Country style kitchen design - Modern spirit in modern interior (225+ Photos)


Country style is characterized by the use of natural materials, the presence of national, natural elements, patchwork fabrics, i.e. all that can convey a rustic flavor. Country style is a simplified, more comfortable version of the classic style.


It is in this room that the family spends most of the time. Here is the reception of food, the discussion of important issues for a cup of tea. What can we say about the hostess, who daily spend several hours on cooking and cleaning. The interior should be warm, comfortable, complete. There should not be an oppressive feeling, the atmosphere should be pleasant, tuned to the positive.

White curtains in the interior of the kitchen

Undoubtedly, an important part of the style of the kitchen are curtains. They set the direction of light, shades, hide the irregularities of the walls and hide what is happening inside from prying eyes. In this case, the curtains should be light and only emphasize the comfort of the home, and not drag all the attention to themselves.

What you need to pay attention to?

Curtains in the kitchen should be different than in the living room. This is due to the fact that cooking takes place in the kitchen, that is, frying, burning, the release of caustic aromas.

If the window is located next to the stove, then you can not use translucent waving curtains. Flammable fabric can cause a fire.

Set the direction of light, shades, hide the irregularities of the walls

Fitted curtains with adjustable length. During cooking, they can be raised, and during the meal, lowered.

If the window is located next to the stove, then it cannot talk about translucent and flowing curtains, it’s better to restrict yourself to short calico curtains. Return to the menu

What material is better to choose curtains?

The fabric must match the intended purpose. For example, if the window is constantly falling light, which interferes, it is better to hang such curtains so that they do not let the sun rays through. The fabric will be heavy and dense. But at the same time it will occupy a space that is not suitable for a kitchen with a small space.

BoardHowever, if you need to visually enlarge the kitchen, then it is better to choose a fabric of a warm shade, light and loose. They do not need to think about how long and difficult it is to wash the curtains from greasy stains and dust.

Pick a fabric

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Curtain color

  • It depends on the color of the fabric what the atmosphere of the room will be like, what the room for receiving food will look like.
  • Bright colours. Suitable for rooms where the wallpaper does not catch the eye. Thus, the curtains will bring some paint. It is better to take the texture with one repeating pattern or small folds. However, bright curtains will look ridiculous if the room gets a little light.
  • Pastel colors will create lightness. Such curtains are most suitable texture with several stamps at once. Geometric patterns will look elegant.
  • Dark colors can be used in exceptional cases. It can be curtains of military subjects, for example.

From the color of the fabric depends on what will be the atmosphere of the room

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Kitchen textiles

The kitchen for each housewife is a personal place. After all, it is at the dinner table that all family members gather for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Everything should be perfect here - from kitchen appliances to textiles. Such trifles as napkins, towels, potholders, tablecloths create coziness in the kitchen.

What is textiles? The types of fabrics needed for dining are listed below.

Textiles - products from fabric, from soft and flexible fibers.

The kitchen for each housewife is a personal place.

What is related to textiles? Usually this:

  • tablecloths;
  • aprons;
  • towels;
  • pot holders;
  • napkins;
  • curtains;
  • the curtains.

Textiles should be consistent in style with the overall design. Do not forget about the practical side of things, about the strength and quality of textiles. Kitchen textiles made from a variety of materials. There are three main types of materials:

Natural material. It includes linen, cotton, wool and bamboo fibers. Products from these materials are pleasant to the touch and perfectly washable, but much crumpled.

Textiles should be consistent in style with the overall design of the kitchen.

Synthetic material. Textiles are rarely made of synthetic material. It is not too expensive and durable.Mixed material is obtained by combining natural and synthetic materials. Return to menu меню

The choice of textiles

So, what kind of textiles to choose?

Pot holders

Needed to remove the pan from the oven and to carry hot dishes. Usually tacks are chosen according to criteria such as: shape (rectangular, square, round, tack-mittens), size. The grip should cover the entire hand.


They are needed in order to wipe your hands, wipe dishes and cutlery. Towels should be several and they should be of different sizes. Wafer products absorb moisture better and dry faster. You can take products from bamboo and cotton materials.

Country style


Used to protect clothing from contamination during cooking. Apron can be a stylish decoration of the wall. Cotton aprons will last longer than others, because after washing they do not lose their qualities. The color and pattern of the product is the personal choice of each person. Women more often choose a model of a sundress, men - strict models, where there is nothing superfluous, children - bright models.

The main thing for a good apron - the presence of pockets, which is convenient to hold the necessary accessories.


For decorating the table, there are also options. Tablecloth protects the surface of the dining table, decorate it. The table is completely covered with a tablecloth, and its edges should hang at least thirty centimeters.

Competent choice of textiles

Runner (tablecloth) - a novelty in kitchen textiles.

Runner is a tablecloth in the form of a narrow rectangle, which is to move along, or across the table, and diagonally. You can lay it as an independent part of the interior, and you can - on top of the main tablecloth.

BoardNapkins should be chosen according to the color of the tablecloth, then the table setting will look harmonious and effective.

Napkins should be selected according to the color of the tablecloth.

Cutlery covers. Without them, laying the table is not aesthetically pleasing. More often they resemble an envelope with compartments for a knife, forks and spoons, but there are other options.

To decorate the windows using curtains and curtains. Usually get curtains of translucent materials, and curtains - from monophonic. The combination of textiles from different materials of the same color gamut has come into fashion. Return to the menu

Small kitchen

It is difficult enough to arrange kitchen furniture in a small space. The priority task is the functionality, but the beauty of the headset can not be discounted. The capacity of each module, the convenience of the location of all cabinets, the reliability of fittings and facades - all this is taken into account when selecting furniture.

Small cooking area

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Features of ordering kitchen furniture in the room 6 sq. M

It can be difficult to find furniture in a small room, especially if there is a gas water heater, a box or other non-standard parts. There is a need to make to order.

BoardDo not rush to order. Discuss all the details, materials, the content of each box, pens, color combination. Pay attention to the styling, placement of household appliances.

It is necessary to clarify how the box or crown will affect the appearance, where the pipes will be hidden, how the joints or edges of the table top will be treated. What height is supposed to use the base on which to install the kitchen. If you are not going to lay out the kitchen apron with tiles, then what is planned to close the space between the table top and wall cabinets.

Then you can ask about the cost of each item and try to reduce the cost of the purchase by changing the content, material or size. Typically, the manufacturer can always 25 percent to make the kitchen cheaper, removing expensive items.

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Furniture style

Classic style in the interior of a small room will look too pompous, which will affect the overall impression. Columns, pilasters, curtain rods will crush and hang. Lovers of the classics better stop at the style of Provence, or country. The use of eaves, shop windows, frame facades brings this type of design close to the classical style.

Minimalism or high-tech will look uncomfortable and faceless in a small area of ​​the kitchen. The most acceptable style is considered modern.

Discreet style of the room

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Technical details

The distance between the refrigerator and the gas stove or the cooking surface is at least 150 mm. The distance between the gas equipment and the kitchen cupboard is at least 150 mm. Providing open access to gas meters and valves.

Corner wardrobe 900x900, less profitable than a straight 900x600 mm. It occupies 30 cm more space, which is not used for its intended purpose. It has 3 joints with a standard tabletop near the sink or two joints with a tabletop with great depth, and this increases the cost of the material by 2-3 times. Whereas in a straight table, there is 1 joint, which is safer to use near the sink.

Modernity and style

  • With a direct location, there is no space left for the working area.
  • We'll have to move the refrigerator from the kitchen to the hallway or room.
  • Corner placement gives you more room and room for various furniture placement options. The kitchen can have a straight or angular design. It depends on the number of household appliances that must be placed there.
  • Cooking surface, oven, refrigerator, washing machine with a skillful approach will find their place even in a small kitchen. There will even be room for a small dining area.
  • Carefully consider the photo room for cooking and eating, make sure that the furniture suits you. Choose a color and material.
  • Select fittings and mechanisms. Every detail is important in a small kitchen.

Corner placement gives you more room and opportunity.

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Country Style Design

The kitchen is the place where the hearth burns. Every housewife pays considerable attention to her. Today, designers advise a lot of ideas in order to support the fire in this hearth. You can use several techniques in the design.

BoardIf the kitchen is small, it is better to use the built-in appliances. The presence in the interior of strict geometric outlines and lines is typical for the creation of a modern style.

Large kitchen with dining table

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Design Methods

To hide the furniture, to “revive” the interior with wooden inserts and live plants, to use chrome and glass elements in the decoration. It is necessary to think in details how the furniture will be located.s Adequate working space should be provided.

Design methods:

  • L-shaped arrangement;
  • U-shaped arrangement;
  • island location;
  • peninsular location;
  • parallel arrangement.

It is necessary to carefully consider how the furniture will be located.

The use of systems for efficient storage of products is relevant.

These systems make it very convenient to organize the space, with all the necessary details will be nearby. When choosing finishing materials for the kitchen set "price matters". Due to the constant effects of moisture and temperature, budget furniture quickly loses its presentation, and its replacement will require additional financial investments. In order to separate the dining area from the working surfaces, designers advise to use zoning premixes.

Expensive wooden furniture

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Features of furniture placement

In a small kitchen, preference is given to an L-shaped layout, and for storing various small things (spices, various containers), you can use mounted vertical shelves on the wall or railing with hooks on the apron.

On a small square, even a windowsill can be made part of a kitchen set. It can be a continuation of the table, or the addition of a work surface. Lighting and décor will create accents on the dining area.BoardAn interesting solution in the design of the dining area will be the use of photo wallpaper or mosaic, this will help to create additional comfort.

In a small kitchen, preference is given to an L-shaped layout.

In order to separate the dining area from the working surfaces, designers advise to use premium zoning. He is to use for the decoration of the ceiling and walls of such materials, which are contrasted in color and texture.

The kitchen must comply with the inner world, the taste of the owner. Determining the style for the design, find what you like.

  • Classic style is a style for all times. A characteristic feature of this trend is the use of wood of dark colors or materials disguised as it. This style should pay attention if the kitchen is large.
  • Country style is characterized by the use of natural materials, the presence of national, natural elements, patchwork fabrics, i.e. all that can convey a rustic flavor. This design direction is a simpler and more comfortable version of the classics.
  • Modern (modern style) is suitable for a small kitchen. To increase the space, you can use the dominance of shades of white color and lighting. It assumes the most useful use of each element and the predominance of geometric lines.
  • High-tech style - suggests an emphasis in the interior on metal, glass, chrome elements, the presence of the latest technology. The use of two basic shades is characteristic: the dominant bright and neutral. The practicality of the headset should be expressed by the presence of simple, uncomplicated lines.

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How to decorate the walls in the kitchen? Tile, glass, paint? And maybe wallpaper? Countless types and colors provide an opportunity, even for the most fastidious, to find something suitable in the wallpaper world.

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Wallpapers bring life to the interior. It is enough to choose the color and shape, considering the design of kitchen equipment and the character of the whole interior. Depending on the pattern, they can visually enlarge or reduce the room.

With their help, you can warm the interior, make it more comfortable. Properly glued, they will smooth out irregularities and cracks on the wall. Some species can be painted in the selected color, leaving only their structure. Wall-paper perfectly are suitable for finishing of all wall, its fragments, arches and even ceilings.

Wallpaper brings life to the interior

Wise choice

Color, structure, drawing - these are the main elements that influence the choice of specific wallpaper. When deciding to purchase, however, it is necessary to take into account the specifics of the room, in this case the kitchen. Here, higher than in other rooms dampness, walls can be sprayed, contaminated with grease. Therefore, wallpaper, like no other, should be very durable, resistant to dirt, easy to clean.

The choice also depends on the place where you plan to glue the wallpaper. They will serve in different ways, for example, on a wall behind a table or on a work surface above a table top and a stove.

Just select the right color and shape.

Material matters

It is very important what material is made wallpaper. So, for example, for the kitchen two types of wallpaper will be the best: vinyl and glass cloth. The bottom layer of vinyl wallpaper is made of paper, and the top, depending on the type of wallpaper, is made of smooth or foamed vinyl. Both of these materials tolerate contact with water, these wallpapers are suitable, for example, on a selected fragment of the wall.

It is not worth, however, to glue vinyl wallpaper in the immediate vicinity of the heating plate, as they do not tolerate contact with heat. This problem does not have fiberglass wallpaper. They are not only resistant to water and moisture, but also to fire and high temperatures. In addition, they can be painted, and in the case of pollution, wash.

It is very important what material is made

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Glass alternative

If, for example, you liked beautiful wallpapers that do not fit, do not despair, you can still glue them, protecting them in extreme places. A good idea, for example, is to close the wallpaper above the tabletop with transparent glass, which will protect a beautiful design from such harmful factors as water, grease or heat. In addition, the cleaning of such a wall does not require much effort, pollution can be easily removed with a conventional window cleaning agent.

To avoid confusion in front of the store shelf with rolls, you need to know the basic characteristics of materials.

Choose a material that is easy to clean.

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Paper wallpaper, made of one or more layers of paper. Thin and easily soiled, so they are difficult to keep clean. In addition, they are unstable to moisture, although the market can meet paper wallpaper, varnished or plastic, which can be successfully washed with water. An additional advantage of paper wallpaper is the fact that they can be painted - this is a quick way to change the interior.

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It is made from several layers of cellulose-based nonwovens. Because of this, they are easy to use, even an amateur can cope with their sticking. Non-woven wallpaper can be smooth or structural, and, like paper - they can be painted.

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Acrylic wallpaper

It is a paper base coated with acrylic foam. They, as well as paper, are unstable to moisture, they can not be washed, because they are easily damaged.

In white and green

On the market you can find textile wallpaper, which is made of fabric with a bottom paper layer. For obvious reasons, they are difficult to keep clean, and, most likely, they are not recommended for the kitchen, despite the amazing beauty.

Non-woven wall coverings are made from extruded composite non-woven fabric. They are well tolerated painting. The advantages of non-woven wallpaper are environmental friendliness and durability. When pasting walls, it is advisable to use glue for heavy wallpaper. Regular glue should be applied to the base, leaving the cut dry to ensure a better convergence of the pattern.

Vinyl-non-woven wallpaper is not always suitable, because they have only a paper base, but you need to look at the liner attached to the roll, which contains information on whether it is permissible for the kitchen. Vinyl wallpapers have an advantage over non-woven. Fabrics are found as structural textures, and without embossing or hot stamping. This type of wallpaper is more expensive non-woven.

Wallpaper with kitchen items

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Washable wallpaper

What will happen to ordinary wallpaper, get on them fat or splashing hot water? Nothing good. Moreover, the kitchen is always high humidity and the walls are exposed to steam daily. The best solution would be washable wallpaper, which is not afraid of any moisture, or fat, or elevated temperature in the room.

Wallpaper for the kitchen has completely different requirements than wallpaper for the living room or bedroom.. Therefore, the pattern and color is not as important as the quality of the material, its properties and the ability to resist the daily aggressive impact.

The best solution for any kitchen would be washable wallpaper.

Of all the varieties for wall covering, the most suitable materials that meet the requirements are:

  • Non-woven wallpaper.
  • Vinyl non-woven.
  • Glass fiber
  • Structural paper.

It does not make sense to give preference to the coating of other materials, if the main priority in choosing wallpaper is a practical side and durability.

For example, the classic paper coating will not withstand wet cleaning and will become unusable much earlier than non-woven. With high humidity, it fades and absorbs odors. Paper wallpaper may be exposed to fungus.

In the form of a brick wall

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Glass fiber

Glass fiber win in many ways thanks to the treated fiberglass and the substrate. They are endowed with excellent qualities and excellent parameters.

Glass fiber is widely used not only in residential premises, but also in medical institutions, restaurants, offices. The material is environmentally friendly, waterproof, resistant to chemicals. In addition, it is so durable and durable that it is used even in aircraft construction - largely due to fire safety and does not emit harmful substances when exposed to fire. Among the shortcomings can be noted:

  • High price relative to other types of wallpaper.
  • Sophisticated technology applied to the walls using a special glue.
  • The need to use personal protective equipment when applied to walls.

Glass fiber -
endowed with excellent qualities and excellent parameters

Structural paper wallpapers are poorly suited, but the possibility of applying paint on them, together with the most attractive price, allows them to compete with analogues of other types. The most significant disadvantage is fire danger and fragility, which does not prevent them from remaining a sales leader.

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The kitchen is one of the most important premises in the apartment, because it is here that the whole family usually meets. Appearance is paid close attention. Most owners want to make it more comfortable.

When working on interior design, first of all you should think about furniture. This is a key moment in the arrangement of the room. It is the furniture that allows you to optimize the space - or, on the contrary, does not leave any space at all.

Minimalist style

When making repairs or rearranging, they usually choose a new kitchen furniture for a particularly long time. In fact, choosing the right option is not difficult - just follow some rules.

BoardFirst of all, think about space. What size is your kitchen, what are you trying to achieve? Depending on this, you need to choose a kitchen set.

People often buy angled and embedded. Both options are very convenient.

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Corner kitchens and built-in headsets

The corner is first of all the maximum space saving. The kitchen corner will fit well even in a small room.

Provence style

They have dozens of variations of a variety of colors and styles. As for the built-in kitchen, space saving is obvious, but the main advantage is functionality.

BoardIf you order a built-in headset, then every centimeter will perform some useful function. The model range is as wide here, you will surely be able to find something suitable. Do not forget about comfort. You will need a table and several chairs - depending on how much space is available in the kitchen. Return to the menu


It will not be superfluous comfortable roomy chest of drawers, where you can always arrange everything that does not fit in the tables of the headset. As for the drawers, then there are many models that differ from each other in shape, size, color, number of boxes. If there is no suitable option, you can always make it to order.

Arrangement of the kitchen is a serious matter, requiring a long time and some effort, but the result is not long in coming.