glue;
  • The usual double-sided tape, you can paint.

Choose volume

Step-by-step instruction:

  • Starting from the center of the square draw a spiral. To find the center of the sheet, we fold paper.
  • Next, the spiral is cut along the delineated lines.
  • The spiral collapses, starting at the outer edge. Thus, the central circle becomes the base of the bud.
  • Attached to the base of the stem of the wire.

Further we twist and fix

A bouquet of several such artificial flowers perfectly decorate the interior of the house, will be an excellent gift to close, native people.

We decorate the interior with bright roses

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Step Master Class: From watercolor paper

It is worth noting that watercolor is much more expensive than zhmakana or glossy, but it is from it that very beautiful products are obtained that shimmer in different shades in the light.

Step by step we get this

Step-by-step instruction:

  • spread the sheet on the table, paint it red;
  • cut the leaf into separate strips 8, 6 and 3 cm wide;
  • then cut the strips into squares, determine the center in them;
  • fold the squares together, fold them in half, cut the corners with scissors, giving the petals a rounded shape;
  • divide all blanks, roll up a cylinder from each;
  • do these manipulations with the remaining sheets.
  • Expand one cylinder, apply glue to the base. Roll up the cylinder, let the adhesive material set. This detail will serve as the core of the bud.
  • Take the next cylinder, apply some glue on its lower corners, then wrap the petal around the main cylinder.
  • Continue to glue the petals alternately until a full rose bud is formed.
  • Fasten on the wire, cover it with green paper.

Multicolored and beautiful

We focus your attention on the fact that you can choose the size of handicrafts personally. If you set a goal to make gigantic products, in this case, you need to select the appropriate size paper, get down to work.

Another option from watercolor paper

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Skills for these paperwork

Naturally, the skills needed for any job to perform it efficiently. However, it can be made by any person, even if this activity has never been done before. The most important thing is to have all the necessary materials and a great desire to surprise loved ones.

Improve your skills

If you do this activity regularly, the process will go to automatism; it will take up to 10 minutes of your time to make one rosette. In this way, you can make a gorgeous bouquet in 1 hour, decorate the interior of your home or give it to friends or relatives.

Bouquets for relatives

The most important thing is not to be afraid, to believe in yourself. Only under such conditions a masterpiece, in the form of a fragile, beautiful flower, can be born from ordinary paper.

Very tasty topiary

Well, we convinced you that making a rose is easy. Now you can not only surprise your loved ones with original gifts, but also decorate the interior of any room.

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