Novelties of the beautiful Beds in the bedroom: 225+ (Photo) Choice for a comfortable and healthy sleep


Many people choose furniture, not paying attention to this issue, because it just does not have enough time. Everyone wants his home or apartment to look beautiful and stylish. However, when choosing furniture in the bedroom, you need to think not only how it will look, but how comfortable it will be.

The main thing that the furniture was comfortable

The bedroom is a "sacred" place where everyone does not go, especially the guests. The doors of this room are usually closed, so that it seems like a special room.

Psychologists say that according to the situation in the bedroom you can learn a lot about a person, his character and lifestyle. After all, there he is what he really is, without masks.

Classic with turquoise cushions

When choosing a bed in the bedroom, you choose your health, because doctors talk about sad statistics: more than 50% of men and women under the age of 40 have back problems, and they are caused by an unsuitable sleeping place.

If you come to the question of health responsibly, then choose a safe bed.. It fully justifies its rather big price, because in return you will get good health, no back problems, and it will serve you for a long time.

An important factor is the height of the structure.

You should not save on the choice of a bed, because by purchasing a reliable model, you will get a healthy sleep. And he is responsible for well-being and mood, high performance and active brain activity.

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Types of beds

Some people, when they go to a furniture store, have a clear prefix about what kind of bed should be.

White bed option

Among the latest models are in demand:

  • Horizontal "cabinet". It is easy to turn into a closet, so this model is chosen mainly by those who need to save space in the room. It rises in width and when the bed is folded, it turns into a shelf on which you can put books and other items. Often such a model choose children.

Transformer in the form of a horizontal cabinet

  • Vertical cabinet". It rises in height and it can also be used as a closet after lifting. Often such models have a mirror. If a horizontal wardrobe bed is often single and used in a nursery, the vertical is usually designed for two people and is suitable for a regular adult bedroom.
  • "Sofa". Some put it in the bedroom, but, according to experts, this model is more suitable for the living room.

When you can get at least a comfortable bed from a soft sofa

  • "Podium". It looks very aesthetic. The frame of this bed is fixed, so it is called a" podium "or" platform. "Usually this model is complemented by drawers on the sides, so it turns out to be useful.

Spectacular podium

There are other types of beds that can be used for the bedroom. However, experts advise choosing not based on the model or design, but taking into account such factors as size, frame, mattress and others.

When choosing, we take into account all indicators

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Size and shape

It is very easy to choose the length - you need to take into account your height and height of your spouse. If you make a mistake by defining this parameter, you can easily ruin a sleeping place, so that sleep will turn into a real test. Those who have slept on a bed with their legs hanging at least once in their life know how uncomfortable it is.

Measure the length before buying

When determining the length of the bed, you can apply the principle "Measure seven times." Do not forget that there will be a pillow under your head, so if your height is 180 cm, this does not mean that a 180 cm long bed will suit you. Manufacturers advise to add to their height at least 20-30 cm, then the length will be comfortable.

Leather inserts look no less interesting.

BoardVymeryuya necessary width, you also need to take into account comfort, because it is important that it was spacious, and you did not lie on your side all night.

You can measure the width right in the store: you need to lie down, put your hands behind your head and stretch your elbows in different directions. And half of the bed should remain free - for the second person.

Check to be comfortable

The bed models in the bedroom amaze with a variety of possible forms. If earlier they were only rectangular, then no one could imagine, for example, a round bed. We are available and round, and oval, and arched, and some manufacturers make models in the form of two half a heart and other original ideas.

Original ideas for a note

Behind all this originality is the problem with the practicality of such beds. Firstly, it is not easy to pick up bed linen, a blanket, pillows for them, and secondly, unusual-shaped furniture takes up a lot of space. Of course, no one will dissuade you from the idea of ​​buying a round or curved bed, but choosing it, you must first consider the question of where you can buy several replacement sets of linen and other necessary items at once.

Round beds in modern style

The rectangular bed is a classic. Do not think that it will look too simple, if you want to focus on the luxury and exclusivity of the product, you do not have to buy its unusual shape. It is better to choose expensive material, high-quality mattress and stylish design.

Royal set for every taste

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The first thing you need to pay attention to when choosing a frame, as one of the main elements of the whole structure, is its material. The highest quality and reliable ones are those made of wood or metal.

A framework from a natural tree

If you choose a wooden frame, then the best material would be oak, which is widely used for the manufacture of various furniture. In addition to being an environmentally friendly material, it is distinguished by its durability and reliability.

Choosing an oak frame, you can be sure that it will last a long time, and it will be used by children and even grandchildren. The only thing that most likely will have to be updated is the mattress.

The strongest material is oak

Another common material for the manufacture of the frame is pine, which is cheaper than oak and is not so durable. However, if you choose between it and artificial material, such as MDF or fiberboard, it is definitely in priority. Beds made of wood substitutes are cheaper, but they break more often, so you have to buy new ones all the time.

Frames of wood substitutes break more often

If you think that a bed with a natural wooden frame is too expensive for you, just count how long it will last. Then calculate how many years there is enough furniture with a base of MDF or fiberboard. You may be surprised how much money you can actually save if you calculate everything in advance.

A good choice is the construction of MDF.

As for the frame design, it is necessary to choose it, unlike the material, based on your taste and preferences. There will be four legs by the bed or a support structure, whether the back is or not, you decide.

The only thing that experts advise is that it is desirable to have a back at the head. Some decide to choose a quality material, such as oak, but save, refusing backs. If it is permissible to refuse the one at the feet at all, then at the head of the head it is better to leave at least a small panel.

Soft leather headboard

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The choice of mattress plays the most important role in ensuring that the bed is safe for health. It is widely believed that a good mattress is a hard mattress. None of the doctors, orthopedists and other specialists would agree with this statement. And those who slept at least one night on a hard mattress, were convinced by themselves how uncomfortable and sometimes even painful it was.

Pay attention to the mattress

Determine a good mattress you bought or not, you can have after one night spent on it. If you get up with pain in your back, numbness and exhaustion, then the choice was wrong.

Check if the mattress is right for you

Of course, too soft a mattress, in which you fall completely into all parts of the body, is also an unhealthy option. It is difficult to say which of the two wrong options is more dangerous for health, because too hard and too soft can cause irreparable harm to the back. Therefore, it is best to buy orthopedic mattresses, which are of two main types:

  • spring;
  • springless.

We use orthopedic mattresses

Also popular are such models of orthopedic mattresses:

  • With independent spring blocks. Each spring of such a model is packed in its own case. When one of them is pressed, it does not touch the others. These mattresses perfectly follow the contour of the human body, so that it is comfortable for both of you to be together, because when one moves, the shape of the mattress under the second remains unchanged.
  • Latex. This springless mattress, which is based on hevea juice, popularly known as the "rubber tree". It is an environmentally friendly material and has recognized orthopedic properties of doctors.
  • "With memory". It is based on polyurethane foam, which completely takes the form of the human body, “remembering” it and provides an orthopedic effect. Not everyone can get used to this mattress right away, the first few nights may experience discomfort, but after a few weeks a person cannot imagine how he slept before without him.

Mattress with memory

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It is very important that the bed matches the overall style of the bedroom. Some, making repairs from scratch, first choose their own bed, and then, starting from the chosen model and its style, choose the rest of the interior. Those who are made in the following styles look modern:

  • Baroque. Differs in curvilinear forms, such as curlicues, flowers. The material most often used is oak or other high-quality trees. Looks particularly elegant in white, blue and pink with gold hues.

Baroque bed

  • Modern. The shape of this bed is rounded, smooth, but there is restraint in everything, curls and other decorative elements are absent. Looks beautiful in gray, white, brown tones.
  • Provence. The difference of this model is the mandatory presence of the foot. The rest of the design is made with smooth lines, pastel colors are suitable.

Provence style in the bedroom

  • High tech. Low model with sharp corners and lines. At the head is often built one or more small lamps. The bed is made of chrome-plated metal, cold tones are optimally suited.
  • Art Deco. Differs in large elements of decor: flowers, hearts, which are placed in the headboard. The headboard itself also often has the shape of a large flower or petal. The color of this bed is usually bright, and metal and wood are used as the material.

An interesting high-tech option.

To determine the style of the bed in the bedroom, you can mainly design the headboard.

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Practicality of the bed

To make the bed in the bedroom not only stylish, but also practical, manufacturers use additional equipment.

Stylish, practical, unusual

You can choose a bed, additionally equipped with such design features:

  • Gas lift. This is a lifting base that allows you to keep bedding and other things inside the bed. It is very practical, but harmful to the mattress, which quickly becomes unusable due to the lack of air inside the frame.
  • Drawers. The principle of their application is the same as for models with gas lift. But if in those the mattress rises for access to things, then for models with drawers access to them is facilitated.

Drawers for unloading a room

  • Built-in shelves. They are attached to the headboard and are intended for storing small items, for example, you can put frames with photos or souvenirs on them.
  • Side wall. Beds with an additional wall are suitable for those bedrooms that are corner rooms. If you have to sleep near the street wall, then the side plate will be protected from the cold.
  • Backlight. It is used as a decor or for ease of reading in the evenings.

Additional lighting

  • Remote control. Available only in expensive beds. Thanks to him, it is easy to transform into a chair, wardrobe and other available options.
Buying a bed in the bedroom in some expensive style, you need to think about practicality last. For example, an elegant baroque bed will look ridiculous with built-in shelves or a side wall from the cold. Back to menu

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