Beautiful Carpets on the floor: 230+ Photos of Fashion Designs in a modern interior


Modern trends in flooring can be figuratively divided into two types - imitation of wood and stone and soft carpets. Many homeowners are still looking for a soft, cozy carpet comfort. Today there is a large choice of style, design and color of carpets, but a good choice played a cruel joke with us, making the achievement of harmonious decor a difficult task. Here are the main rules for carpeting that you can implement in your home.

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  • Main rules
  • Create mood
  • Color circle
  • Combining
  • Color effects
  • Art of disguise
  • Increase heat
  • Raise perception
  • Create a feeling of peace
  • Increase the sense of light
  • Balance the palette
  • Color in action
  • Special effects patterns
  • Texture
  • What do the design and style experts say?
  • Recycled carpet
  • Frize
  • Carpet tiles
  • VIDEO: Carpet for your interior
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  • Main rules

    The design of the carpet on the floor in the room should not be isolated. The most successful home interiors are designed for continuity.

    Harmonious decor in the interior

    Even while some rooms may be individualized, it is helpful to think about your home as a whole body, rather than a series of unrelated spaces.

    The main thing that he was not isolated

    Your choice of carpet can be the basis for planning the decor.

    BoardMake it a starting point from which other ideas arise, or choose an option to complement the already formed design of walls, furniture, fireplace, curtains and paintings.

    In any case, flooring will connect all the design elements, creating a coherent scheme for any interior.

    We select for your interior

    A useful approach when planning a scheme is to consider it as an equation consisting of four parts:

    • Colour;
    • picture;
    • texture;
    • style.

    Designer carpet option

    It helps to gain basic knowledge of how color, texture, pattern and style work when planning an interior.

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    Create mood

    Color creates mood because it controls size and shape and skillfully plays with light. The floor and walls are often the largest visual spaces in the room, so choosing the right color for your carpet is a very important step.

    Color can be the main element of your decoration scheme or intentionally subordinate. In any case, understating the significance of the color wheel and the special effects created by color will be doomed to failure.

    The color of the coating plays an important role in the overall style of the room.

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    Color circle

    Consists of primary colors, secondary colors and shades or tones. Primary - red, blue and yellow - are "pure" colors. Combining primary provides additional colors.

    Color circle

    Primary and secondary colors are arranged in a circle in the spectrum. Each primary and secondary has different shades, which are between the main colors and reflect the dynamics of their change. Also, the function of the circle is to determine the cool and warm shades. The colors on the blue and green side are cool, on the red and orange side they are warm.

    Bright Star for Harmony in Families

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    There are three ways to combine to create the scheme and mood of your home.

    Beautiful flooring

    BoardMix different tones of the same color. Use the ones that are on the circle next to each other. It is also advisable to use from opposite segments of the circle. Return to the menu ↑

    Color effects

    The benefits of color effects can be used in different ways.

    BoardMake the small room spacious, using soft cool ones. Like a hilly horizon in the morning haze, soft color creates the impression of a distance, and therefore does not absorb space.

    Saturated colors make objects closer and, therefore, help to make a large open room more comfortable and intimate.

    More brightness - more emotions.

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    Art of disguise

    Bulky items in the room can be disguised with clever use. A large Victorian sofa, upholstered in dark color, will seem less bulky and merge into the room's scheme if the carpet and walls are in close shades.

    When we pick up in tone

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    Increase heat

    Carpet or other accessories — such as curtains or pillows — are of warm colors, clearing the chill in the room and creating an abundance of energy.

    Extra warmth feeling

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    Raise perception

    Mixing can provide a sense of height.

    Use the darkest shade on the floor, the next shade on the walls and the lightest shade on the ceiling.

    The darkest shade on the floor

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    Create a feeling of peace

    Choose neutral to create a gentle, mild calm environment, a nature reserve in the midst of modern life at a frantic pace. Pale colors are peaceful, serene and therapeutic. Eliminate visual stress and over-stimulation with simple furniture.

    Create a sense of calm

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    Increase the sense of light

    Use more pale shades (colors with added white) to brighten the dark room. The reflective quality of white more than any other increases the feeling of light and space.

    We increase the room due to the white

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    Balance the palette

    Colors that are directly opposite to each other on the color wheel, such as blue and orange, can be used to complement each other. Use this method to create a balance in the interior while simultaneously using warm and cool tones.

    Add color balance

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    Color in action

    Plum and purple

    They have a formal, almost regal association, but this is a result of cultural influence, and not their purpose in nature. While a strong purple brings a dramatic touch to the interior, paler shades of purple and lavender look delicate and delicate.

    Regal association with purple

    The color of sunlight and spring flowers, as well as pure yellow

    Can be used to bring warmth and lightness to the home. It reflects light and can be used to illuminate a dim room. The tones of orange, brown and golden brown are warm, cozy colors.

    Bright accents can liven up the basic colors of neutral browns.

    Warm and cozy golden


    The natural color of nature, encourages self-examination and calm - the mood is suitable for the living room or bedroom.


    The color of the water and sky can be used to create a cool, spacious environment. Calm blue has a calming effect in rooms such as bedrooms and cabinets.

    Add some space

    Blue spectrum is a great option for rooms that are on the sunny side.
    Neutral colors

    Such as gray, beige and pale brown, soothe, creating a quiet, warm atmosphere. The palette of neutral shades can be used to offset other features of the room, such as bright paintings or interior objects.

    Warm atmosphere of gray carpet


    The color of fire - rich, warm and lively. It has pleasant qualities, but may be overly stimulating if used for large areas in frequently used rooms. Because red stimulates the appetite, it is a traditional choice for canteens.

    BoardFor less intensity, choose pink, as it also suggests warmth.

    Not everyone will choose a bright accent in the room.

    Only by fully studying the color in a particular house, you can really be confident in the correctness of the choice. The look of your carpet is affected by the color of the other furniture in the room, as well as the amount of natural light.

    Artificial light tends to "gray" colors, so check samples for daylight as well as for nighttime lighting.

    Looks great in the room for the girl.

    Remember that the entire perimeter of the carpet will not look exactly like a small sample. The best way to see how it will look after it is installed is to look at the largest possible pattern of carpet on the floor for which it is intended. Therefore, first purchase part of the carpet. This segment will be useful to you in the future and will be invaluable when purchasing additional items or changing the scheme in subsequent years.

    Selecting slowly, using color swatches

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    Special effects patterns

    Here are some pattern effects you might encounter:

    • they compress space. Large areas of the pattern will be closed in the room, especially if the repetition of the pattern is large;
    • patterned carpet masks pollution and normal wear - thus, it is popular with restaurants and hotels;
    • a pattern in the form of stripes stretches the size of the room, visually extending the space in the direction of the stripes;
    • the pattern may suggest the appointment of a particular zone. For example, the area of ​​such a carpet may fall in the area of ​​the dining room or meeting room.

    Stripes significantly stretch the room

    Patterns on carpets can look very good or very bad! Some rooms suffer from "overdose" patterns, as many themes of carpet patterns tend to dominate. The problem can be exacerbated when less obvious patterns are missed - brickwork, windows or a pattern that can be seen from the next room.

    We try to avoid oversaturation with patterns.

    The general rule of thumb is that if a pattern is bound by style or texture, the combination is likely to succeed, since it is safer to confine to one pattern in each room.

    Before you buy, try to model the pattern of the carpet at home, as it may look very different in the context of your room. Make sure the pattern complements the style of the furniture..

    Figure complementary style

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    By choosing the right expressive texture, you can transform the room in the right direction. Here are 3 tricks you can use when working with textures:

    1. Heat. Add warmth with woven sisal or a short nap woolen carpet: in combination with rustic tweed upholstery and rich color walls, these effects will warm a room that doesn’t get much sun.
    2. Space. To achieve the feeling of spaciousness without sacrificing textural interest, a lightly textured light-colored wool sisal carpet in soft gray-green or blue gamut will suit. Faded, which we associate with distance, will create a feeling of wide space even in a small room.
    3. Shading areas. The pronounced texture absorbs more light than smooth surfaces. Even with the same yarn color, a high and short pile will have a completely different effect.

    Size with coverage required

    At the international level, texture is the hottest topic for discussion in interior design, and nothing is more exciting for designers than a discussion of texture that a carpet should have.

    But what is texture? Texture is the sensation of touch and the behavior of the surface when in contact with objects. It is not only and not so much a relief surface, such as, for example, It is not just uneven surfaces, but a texture contribution to the perception of your room - whether it is rough, soft, shiny, smooth or silky.

    Each has its own texture and surface.

    The reaction to a particular material is associated with the sensation of touch. The room, decorated with chrome furniture, glossy walls and slate floor, can be described as "hard and cold." This impression would be based on the touch associated with the materials used.. And warm, cozy and soft textures, such as wool, will bring a feeling of comfort to the house.

    Very soft and warm carpet

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    What do the design and style experts say?

    Let's see what professionals say about trends and style in carpeting. And that's what I found for you. Below is a selection of three stylish trends that designers choose.

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    Recycled carpet

    Ecologically clean floors are a powerful trend, and carpet is no exception. In fact, most of the carpets made today are made, at least in part, from recycled material.

    Large picture that does not spoil the interior.

    Homeowners and manufacturers pay more attention to our environment. This is a trend that will only increase with time. Return to the menu ↑


    Frieze is a long twisted pile that looks curly. It is a relatively new trend and will likely continue for at least the next decade.

    Frieze - a new trend in design

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    Carpet tiles

    Carpet tiles are suitable for high-traffic areas or in family homes where there is a risk of damage or wear. It is suitable for different rooms, as the stores have a rather wide selection of special carpet tiles for the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom.

    Part of this floor can be easily removed and replaced, making it a great solution for homes with small children and pets.

    Carpet tiles suitable for bedrooms

    Carpet tile contrasts interestingly with laminate and other surfaces, can be used in several versions at once.

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